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         The spintop(*) was our craze during those so missed primary school years. Almost every lad had a thread gyrating around his top and its end tied to his middle finger. It was forbidden to play the top during school time, but during the 15 minutes break -recreation- tops whirled on every inch of the school playground. Satchels were full of brands of tops and filaments of different colours, sizes and shapes. No sooner had the school bell rang when every boy had his hand already on his top. We often forgot about meals when we had been engaged in the game. I no longer remember exactly what the rules were, but I still have that strange feeling they were very funny otherwise the game wouldn't have absorbed us all the time. Besides, I still recall that it was an amalgamation of joy, achievement and proud to be able to pick up the top to continue spinning on the palm of your hand. We used to make passers-by angry when they had to watch their steps. Our tops invaded the streets like huge insects spinning like whirlwinds. This pastime hobby occupied the majority of our times from morn to sunset. It was wonderful to have the sense of hearing that hissing sound when one of the tops is hit towards the ground in a "supersonic" speed. We all owe the spintop teaching us concentration, spatial dimensions, the equilibrium between speed and movement and above all perseverance for a better score. The longer it whirled the happier we were and that was a great feat for any game partaker. Now I wonder what the children of today would recall about their flaccid video games in few years time.
M. Abdessalami
(*) spintop: Fr. La Toupie / Ar. الخذروف


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