The Parts Of speech

*/ Spot the indicated word repeated in all the sentences in each of the groups below?
You are given a random example for each group:
  • Exrecise (1)          [A VERB]

  1. My brother likes the car my sister Leila bought last week.
  2. Leila is a good driver. She likes to drive fast cars.
  3. Ali likes the colour, leila chooses for her car, very much.
  4. Nobody ever likes what leila does.

Write the verb here :

  • Exercise (2)          [An Adverb]

  1. I've never seen such an extraordinary giant insect!
  2. She sent me two letters and I've never heard of her ever since.
  3. I have never been to Paris but my friend lives there.
  4. I'm still writing regularly to my pen-pal whom I've never met.

Write the adverb here :

  • Exercise (3)         [An Adjective]

  1. She put on her dark rainy-coat and went out to look for the dog in the tempest.
  2. When she looked at the list of condidates, she didn't expect to see her name.
  3. The hunter slowly pulled her foot out of the trap but it was seriously hurt.
  4. My sister is the only girl among her classmates who is supposed to win the prize.
  5. If you didn't believe in her story why wouldn't you try to check for truth.

Write the adjective here :

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