Single Ended MOSFET Power Amplifier


I am looking for any reasonable offers on this SE Amplifier. The reason for this Reluctant Sale is I have just bought a House and I need the money...

The Featured Amplifier below  has HEXFET "mosfet" transistors in both stages of this  Class A, 2 Stage Single Ended Power Amplifier. It is fully Direct Coupled from the Input to the Output Stage and also features a Direct Coupled feedback circuit. (No Electrolytic Capacitor, normally found from the feedback circuit to the signal ground) It develops over 50 Watts RMS. per channel into 8 Ohms, Idles at 5 Amperes per Amplifier module, Dissipates 270 Watts of Power into the Heatsinks per channel. The heatsinks operate at a temperature of 67 Degrees C after about one hour of operation. The Power supply consists of a 1KVA Toroidal Transformer charging almost 100,000uF of Capacitance per voltage rail and has Two 10mH E.I. Air gaped Iron Core Chokes forming a PI filter in each supply rail.

This Excellent 100Hz filter attenuates the supply ripple from 5 Volts P/P to 20mV at the Output, Supplying a very low noise, low RFI current to the Power Amplifier Modules.

The Whole Amplifier is a hefty 35Kg in Weight.

How does it Sound?  Unbelievable!!

I Originally designed this Amp back in 1994, but up till now, haven't had the time to build this monster.

PCB's for this design will be forth coming if sufficient interest is shown...

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Current Images of the SE Power MOSFET Amplifier



                    seamp2.jpg (28695 bytes)                    


seamp4.jpg (26558 bytes)


       seamp5.jpg (31210 bytes)       


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