Mahoromatic Maid Limited Edtion 8th & Final Manga with Crystal Mahoro Block

Product Information/Specifications

Company: GAINAX Release Date: December 5, 2004 Price: 3,305
Scale: Non-scale (Block: 8cm, Mahoro Image: 4cm, Base: 3cm) Material: Block: Glass  


When I saw this Mahoromatic Maid Manga Limited Edition Box on clearance at Iwase, I didn't know what it was.  I knew it had to contain a manga inside, but I don't know what else is inside.  When I picked it up, it was heavy.  I didn't buy it & I went home to research what this was.  I read that it was a crystal block with Mahoro's image with a base inside.  The image is made with laser.  When I saw this, I immediately brought this a couple of days this later.

Some of the pictures aren't clear & good.  If I have time, I'll redo the bad ones & repost them.


The Review

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Mahoromatic Maid Limited Edition 8th & Final Manga with Crystal Mahoro Block Box Package

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Mahoromatic Maid Contents

Inside the box is the Mahoro crystal block, the base, & the eighth & final manga to the Mahoromatic Maid series.  The manga is Japanese, so I can't read it.  I mainly brought this because of the crystal. 


As mentioned, the box was heavy when I picked it up.  The weight isn't from the box since you can see how thin the edges are.  Most of the weight is from the crystal.  The manga's weight is closer to the crystal just by a bit.

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Removing the white box & this is what you get.  The blue box contains the crystal inside.  It makes it look like you are buying it from a jewelry store, based on its packaging.

The base is wrapped in a re-sealable plastic bag.  The top of the base is a plastic mirror & has four LED lights.  The colour of the lights are blue, red, yellow, & green.  These lights are used to give the crystal block a colour effect.  Pictures of the crystal with the colour lights will be shown later in the review.  The base requires three AAA batteries which aren't included.  You can use a DC 4.5V female adaptor instead which is most like the best choice in terms of cost.  The whole base is made of hard plastic.

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Inside the box

Open the top of the box & remove the foam cover & this is what you see.  Since we have gotten this far, let me explain something.  That is NOT a crystal block.  It's actually glass.  If you see sellers selling this & proclaim this is crystal, they are lying.  It's glass based on its texture & feel.  I tapped it & it feels like glass.  The laser image to make Mahoro is unknown to me.  It might be crystal chunks inside, but I can't tell.

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The laser image of Mahoro

This is how the glass block is like when displayed.  Because it is clear, you can't really see Mahoro in there.  Even putting the black foam at the back doesn't produce a good view of her.  If you can't see it, Mahoro is on her knees & lifting up her skirt.  You can see her panties.  There are details on her face, but it's really hard to see.  Her eyes are just pupils though.  But the workmanship here is pretty good quality.  The laser used to create this image is clean & precise.  All the points are close together to produce that 3D image.

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The 3D Mahoro image light show

This is how the 3D image looks like with the base turned on.  Although it has three LED lights, it only produces three colours: blue, purple, & green.  Although it makes the Mahoro image look beautiful with all those colour lights, you can't really see her.  Even close up doesn't really get a good view of her.  Also, the still pics here don't do justice.  You have have to see the light show in person to get the warm feeling & beauty it produces.


Overall Conclusion

The Mahoro glass block is a nice item, but quite pricey.  Although it's well made, it doesn't use the best quality of materials for sure.  You don't stick a high quality glass image block into a manga & sell it cheap.  It's still a great item to display anywhere in your home.  Currently, I actually still have this block inside the box.  I only took it out to look at for the first time & to take pictures for this review.

The Mahoro glass block shines with an 8.5/10.  The laser image is well made with excellent precision.  The added light base makes it more enjoyable to look at at night or in a dark place.  The problem with it though is seeing the details of the image.  You get the shape, but you can't really see what's what.  Plus, the pose is quite static & overused in a lot of Mahoro products really.  So it can get boring to look at some times.

Personally, I highly recommend getting this Mahoro glass block in your home as a decorative item in the cabinet or buffet in your living room.  Searching for this item can be a problem though.  Since it came with the manga as a limited bonus item, it can be tricky.  The manga has been out of print for a long time already.  I have seen some web store saying they can get the item if you special order it.  However, I doubt you will be able to get it.  Your best bet would be to look for it on online auctions where there could be sellers selling this block separately from the manga.  Since sellers will probably proclaim this is crystal; expect the price for this block to be possibly high.


Photos were taken using Sony DSC-F828 digital still camera.

Last updated on March 12, 2008

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