I lost a lot of my Daria bookmarks, and a lot of those I do still have are innactive. So if you know your site (or any site) isn't listed, please emailthe name and url to me. I would be very thankful. You can also link to me at http://www.geocities.com/azul_hime/ykywtmdw A text link is fine, but I also have a banner and a button you could use.

MTV's Daria Page - Mtv's official site. (cue the crickets chirping)

Glitter Berries - A pretty cool page. I'm completely jealous of Kem's gorgeous layout. She has a lot of fan fics and plenty of fan art on her site.

Outpost Daria - One of the biggest Daria fanfic archives on the net, and there's also transcripts and fan art. A huge site.

The Daria Shrine - This is my fave Daria fan site. This has "If they mated", so what's not to like! (Did I mention this site is ran by people I used to be very good friends with?)

The Paperpusher's Site - Not REALLY a Daria site, more of a personal site. Rich just HAPPENS to like the show a lot, and keeps his fan fics on there, as well as many non-Daria related things. MANY. The fact that the people on his message board all like Daria is just a coincedence. Really.

Pore Refiner Spelled Backwards - Daria fanfiction site by Jill.
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