Failed Final Fantasy Fan Fic
by Morgan Jenkins

(Jane, Daria, and Quinn stand in a forest in a faraway land. Jane has on black shorts and a long blue tank top and unbuttoned knee length vest with matching wrist warmers and has a pinwheel attached to her right wrist. Daria has her hair in a ponytail, is wearing pink pants and long sleeved pink and red top with the bottom few buttons undone. She's carrying a whip. Quinn's hair is flipped up on the ends. She's wearing a zip-up yellow sundress and is carrying nunchucks.)
Daria: I think we're lost.
Jane: We could always ask that giant catipillar for directions.
Quinn: Giant catipillars??? Eeeewwwww! Gross!
Caterchipiller: *ROARS*
Daria: *raises an eyebrow* This is supposed to be scary? You've got to be joking.
Quinn: *makes a face* No, it's just gross. Somebody kill it already.
(the three J's walk in wearing tan jeans, blue shirts, long tan coats with wool trim, and black cowboy hats)
Jamie: I'll kill it for you, Quinn!
Joey: No, way! You got to help her with her SeeD test. I'll get rid of this monster, Quinn!
Jeffy: No, it's my turn!
(The three start throwing punches at each other, forgeting all about the huge bug.)
Quinn: *sweatdrops*
Jane: Weren't they helpful.
Daria: Remind me again why they're all dressed the same?
Quin: That's how Irvine dresses, and they think I like him. So they think if they dress the same way....
Daria: They're even dumber than I thought.
Quinn: Yeah. I don't even like Irvine that way. He likes me.
Jeffy: Did you hear that guys? She doesn't like him, and he keeps following her around!
Quinn: That's NOT what I said!
Jamie: We'll get him to leave you alone, Quinn!
Joey: Yeah, don't worry, Quinn!
(they run off to find Irvine)
Quinn: They didn't even listen to me!
Daria: We better find him before they do.
Jane: Yeah, We don't want Irvine and Squall to mistake them for Galbadian soldiers in disguise. Could get kinda messy.
Caterchipiller: *ROARS*
Quinn: Ugh. Are you *still* here? FIRA!!
Daria: *hits it with whip*
Caterchipiller: *dies*
Daria: Okay, let's go.


Okay, that was just for fun. I came up wit the idea to do a fan art of Daria, Jane, and Quinn as Quistis, Rinoa, and Selphie from Final Fantasy VIII. When we were asked on the PP board what we thought the first show of the fifth season would be about, I strung together a bunch of crossovers, one of which was this, although I knew such a crossover probably would never work, except for a cheap laugh. But it was fun to think up what *could* happen if the two ever bled together. (which hopefully won't happen. Needless to say, I won't turn this into a series, but I hoped you enjoyed it anyway.

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