The Simple Present Tense

Reading Quiz

Put the words between brackets in their correct forms

Sali (be) a student. Salwa (be) an intimate friend of hers. They both (go) to the same school. Sali always (go) to school on foot, but Salwa (take) the bus because she (live) far from school.


1. What is Sali?    answer =>  
2. Who is Salwa?    answer =>  
3. How does Sali go to school?    answer =>  
4. Where does salwa live?    answer =>  
5. What word shows that the girls are close to each other?    answer =>  
6. What does “they” in line (2) refer to?    answer =>  
7. Why does the writer use the word “both”?    answer =>  
8. Do the girls go to different schools?    answer =>  
9. In your opinion, why does Sali go to school on foot?    answer =>  
10. Rewrite the text replacing “Sali” by “I” and “Salwa” by your friend’s name.



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