1ère Bac.

Exercise (1)

  1. Ali is a good student. _____He______ works very hard.
  2. Leila is a beautiful girl. Everybody wants to know ____her____
  3. My friends never want to go with _____me______ to school.
  4. Would ___you___ spell the word "mine", please?
  5. I can do the quiz _____myself______.

Exercise (2)

Ali is an old friend of ___mine_____. ____We_____ usually go to school together. When ___he___ is ill, ____I____ feel unhappy. ___He___ helps me with maths and ___I____ help ____him____ with history. ____Our____ teachers encourage ____us_____ to be better everyday. The villagers are proud of ___us___.

Exercise (3)

*/ Read the words in the boxes carefully then move the mouse over them to rewrite them again

I love my parents because they are and . They look after me when I am and always try to me. As for me I them and never them.

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