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Beyond Siteswap

Many classic juggling patterns have features that siteswap doesnít take into account, such as weaving movements, under the leg throws and rolling a ball of your head. However certain throws in siteswap are ideal for certain tricks. Here are some thoughts on this:

A 0 is an ideal opportunity to reach into your pocket and add another ball to the pattern.

A 1 can be made under the leg or behind the back, since itís not too difficult to bring your hands together under your leg or behind your back.

A 2 is ideal for making extravagant arm movements such as a fake or a weaving movement.
Club jugglers can use a 2 to perform a flourish.
In bouncing ball patterns a 2 can be thrown as a force bounce straight back into the same hand.
Another move which you might like to try in a pattern with a 2, is ball surfing on your forearm (ie rolling a ball up and down the arm).

A 3 can be thrown under the leg or behind the back. There are two other moves that fit the timing of a 3 perfectly. One is rolling a ball off your head. The other is dropping a ball behind the back.

A 4 can be thrown as an over the shoulder throw.

This list is not meant to be comprehensive. The idea is to show that even though siteswap doesnít account for these moves in the notation, it can be used to select patterns to try them in.