A Dream Come True
A sequal to "Boy Meets Girl"
by Morgan Jenkins


When Daria reached her house, she went to her room to think things over. She fell asleep, and woke up to the phone ringing.

"Daria? Can I come over?" Tom asked. "We really need to talk."

"Sure, Tom. I'll wait outside."

"Okay. I'll be there in five minutes."

Tom's car stopped, and he got out and sat beside Daria. "Jane called me and told me that you were feeling insecure." he started. "You know you don't have to, don't you? I'd never cheat on you."

"But you did cheat on her, and that's how we got together. I guess I'm afraid of history repeating itself." she sighed. "I don't want to lose you, you know."

"I know." he hugged her. "There isn't anyone else that I could care about as much as I do you."

"I couldn't think of being with anyone else, either." She kissed him, and he kissed back deeply. When they finally broke away, she whispered into his ear "I love you, Trent."

Before her eyes, Tom changed into Trent. "And I love you, too, Daria." he whispered back, and started making out with her.

Daria woke up suddenly, and looked at the clock. Two AM. "Damnit." she muttered to herself.

There was no way she was going back to sleep tonight, so she went downstairs for a snack. She started to reheat some leftovers when Quinn started to sneak in.

"Daria! What are you doing up? It's not like you just came home from a date."

"Contrary to what you might believe, not everyone's goal is to date five guys in one night."

"Whatever, Daria." She rolled her eyes, and started upstairs. She turned back and walked up to her. "You never answered my question. What are you doing up?"

"I just had a weird dream, okay? I don't want to talk about it. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm getting something to eat. I think there's leftover pizza in the freezer."

Quinn made a face "You're not really going to eat that, are you?"

"Unlike you, I'm not afraid to get fat. So, yes, I am."

"I am not afraid of getting fat! I think I'm very cute! And that wasn't what I was talking about, anyway. The last thing you need to eat to get rid of weird dreams is pizza. I'd suggest some hot coco, instead."


"You never really got over him." she put it bluntly before finishing her hot chocolate. "And you're afraid that because you're still in love with him, that Tom could be in love with someone else. Dn't make that face! It's a perfectly reasonable explination."

"I don't see why I told you. I should have known you'd come up with something like this, straight out of some teen drama."

Quinn smirked. "No, that's out of some soap opera. How you and Tom got together is out of some teen drama."

"Whatever. And I was never 'in love' with Trent, anyway. It was just a crush."

"Daria, I was there that night. I saw your face when he went off with that girl. I might not have ever actually been in love before, but I really doubt that someone can feel that bad because of a crush."

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