These articles, with all the possible irregularities and nonlinearities, tell quite a bit on my musical history, sometimes in forgotten angles or in ways that I didn't remember nor know myself.


Toneshift (on "Fadechase Marathon")

Bandcamp ("Fadechase Marathon" - best electronic albums of the year in 2018)

Dj Mag ("Ancient M'ocean" review)

XLR8R ("Allureon")

Future Music

Tiny Mixtapes (Chocolate Grinder: "South")

Tiny Mixtapes (Chocolate Grinder: new video)


Kill The Party (translation from spanish)

Jaeger Oslo (Prins Thomas)

Uncut ("Ancient M'ocean")



Juno (some nice words on the rework for Ride)

The Creators Project (Vice)

Gimme Tinnitus (Best of 2018)

SFJ (Year's end list)

Decoder ("Mirakel Hoorn")

The Forum (definitive interview)

DJ Mag

Beach Sloth (a great review of "College Clash")

Mojo ("Fadechase Marathon" listed on "The 20th MOJO Playlist Of 2018")

Tiny Mixtapes (Chocolate Grinder: "Starhazel IV", which was a "Fadechase Marathon" tape premiere)

Tome To The Weather Machine Podcast (music from my album "Fadechase Marathon", the track "Computer", mentioned)

A Closer Listen ("Fadechase Marathon" mentioned on a preview)


International Tapes

Signal To Noise (circa 2010)

Ele-King (translate it)

Tiny Mixtapes (tape & video premiere)


Hazy Acres

Music To Ease Your Disease ("Lifantastic I" selected)

The Seance ("South" selected by Pete Wiggs)

Tiny Mixtapes ("Knights" review)

Tiny Mixtapes (video premiere)

Vice Brasil

Paper Thin Walls

Guardian (Mcgee's)

Guardian (on BTU)



Portals (On "Savagestic")

Dummy (War)

Dummy (Lifantastic I)

New Yorker

Music Musings - EP

Music Musings - Weekend

Uncut ("Nasa, Goodbye")

Tiny Mixtapes

Dirty Dirt (translate it)

Said The Gramophone

Coke Machine Glow 

Beach Sloth

XLR8R ("War")


The Skinny

International Tapes

Big Shot

The Monitors

Heart & Soul

Uncut ("Knights" review)


Forest Gospel (+1)


Caetano Veloso (Jornal do Commercio)


Tiny Mixtapes on "Preparing a Voice"(exact)

Warren Ellis

Forest Gospel

Uncut (review of Great Escape Festival, in Brighton)

Sam and Paul (another Great Escape gig review)

Visitation Rites

Animal Psi

Sonic Masala


Tome To The Weather Machine

Gumshoe Grove 

Gumshoe Grove #2

Gumshoe Grove #3

Gumshow Grove #4

Mille Feuille (12)


Impose Magazine

Uncut ("Summertime Our League")

Know Phase

Cows Are Just Food (1234, 5)

Gorilla VS Bear

The Fader

Sick Of The Radio 

Stereogum (with original picture reloaded)

Pitchfork 2008 ("Nasa, Goodbye")

Pitchfork 2008 (Lists - Ruby Suns)

Pitchfork 2009

Pitchfork 2015 (Ghost Culture review mention)

Beck Hansen & Caetano Veloso (1, 2) 


Art Rocker

Clone Sound (best of 2009 #12)

Fresh Cherries From Yakima (+1)

Dots & Dashes (exact)

Mau Mau Starter

Neu Magazine (exact)

Auf Ein Neues...

The Sky Report

Barry Gruff

Suffering Jukebox  

O Globo (interview, portuguese)


The Underground Of Happiness (podcast)

Hardcore Pops Are Fun (Best albums of 2009, "Weekend" #7)

Viceland (exact)

Álvaro Pereira Júnior's Escuta Aqui (in portuguese

Schmooze (1, 2, 3, 4 -- I speak about Genesis, Thundercats and Som Imaginário)


Matt Lotti



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