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These pages are about siteswap. Siteswap is a way of describing juggling patterns using numbers. It's called siteswap because there are rules you can use to swap any two numbers in a juggling pattern to create another pattern. The numbers just tell you about the relative height of each throw. If you want to create tricks that also include moves like under the leg throws, behind the back throws or exaggerated arm movements you might get some ideas from the page I've called beyond siteswap.

These pages make more sense if they're read in order. They introduce the basic throws and the rules for transforming one pattern into another. The first section covers patterns where the hands throw alternately, called asynchronous patterns. The next section covers patterns where both hands throw at the same time, called synchronous patterns. Then there is a section on patterns where the hands throw more than one ball at a time, called multiplex patterns. There are many examples, which are all animated. The animations show patterns that I think are interesting, or ones which illustrate a particular idea. However I hope you will be inspired to play with the transformation rules to find patterns that interest you!