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Mission: To design and implement a profitable intraday trading system for the high liquidity markets such as SPY, IWM, QQQ, ES, NQ ....etc.

Our Project: To make our trading system a realtime computer game. At aitraders.com, as a private research laboratory, we invented a spike-timing empirical model; developed 1) an ultra short term stock market index prediction software, and 2) a strategic order execution platform.

1) Predictor-Z! : a proprietary system that extract the *high frequency/ high probability turning points of major indices / stocks.

2) FlashBoY: The high probability trading signal is feeding to this separate platform, which facilitated fully automated/ semi-automated /manual order strategies.

Deep reinforcement learning will be incorporated for scalping and volatility shorting. 


Predictor-Z! for S&P500 index 

High Probability Time Slots



FlashBoy - Algorithmic Trading Platform

Java Development screenshots

Monte Carlo Simulation

* resolution of high frequency signal: < 15 seconds  

Reference: cycle-trader.com; stockcycleforecast.comIB TWS API; Gym; ...etc

Model Architect / Java code Developer / Trader: Joe Lui 




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