Amaigbo Town Union, USA

Amaigbo Convention, Los Angeles California

July 4 - 6th, 2003


Highlights of Amaigbo Convention

Ÿ         All Amaigbo Convention (second of its kind) held in Los Angeles, California, was very successful

Ÿ         About 60 individuals and families from different areas of the United States signed the convention registration list

Ÿ          A new organization was formed after a resolution to dissolve the old organization (Amaigbo Peoples Union)

Ÿ         The name of the new organization is “Amaigbo Town Union, USA.”

Ÿ         Registration for membership is per person ($60.00) and the annual dues is a sum of $200 (per household)

Ÿ         Offices were created and election of officers were conducted

Ÿ         The first project to be tackled by the Union is school repairs

Ÿ         The next Amaigbo convention is set on the weekend of July 3 - 5, 2004. It will be held in Baltimore, Maryland


Amaigbo Town Union, USA

Amaigbo Convention, Los Angeles California

July 4 - 6th, 2003


Detailed Minutes of Amaigbo Convention held in Los Angeles, CA, July 3-6, 2003

Thursday, July 3, 2003  

A late evening meeting of the members of the convention planning committee was held on the grounds of the Sheraton Gateway Hotel, also the seat of the entire convention, to finalize the agenda for the opening day of the convention.


Friday, July 4, 2003

The Convention started in earnest at about 11:00 AM, with a gathering of all sons and daughters of Amaigbo from all the states in the US. The following individuals were selected to the run the convention – Goddy Azuakolam (Nze), Nwokedi Ibewuike (Sir), Justin Onyejiekwe, and Ike Nwosu. Mr. Ike Nwosu (the moderator and chief of protocol) led the opening prayer and then declared the convention open.



Innocent Anokwute (Sir), president of Amaigbo Town Union (ATU), Aba, and vice president of ATU, Nigeria, was introduced as a representative of Mr. Romanus Iwuozor, president of ATU, Nigeria. Mr. Chris Nwadike (president of ATU, California) presented Mr. Anokwute with the traditional kola-nut. Mr. Anokwute went through the traditional process of selling the kola nut by greeting everybody present. He took three (3) kola-nuts: 1 for His Royal Highness Eze W.C. Nwosu of Amaigbo; 1 for the Chairman of ATU, Nigeria; and 1 for himself. He then presented the kola-nut back to Mr. Chris Nwadike. Mr. Richard Mbachu was handed the remainder of the kola-nuts to lead us in a prayer. Mr. Mbachu raised the trey (containing the kola-nut) slightly up and asked the almighty God for His blessings, unity, and progress for all Amaigbo sons and daughters and, for Amaigbo. After the prayer, Mr. Mbachu took one kola-nut and then returned the rest to Mr. Anokwute. Nze Goddy Azuakolam also took out one kola-nut (on behalf of Ndi Nze) for Chief Collins Okehie.

All Amaigbo persons present introduced themselves, stating what part of Amaigbo they came from and where in the US they reside. Mr. Jude Uwaezuoke recognized all officers of the Amaigbo, Union, USA.

Issues addressed

Ψ      A resolution to dissolve the existing organization

Amaechi Chimezie made a motion to dissolve the existing Amaigbo Peoples Union formed in the previous convention in Houston, Texas, in 1991. The resolution was seconded by George Mbagwu and Goddy Azuakolam.


Ψ      A resolution to form a new organization

Mr. Cletus Osuala made another resolution to form another organization in place of the dissolved one; Mr. Lary Anyadike supported the motion. Innocent Anokwute made a motion to be a witness to the formation of the new organization.


Choosing a name for the new organization 

Several names were suggested for the newly formed organization and subsequently, the names were put to vote. Those names include:

Ÿ         Amaigbo Town Union, USA,                                        38 votes

Ÿ         Amaigbo Town Union, USA, Central,                              1 vote

Ÿ         Amaigbo Union, USA                                                     10 votes

Ÿ         Amaigbo Peoples Union, USA                                         0 vote

Ÿ         Amaigbo Progressive Development Union, USA                       3 votes

Ÿ         Amaigbo United USA                                                     4 votes

Thus, with the above votes, “Amaigbo Town Union, USA” was chosen as the name of the newly formed organization. And then, the fireworks began! The name - “Amaigbo Town Union”, generated some heated disagreement among members. The issue at hand is, how to separate “Amaigbo Town Union, USA,” from the “Amaigbo Town Union, Nigeria.” Many were of the opinion that the name Amaigbo Town Union might mean and suggest that we are a branch of the ATU, Nigeria. Finally, Mr. Innocent Anokwute (Sir), the lone representative from home, took the podium and calmed down all concerned. He also assured all members that ATU, Nigeria understands all our concerns and has recognized our rights to exist as an independent organization from the home based ATU.

Offices and Election

Before a decision could be reached on election, many people had concerns on the issue. The concerns were whether to appoint an interim committee, appoint a board to run the organization, or elect officers directly, and for how many years. Finally, it was put to a vote.

Ÿ         Election                                   60 votes

Ÿ         Appointment of interim committee      5 votes

Ÿ         Appointment of board             0 vote

A two-year term limit was also adopted with 43 votes!


The following offices were created and the names of the individuals elected in those positions are as follows:

Ÿ         President                           E. Nwokedi Ibewuike             Baltimore         

Ÿ         Vice President               Stella Nwanguma-Ogboro      Los Angeles

Ÿ         Secretary                            Cash Ezimako                    Houston

Ÿ         Assistant secretary                C. Emeka Nwosu                   Houston

Ÿ         Treasurer                           Cletus Osuala                         Denver

Ÿ         Financial secretary                Fabian Mbagwu                       Baton Rouge   

Ÿ         Public Relations Officer             Goddy Azuakolam                   Boston

Swearing In of elected officers

Mr. Chinedum T. Nwosu (attorney) was selected to swear in the newly elected officers and the appointed board members. After the swearing in ceremony, Mr. Innocent Anokwute enjoined all the officers to uphold the name of Amaigbo and carry out their oaths of office. Then, the newly elected president -Mr. Ibewuike Nwokedi- made an acceptance speech on behalf of the new officers. He thanked every Amaigbo person present and all that participated in the election process. He also thanked everyone for making this convention a success. He laid out his vision for the future of Amaigbo Town Union, USA and pledged to fulfill the job for which he was elected.

Board Members

There were some disagreements on how many board members to be appointed. Some suggested three board members, others seven. Again, it was put to vote.

Ÿ         Seven-member board                           37 votes

Ÿ         Three-member board                            3 votes


*In addition to the votes, it was all agreed that all-current presidents of all local Amaigbo organizations be included in the board. Thus, with the above votes, the following members were appointed as board members to the organization:

Ÿ         Gerald Dike                                  Michigan

Ÿ         Victoria Ibewuike                            Maryland

Ÿ         Frank Ikejiofor                             California

Ÿ         Richard Mbachu                             Illinois

Ÿ         Godfrey Ohadugha              South Carolina

Ÿ         Collins Okehie                              Texas

Ÿ         Jude Uwaezuoke                            California


Membership, Registration, and Annual Dues

Membership requirement(s) will be detailed when ATU, USA constitution is drafted; registration is per household. There were several suggestions for the annual dues and of course, you know the preamble, vote! The following were the suggested annual dues:

Ÿ         $100.00                                   7 votes

Ÿ         $120.00                                   12 votes

Ÿ         $200.00                                   21 votes

Ÿ         $250.00                                   0 votes

And with those votes, the annual dues for ATU, USA is a sum of two hundred dollars ($200.00) per household.


Union’s logo and accounts

It was all agreed that members of the executive committee shall convene to decide on the issues concerning the Union’s logo, seat of the Union’s account, letterhead, signatories to the Union’s account, etc.


Committee Appointments/Volunteer

Members were asked to volunteer to serve and some persons were appointed to the following committees:

Ÿ         Constitution Drafting 

Ÿ         Intergovernmental Relations

Ÿ         Project implementation

Ÿ         Proposal/Grant Writing


The following individuals were appointed/volunteered for the above committees:

Constitution Drafting Committee

Ÿ         Amaechi Chimezie

Ÿ         Ejiogu Peter

Ÿ         Ezimako Cash

Ÿ         Ihenetu Richard

Ÿ         Nwosu Chinedu T

Ÿ         Nwosu Emeka C

Ÿ         Obi Roland

Ÿ         Uwaezuoke Beatrice


Project Implementation Committee

Ÿ         Anyadike Lary

Ÿ         Anyiam Chigozie Ike

Ÿ         Dike Valentine

Ÿ         Ezimako Cash

Ÿ         Nwadike Chris

Ÿ         Nwaka Chris

Ÿ         Nwosu Chinedum T

Ÿ         Nwosu Michael

Ÿ         Obi Marcel

Ÿ         Obi Roland

Ÿ         Ofornagoro Sam

Ÿ         Osigwe Basil

Ÿ         Uwaezuoke Jude                         


Proposal /Grant Writing Committee

Ÿ         Amaechi Chimezie

Ÿ         Anyiam Chigozie

Ÿ         Dikeocha Ndu

Ÿ         Ezimako Cash

Ÿ         Mbagwu Suyi

Ÿ         Nwosu Felix

Ÿ         Ofornagoro Chinyere

Ÿ         Ohadugha Godfrey

Ÿ         Okehie Tina


Inter-Governmental Relations Committee

Ÿ         Azuakolam Godwin

Ÿ         Dike Gerald

Ÿ         Mbachu Richard

Ÿ         Nwaka Chris

Ÿ         Obi Roland

Ÿ         Okehie Collins


Suggested Development Project(s)

The following projects were suggested:

Ÿ         Bore hole/water supply

Ÿ         Road construction

Ÿ         Renovation of Amaigbo Joint Hospital

Ÿ         Renovation of all schools

Ÿ         Scholarship awards to Amaigbo students


However, we were all carefully reminded of the costs associated with each project. Mr. Anokwute was again called upon to address the convention. He used the opportunity to read a letter from the president of ATU, Nigeria. The bulk of the letter was about achievements, accomplishments, and numerous projects the ATU, Nigeria has embarked upon in the last couple of years. Finally, the

Organization chose to repair and renovate all the dilapidated schools in Amaigbo.


Next convention

Mr. Chigozie Anyiam suggested that we hold the convention every two years; Mr. Chinedum Nwosu suggested every year for now until the organization is well situated, then, it may be shifted to every two years. The majority agreed with the later suggestion. Through the newly elected president, the people of Baltimore, Maryland volunteered to host the next Amaigbo Convention. The convention will be held July 3 – 5, 2004.


ATU Bank Account and Signatories

It was all agreed that the signatories to ATU, USA account shall be the president, treasurer, and one board member as designated by the president. It was also agreed that the treasurer be allowed to open the account in the city of his residence.


Matters arising

1)      Members of Amaigbo Town Union, Baltimore, Maryland, were recognized and thanked or their hard work and efforts in the renovation of Central School Amaigbo. It was indeed a magnificent project and undertaking.  

2)      There was a discussion regarding the issue of an alleged mistake that occurred during the traditional selling of the kola-nut. Some individuals who took personal interest in the issue wanted it to go on in detail. The majority pleaded for calm and thus, a heated argument was averted.



The chairman concluded the convention with a prayer and closing remark.








Signed            _______________________              Date            _______________________             

            (Cash Ezimako, Secretary)


Signed            ________________________            Date            _______________________

            (Nwokedi Ibewuike, President)





























Amaigbo Town Union, USA

Amaigbo Convention, Los Angeles, California

Attendants and Registration to the Convention


Officially, about fifty-eight families/individuals signed and/or registered for the convention. These names were lifted from the convention registration sheet.


Names                                     Residence                   Village                         Phone Number

Achonu Ugochi             New Rochelle, NY            Umuanu                      914-235-6355

Amadi Romanus                     Hampton, VA             Umutakwu                 757-572-3743

Amaechi Chimezie                     Houston, TX               Umueze                      713-270-0047

Amaechi Felicia              Houston, TX               Umueze                      713-270-0047

Anokwute Innocent                      Aba, Nigeria             Umuduruoha               N/A   

Anokwute Sunny              Hawthorne, CA            Umuduruoha               310-928-3923

Anyadike Lary                         Houston, TX               Amaju                          281-277-2382

Anyiam Chigozie                      Rosenberg, TX                        Ezeorji                         281-633-9729

Anyiam Helen                         Rosenberg, TX                        Ezeorji                         281-633-9729

Ayeni Pat                                 Los Angeles, CA            Ubahu                          714-523-0292

Azuakolam Chinyere                      Boston, MA                Ofeahia                      617-298-5582

Azuakolam Godwin                       Boston, MA                Ofeahia                      617-298-5582

Azuakolam Ezinne             Hyde Park, MA            Ofeahia                      617-333-3251

Azuakolam Stephen                       Hyde Park, MA            Ofeahia                      617-333-3251

Chinyere Jude                          Aurora, CO                  Umudurumba              303-337-7234

Dike Gerald                             Detroit, MI                  Ofeahia                      313-869-5149

Dike Valentine                                    Bronx, NY                  Amaju                          718-731-3723

Dikeocha Ndu                         Houston, TX               Umudurumba              281-464-8064

Duru Grace                             Carson, CA                   Umuduruoha               310-638-7537

Duru Jude                                Carson, CA                   Umuduruoha               310-638-7537

Duru Sebastian                                 Downey, CA               Umuduruoha               562-803-5982                    

Ejiogu Peter                            Arlington, TX             Ofeahia                      817-572-3937

Eze Timothy                           Atlanta, GA                Umuagwoke                770-572-1178

Ezimako Cash                         Houston, TX               Amaju                          713-947-0766

Goodwill Peace A                       Chicago, ILL              Umuleke                    773-878-3523

Ibewuike Nwokedi                      Edgewood, MD            Ofeahia                      410-538-5151

Ibewuike Victoria                       Baltimore, MD                       Ofeahia                      410-655-7931

Ihegworo Felix                         Houston, TX               Umuola                      281-277-4613

Ihegworo Imelda             Houston, TX               Umuola                      281-277-4613

Ihenetu Alex                            Dorchester, MA            Umuduruoha               617-288-1442                    

Ihenetu Barbara                        Dorchester, MA            Umuduruoha               617-288-1442

Ihenetu Richard                        Milton, MA                  Umuduruoha               617-698-1536

Ihenetu Ugochi             Milton, MA                  Umuduruoha               617-698-1536

Ikejiofor Anthony                      Los Angeles, CA            Umuezeobolo             323-566-0064

Ikejiofor Frank                                    Downey, CA               Umuezeobolo             562-803-5982

Ikejiofor Nkechi             Downey, CA               Umuezeobolo             562-803-5982

Name                                       Residence                   Village                         Phone Number

Iwuala Ignatius                                    “Not Available”            N/A                            N/A                           

Levison Pat Amaka             “Not Available                     Ezeorji                         N/A   

Mbachu Richard                        Chicago, ILL              Umuezealanwoke            847-674-6866                    

Mbagwu Fabian             Baton Rouge, LA            Umushike                   225-763-9898

Mbagwu George             Baltimore, MD                       Ofeahia                      410-663-5591

Mbagwu Suyi                           Baltimore, MD                       Ofeahia                      410-663-5591

Ndupu Chima                          Gardena, CA               Umuezeobolo             310-532-7431

Ndupu Ifeoma                         Gardena, CA               Umuezeobolo             310-532-7431

Nnadiotu Roseline                       Houston, TX               Umueze                      N/A

Nwadike Chris                         Rialto, CA                   Umuola                      909-875-3399

Nwaka Chris                            Skokie, ILL                  Umuezealanwoke            847-677-2298

Nwaka Nora                            Skokie, ILL                  Umuezealanwoke            847-677-2298

Nwanguma Bernadette                   Timonium, MD            Ezeobolo                   410-561-9323        

Nwaorisa Jude                         “Not Available”            N/A                            N/A

Nwohia King                           Edgewood, MD            Umuchoke                  410-676-5752

Nwohia Michelle                       Edgewood, MD            Umuchoke                  410-676-5752        

Nwosu Chinedum T                Atlanta, GA                Umuezeobolo             770-941-8006

Nwosu Cosmas                        Glendale, CA              Umuezeobolo             N/A

Nwosu Emeka                         Houston, TX               Umuezeobolo             281-933-9044

Nwosu Prisca                          Houston, TX               Umuezeobolo             281-933-9044

Nwosu Felix                            Carson, CA                   Umuezeobolo             310-516-6801

Nwosu Theresa                        Carson, CA                   Umuezeobolo             310-516-6801

Nwosu Ike                               Long Beach, CA            Ubahu                          562-436-3744

Nwosu Uju                              Long Beach, CA            Ubahu                          562-436-3744

Nwosu Michael                        Hopatcong                  Umuchoke                  973-770-3434

Nwosu Shedrack                      Houston, TX               Ubahu                          713-777-4628

Nwosu Lorita Mma                Houston, TX               Ubahu                          713-777-4628

Obi Marcel                              Denver, CO                Umuezeobolo             303-375-0404                    

Obi Lovina                              Denver, CO                Umuezeobolo             303-375-0404

Obi Roland                              Tampa, FL                    Ezeobolo                   813-855-2320

Obi Justina                              Tampa, FL                    Ezeobolo                   813-855-2320

Ofornagoro Chinyere                      Bronx, NY                  Umuanu                      718-231-4714

Ofornagoro Sam                 Bronx, NY                  Umuanu                      718-231-4714

Ogboro Stella Nwanguma            Cerritos, CA               Ezeobolo                   562-402-7150

Ohadugha Godfrey                       Fayetteville, NC            Ezeobolo                   910-822-6922

Ohadugha  Eugenia                       Fayetteville, NC            Ezeobolo                   910-822-6922

Okehie Collins                                    Richmond, TX                       Ezeobolo                   281-344-1899

Okehie Tina                            Richmond, TX                       Ezeobolo                   281-344-1899

Onyejiekwe Justin               Downey, CA               Umuanu                      562-803-1906

Onyejiekwe Chioma                        Downey, CA               Umuanu                      562-803-1906

Osuala Cletus                          Aurora, CO                  Ezeorji                         303-617-8649

Osuala (Mrs.)                          Aurora, CO                  Ezeorji                         303-617-8649


Name                                       Residence                   Village                         Phone Number

Osuigwe Basil                         New Orleans, LA            Umuezealanwoke            504-241-4212

Osuigwe Bernice                        New Orleans, LA            Umuezealanwoke            504-241-4212

Udechukwu Ignatius                        Denver, CO                Umuduruoha               303-375-9857

Udokoro Chinyere                      Atlanta, GA                Umuezeobolo             770-972-3089

Ukaga Kenneth O                  Hayward, CA              Umudurumba              510-886-7544

Uwaezuoke Beatrice                       Inglewood, CA                       Umuchoke                  323-777-2992        

Uwaezuoke Jude                 Inglewood, CA                       Umuchoke                  323-777-2992

Uwakwe Stella Iwuala             Bronx, NY                  Umuezeobolo             917-435-0666
















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