Change the words [between brackets] in the following sentences into subject pronouns


  1. [Ali] is a hardworking student.
  2. [Ali and I] live in the same street.
  3. [Ali and Brahim] are brothers.
  4. [The car] is very expensive.
  5. [Aicha] has got a multicolor skirt.
  6. [John and you] must buy new books.

Change the words [between brackets] in the given sentences into object pronouns


  1. They usually go with [Ali] to the cinema.
  2. I don't like Badr to go with [Ali and I] anywhere.
  3. I meet [Susan] at the bus station every morning.
  4. She has a sick dog. She often takes [the dog] to the vet.
  5. The childen are very silly. The mother always punishes [the children] .
  6. She always gives [I] a candy.


Fill in the blanks with the appropriate pronouns

  1. Mr. Thomas is an old man. lives alone in a very big house in the country.
  2. His daughter Tania is a doctor. works in a private hospital in London.
  3. Tania and her father are good friends. love each other very much.
  4. Tania is nice. Mr. Thomas has a good time with .
  5. I sometimes spend the weekend with both of .


The Simple Past of "TO BE"

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