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Alien Conspiracy (01 - 02)
unfinished by Erika 90 kb Krycek/Wolverine
X-files/X-Men. Aliens are trying to create a new human host, using mutant DNA, will they be stopped in time?


Angel in the sky
complete by Erika 38 kb Angel/Angel
X-men/Angel crossover. When an angel falls from heaven, do we hear its cries?


complete by Erika 43 kb Gambit/Iceman
Heroes and Circumstances 1. Round Robin.


Through Open Doors
complete by Erika 25 kb Gambit/Iceman
Heroes and Circumstances 2. The morning after, how will the rest of the team react?


Eyes Wide Shut
unfinished by Erika 23 kb Gambit/Iceman
Heroes and Circumstances 3.


complete by Erika 40 kb Wolverine/Cyclops
Movieverse. Scott, unconscious, memory loss, depended upon Wolverine for his safety and comfort, angst ensues, deep hot sex happens... filmed at 11.


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