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No dynasty – Mayor Apacible

Raymund Apacible

NASUGBU, Batangas, the Philippines
Which Batangas reelectionist mayor would you find in office on the afternoon of the last working day before the elections?

Mayor Raymond Apacible was busy attending to his constituents afternoon of May 11, a Friday. He signed the papers of a woman who requested his signature after having finished his conversations on the phone. He gamely

answered the questions although it was apparent that he was already tired from campaigning for his second term as mayor of Nasugbu.

Mayor Raymond Apacible denies that his family is starting a dynasty. "Dynasty connotes succession," he said. He says he and his mother undergo hardships in their campaigns in order to win votes.

The mayor is up for his second term in office. His first term was won following the final third term of his mother as mayor of Nasugbu. Mayor Charito Apacible is now running for congress in the first district of Batangas. She is pitted against Eileen Ermita-Buhain, the daughter of General Eduardo Ermita of Balayan who is President Macapagal’s adviser on the peace process. Like the Apacibles Eileen takes the place of his father who has run his full three terms as congressman of the first district.

The mayor also cites the Kennedy, Bush, and Gore families which had succeeding members of the family entering politics.

The Mayor also said that the killing of Mayor Cesar Platon was tragic. It was an injustice because it deprived the electorate of a choice. He was quick to add that he was personally for Governor Mandanas.

Apacible explained that clearly there is a need for electoral reforms. He says three years in office is just too short to continue a project or program in government. "Even in corporate planning, he said, " five years is the time limit for a short-term program. The long-term program takes 25 years.

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