2ème BAC.

Global Language Review Test
April 2010

*/ Write down your answers in the spaces.

  1. Rewrite the sentences beginning with the words given.


    1. They should pay the bill.
          The bill
    2. Someone has removed the tables.
          The tables
    3. Although they are friends, they don't trust each other.
           In spite of


  2. Put the verbs between brackets in the correct form.
    1. She phoned her parents as soon as she the letter.
    2. She stopped because the food was not well cooked.
    3. By tomorrow afternoon, Leila for Madrid.
    4. You'd better revising your lessons before it is too late.
    5. You don't need them your Identity Card.
    6. Why is he here? I don't remember him at all.


  3. Put the words between brackets in their correct form.
    1. This job requires and reliability.
    2. Your is much appreciated here.
    3. Empowering women in rural areas is this association's first .
    4. The students need more to go on with their studies.


  4. Match the words that go together to make appropriate collocations.


a. diversity
1. cultural b. shock 1. cultural
2. moral c. oportunity 2. moral
d. obligation



  2. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate words or expressions from the list


initiative gender compliance values altruism common good



    1. The government Rural-Urban linkage is a highly valued
    2. Citizens are supposed to work for the of their community.
    3. criticism is unacceptable. Women are not fragile at all.


  2. Match each sentence with its appropriate function.


a. cause & effect b. addition c. complaint d. concession e. defining f. advice g. apology



    1. I'm sorry to say this, but you are driving too fast.    []
    2. Leadership means the ability to lead a group.    []
    3. We were all tired; nonetheless, nobody seemed to stop working.   []
    4. Smoking brings about death from cancer.    []


  2. Fill in the blank with the appropriate phrasal verbs from the list.


give up put up take off bring up take up keep up put off



    1. He finally decided to smoking.
    2. In Morocco, we our shoes before entering a room.
    3. The rules to protect identity must with technology.


Good Luck




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