2ème BAC. (2004 - 2005)

Global Language Review Test

*/ Write down your answers in the spaces. ~ Good Luck ~

  1. Fill in the blanks with the right preposition from the list.


on up at for with about off after to of by



    1. Nowadays, every young man is terrified the spectre of joblessness.
    2. Those books belong the library.
    3. They often stayed up late night.
    4. This story is totally made from the start.
    5. My parents look proud my little sister. She gets lots of prizes.
    6. Who is responsible all these problems?
    7. The teacher was telling the boys because they were negligent.
    8. Will you always remain dependent your parents?
    9. The baby is being looked quite well.
    10. Nobody is satisfied what one has.


  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form.
    1. The film was so boring that I wished I at home.
    2. I a nap after I too much couscous.
    3. You needn't me all the time to watch my behaviour.
    4. By next June, they the new supermarket.
    5. How long on this project?


  3. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms.
    1. It is to smuggle.
    2. is a tough problem. Governments are trying to find solutions.
    3. War is the main cause of in the world.
    4. He didn't have the required for the job.
    5. People the stupid to a donkey!
    6. Many children in Africa never reach .


  4. Put the words between brackets in their correct forms
    1. She decided to her money in services.
    2. The of her dog was a real tragedy for her.
    3. The two teams for the world's championship.
    4. is the best virtue.
    5. I don't a word of what she says.


  5. Re-write the sentences beginning with the words given:
    1. They are testing the new robot.
      The new robot


    2. Leila didn't attend the last lesson and she regrets it now.
      Leila wishes


    3. I would prefer to do it now.
      I would rather


    4. "Are you quite certain?"
      She asked me


    5. If you drink a lot of sea water, you get thirsty.
      The the


    6. He worked very hard; however he never got good scores.


  6. Fill in the blanks with the right word from the list.


issue cluster hazardous shallow sewage


    1. If you know what fruit is in my basket, I'll give a
    2. Some people can drown in waters.
    3. Most pollutants from factories and vehicles.


  1. Match the words that go together to make collocations.
    1. dumped
      1. waves
      2. supply
      3. waste


    2. population
      1. grow
      2. density
      3. waste


    3. extensive
      1. use
      2. sounds
      3. labour


    Good Luck




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