Fashion Victim by Morgan Jenkins


All of Lawndale High School's students were on a field trip to Tokyo. Daria turned to Jane. "Jane, just how did we get here? I mean, this isn't something that would normally happen on the show."
"Oh, Daria, this is a fanfic. Anything that can happen in the author's twisted little head can happen here. She put us here. It doesn't have to make ay sense. The only thing I can't understand is how my brother got here." She turned to Trent and waited for a response. Nothing. Jane pokes him in the ribs a few times. "WAKE UP!!"
"I was awake. We're on the plane, right?"
Jane sighed. "We're on the bus to the hotel. You should sleep when it's NIGHT in Japan. You do at home. Why are you here, anyway?"
Trent yawned. "I think I'm chaperoning." He still wasn't awake yet.
"I'm just glad you're not driving. Go back to sleep." Jane shook her head and turned back to Daria. "See, in reality no one would trust Trent asa chaperone. But this is a fanfic. Daria? Daria? Will you be staring at my brother the rest of the trip?"
She gave her the Mona-Lisa smile. "Ask the author."

Raye sat in front of the temple fire in silence as the four other girls and two cats watched. Her eyes flew open and she announced she had a vision. "We have four new enemies and two more scouts."
"Uranus and Neptune?╣" Luna asked.
"No. Our author lives in a country where the episodes of 'Sailor Moon' haven't been dubbed that far.║ She doesn't know enough about them to write about them yet. She's created two that don't exist in the anime or manga. We'll find each other soon enough, though."
"Tell us about our new enemies." Lita was already digging for her transformation pen. It had been awhile since the destruction of the Doom Phantom, and they hadn't seen any battles for a long time. "Why are they here?"
"They are, for the most part, four snobbish teenage girls. However, they steal energy from the males that dote on them and the females that want to be just like them. Then they use part of that energy to make themselves beautiful and give most of it to their superiors back in their home country. They've done so for years unchallenged."
Serena jumped up. "Well, then they came to the wrong country. No one messes with our home."
Amy looked up. "Since when did you start acting so responsibly?"
"Well, if I'm going to rule the Tokyo of the future, I need to be more active in protecting it now. If I don't, there won't be a Crystal Tokyo."
Sandi, Quinn, Tiffany, and Stacy stepped off of the bus and looked around as if they owned the place. Sandi smirked. "Just think, a new city full of people to admire us. And it's a world capital." She flipped open her compact and checked her makeup. "We should find lots of untapped energy here. That will really help our mission."
Quinn played with the ring she was wearing. It was a silver dolphin. One of the three J's gave it to her. "I don't understand, Sandi. I mean, we were doing so well in Lawndale. And we'll only be here for two weeks, anyway. What's the point?"
Sandi glared at her,and then looked at the others triumphantly. She looked back. "The more people that waste their energy on trying to have us or be us, the more we get. I arranged this little trip so we could gather it more quickly. Besides, Lawndale is running low."
"I never thought of that."
"Of course not. That's why I am president." She turned and motioned for the others to come. "Let's go look for a mall." The Fashion Club tagged behind as Sandi looked for a place to shop.

Jane unpacked her travel art kit, which consisted of watercolor paper, watercolors, colored pencils, and children's paint brushes.
"Aren't you sort of above that, Jane?"
"They wouldn't let me bring oil paints or acrylics in here. They were afraid I'd make a mess. I'll have to settle for this." She started to look for a place to dump her clothes. "There's too much furniture in here. There isn't enough floor for our stuff."
"Did you try putting it in the drawers?"
"What a stupid idea. Then I couldn't find anything." She changed the subject. "So, Daria, are you upset they're making the boys and girls stay in different parts of the hotel?"
"What's THAT supposed to mean?" she said. giving Jane a dirty look.
Jane snickered. "Oh, just that yo and Trent are SO far away." The looks Daria were shooting her only made her laugh harder Daria turned her back on her, and Jane calmed down. "Honestly, why don't you just tell him how you feel and get it over with? Give me and the readers one good reason."
"Because I don't feel like it."
"Let me define the meaning of 'good'."
Daria changed the subject. "I saw an arcade a few blocks away. Want to waste some time and money?"

Serena, Amy, Raye, Lita, and Mina are at the Crown Game Center waiting to see if the new scouts or their enemies would show up. Luna and Artemis were perching on Serena and Mina's shoulders. Everyone was circled around Lita, watching her play the SAILOR V game (does the arcade have any other games? Does anyone know?) Suddenly she stands up and smacks the screen. "No way! this is rigged!" she yelled.
"You're going too fast." Amy responded. "You need to make sure the villans are really dead before you walk forward. You'll lose fewer lives that way." The other girls looked at her, surprised.
"Amy, I don't think I've ever seen you play!" gasped Raye.
"I play between episodes. That's why." she explained.The door opened. Two American girls walked in. We, of course, know them as Daria and Jane. But the scouts had no idea who they were. "That's strange. Tourists usually don't come in here."
Luna jumped down from Serena's shoulder. "I sense strong energy from those two."
Jane and Daria walked through the isles of video games, and ended up at a machine near the The one Lita was playing. The scouts went silent and kept looking back and forth between the screen and the new girls. They couldn't figure out if they were the two new sailors, or part of the Negaverse. They only knew that those girls had too much energy to be normal.
Jane turned to Daria. "Is it just me, or does t seem like the only game in here is this SAILOR V thing?"
"Let's go back to the hotel. We didn't finish unpacking."
"It was your idea. I belive you wanted to get out of our talk about Trent." Jane smirked as Daria stormed off. She shook her head and then went after her.
"I'll follow them and try to figure out who they are. I want you girls to act normally and try not to draw attention to yourselves." Luna motioned for Artemis, and they ran after Jane and Daria.
Serena went for the door. "Molly is usually the first to be attacked. I'm going to her place to see if she's okay. Bye." She left, and the other four stayed at their game.

The Fashion Club wound up inside O-SAP's Jewelry Store. Quinn was the first to talk. "This is as good of a place as any to start our shopping spree. And look at that necklace. It's so pretty."
"Just don't forget why we're here!" Sandi hissed at her.
"Aaaah! Look at the prices! We can't afford any of this!" Stacy started to hypervenalate.
Tiffany walked up to her. "That's not dollars, Stacy. It's yen, which is, umm, less than dollars."
Quinn chimmed in. "Yeah, much less." Stacy calmed down. She started to look to see how much money she had until Sandi stopped her.
"Oh, that is SO-O-O tacky! I know I wouldn't check to see how much I have in public. And nobody that wants to stay one of us should, either." Sandi glared at those girls she considered her underlings. "We have to maintain an image of complete perfection."
Molly was helping her mom that day. She walked up to the Fashion Club. "Can I help you guys with something?" She had just gotten out of school and was still in her uniform.
Tiffany looked over her and shuddered. "Uugh. Sailor dresses on teenagers. That is sooooo wrong."
"What, this? I haven't had time to change clothes since I got home. This is my school uniform." she smiled. "Don't you have to wear uniforms?"
Quinn groaned. "No, thank God. Back in America you only have to wear uniforms in private schools. Uugh!"
Molly then notices the girl's clothes. "Wow, YOUR clothes are beautiful I don't have anything like that."
Sandi grinned. "Do you want to come shopping?"

CHAPTER TWO Trent was in his hotel room. He couldn't think about not playing music for a whole week. He was so P.O.'ed when the hotel wouldn't let him bring his amp. "Luckily I found my old acoustic guitar." He thought to himself.He picked it up and started stumming. He tried to write a new song, but somehow he ended up playing Slide by the Goo-Goo Dolls. He started to sing along. "What you feel is what you are, and what you are is beautiful. Oh, man. Do you want to get married, or run away?" He started thinking about Daria. He suddenly dropped the guitar. "Snap out of it!" he told himself. "She's five years younger than you. And besides, it wold give Janie another thing to tease you about." He let out a deep sigh.
This is why he always broke up with Monique. he kept comparing her in his mind with Daria, and Monique just didn't measure up. Then he would think about Daria all of the time, and went back with Monique to get his mind off of her. He finally realized how unfair it was to all involved and broke up with Monique for good when he and Jane were staying at the Morgendorffers'. He smiled and started to play Slide again. "And I'd do anything you ever dreamed to be complete...."

Jane was finishing a watercolor of Daria, who was lying on her stomach and reading a book. She was humming along with the radio. Oh, Starry Night▓ was playing (pop quiz: who knows which scout sang this and in which episode of Sailor Moon?). "What a beautiful song." she commented. Jane listened to the lyrics for a second. She smiled and them repeated them. "'Oh, starry night, is he the one I dream of? Oh, starry night, is he my own true love?' Oh, Daria, you wouldn't happen to be daydreaming about my brother again, would you?"
Instead of giving her the "Go-Straight-To-Hell-Do-Not-Pass-Go-Or-Collect-$200"│ look Jane was expecting, Daria just groaned, rolled onto her back, and dropped her book. "Drop it." she whispered.
Jane's eyes widened and she let her brush fall to the floor. "Damn, you really DO have it bad." She sat next to Daria. "Umm, are you okay?"
Daria sat up. "Yeah. It's just that how hopeless this whole thing is gets to me sometimes." Realizing she just admitted to having feelings, she turned her head away, embarrassed.
Jane sighed. "Why am I the only one who sees it?"she thought to herself. "How come both Daria and Trent absolutely refuse to notice how the other one feels?"
Luna and Artemis had been watching this from the window sill. "Well, they're certainly not from the Negaverse." Artemis told Luna. "I don't think I've ever seen anyone from the Negaverse be that hurt or that compassionate."
"Do you think tis means they're scouts?" questioned Luna. They saw the two girls had taken notice of them. They jumped to the nearest rooftop and fled.
"That was weird." Daria stood up. The cats had distracted her from her bad mood. "It was if they could understand us."
"And was it just me, or did it seem like they had little crescent moons on their foreheads? Do you want to go find them?" Jane put her art supplies away and headed for the door. "Maybe we can sell the story." she chuckled. "Just imagine 'Are peeping tom-cats looking in your windows? Next, on Sick Sad World.'" She was obviously trying to cheer her friend up. Daria's face went blank and showed no emotion what so ever.Success!
"Sure, let's go."

They made their way into the lobby. Jupiter (Swallow the Moon) by Jewel was playing over the P.A. system. Daria turned a corner and ran into Trent...literally.
Trent blushed. "I'm so sorry, Daria. I didn't see you coming." He picked himself up, leaned over, and stretched out his arm. "Here, I'll help you up." She took his hand and started blushing as well.
"Thanks." She stood up, and their eyes locked just as Jewel "You make me so cra-a-azy, baby, I cold swallow the moo-oon." They both quickly turned their heads.
Jane smiled at all of this, and tried her best to keep from laughing. "How can they not see? It's so obvious!" she thought to herself. She was about to sneak out and leave them to figure things out when Daria spoke.
"Umm...we have some things to do. Uh, bye!" She ran past Jane and out the door.
At this point, Jane could not hold it in. She doubled over with laughter. She calmed down, wiped the tears from her eyes, and looked around. There was no sign of Daria, but Trent was giving her the look she had earlier expected from Daria. Jane smiled at him. "Bye!" She ran after her friend.

Serena arrived at the jewelry store. Molly's mom waved at her, and Serena walked over. "Hi! Is Molly here?"
"Sorry Serena. Some girls came by and she went off with them. I think she said they were going shopping. Such a shallow looking bunch, though. I wish I'd said no."
"Shallow looking? Umm, did you happen to see how many there were?"
"Four, I think. They didn't look like they were from around here, though. Do you know them?"
"No, but I get the feeling I will very soon. I'm going to look for her. Thanks for your help!"
"No problem. Tell her I want her home for supper. And please try to convince her to stay away from those girls. I worry about her."
"Okay." Serena turned to leave. As soon as she was out of everyone's sight, she started to run. "I'm too late!" She thought to herself. She looked for a place to hide. When she felt she was completely alone, she held up her locket and yelled "Moon Crystal Power!" She started to transform.

Luna and Artemis ran into the arcade, glad to see at least four of the scouts were still there. Darien was there, too. Amy had already filled him in on everything. "I don't think they're from the Negaverse. They might be new scouts. One of them looked so sad, though. She was moping over the other girl's brother. Do any of you remember anything like that from the Silver Millennium?" Luna looked around at all of the puzzled faces,hoping at least one of them remembered something she and Artemis didn't.
Darien spoke up. "I remember I had a brother and a sister and Princess Serena had a cousin, the princess of the Sun. She and my brother were in love, and were supposed to be married on the same day as Serena and I. It was going to be a double ceremony, but the attack by the Negaverse kinda kept that from happening."
"Oh, how sad." Mina started to tear up. "In fact, now that you mention it, I remember Sailor Earth and Sailor Sun. Princess Jane and Princess Daria, if I remember correctly."
"Yes." Raye smiled. "And Princess Daria was engaged to Prince Trent."
Lita laughed. "And she HATED her Sailor uniform. Especially the skirt!"
Amy turned to Luna. "Do you really think that could be them? Wouldn't they be born in Japan, like the rest of us?"
Luna thought for a minute. "Well, what freed your souls from the Silver Crystal is the fact that it shattered. So I suppose those trapped inside could have spread all over the world. It was only luck that grouped us together." She thought again for another minute. "So, yes. I guess it WOULD be possible for some of the scouts to have ended up somewhere other than here."
Lita headed for the exit. "Then we need to go find them. Let's go!"


Trent was asleep. (Duh! He only comes out of hibernation a few hours a day.) He was having a horrible dream. Events from centuries past were replaying themselves. They were under attack. Girls in differently colored sailor uniforms were trying to save the kingdom. Two of the girls were very familiar. One was wearing a black dress with red bows, and the other was wearing a yellow dress with green bows. "Sailor Sun! Watch out!" the girl in black cried. A large ball of golden energy hit the girl in yellow and exploded. She fell to the ground. He and the girl in black ran to her. She picked up Sailor Sun's hand and felt her wrist for a few seconds. She shook her head and looked at him. "I'm sorry, but it's too late. She's gone."
Trent woke up, trembling. He wiped the tears from his eyes. "I can't belive I was crying over a dream." he announced to himself. He sat up and turned on the lamp beside him. "And it was so bizarre. What could it mean?"

Jane and Daria were lost, and it was getting dark. "We've been wandering dark alleys for about an hour. I think Freddy's lost, too." Daria deadpanned.
Jane chuckled. "Don't worry. We'll run into a monster soon enough." They turned a corner and saw a heavily made-up monster attacking a girl while four shadowy figures watched. "Told you."
The figures saw Daria and Jane. They ran off. The monster was draining the girl of her energy. She dropped her and turned to Jane ad Daria "You WILL give up your energy to the Negaverse." she growled. She ran towards them, and they screamed. The symbol for the planet Earth glowed on Jane's forehead, while the symbol or the Sun glowed on Daria's.
"Stop right there!" shouted a girl in a white, blue, and red sailor dress. She had long, blonde pigtails, elbow length white gloves, a golden tiara, and red go-go boots. "I am Sailor Moon, champion of Justice! In the name of the Moon, I will punish you!" A bunch of other girls in sailor dresses ran to stand beside her. Two cats came up to Jane and Daria. The black one did flips and laid a black stick in front of Jane and a yellow one in front of Daria. They each had a star on top with their planet's symbol inside.
She looked at Daria. "Pick up your stick and yell 'Sun Star Power!'" She looked at Jane. "Pick up the other one and yell 'Earth Star Power!' It doesn't make any sense right now, I know, but do it!" They did as the cat told them to do, and started to transform.
Sailor Jupiter was trying to electricute the monster, but it wasn't working. She saw the two new scouts out of the corner of her eye. Jane was in a black and white dress with red bows and hiking boots, a pair of white gloves with black trim, a black choker, and a golden tiara. The stones in the middle of her front bow and on her tiara were the same shade of blue as her eyes. Daria was in a yellow and white dress with green bows and hiking boots, white gloves with yellow trim, a yellow choker, and a golden tiara. The stones in her front bow and tiara were hot white. Sailor Jupiter yelled to them. "We could use your help here. Say and do the first thing that comes to your mind."
Sailor Sun was a little unsure, but she was too much in shock to resist. She closed her eyes, pointed to the creature, and yelled "Sun Dazzle!" Little diamonds of bright light shot from her finger and into the monster's eyes, temporarily blinding it.
Sailor Earth twirled around, cupped her hands at it, and yelled "Autumn Leaves, Slice!" To her amazement, red leaves flew from her hands and cut the monster like razors.
Sailor Moon drew out her Moon Scepter. "Moon Scepter Illumination!" The monster crumbled into dust.
Sailor Sun and Earth were still in shock. They thought the weirdest thing they'd ever see was when the Holidays came to Lawndale. No, Upchuck would be the weirdest thing. But nothing could have prepared them for this.
Sailor Venus walked over to them. "I know how you're feeling. All of us went through this at one point, too. Right now you're trying to convince yourself that it's a dream, that it's not real, and tomorrow everything will be normal again. You're wondering if you're crazy, and why, if you're not, you were chosen, and if you can quit. But, in time, you'll get used to it. Then things won't seem so bad."
"But this IS crazy. I don't remember signing up for this." Sailor Sun looked tired. Sailor Earth had never seen her this off guard, not even around Trent. But, then again, who could blame her. "Why DID you choose us?"
Artemis spoke up. "We didn't choose you. This is your destiny. Long ago, you were both soldiers against the Negaverse. Everyone was killed in a great battle, and their souls were trapped in a crystal. The crystal hit Earth 1000 years later, and everyone inside were reborn into new bodies with a chance to start over. The Negaverse is trying to take over again. That's where that monster was rom. And this is why the Sailor Scouts are being reassembled. YOU are Sailor Sun and YOU are Sailor Earth." Then he motioned at the sticks. "Those are your transformation pens. They help you turn into scouts."
Luna did some more flips. She placed a watch in front of each of them. "These are your communication devices. Press this button and talk into it if you see trouble." She motioned to a button on the side.
Sailor Sun cleared her throat. "Shouldn't you be speaking Japanese?"
Sailor Moon spoke up. "That's easy. We're from the version dubbed by DiC. That's all the author has seen, so far. Besides, having a translator would be too complicated."
"Why can't people recognise us like this? It's not much of a disguise."
"Magic. When you're in your Scout uniform, you look different. That's because you put a spell over yourself when you transform."
"Where are my glasses?"
"You don't need them as a Sailor. You had perfect vision in your past life."
She then caught a glimpse of herself in a nearby window. "Why the hell is this skirt so short?! No wonder I felt naked!!!"
Sailor Jupiter laughed. "Some things never change.
Sailor Moon then noticed the girl passed out on the ground. "Molly!" she screamed. She snapped open her locket and took it off. "Moon Healing Activation!" she yelled. Glittery silver smoke emitted from the crystal and surrounded the girl named Molly and she slowly woke up. Sailor Moon snapped her locket shut and put it back in the middle of her bow. All seven scouts and the two cats fled before Molly was awake enough to discover them.

Sandi frowned. She glared at Quinn, who was sulking in a chair. Sandi started yelling. "You have to find a way to keep your 'cousin' and her little art friend occupied. We almost got found out! Do you realize what will happen to us if we fail? Do you understand me?!"
"Yes, Sandi." she started to cry. "I understand."


Yes, I used the DiC version of Sailor Moon. But I have some good reasons, so please let me tell them.
A. That's the only version I've been able to watch.
B. I didn't think I'd be able to dig up enough information on Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon to do the series justice.
C. I can make fun of DiC. (I haven't in the seven chapters of the Sailor Sun and Sailor Earth series I have written, but I do plan to,)
Fogive me now?

╣ Update on that: They're showing the dubbed SMS and SMSuperS in the states, and I hate what they've done to it. I have been able to dig up a pretty good amount of info on the original Japanese anime plus a little about the manga, so all the seasons I write after this season will use Japaese names, terms, and story. The parts that weren't affected by my mutating the Sailor Moon world and Daria world into an alternitive universe fic, anyway. ^_^

▓The first verse of this song describes Trent and Daria's relationship so far, even more. It goes:
I have waited all of my life
for the day when love appears.
Like a faerie tale in days gone by,
he will rescue me from my fears.
And I sit patiently waiting for a sign.
How will I know that his heart is mine?
He calls my name, is he the one.
This song will return. Look for it. It will be as important to Daria and Trent as star locket is to Serena and Darien. I basically did this to tie the two series together more.

PS- Thanks, Kendra Steiner, for giving me the correct lyrics. I had simply been guessing before, and the episode wasn't that clear.

│ Local slang and Monopoly (TM) referance.
None of these characters are mine. Daria and her friends belong to MTV. Naoko Takeuchi created Sailor Moon. Please don't sue me. I'm just a bored fan who did this for entertainment. I'm not getting any money out of this.
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