Sun and Earth Series: My first attempt at a Daria/Sailormoon crossover. The series is discontinued because I felt I could do better. But I will put them up here for people still interested. (Yes I was a Dubbie back when I wrote them, and no my second try at a crossover won't be dubbed based.) 1 - 2 - 3

Boy Meets Girl: A Tom/Monique shipper written after "Dye, Dye, My Darling", but before "Is It Fall Yet". While I did write part of a sequal, I'm not sure if I ever will finish since so much has changed and so much was differant. I still am a Tom/Monique shipper, though! *dodges maters*

A Dream Come True: The unfinished and sequal to Boy Meets Girl, which will likely remain so for the reasons stated above. However, since some people might want to read it, here it is.

Failed Final Fantasy Fan Fic: A little something I wrote for my own amusement and forgot about. I wrote it before I even finished the first disk of Final Fantasy VIII. It's a crossover inspired my my annoyance at random battles.

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