2-19-02: I still can't come up with a layout, so I'm uploading it sans eye candy. Maybe later. Right now it's navigable, and that's enough. I've had to move yet again, for reasons you should know if you've been reading my blog. Luckily, the move was much faster this time since I was in a much more productive mood. I've also got all of my fics I wrote, as bad as they are to me know, here. I won't add to the series, though, or finish the second part of the Tom/Monique shipper, though, so sorry. I am planning on writing a new Daria/BSSM chrossover, though. One with a bit more twists and turns so you can't see where it's going since the first chapter, one that's more well written, and one in which all the senshi appear and isn't based on the dub. Hopefully, I'll be much more proud of it. I also found a fic I'd written long ago when I first started playing FF8, and before I really knew the characters well. *laughs* It's still funny, though, and the title fits. I forgot about it totally until I saw it again.

1-13-02:It's been over a year! I can't belive it. Well, I still don't have a layout yet, and I haven't put my fics p, either. But the lists are up, and that's what you guys came for, right? ....RIGHT? o_o Anyway, Jill of PRSB contacted me today after I hadn't heard from her in awhile and asked about the site. So I decided to make this a priority.
As far as my fics are concerned, I might rewrite them. Or I might put them here in their original conditions and have a rewritten version available eventually. Depends on what you guys want. Either way, I want to rewrite them. They were some of the first things I ever wrote, and that really shows. I think I could do better now. I really do. (although I'll put the fic page up, there's not going to really be anything on there for a while....)

12-24-00: Happy Holidays, everyone! I just *NOW* got around to changing my harvest-layout. Well, at least I did, and for a good reason, too. My boyfriend, Wouter Jaegers, asked me if I'd put his comic up on my site, and since it's Christmas themed, I put up a holiday themedlayout. Makes sence, huh?
You may (or may not) have noticed a stunning lack of updates. I've been busy with some other web-projects (shameless plug, please visit my collective, Wishes and Dreams.), as well as trying to move this site. (It will be on geocities. Yes, I know you all hate pop-up ads, but I can have total freedom of HTML, ftp access, and can link to any images I put on there for other things. So until I can afford something like a comuter or domain, that'll have to do.
BTW, I'd like to thank the two people who ade some banners for this site. (They're on my link page. Feel free to grab one if you link or want to link to me.)

10-31-00: Happy Samhain/Halloween, everyone!! I decided to celebrate by updating. BTW, like the pic on my index page? It was made by Killjoy for my fic "Boy Meets Girl". There's new fics by Wouter Jaegers, Canadibrit (I think I'm caught up with her fics by now.), J, and Stefanie Acela (I just put that page up). I also finally changed all the links on Kem's page. If you had been getting error messages before, it's because she had moved from Geocities to Spaceports, and I forgot to change it.

The new front page is at http://community.webtv.net/pixYgUrL/splash Please change all links and bookmarks. While the previous URL is still the index page, I'll be changing that soon and putting up a redirect page there soon.

10-14-00: I didn't really do a whole lot today, as far as contents go. I spent my time changing the layout. Beautiflul, isn't it? I got tired of looking at the same thing all the time, and decided to make a layout to go with the season. Loverly. ^_^

10-7-00: Well, it's been a long time since I last updated, but it's been worht the wait! there's a new ficfrom me, two new fics from Wouter, a new fic from Jill, fics by Desanera and Leopard lady, plus some YKYWTMDW's and YKYRTMDFFW's. Enjoy!

8-22-00: I've added more YKYWTMDW's and YKYRTMDFFW's, as well as fan fiction by Jen and Renfield. I'm also improving the look of the site by making links myself rather than just with pagebuilder.
Have you noticed my neopets? Aren't they adorable?

8-12-00: Well, the YKYWTMDW section now has two pages. WOO-HOO!!! And there's also a new fic by my boyfriend, Wouter Jaegers, up. (It actually was done a little while ago, but I just now got around to updating m page. ^_^0) And, if you haven't noticed, my HTML skills are getting better. ^____^

7-21-00: Outpost Daria is back up!!!!! I'm currantly updating the URLs on my fics section. Meanwhile, I've also got two new fics up, one of them is by Jill, and the other is by Mr. Anonymous (assorted fics section). Please check them out. I also have a new image on the page for my fics, and I adopted a BUNCH of little things today, so check out my cyber pets section. ^_^

7-13-00: A few days ago, Outpost Daria was foxed. It was a wonderful site, and it will be greatly missed. It was my favorite site, and I hope Martin will be able to get it back online sometime in the future.
This affects my site because many fan fics here were linked from there. So the fan fic section may be very wonky for the time being. Please be patient.

6-27-00: Added fics by myself and Jill Palmer. You may have also noticed a link to"Azul's Palace" on the front page. It's a small section right now, but I'll add to it. I also added to my cyber pet adoptions. (I'm officially a pricess now!)

6-17-00: Added HTML code for "The New Daria Webring" and took off some of the old holidays on my calander.

6-6-00: I've finally got new fanfics up! I'veadded to Canadibrit's page, gave Dr, Mike his own page, and added Jill Palmer and Milo Minderbender's pages. Next update I'll put up Kendra and Asha's fics. I've also added to the YKYWTMDW's.

6-1-00: EEP! It's been almost a month! Where does the time go? Anyway, I added a page of things I've adopted (there's only one right now) and a message board. I'm WAY behind on the fanfics, and I promise to do that ASAHP!!!

5-8-00: I updated the YKYWTMDW's and the YKYRTMDFFW's. I'll get to putting up some of the fics tomorrow. I promise! Meanwhile, sign my guest book?

4-25-00: I updated the links section and put up five new fics on the Assorted fics section. They're by Dr. Mike, Larissa and Bridget Simpson, and Robin Whittle. The HTML code for the site ring isnt working right, so I took it down. I'll work on putting it back up tomorrow. ^_^

4-22-00: I didn't do much of an update today. I joined a webring and deleted the April Holidays that already went by. I'll update again tomorrow. I have five (?) fan fics to put up and I'll add May Holidays and Birthdays.

4-17-00: I put up my fics, Canadibrit's page, and YKYRTMDFFW. I need more stuff before I can update again. So, please, SEND ME STUFF!!!!! Thank you.

4-9-00: I put up Kem's page and added "Like Jello" by Marjorie Marino to the assorted fics page. I think I'm going to work on ptting up my stories now, and I probably won't update for a week or two. Feel free to send me your fics or YKYWTMDW's, though! Then I can update all at once.

4-8-00: I've added fan fics from Wouter Jaegers, John Takis, and J. I'm working on Kemical Reaxion's page, but I'm still waiting on her fics. So, Kem, if you're reading this, please e-mail the fics or their URL's! I added a link to You Know You're Obsessed With Daria and Trent's Relationship When... by Marjorie Marino. It's kind of like my sister site, so added the link at the bottom of my main page. She doen't have any YKYOWDATRW's yet, so please send her some!

4-7-00: I finally added the YKYWTMDW's that were sent to me in Febuary! I apologize for making you wait all of ths time for fresh jokes. Next thing for the updates: the fan fics!!! BTW, if you know of any April holidays I forgot or if your birthday is in April and you really want it posted, please e-mail me so I can add to my Holiday and Birthday list. Thanks!!

4-6-00: I added more pages and FINALLY put up my banner for the Top 50 Daria Sites. Please click on it! I have a bunch of YKYWTMDW's that I'll post tomorrow. I'd like to thank those of you who sent them to me for your paceintce. And yes, I know I didn't spell that quite right.
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