Practice Writing

~ Writing Topics ~

Descriptive Writing

Write about a funny person you know:
These questions might help you:
  • Who is the person?
  • How old is s/he?
  • What does s/he do?
  • What does s/he look like?
  • What kind of clothes does s/he usually put on?
  • What is s/he like?
  • What is funny about him / her?
  • What do the others think about him /her?
  • What do you like about him / her?
  • What's your final impression?
Check this one

A Report Writing

You recently attended a lecture.
Write a report based on these points.
  • The lecturer
  • The title or/and topic of the lecture
  • Date and place of the lecture
  • Audience
  • Main ideas of the lecture
  • Evaluation

Paragraph Writing