Latest photos of Antony


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Yeah that's right I know that red light means stop and green light means GO.

Cool ay

O yeah these are my uncle Derryn & Auntie Laurina over from Perth to visit.

This is me & mum at Christmas in the park. ( Is it that long since Idid 1 of these Wow)

Here I am at Chipmunks having lots of fun.

Lots more fun at Chipmunks.
Sometimes I wonder if Chipmunks are for me or Daddy & Mummy.

Daddy has me going down this slide lots!!

I like playing hiddy go seek in the laundry basket

And on the left is a whole lot of little puppets Auntie Judith sent over They are fun

And on the right, yep that's my first birthday with the coffee group

Boy My first party, I had lots of fun, And you know what
Daddy & mummy gave me another birthday party later on
But I don't know where daddy put the photos for that.
Anyway Daddy says there are enough photos on this page
so that means you will have to go to the next page
to see some of my food exploits

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