Title: Summers in Slavery

Author: Lornadane ([email protected])

Rating: NC-17

Pairing/main characters: Gambit/Cyclops/Havok

Series/Sequel: complete

Summary: Slash. In an Alternative Universe Remy Lebeau is Patriarch of a country that allows slavery, both manual and pleasure. He kidnaps Scott Summers after accidentally taking his brother, Alex Summers, finding he wants the two as his personal pleasure slaves. This story is told from Scott's perspective after being kidnapped and deals with his training at the hand of his brother, and his eventual succumbing to Remy's will.

Disclaimer: These are Marvels. Has my good friend Patch says, "I just make them do nasty and erotic things together." Don't sue. I have more debt than I'm worth. You won't make any money.

Warning: This story deals with incest, a very taboo subject. If you are uncomfortable in any way with this subject matter DO NOT read further. This story also involves Master/Slave, m/m, f/f, and bondage and has very explicit sex, some non-consensual, could even be considered rape. If you do not like or are uncomfortable with any or all of this subject matter DO NOT read any further. If you are UNDER AGE in your area do not read any further. I do not believe this is appropriate reading material for children of any age.

Notes: This is pure fantasy. This would never or could never happen. I don't believe that any human should be forced to have sex or be a slave to another. And I don't agree with incest. In reality I find it repulsive. However this is an Alex/Scott/Remy slash, and I just like these characters. The fact that Alex and Scott are brothers having sex would never be appealing to me in the real world. In fantasy, hey, I just think they're two gorgeous guys. Since this takes place in an Alternative Universe, I could have chosen to not make them brothers, but there was a kind of funny quote I wanted to use. And of course I'm a sucker for angst and shock so what the heck.



Summers in Slavery

By Lornadane


Chapter One

This is so wrong. So very, very wrong. But as I kneel before my brother, Alex, enthusiasically sucking his cock into my mouth, my own member twitches in painful reminder of how good it all feels. And tastes. My tongue darts up and down the length underneath and over the oh so sensative flesh and then swirls around the rosy head, just as I've been trained. Just like Remy Lebeau likes it. Slowly, one inch at a time, I slurp it down. I've acquired quite a taste for cockflesh and cum. Of course a week with little water and Alex's seed as the only source of sustenance (chock full of protein, he reminds me often enough) will pretty much ensure a man acquire the taste fairly quickly. Even a man whose never taken another man's cock in his mouth before, let alone swallowed sperm. The first time I nearly vomited, and the second up until the tenth or eleventh time. By then I was able to keep it down without wretching. Of course I'd learned how to take his cock deep down into my throat without gagging, his balls banging gently against my chin. And so I never had to really taste the stuff.
But today is a little different. Today I'm actually enjoying it. I'm not exactly certain why at first, but as I eagerly lick the pre-cum all along his shaft and then swallow Alex's member with a tiny whimper, I see my Master out of the corner of my eye and it suddenly hits me why I'm so willing right now. Remy Lebeau's charm power. He's letting it wash over me. There's the familiar warmth and the drowsiness I feel throughout my body, a sweet numbness of the mind that makes me consider things I never would have done before, like suck my brother off. I've felt it before when Remy lived at the mansion. Especially when he was drunk, or just outrageously flirting with me. I was able to resist it for the most part, and he never once sought to coerce me with it there, in my own home. Too many people might have found out. They would have killed him. Or at least thrown him out. And I believed for the most part that he flirted with me just to shock me, make me blush. But now, as he told me a week ago, he owns me. He's in control. And free to do with me whatever he desires. And what he desires tonight is to take my virginity.
I've no doubt he knows I've never been with a man. Never had a cock deep inside my body. He's never even asked. Remy just assumed. And it's a correct assumption on his part. I was...I am a heterosexual in the purist sense. I've never wanted another man. Never found another man sexually attractive. My wife Jean is all I ever thought I'd really need. But he, he and Alex, are quickly breaking me down. Their making me want this, and I can't quite hate them for it.
It all started a week ago. Alex had gone missing again. I hadn't heard from him in several months, but the sad fact was I kind of took it for granted that he'd show up again. Just pop in one day. "Hi, bro. Was dead for awhile, but I'm better now. Want to go get lunch?" It's happened so often I don't even blink when someone tells me he's disappeared. It's not that I don't look for him-I do-it's just that I don't look as hard as I should anymore. It's this terrible sense I've come to know as the Everything-will-turn-out-alright-in-the-end attitude. X-men die, they get better, they die again syndrome. Especially anyone related to the Summer's clan. But I should have know something was up when Pietro called from Genosha to say that Lorna had gone missing too. Ah well, hindsight's 20/20.
As I was saying though, it all started a week ago late at night while I was lying in bed with my wife fast asleep. Without warning two men attacked me. They're called retrieval units and they strike us 'earthers' as they call us without warning. Pop through a portal from this dimension, grab a future slave and pop back. No fuss, no muss. I barely saw my wife stir next to me, on her face a look of fuzzy shock, and then I was knocked into a daze by the jaunt. Next thing I know I'm being grabbed by two more men and the cold steel of an inhibitor collar is being snapped around my neck. I fought them all, but I was weak from the jump and still muddled from sleep. They had me on my knees in no time with my arms forced around and locked securely behind me. Then one of the four took some kind of laser device and cut away the briefs I'd been sleeping in, leaving me shocked and naked and wretching wildly. Another man grabbed the sleep goggles roughly off my head. Instinctively I shut my eyes, not wanting to punch a hole through the nearest wall, or a captor for that matter. I wish now that I could have. I might have stood a chance.
When I first heard the seductively familiar voice, I shivered. "S'okay, cher. You 'ave an inhibitor collar on. You can open your eyes now."
I hesitated and one of the men hit me in the back of the head. "You heard him! Open your eyes!"
Then I heard something I'd never thought I'd ever hear. The voice of Remy Lebeau in full fury. I don't think I ever heard him that angry. Most of the time he'd had a very charming, wily laid-back attitude which of course infuriated me whenever I was around him. I felt him pass me as a piece of his clothing whipped against my exposed chest. My eyes remained closed but I could hear the crack of the man's jaw as Remy yelled, "NEVER hit him again! Ever! Or any of dos I've chosen for my private collection! You do and your life is forfeit, comprenez-vous?!"
A chill ran through me as I heard the words "private collection" and the implications ran wild through my brain as a soft hand ran down my back in a loving caress. "Dey are a work of art and I won't have dem harmed or marred or even scratched." I shuddered again. Remy Lebeau was a thief. And I understood right away that I was a collection piece, like one of the pictures that had hung in his room in the mansion. No one ever had proof those paintings were stolen, but we all had our suspicions. When he vanished all those years ago, we'd kept his room open for him for a long time. He was another X-men we expected to see again. But as the years went by we eventually needed the space and Storm had insisted on taking the paintings to her loft. She always swore they weren't stolen. She always believed in him. I wonder what she'd think of him now.
However, in this situation, I would be much more than just a painting or statue. I'd have much more of a purpose here. I'd be a favorite pet of his. Warm his bed and service him whenever and wherever he desired.
"Scott, open your eyes, ces vous plait." His warm breath swam over my ears and in that instant I couldn't refuse him anything. I opened my eyes to a colorful, albiet decadent, world. A world sans the rosy tint of my ruby quartz visor. And came face to face with Alex.
He was on his knees in front of me, his head bowed. Naked except for an inhibitor collar similiar to mine and a fiendish little device anchored around the base of his cock. A device I've come to loath. It managed to keep his penis fully erect and my own spasmed in sympathy. I was sure it was painful. My suspicions were well founded. I wear that device now as I lick and suck Alex, my hips rocking slightly in a lewd manner to my arousal. It's a technology developed on this world that allows a man to stay hard for as long as it's fastened securely around the base of the penis. I'm not certain how it works. It doesn't constrict the circulation like an ordinary cock ring, so there's no concern that the member will lose blood and necrose. And there is a mild electrical buzz felt when it's worn, not necessarily unpleasant. But the penis is kept firmly under control. A man is unable to ejaculate while wearing the instrument and therefore unable to find release from the painful swelling. A few hours with this apparatus in place can make most men scream for mercy. Fortunately, or unfortunately, depending on one's idea of courage, I'm not most men. I've reached my threshold for pain many times and have been able to go beyond it. A vigorous workout in the Danger Room could bring most men screaming to their knees.
But as I was saying, there was Alex, kneeling in front of me, refusing to meet my gaze. He kept his head bowed and said nothing. Although, as I look back on this event, I realize now that he had probably been commanded not to speak or look at me. Afraid for him, and perhaps a little for myself, I whispered his name. He still wouldn't look up. Well trained. You say nothing when you're given a command. You do exactly what you are told. He hardly needed to be punished by this time. Just controlled. Which is why the device was being used on him at the time. One of the reasons for this technology is to modify a male slave's behavior. Once fully trained, he can keep himself hard under his own will, until his master gives him permission to ejaculate.
As I whispered his name in sympathy and fear I could see the slight tensing of his arms and hands. I knew he would have liked to have curled his fingers into fists, but that is not the proper way for a slave to behave in front of his master. He must show his love and devotion at all times through a submissive and relaxed posture.
Remy ran his hand along my spine once again, causing my head to jerk up and around. "What is this, Gambit?" I asked with barely repressed fury despite the charm power at work.. "Why do you hold my brother captive? Why am I here?"
He chuckled and made a 'tut tut' noise. Then he rose in that infuriatingly enticing manner he had and moved to stand next to Alex. His hand reached down to casually, yet affectionately stroke the top of my brother's head, as if to pet the family dog. I had to bite my own cheek to keep from moaning at the erotic picture it made. Emotions were at war within me. I was raging against this violation, and yet his power held some sway over me. I had never seen that charm power so strong before. So compelling.
"Scott, mon cher, I'll forgive your outburst today. You 'aven't been trained yet, so you don't know how to speak to your master properly. But any time after today and such an outburst will not go unpunished." His red eyes glowed as they watched mine. "I own your brother." He continued. "And now I own you." Simple and direct. Remy wasn't about to explain everything to me. Many of the answers I'd have to come up with on my own. Like the fact that Remy was the ruler of this country I now found myself in. His word was law and the people seemed to love him for it. Which could have been easily dismissed as the effect of his charm. But I soon found out that under his rule, the economy was thriving, the country was at peace for the first time in 100 years, and most of the 'free' citizens were happy living here. And slavery was allowed. Most of the slaves were used for manual labor. Only the wealthy kept pleasure slaves. Remy had a large 'collection', as he called it. Mostly male. But Alex and I would soon become his favorites.
I watched him warily, wanting to scream at him for what he'd said. I wasn't a slave. He didn't own me. But the collar around my neck and the locks on my arms spoke otherwise. I was at his mercy right then and would have to bide my time until I found some way to freedom. I swallowed in a dry throat and glanced at Alex. Remy smiled, almost cheerfully as he continued to stroke his 'pet'. Then he spoke in an grating pleasant voice. "You don' 'ave to know why or how. You just have to understand de truth of the matter." He paused for a moment and looked down at Alex. To me he said, "You'll understand dat truth by de end of the week. You'll understand how well I own you, cher." With a shrug he finished, "And you'll come to love it too.
Then Remy added as an afterthought, "Jus' like your brother here, hien." As he looked at Alex his hand reached down to cup his chin and lift it so Alex could gaze into his eyes. "Show him, mon couer." He said, so low I had to strain to hear. "Show Scott how much you love and obey me, non?" He turned his hips so that I could get the full view of what Alex was about to do.
Reaching up with one hand, Alex pulled Remy's cock from beneath the silken rob he wore and kissed it almost reverently, his lips pressed along the middle of the shaft. Suddenly everything slowed down for me as I watched in horror and repulsion Alex's submission. This act I would come to know as a sign of ownership between pleasure slaves and their master. When a slave was told to show his (or her) love of his master he would take the cock and kiss it lovingly as Alex was doing now. Women were forbidden to own pleasure slaves except through a special privilege given by the ruler or the council. So this was considered the universal sign of submission.
I continued to watch, unable to turn away as Alex then placed the head of Remy's penis between his lips and dropped his hands to his sides. His cheeks hollowed as Remy began to thrust forward in one even motion until all of the shaft had disappeared into Alex's warm mouth. The nose of my brother was pressed hard into Remy's pubic hair, but I could see his nostrils flair as he concentrated on filling his lungs. And yet his eyes appeared to glaze over in what could only be described as bliss and I looked on in shock, disgust, and arousal.
Within seconds Remy had his hands around the back of Alex's head and was thrusting faster and faster into his mouth. I could almost imagine Alex's tongue working quickly, lapping at the underside of the flesh, keeping time to Remy's furious pace. The Cajun's hands controlled Alex's head and face, holding him right where he wanted him, and in a few moments I heard the soft mix of French and English curses as he reached his climax. Pulling Alex all the way to his stomach, he shot his seed deep down his throat. Fascinated, I watched my brother's Adam's apple bob up and down as he drank in the thick warm fluid in lusty abandon. And with a flush I felt my own prick grow in response. I tried to turn away in disgust, but the compulsion to watch was too great. Remy's power kept me faced forward, eyes open, highly aware of every stroke, every lap of my brother's tongue. Desperately I wanted to break the bonds on my arms and touch myself. My hips involuntarily lurched upward and I bit back a moan of arousal. And I couldn't be sure it came from the charm or my own lust-filled mind.
Gratefully, Remy didn't notice as he caressed Alex's cheek possessively. "Every drop, mon cher." He rasped gently, eyes hooded with the afterglow of an orgasm.
After Alex had licked him clean, Remy pulled him to his feet and kissed him tenderly. I was now completely and painfully erect. If someone had touched me at that moment I would have spewed my cum over the floor then and there. But Remy was busy lapping at Alex's mouth, teasing him with his tongue. Soon that tongue vanished into Alex and he began to suck on it in much the same way he'd blown Lebeau's prick. After a moment Remy pulled back from Alex holding my brother's arms by his side and looked with pride on his well-trained slave.
"Makes my heart swell, cher. You've learned well. Hope you can train your brot'er to do it dat good." Alex smiled and flushed at the praise. My eyes went wide when I heard this. Alex would be my trainer. I shook my head. "No." I breathed. Both men looked my way, but said nothing. In shame I saw Alex staring at my erection with a slight smirk, and I looked away.
"You done good, Alex. I want you to release yourself now." Curious, I looked back up at the two. My brother glanced my way for a second and I was certain I saw my own shame reflected in that look, with a slight blush of anger. He didn't want me to see this. But then his Master was reaching down to release the device on his cock. I heard a faint click as it came unlocked and Alex moaned in relief and pleasure. Holding the ring in his left hand, Remy began to stroke Alex's hard member with his right. He fisted it once, then twice, then place his cupped hand under the head as Alex, eyes closed and head thrown back, quickly spasmed and came, squirting all his cum into Remy's hand with a cry of such ecstasy I shuddered.
Right after Remy leaned toward Alex and whispered something in his ear. My brother immediately sank to his knees and put his head back opening his mouth. Remy's right hand, still full of the product of Alex's release, tipped it over the open mouth dribbling the fluid down over his fingers. Such submission from my brother sent a spike of fear down into my stomach. But still I couldn't turn away. The creamy lifegiving substance dripped quickly into Alex's mouth and he lapped at it eagerly. When most of it had rolled over his tongue and down his throat, Alex reached up to kiss Remy's fingers, sucking each digit into his mouth one at a time until he had cleaned them thorougly. Then with long erotic strokes he licked the hand clean. When he'd finished his chore, he once again took Remy's cock in his hand and kissed it lovingly, as if in gratitude for the release and the quenching of his thirst.
"Bien." Remy said patting his head affectionately. "Now stay der quietly while I talk to your brot'er." Alex sat back on his heels, arms loose at his side, and bowed his head in acquiescence.
Remy's approach was casual, yet commanding and seductive. With an easy agility he twirled the instrument that had bound my brother's cock around his finger. When he stood in front of me I was trembling and kept my head down. Whether in anger or fear, I wasn't quite sure. Like a magician he suddenly produced my sleep goggles in front of my eyes and I looked up at him. His smile was benevolent as if to say "Submit, and all will go well." I could almost believe it. But I knew it was a lie. The very fact that he insisted on ownership told me the truth behind the lie. And his actions spoke volumes. He would never permanently mar us. Probably wouldn't physically harm us. His charm power could easily subdue our will. And we were too precious to him to damage. He was too obsessed. In some perverse way, I think he loved us, me and my brother. And his looked told me he would love watching us together.
"Not gonna need these anymore, hein." He told me. "Dat collar's never gonna come off." He chuckled. "Can't 'ave you blowing the place apart, eh?" The goggles fell from his finger and clattered to the floor. Then he placed his hand against my cheek tenderly and let the warmth of his empathic ability wash over me. My eyes closed and I leaned into the touch, seeking his love. Still radiating all his charm, Remy raised me to my feet. I shook almost violently as a hand came down to clasp my erection.
"For me, eh?" Smirking he stroked it gently. I almost lost it. I wish I had, because suddenly the ring that had tormented my brother was snapped in place around me. I hissed and bucked at the sensation. But Remy pulled me to himself, placing a hand on either cheek to steady my hips. My prick throbbed in agony trapped between my stomach and his.
"Shhh..." He cooed into my ear, nipping at the lobe sharply. "S'okay. I know it hurts. But it won' damage you. I could never let dat happen, cher. Just listen to your brot'er. Do what he tells you and dis..."He touched the ring and I gasped, "won' be on long." His hands kneaded the cheeks of my buttocks gently and a finger ran down the length of my crack, causing me to buck furiously again into Remy, terrified, aroused, and disoriented.
"Remy." I breathed through gritted teeth. "How can you do this?"
He said nothing at first. Kissing my cheek, then my eyes and nose, his tongue darted out across my lips and I opened them without thinking. His tongue slipped into mine and he kissed me with a bruising force, passion enflaming me, pain engulfing me and centering around my throbbing member still pressed against this man, my master. I wanted him then. I couldn't deny it, not even to myself. And I was in a rage against this madness he'd dragged me into.
Then as he had done with my brother, Remy pulled back and held my arms in his hands. "How could I not?" One hand flew out toward Alex. "Why settle for one Summers when I can 'ave de matching set?" His eyes twinkled in amusement. And there it was. We were a center piece, our beauty to be put on display for all to see and for him to enjoy. I began to tremble again and swallowed hard, not wanting to show him my fear. But he winked at me good naturedly (Remy had always been at his most cheerful after sex or a successful gambit) and said, "You can't eat just one, non?"
I groaned inwardly at his lewd joke. He gave a chuckle. "Well, mon couers, I have state matters to attend to." He looked over at Alex and motioned him to stand. "I'll be gone a week, Alex. I want your brother broken in by de time I return. Use what I taught you. But no harm is to come to him. I don't want him whipped or bruised. And his backside is for me, d'ccord? You leave his cherry for me." Alex nodded. "I want him pliable in my bed on our first night. Don't disappoint me, pet."
Then he was gone in a swish of fine silk and grand gesture, and I was alone with my brother and three guards. My prick twitched and throbbed painfully, and a flush covered my body along with a fine sheen of sweat. The warmth was gone, and all that was left was pain and fury.
"Alex." I said, my voice rising in volume as I seethed. "Snap out of this! This is crazy! For God's sake, Alex, you can't go through with what he's asking! It's...it's vile!"
Alex looked at me and for a moment a flicker of shame passed across his face. I thought I had him. But then it was gone with a shake of his head.
"I'm sorry Scott. But what Remy wants, he gets. I can't fight him anymore. Believe me I've tried. And there's no where far enough to run that he won't find you. You weren't even safe in the mansion."
His eyes grew cold in resignation and he looked over at the guards. "Take him to the play room and put him in the stocks. I'll be there shortly." Then he turned on his heel and strode away.
"Alex!" I screamed at him as the guards took hold of my arms and began dragging me in the opposite direction. "Alex! You can't do this! You can't want this!" How wrong I was. A well-trained slave can do anything his master orders. Even to his own brother.
I was still too weak from the jaunt, and even my anger didn't strengthen me as I fought futilely against the three guards. They dragged me kicking and jerking against them down the hall to the 'play room'. When they'd pulled me past the threshold and I had a chance to look around I stopped struggling. The room was a cornucopia of sexual toys and accoutrements. Nothing was outwardly hostile. I learned early on that Remy, thankfully, wasn't into torture pain at least. And he didn't used physical pain for it's own sake. There had to be a reason for the agony, like the little device wrapped around my cock. He never used pain to break a man. There were other subtle ways of doing that, much to my horror. And then there was his charm power if he so chose to use it. But I suspect he liked the challenge of not using it. Of having a man broken and compliant through demonstration of all the pleasure he could give and receive and all the hopelessness of never being able to find a place to hide, once his mutagenic signature had been recorded. And I found out soon enough that he used mental torture and manipulation when none of his other tricks worked. But he was sincere in protecting the beauty of an object he owned, including his slaves.
The fact that there were no whips, no instruments of torture that I could see, did nothing to ease my fear. I had no idea how Alex planned to make me compliant, and I sure as hell didn't want to find out. I looked quickly around the room searching for a weapon of any kind as the retrieval units pulled me to the 'stocks'. The room was large with very high ceilings, and yet there was a sense of confinement. Along one wall hung iron rings of different sizes and heights to secure a slave. In another corner there was a large four poster bed with more hooks and rings placed in various locations. I saw a chain dangling from the head board. Several chests and tables lined a third wall. On the tables were many different sizes of dildos and vibrators, cock rings, bite blocks, horse tails and butt plugs. A vast assortment of lubes and gels. And a wide array of instruments I couldn't put names to. Again, nothing overtly dangerous. A sling hung from the ceiling in the middle of the room, similiar to a hammock, but with leather straps to hold a man's arms and legs in place. There was a T-shaped table to stretch a man's arms out at his side. Ankle cuffs were underneath at the end to hold a man bent over with his legs spread. And then I looked behind me and saw where Alex intended to bind me. It was an old fashioned stocks. A wooden plank cut in half with holes for both arms and the head. But instead of coming all the way to the ground for a man to kneel behind, it was anchored on two poles cemented into the floor and stood over two thick platforms that spread out in a V shape.
One of the guards let go of me when he realized I had stopped fighting and went over to the stocks to open the upper portion. The other two dragged me underneath it and unlocked my arms. That's when I made my move. I pulled one arm forcefully away from one of the guards and then swung it up as hard as I could into his groin. He yelped and clutched at the injury. Before the other two could act I slipped back underneath the stocks and ran to the tables. Amazingly I noticed the one dangerous item I'd missed before. A metal pole about nine inches long. I clutched it tightly in my hand as the men advanced warily. I was prepared to kill if I had to.
But suddenly the world tilted and a horrible wave of dizziness and nausea went through me. I dropped the weapon and fell to my knees. And then Alex was standing over me holding a small black control box and frowning.
"Sorry, Scotty. The collar is tuned to your mutagenic signature. It disrupts the neuropathways along your spine. The sensation you're feeling won't last long and it won't cause any permanent damage, but it'll keep you from fighting while we strap you in."
"Alex." I pleaded, barely able to whisper the words. "P-please don't do this."
He shook his head sadly. "Sorry bro. I don't have a choice." Then he gestured to the guards and once again they dragged my now limp body over to the stocks. My head and arms were forced into the tight semi-circles and the top portion was secured above me and padlocked on the side. Two of the guards grabbed a leg and pulled them both roughly underneath the stocks so that I was sitting on my ass. I made a weak attempt to kick, but only succeeded in aiding their efforts. Not too gently my legs were straightened along the planks and spread shoulder length apart. Then they tightened leather straps across my thighs just above the knees and around the ankles. I could barely shift my rump. The ring at the base of my cock forced it up at a 45 degree angle. It continued to throb furiously and I had to slow my breathing, concentrating with all I had to relax and meditate trying to dull the pain.
Alex would have none of it. He touched my erection with feather strokes and I nearly exploded. Tears ran down my face. I couldn't help it anymore. And the worst of it was when I looked up at him, he was smiling warmly, lovingly, like the brother I had known. I groaned audibly and said, "No. I don't want this."
"You will." Alex responded encouragingly and reached over to stroke my face. I jerked back at his touch and knocked my head hard against the wooden plank, seeing stars. His hand kept coming until it met my cheek. "You're my brother, Scott and I love you. This doesn't have to go like this. All you have to do is what I tell you and I'll let you release yourself." His fingers ran down long my jawline, while the first digit of his other hand circled the head of my swollen member. I nearly screamed.
"Fuck you!" I cursed at him. "I'll never do what you want!"
"Yes." His voice was low, resigned. "You will." Then he laughed almost wickedly. "Us Summers. Stubborn to a fault." His hands came away from my body and he stood up. I couldn't raise my head very far, so I raised my eyes to glare at him. "You know," he continued in same sad tone, "It took Remy a month to break me. I think it was a month. I'm not quite sure. You can't tell time in this place and I'm not allowed to wear anything except this collar and the occasional ornamentation." I wondered what he meant by that, but then I remembered the cock rings. "I can't tell you what it took to make me this obediant. Remy ordered me not to. He told me he was going to go after you. I tried to talk him out of it, I swear. I never wanted to bring you into this. But he had his mind made up. And whatever he wants he usually gets. He didn't tell me I'd have to train you, though. I'm not happy about this. But I can't fight him. No one can. That damn ability he has to charm people." His voice had choked on the last sentence and he looked away from me for a moment.
When he looked back his eyes sparkled with unshed tears and he said, "I tried to kill him once. I got hold of a knife. I got as close to his bed as I could while he was sleeping, but when I went to raise the knife his damn power took hold of me and I dropped my weapon." He shook his head in denial. "He must have heard the clatter or maybe he'd never been asleep. His eyes opened and looked up at me standing over him. And he smiled." Alex pounded a fist into his other hand. "HE SMILED! As if he knew what I was going to do. Then he bent down over the bed and picked up the knife. I couldn't move. Until..." Alex paused swallowing hard. "Until he handed it back to me." He continued as a single tear ran down his cheek. "He put it in my hand and raised it to his throat and said, "Go on, cher. If it means dat much to you." My hand began to shake so bad I actually nicked him. Then I threw the knife across the room and crawled into his arms. He held me while I cried like a baby begging his forgiveness. He stroked my hair, soothing me, telling me it was okay, that he understood, but he couldn't let it go unpunished. And then he made the sweetest, most tender love to me that night. That's when I gave in. That's when I knew I couldn't fight him anymore."
My eyes must have betrayed the pity and revulsion I felt, because Alex paused and looked at me, his eyes becoming steel, pulling back the emotions, the sadness for me and and the regret at what he had to do. "He'll find your limit. You'll be eating out of his hand by the end of the week. You might as well give in now. It'll go a whole lot easier."
"NO!" I shouted, as the coldness of his eyes pierced me and brought my anger blazing back up to the surface. "I'm not you! He'll never do to me what he did to you! You're just..." I met his eyes and faultered, knowing that what I read in those eyes spoke truth. Remy would win in the end. I knew it because I had felt that kiss. That first kiss of his. I could have drowned in that kiss. It had overwhelmed me. It had nearly driven the pain from my groin out of my thoughts. But I couldn't admit it to myself. Not then. Not for a long, long while.
"No." I stated firmly. "Do what you have to do, but I won't be a willing partner to this depravity."
He closed his eyes, looking so, so tired. "Very well." When he opened his eyes again he seemed different, almost cruel, as if he were stealing himself for what he had to do. He turned to the guards.
"Send them in." My brother ordered. I looked up as the units escorted two young naked male slaves to my side. One carried a basin of floral scented water. The other carried soap, washclothes, and towels. They stood hesitantly looking at me, looking at Alex, then at each other. I stared at them in confusion until Alex said, "Wash him thoroughly. I'll be back shortly." Then my brother was gone.
The two set to work. Slow and erotic they soaped my body with the scented water, running the washclothes sensuously down my chest and back, then up along my thighs. They were very thorough. One even washed my hair, running his fingers through it, scrubbing in a way that made my scalp tingle with delight. And I melted under their touch. Every nerve in my body was on fire. The throbbing in my groin grew more intense. And I saw stars when one of the men began to scrub it lightly with a washcloth. He took his time and I was in near agony. But the pain melded into the pleasure of their touch until I was writhing, thrusting my hips up and breathing fast and heavy. I couldn't shift enough to move in pleasure. I couldn't thrust high enough. And I couldn't ejaculate. God, how I wanted to cum. It was agonizing and oh so wonderful.
Finally, sadly I felt, they finished by drying me completely and stood up. And my cock continued to throb without release. I noticed at this point that the guards had left. The slaves positioned themselves on either side of me, kneeling in submission, with their heads bowed. They said nothing. I tried to reason with them. Then I begged them to take off the ring. They ignored my pleas. After a long while Alex returned. He stood between my legs and offered his cock to me.
"Take it, Scott. Let me show you how to suck a man. Then I'll take off the ring."
I shook my head and tightened my mouth, clenching my teeth against his intrusion. He sighed deeply and moved back, gesturing to the men and then to me. "Pleasure him." He said. My eyes widened in shock and disbelief. What was Alex ordering them to do? Was he relenting? Would the two men remove the device that kept my prick trapped in swollen agony?
One of the slaves came around between my legs and the other crouched down over my back. I felt a tongue slide down my spine and I bucked as far as I could. Hands were all over me. A mouth came down on my left nipple teasing it, causing it to swell. Then a hand came down on my other nipple to pluck at it bruisingly. I didn't think my cock could grow any further, but it did, painfully.
The slave behind me continued to lick down my spine. I felt his hands run over my back softly as he kneeded and massaged the tension there. He couldn't reach further up my spine than the diaphragm because of the wooden stocks, so he went lower. The point of his tongue trailed down my lower back to just above the tip of my crack. I tried to pull away, but then his hands slid under the cheeks of my ass and held me firmly so his tongue could thrust in and out between my buttocks. I moaned and cried under the assault. I could move so little. And I was even more frustrated than when they had washed me.
In front, the other slave began kissing my forehead, then running his tongue along my eyelids, holding my face tightly in his hands. He bit my nose playfully and I shook my head forcefully. I wouldn't give in to this affection. He continued kissing down my jaw and then licking at my lips and clenched teeth. At that moment the other slave tongued between my cheeks and I moaned. The man in front seized this opportunity to slide his tongue in my mouth. Caught up in the agonizing pleasure I began to suck in his tongue without thinking. He wrapped his arms around my waist and began to rub his own erect cock along the area between my penis and thigh. But amazingly he never came. I was so certain he would. I whimpered when he finally pulled his tongue out of my mouth. But then he bent down over my groin and and licked the head of my cock. I screamed and Alex yanked the young slave away.
"NOT THERE! THAT'S FOR YOUR MASTER ONLY!" The slave cowered as he roared. But just as suddenly Alex's anger dissipated and he pushed the man back toward me. "You can work around it, but leave his penis and testicles to me." He ordered. The young slave began touching me again, hesitantly at first, then more confidently. He started on my nipples, but drove one hand down around the base of my cock, pulling gently on the pubic hair. Then his tongue went down along my inner left thigh and it was worse than even the direct contact with my penis had been.
"Stop!" I rasped. I was dazed by this point, close to the edge with the overload of my senses. And no release in sight. Alex pulled the slave working on my thigh away and offered his cock to me again.
"Come on Scotty. I know you're dying for the release." He stroked his long thick member with both his hands, fisting it up and down in front of my face. The slave behind me continued his ministrations on my anal area. He'd gotten closer and closer to that sensitive opening and I was finding it very hard at this point to deny Alex. But I set my teeth tighter against the flesh offer, my nostrils flaring in defiance. I wouldn't do this. And when my brother began to caress my face with his member, I bit down even further. I felt as though my teeth were about to shatter and my swollen organ explode. But I wouldn't take what he was offering. He wouldn't break me. Finally, Alex reached a climax and ejaculated hard over my lips and chin. Cum dribbled down my jaw and on to my chest. But my mouth stayed closed.
He stepped back with a frown, giving a sharp order to the slave behind me to stop. I could tell by the clench of his fists and the tightening of his shoulders that the orgasm hadn't been that pleasant for him. Just something he felt he had to do. An attempt to humiliate me and drive back my confidence. It didn't work. And I smiled up at him inspite of the pain in my groin.
"Is that the best you can do, bro?" I taunted.
That had to be the worst mistake I could make. Suddenly he smiled brightly. He was quickly losing any sympathy he had for me. "Oh no, bro. I can do a whole lot better. This is just the beginning." He confused me for a moment then when he suddenly changed topics. "You must be pretty thirsty by now. When's the last time you had something to drink?" His voice was pleasant enough, but I could see the cruelty in his eyes. I licked my lips, and with dawning horror realized just how thirsty I was.
"Tell you what, Scott." Alex offered as he saw me lick my lips. "Let me put my cock in your mouth. Just let me set it in there for a few minutes, and I'll give you something to drink."
"Go to hell!" Came my reply.
"I think by tomorrow morning, you'll pretty much believe you're in hell." He snapped back. Then harshly he ordered the two slaves to leave.
But as they rushed to the door, Alex softened his voice and said, "You may release yourselves." Both the young slaves looked at him longingly, almost unable to believe what he had said. He nodded. "You did well." He told them.
In unison, the two slaves said, "Thank you master."
After they'd gone he swung back around in anger. "I'll be back in twelve hours, Scott." Glaring at me venomously, he said, "You're an idiot. A stubborn headed fool. But in twelve hours you'll be screaming for something to drink through dry cracked lips and begging me to make that offer again. Only the next time, I'll up the price." With that he swung back around and strode out of the room, slamming the door behind him. I heard the click of the lock and the lights went out. My cock continued to throb in the darkness.
"Go to hell." I whispered to the empty room.


Chapter Two

"Jean." I rasped in the pitch-black room. There was no light at all. Not even from under the doorway. It was isolating and frightening. I felt as though I'd been trapped in that darkness for a century. My mouth ached with the dryness and my tongue felt like a cotton ball. I could hardly produce any saliva to moisten my lips. And my penis was throbbing in answer to my fear.
At first I'd tried to meditate. Logan had given me a few meditation sessions. For a gruff angry loner he sure could relax when he wanted to. But I never quite got the hang of it. I think a lot of people might just be right about me. I'm wound too tight.
So then it was on to repulsive thoughts to try to ease the swelling of my groin. But all I could think about was the time Bobby had cut his arm and ignored the wound. It got miserably infected and swelled so bad Hank had to release the pressure by making long incisions down the length of the forearm. If I could have seen my dick at the time I'd swear it was as bad as Bobby's arm. The continuous electrical buzz slowly began to irritate the hell out of me. It was like Chinese water torture. And whenever the air conditioning vent came on, the frigid air wafted over my shaft tickling the raw nerves and causing me to howl in torment.
And the thirst. It almost had me wishing I'd taken Alex's offer. Almost. I tried to secrete some saliva and swallow, but there wasn't enough anymore. Surely they weren't going to let me die of thirst. The way Remy had struck that guard made me believe he'd be sorely tested if I died. Or maybe this was Alex's plan. In order to save me from the humiliation he had suffered, perhaps he believed I had to die. He'd given up. He'd said as much. And perhaps he felt this was the only way to keep me from being raped by Remy. Had I not been so miserable, I might have agreed with this theory. But during that long night all I wanted, all I could think about was getting a drink of water and getting the ring removed.
And I needed to pee. In spite of having had nothing to drink since I'd gotten here, I still felt the urge. My bladder felt uncomfortably full. But I couldn't urinate either. At first I held myself, not wanting to give into the urge. I would have hated for Alex to return after having soiled myself. But toward morning the sensation was more tormenting than the need to cum. But when I tried to relax to pee and found I couldn't I nearly screamed in frustration. I wondered fleetingly what would happen if my bladder got too full. Would it rupture? Didn't seem like a pleasant way to die.
At that thought I did try to scream. It came out more as a croak. I rasped for Alex, begging him to release this torment. I'd do anything. Just take it off and let me cum and pee. But no one came. And then I received a minor comfort. I cried. The tears spilled down my cheeks for a few moments until my ducts dried up from the lack of moisture in my body. The salty liquid ran down into my mouth and I breathed a little easier as I slurped it down, moistening my lips and tongue. A strange, yet somehow appropriate thought, considering my present circumstance, occurred to me as I drank my own tears. I had heard that a man's semen tasted salty. I wondered, would it taste like my tears? If I allowed Alex to ejaculate in my mouth would it relieve this thirst and taste as wonderful as that blessed fluid? Little did I know I would soon get an answer to my questions. I was in denial at the time. I was so sure I could hold out. Time would prove me wrong.
I must have finally dosed for a while, because suddenly the lights were on and Alex was standing in front of me. I blinked several times, trying to ease the cracked residue of my tears. Finally I broke the crust on my eyelids completely and looked up at Alex.
"Morning, bro." I tried to sound cheery, but my voice creaked wearily and the words came out as a whisper.
"Morning." He replied. "Did you sleep well?" I couldn't even hear a trace of sarcasm.
"Like a baby." I rasped. "Could use a little more though. It hasn't been twelve hours already, has it?"
He snorted at that. Good. Maybe this friendly bantering could bring him around. He patted my head and placed his cock against my lips. No such luck.
"Would you like a glass of water?" Alex asked courteously. "All you have to do is take my dick all the way down your throat and hold it there until I pull out. That's all. Easier said than done."
"No thanks." I croaked pleasantly. "I'm not really thirsty this morning."
He chuckled. "Well, maybe later, okay?"
"Maybe." I replied. Then he left. An hour later he was back with the same offer. I was close to taking it. My tears had dried up. My lips were cracked and swollen, and a tasteless sludge was forming on my tongue. But I politely declined when he stroked my hair. For some reason that gesture of brotherly affection irritated me.
Every hour on the hour he came back. Or so he mentioned to me in passing. I could believe him. My brother was a hot-tempered man, but very organized. Very time oriented. He liked schedules. But every time he placed his cock against my lips I refused. In the end I wore him down. I beat him at the waiting game. My brother had a tendency to be impatient. And, I have to admit, he was on the clock here. Remy was due back in five days and he was expecting a compliant, docile Scott Summers in his bed.
But what transpired once his patience wore thin made me realize I had pretty much made mistake number two. After the fifth time, when Alex recognized that I wasn't going to take him willingly and that I might end up dying from dehydration instead, he entered the room with a guard at his side. All other times he'd come alone. A shiver of fear ran down my spine.
As the guard went around the stocks and stood behind my back, Alex knelt down in front of me. I turned my head nervously around to try to see what the guard was doing because I had seen him hiding something behind his back, but the wood plank blocked my view. So I turned to look at Alex. He looked into my eyes coldly and without a word grabbed my erect member hard and squeezed viciously. In shock and pain I opened my mouth and howled. Too late I realized their intentions. A latex bite block was shoved roughly into my mouth by the guard and secured tightly around my head. The bit covered my teeth and prevented me from biting down or closing my mouth. It was so well fitted to my teeth and firmly secured behind my head, that I found it impossible to dislodge with my tongue. Alex stood up and ordered the guard to leave, which he promptly did.
The room became as silent as a grave. All I could hear was the sharp intake of my breath through my flaring nostrils. My jaw popped loudly once to relieve the pressure of not being able to close. And I started to shake, feeling my heart racing, knowing and terrified of what was coming.
Alex still said nothing as he came forward. Only a grunt was issued as he pushed his cock between the bit and into my mouth. I gagged as a my arid tongue was shoved towards the back of my throat. Panic came over me as I desperately tried to shift my tongue under his intruding cock. His hands came firmly down on either side of my head to hold it in place and I bucked, trying to shout around the intrusion, begging him to stop. But he ignored me and continued downward. I could barely move. Not just from the straps that held me, but from the stiffness of being tied down in the same position for almost a day. Finally, mercifully, my tongue popped down below Alex's cock and I took a deep breath through my nose, trying to calm the stark raving fear of being choked.
And then Alex spoke in a kind, calm and even tone that slowly reduced my fear. "Relax your tongue, Scott. Act like you're yawning and it will go down without you gagging. I won't let you choke." And when I thought I heard him bite back a sob, I relaxed just a little and he slid deeper into me. He stroked my hair softly. "That's it, bro. You can do this. Take it all the way down." He coaxed gently. Tears came to my eyes and suddenly my nose was pressed up against his belly. Relief filled my body for a moment.
Alex held his cock inside my throat for several long agonizing minutes. Continuing to stroke my hair he spoke encouragingly. "You're doing great, Scotty. Just a little longer. Keep your tongue and throat relaxed and remember to breath through your nose." His voice was soothing and gentle. And in spite of his violation I couldn't bring myself to hate him. He was just doing what he'd been ordered to do. But I was angry all the same.
After a few minutes, he pulled himself partially out and thrust slowly back down. Then he held himself there for several more minutes. A pattern began to form in this way. The time he held his cock down my throat became shorter and shorter. And the time he started to thrust in and out became longer and longer. I have to admit I was amazed at his control. I think I would have exploded the moment I put my prick in his mouth. Soon he pulled nearly all the way out letting me taste his pre-cum. And I was in heaven for the first time since the whole miserable affair had started. I wrapped my tongue around the head of his penis and lapped voraciously, coating my mouth with the moisture he offered. He clutched my hair tightly when I did this and moaned. His hips twitched calling him to thrust back down, but with a small mercy I felt him fight the instinct and allow me to take in all I wanted of the slippery fluid.
Eventually his control broke and he thrust back down. I was ready for him by then. I had learned how to take it now. However, his strokes came much, much faster now as he reached his climax and it was becoming more and more difficult to control my gag reflex. And he was holding my head again, a whole lot tighter than before, making sure, without thinking, that I stayed right where he wanted me. He was driving hard into my mouth. I tried to concentrate on breathing through my nose, but the pace he'd taken up was making it hard to pull in air. I was panicking again, but now Alex seemed unaware. He began cursing, making lewd comments about my mouth. How tight and warm. How he couldn't wait to do this all again. His big brother, leader of the X-men on his knees in front of him forced to give head. What would the X-men say to that? he taunted. What would Jean say? I protested in anger, trying to yell at him around his thick hard shaft. But he kept ramming it into me, never letting up for an instant.
"I'm...uhh...not...the little...brother...you can...order around anymore." He huffed. "I'm...your master...now!" With a roar he slammed hard into me and shot his cum deep down my throat. As he spasmed inside me I began to retch. The creamy thick fluid was making me sick. I could feel my stomach roller coasting. But he wouldn't remove his cock. Finally, when I started to heave violently, he realized what was happening and pulled out swiftly, falling back. I howled as loud as I could against the bit and retched for several more moments.
Alex knelt down again in front of me and rubbed the back of my neck. "Breathe, Scott."
"Ah can'." I tried to say as I gasped for air. "ak' i' ouu'!" I begged him.
"No." He said without preamble, understanding immediately what I was asking. "Through your nose. Breathe through your nose." Tenderly he continued to stroke the back of my neck encouraging me to breath slowly through my nose until finally the retching stopped and I could take in air properly again. Kissing my cheek, he rubbed his smooth face against my neck. So soft. So sensual. "It's okay, Scott. I'm sorry. Please understand that I didn't want to hurt you, but you left me no choice."
I closed my eyes blinking away tears, and once again felt the agonizing throb of my swollen penis. As I began to tremble in anger and fear, Alex began to stroke my body. His long slender fingers tried to sooth away the rage I was experiencing as reality set in. But his words belied his tender gestures as he started to explain what he had planned for me. The rage soon dissipated and fear was left in its wake. I shuddered violently as I listened to his voice.
"Shh...It's got to be done." He explained gently, kissing my eyes, then running his tongue along my outstretched lips. "You're going to dehydrate, unless I get some fluid into you. You're so damn stubborn. I've called for one of Remy's physicians. He's going to insert an IV in your arm and give you fluid through your veins."
I shook my head no, but he grabbed it firmly and forced me to look at him. "Listen to me. I'm not letting you die. You're not leaving me alone in this." Tears trickled down his face. "I need you, Scott."
"'ATER!" I shouted at him. "'ake 'is 'UCKIN t'ing ouu!"
Alex shook his head. "You left me no choice. I'm sorry." Then he stood up and turned to spot a kindly old gentleman standing quietly just inside the door. He held a black satchel in one of his gnarled hands. Alex motioned to him and he hobbled over to stand in front of me.
"Remy and his damn training." The old doctor muttered as he quickly assessed the situation. He looked back around at Alex. "I suppose you aren't allowed to take this thing out of his mouth and give him some water?"
Alex sighed. "No. I've got to keep it there or I'll never get it back in him."
"So he needs an IV and some fluid then?" Alex nodded.
"And I suppose he's going to have to live off your sperm for awhile?"
My head jerked up at that. "'O!" I shook my head vigorously.
"Yes." Alex said quietly. "It's part of the training. Something he's got to get used to. Re...My master will feed him real food after he's able to tolerate a scheduled feeding of my...semen." I shuddered and hung my head in desolation. This was too much.
The doctor remained silent for a long while as he examined me. He gently took my cock in his hand near the base and peered at it closely. I winced, but his experienced touch didn't send me over the edge. "It looks okay. Have you drained him yet?"
I looked up at the doctor, puzzled and fearful as he looked at Alex. "Not yet." My brother replied. "I was going to do that next."
The old doctor nodded and turned back to me. "He'll need to empty your bladder." He told me kindly stroking my cheek. "It'll be uncomfortable, but a full bladder would feel a lot worse." Smiling at me, he patted my hand encouragingly. I hung my head in shame and understanding. "Now I'm going to put an IV in your hand. I'm sure you know it will hurt a little. But you need the fluid." He lifted my chin with a kindness I didn't think possible. "You'll behave for ole doc Samson, won't you son?" I looked at him for a moment and knew I couldn't say no. His kindness was sincere. He had no motive except to help me live. And while I hated what was happening to me, I didn't want to die. Not yet. I still had some hope left. Hope that I could change Alex's mind. Hope that I'd get back home to Jean. Hope that Remy Lebeau would die before he took my virgin ass. I nodded at him and he smiled. I took some comfort in that smile.
With an amazing spryness for a man his age, Doctor Samson set up the items he'd need to start the IV and quickly wrapped a tourniquet around my wrist. Immediately a vein popped up. "Well, well, well." The doctor chuckled to himself. "Not quite as dry as I thought, boy." A motion to my left made me look up and I saw Alex smiling down at me, arms crossed, a little too smug. I closed my eyes and waited for the prick of the needle. But the doctor was a pro. I hardly felt it go in. And when I looked back over at my hand he was capping the IV and flushing it. Then without a word he produced a collapsing IV pole, put it together, then grabbed a bag of fluid and primed the tubing. The tubing was immediately connected to my IV and the bag began to drain into my vein.
"Let that all go in." The doctor instructed Alex as he rose stiffly to his feet and gathered the unused supplies. "That ought to be enough for now. But I'll leave a few bags of fluid that you can hang in the next few days if he's not drinking water by then." Doctor Samson nodded knowingly. Patting Alex on his shoulder, he turned toward the door saying, "There are much easier ways to make a slave more willing, son. Try a little kindness. It goes a long way."
Alex smiled at the doctor. "Not when the slave's as stubborn as my brother."
Doctor Samson's right eyebrow lifted in surprise but he made no comment. Then he hobbled back out the door. "You better drain him now, before all that fluid goes in." He called over his shoulder as he left. "And give him a pillow to sit on. You wouldn't want to test Remy when he sees a redness or skin tear on the boy's backside. You know how he likes you slaves. Perfect." I was sad to see him go.


Chapter Three

As soon as the doctor left Alex turned back to look at me. In his eyes I saw an intense sadness and pity. I had to look away. But he bent down in front of me and lifted my chin. I shut my eyes tightly. I didn't want to look at him. Humiliation burned in me, and he was the flame. By now I was well aware of how this would play out. I understood what he was planning to do and the shame radiated on my face. His fingers ran through my hair, but he remained silent. I knew he didn't want to do this anymore than I wanted it done. I still believed at that point that we could both get out of this situation. That it wasn't hopeless. A long time past between us silently. Finally I opened my eyes.
"'hy?" I nearly sobbed.
"Why?" Alex repeated. He spoke gently, caressing my face with a feather touch. "I've told you why, Scott. And I've told you this doesn't have to be this hard."
I shook my head. "Ah cann'" I struggled to say.
"Yes you can. You can, Scott." He murmured almost convincingly. "You already have." He finished, acknowledging what I'd done. "Just let it all go. Stop fighting."
I shook my head again.
Now he was angry and his fingers dug into my jaw. "Damn it, Scott! Don't be so bull-headed! You can't win!"
I couldn't stop shaking my head. I couldn't believe that Remy would win. I refused. And so I would spend another day bound in this position. My mouth could no longer close against his intrusion. Tears began to fall. The liter of fluid was restoring my body, and the tears could not be stopped. I closed my eyes again still shaking my head. And Alex kissed away the tears tenderly. I did not doubt he loved me. But I thought at that moment, he was just weak. I realized later, I was just as weak.
When my last tear was shed, Alex stood up and went behind me. A door I hadn't noticed opened and shut. A minute later he was back in front of me holding what looked like a small parcel with clear plastic wrapping covering a white paper box. I groaned and told him no, shaking my head more vigorously than ever.
His eyes had gone cold again, almost clinical. "I've got to. Your bladder's full by now. It could make you physically ill if I let it go much longer. Remy wouldn't be pleased if you got sick."
He knelt down and opened the plastic, removing the white paper parcel from inside. Opening the kit, he donned the sterile gloves and ignoring my hiss of pain, grabbed my penis and held it firmly, coating the meatus with betadine. Then he picked up a thin red rubber catheter, covered it in a clear gel, and eased into the opening. I tried to shift away. I screamed at him through the bit in my mouth, cursing at him with garbled words, twisting my hips as best I could to stop him. But there was so little I could do. I could barely move in my postition. He kept his head bent over my groin, refusing to look at me, just continued sliding that tube deep into my erection until it hit my bladder. As the urine began to drain, he removed his hand from my member and the intensity of the throbbing lessened. He'd dropped the end of the rubber catheter into the small rectangular container it had come in and let my urine flow freely. My screams had ceased by that time as I felt the release of my bladder. I can't begin to describe the relief I felt at that moment. I shuddered with delight and exhaled with a low moan.
Alex smiled and looked at me, patting my abdomen, then rubbing my belly in circles. "Feeling better?" His voice was cheerful and warm. I nodded, my eyes still closed. But then I was empty and in one swift motion he withdrew the catheter. It wasn't quite as painful coming out as it had been going in, so I only winced. When I opened my eyes, Alex had gone back around me to that door I hadn't been aware of, taking my waste with him. My head drooped in exhaustion. But he wouldn't let me sleep. Not yet.
"We'll have to do that at least every six hours." He said to me as he bent down in front of me again. "And I'll be..." It was difficult for him to say it and I raised my eyes in contempt. I would not make this easy for him. He tried to keep his voice level as he spoke, but the swiftness of his tone revealed his anxiety. It seemed to me that he really didn't want to do this. "I'll be feeding you at regular intervals." As if to bring me some small comfort he added, "No one else, Scott. Just me. I won't let anyone else...do this." He couldn't bring himself to say the foul words, but I knew what he meant. No one else would be allowed to cum in my mouth. At least not this week.
Then he began to kiss my body, sucking in a nipple and making it pebble hard. His tongue worked magic across my chest and down around my groin. His hands ran along the side of me causing a shiver. I suppressed a moan as he went down along my right thigh with his mouth. But with a will of their own, my hips thrust up as far as they could. Gently he grasped my testicles and rolled them over his fingers, still licking and nipping at my inner thigh. I thought about who he was. *This is my brother doing this to me* Hoping the thought would be like a bucket of ice water tossed over my groin. But it only aroused me further. Then I tried to think about the fact that a man was making love to me. That I had had a cock in my mouth and sperm shot down my throat. No good. My eyes opened wide as I felt that horrible need to explode, to release. And I couldn't. In fury I tossed my head back against the wooden plank, banging it again and again, hoping I'd hit it so hard I'd pass out. Alex looked up from my thigh. Then he stood up and grabbed my head in his hands, forcing me to look up at him. In my periphery I could see his hardening penis and understood immediately that he'd been playing with my body to arouse himself.
"Stop it!" He ordered. "I'll only put padding there so you won't hurt yourself." I stopped. There was no point. He had an answer for everything. Letting go of my head, he began to masturbate himself, stoking his cock over and over. I became fascinated by the movement of his hands. I just couldn't deny the eroticism in that motion. His long fingers curled around the organ sliding up and over the head, and then back down to the base. Veins pulsed up from the back of his hands. I saw his belly quivering just slightly as he kneeded and pulled and worked himself up. He began to thrust his hips, the tip of his cock coming closer and closer to my mouth, and when I saw the pre-cum begin to ooze from the head, I couldn't keep from trying to lick my lips. But as my tongue came out of my mouth it hit the tip of his cock as he was thrusting forward.
I could feel Alex looking down at me just then. I kept my eyes downcast, but I imagined his eyes hooded with lust. I sensed him wanting to force his way in, but in kindness, he only pushed in an inch or so. And I was lost as his moisture flowed over my tongue. As before, I lapped vigorously, trying to get every drop, until he couldn't contain himself and pushed forward deeper and deeper. As he had encouraged me to do, I forced a yawn from my throat to open myself wide to receive him. I didn't gag quite as much, but when his belly pressed into my nose and his balls began banging lightly against my chin, Alex lost control. He came immediately and I choked. My throat tightened around his dick and I panicked, trying to pull away. But his hands clamped down on my head holding me in position. "Stop panicking and breathe." He said through gritted teeth. I was amazed that he could speak. His hips rocked forward as he emptied himself in me, shuddering and spasming as squirt after squirt shot down my throat. I made every effort to concentrate, but I could feel the retching begin, his semen shooting up into my nose as I choked on his prick. He refused to pull out. I thought he was being cruel. Finally, he softened in my mouth and I took a deep long breathe.
He came out of my mouth slowly, dragging his limp member across my tongue as if to wipe it clean. I began to retch again and again after he'd taken himself out. As I tried to control my heaves, believing my vomiting him out would only cause further humiliation, Alex spoke harshly. "You have to try not to panic. When Remy wants a blowjob, he wants full control of your mouth. You saw how I couldn't put my hands on him. It's a power thing. Occasionally, if he finds you pleasing, he'll let you control the rhythm. But that doesn't happen often, so you have to be ready to meet his pace, whether he cums quickly, or takes his time. The only way to do that is if you don't panic."
His voice softened then as he said, "Don't worry, Scott. I'll get you through this. I'll show you how it's done. And I'll be a lot kinder to you than he was to me." I coughed and looked up at him in surprise. He hadn't meant to be cruel. He was just trying to prepare me for what was to come. But he was getting to his feet, about to leave and his eyes were fixed on the door. When he looked back at me, my eyes were once more focused on the floor, my head hung in depression.
"I'll be back in an hour or so. Today you'll be..." He hesitated and I could almost sense his distaste at the reference. "...fed pretty frequently. I don't have time to go easy on you. Remy took that luxury with me. I can't with you." He paused seemingly unsure of what to say next. "You'll get use to it, I promise. I know a lot of my own resistance came from being forced to service a man. If it had been a woman, well, I might not have fought so hard." Alex bent down once more to look at me. "It's hard to accept. I know. I've been there. But tomorrow it'll be a little easier. Then the day after that even easier." My hands balled into fists. I wanted to shut my ears.
"Tonight I'll send men to entertain your mind. Get you use to the idea. It's all a matter of desensitization." Then his voice rang with a hint of enthusiasm as he said, "It's not all bad." I saw his eyes glaze as he got lost in a memory. Then they focused again on my face. "Some of the sex is amazing. Remy's as good as he boasts. Better, actually, when he takes his time. When he doesn't just see you as an object he owns. Sometimes he seems almost in love when he takes you. It's pretty potent, believe me. I use to think it was his power to charm. But now I know it's his ability. He likes a willing man. He told me once he liked the challenge of molding a man into a pleasure slave. And using his power took away the challenge."
I wanted to talk to him then, free of this obstacle that encumbered my speech. I wanted to know how he'd been broken. I wanted to know how he could just accept his fate like this. And I wanted to know how my first night in Remy's bed would be. Slowly, I was beginning to understand the futility of my situation. Not completely, but I was starting to realize I wouldn't get away before that night. However, I couldn't speak clearly with the bit in my mouth. So I just starred at him. Not in anger, but not in acceptance either. He seemed to sense I wanted to speak because he shook his head slowly, saying, "Maybe tomorrow I'll take it out. If you're willing. Today, it'll be easier for you to get use to the cum without retching if you're wearing a bit."
He stood once again, this time looking at the fluid bag hanging above me. It was empty. He clamped it and removed the tubing from the IV. On the table nearest me the doctor had left some syringes filled with flush. Alex took one and flushed the vein, making certain it wouldn't clot off. It was a minor mercy. The doctor could have easily inserted another IV, but Alex was showing me some kindness. At least I looked at it that way. He said nothing as he bent to his task. Then he got up and walked over to the door. He looked back at me once, before he left and said with little emotion, "In an hour, Scott. I'll be back in an hour."
I sat there with his taste in my mouth shivering. I was nearing my threshold of pain. Emotional, as well as physical. This couldn't go on, and yet I couldn't stop it. I was trapped in a nightmare I couldn't wake up from. And my mind was telling me over and over to give in. Take him, suck him dry and get released from this painful ring. Soon I was sobbing quietly in desolation as I realized Alex wasn't going to take the bit out today. And he wasn't going to let me ejaculate for a good long while.


Chapter Four

I was dozing fitfully when Alex returned. The click of the lock must have woken me because I looked up startled and groggy to see him walking towards me with sleek predatory grace. My brother is a very beautiful man, so I've been told. Blonde hair (which had always looked strawberry to me due to the ruby quartz glasses);light brown eyes, that Jean described as golden; a well-proportioned athletic body with smooth bronze skin; And very well endowed, longer than mine, but not quite as thick. A long time ago, when Alex had first come to live at the mansion, Jean mentioned to me how handsome she thought he was. She described his look as the classic American male beauty, the boy next door look. Like me, Alex had been very thin as a child. But through rigorous exercise and hero training he'd filled out nicely. I never really appreciated how he looked. He was just Alex, my kid brother.
But on that second day of training everything changed as I watched him approach, hips swaying in a powerful masculine saunter, slow and seductive. His shoulders dipped slightly as he moved with extraordinary confidence for a man held against his will as a sex slave. I was intensely aware of his nakedness as he entered the room that time. He was so casual about it, not appearing at all embarrassed. Pleasure slaves, I soon learned, were rarely permitted clothing. Remy, himself, never wanted his Summers boys, as he so cheerfully called us, clothed. Our beauty was to be always on display. I imagine Alex simply got use to the fact. My own nakedness would have certainly been a source of shame for me at that time if my thoughts and emotions hadn't been shoved aside by the constant painful throb between my legs.
This should have embarrassed him, his lack of clothing. Alex had been a modest man. I'd rarely ever seen him in the nude. But again, I never really paid attention to whether or not he had on clothes. And this overtly masculine environment I sensed should have created an eternal blush on his face. Like me, Alex was staunchly heterosexual. He loved Lorna as much as I loved Jean. And as far as I was aware there had been few other lovers in his life, including my long dead wife, Madeline Pryor. Certainly no men. Alex would have told me. I was sure of this. He could have told me anything. I wasn't prejudice against gay men or their lifestyle. That would have been mighty hypocritical on my part, being part of a reviled minority myself.
At least I thought he could have told me anything. But as he came toward me, ready to force his way past my lips, doubts began to creep into my head about our relationship. So many people, Jean included, had mentioned many times how he felt about me. *Alex is so unsure of himself when he's in your prescence* they'd say. Or *Alex looks up to you, Scott. He admires you so. You can't do anything wrong as far as he's concerned. But he thinks he lives in your shadow, like he can never be good enough*. He admired me, the rigid X-men boy-scout, by the book Scotty, always in control. Of course he was mostly wrong. I did adhere to my convictions rather strongly. But I never felt in control. I was always waiting for our lives or events and crises to spiral downward into chaos. Looking back on it, I guess he and I never really talked much about our darker fears and inner demons. Perhaps he envied me. If he did, he never showed it. Or I just never paid attention.
And at that moment, as he came closer ready to 'feed' me once again, I began to wonder about his motives. In spite of the remorse he so clearly presented, I began to ask myself was there a part of Alex who enjoyed having this control over me? The answer came soon enough.
I eyed his approach warily, doubtfully, and yet with a dawning sense of attraction. His chest fairly rippled as he advanced, the shining conqueror, Apollo, the sun god. Broad and chiseled, his pectorals were lightly clothed in fine golden hair. His nipples perfectly round and rosy. The visor had for once rung true. I could suddenly picture myself running my hands across that wide expanse sucking and teasing the pink buds erect while he moaned. His arms were powerful and tight. Barely an ounce of fat, his muscles lean and angled. So well-defined and masculine. His long lovely hands that could caress me into painful agony held two thin round pillows and a roll of tape. I had to puzzle at that for a moment, before they were swung away to his side as he neared and I looked in admiration and pure lust at his washboard stomach, cut perfectly with a small line of golden down that ended and merged with his light brown pubic hair. And between his legs the source of my torment and training hung semi-erect as if in anticipation of mastering me once again. I swear my mouth tried to water then as I watched it jangle heavy against his thighs while he walked, thinking about the warm thick pre-cum that might slide across my tongue, moistening it like a fine wine. I realized I wanted it, needed it, my thirst never slaked, and I blushed furiously.
As Alex got closer, his brows furrowed and his lips twitched in a curious smile. He'd caught me eyeing his prick, while my face reddened. It wasn't quite a triumphant grin. Just a knowing one. He could see that I was weakening, wanting him in my mouth like a parched man crawling out of the desert. I tried desperately to swallow over the bit and looked away in shame and disgust.
Without speaking, he went behind me. One of the pillows he carried was positioned directly behind my head and taped in place. "Just a precaution." He explained. "I have to be sure you won't injure yourself."
Bending down he touched the middle of my lower back, just above the dimpled hips, lightly scrapping the flesh with a nail. It was like a tease of relief to an itch I couldn't reach, and I shivered all along my spine. Warmth flooded through my body. He then instructed me to lift my hips as high as I could and slid the other pillow under my rear. But when I sat back, I fell into his open waiting hands. Underneath, his fingers began to massage my buttocks firmly. I let out a long low sigh as the rawness of sitting in one position eased. His hands were magic after my long ordeal and I couldn't help wriggling in pleasure like a fish on a hook. However, I tensed immediately when one of his fingers ran down along my crack to circle my anus. In fear, fully expecting him to insert it, I tightened my cheeks over his hand, trying hard to keep him out. He only teased though, drawing the finger in a circular motion around the sensitive skin, then trailing down further to a spot just below my testicles. He paused there for a moment, then pressed down forcefully, rubbing fleetingly across the hollow. I roared against the bit and bucked wildly as blood rushed into every nerve ending in my engorged cock. Alex chuckled at my discomfort.
"What? Jean's never touched you there before?"
I winced, working hard to catch my breath as he withdrew his hands from beneath me. Then his arms came around the upper part of my belly and he leaned in stretching as much of his torso against me as he could. His hardening member stood straight up along my spine and soon I began to hyperventilate with sharp spurious gasps, my stomach rising and falling, lungs never filling enough.
"Breathe." Alex ordered as one of his hands dropped down to pluck gently at my pubic hair. My shaft jerked in painful pleasure. I tried hard to concentrate. Tried to breath normally, but I was exploding inside, one extreme bundle of nerves. I was raw and ecstatic all at once. I wanted to cum so badly, I drew in a sharp breath of hope when one of his fingers tattooed a quick rhythm on the ring trapping my prick. As if realizing my misplaced hope, Alex quickly moved his finger back up to again play with my hair and stroke my belly.
Resting his head lightly on the outward curve of my spine, after placing a soft kiss to draw out a shudder from me, he said, "You know, he's going to let me have you back here after he's stretched you well and taken his fill. He's said as much when he told me he was going to bring you here. He wants to watch me cum deep inside you. It was one of the reasons he took you. You're going to be my slave as much as I'm his." Ah. Now his motives were clear. Alex wanted to be free to control me. And in this place all inhibitions were gone. Truth was on display as bright as the sun and I groaned.
I felt him smile into my back. "I won't hurt you, Scotty. I couldn't. I just want to get up there. I know it's wrong, but it's the one thing that's kept me sane in this place. I promise you'll love it. Every touch." His fingers reached up to tug my nipples playfully. "And every kiss." His mouth ran softly across my back. I let my head droop then and my eyes closed in exhausted desire.
I must have dozed off for a moment, because he was standing in front of me the next time I was consciously aware. Cupping my chin he lifted my face and said, "Time for lunch."


Chapter Five

I lost track of the number of times Alex returned to 'feed' me his cum. Pretty astounded that he could get it up every time, I wondered how he accomplished the feat, (Did it have something to do with genetics. I was pretty virile in the sack myself. But not that able.) until I noticed how his eyes shifted out of focus once, before he'd even laid a hand on me. Stimulants? Enhancement drugs? Some powerful narcotic developed in this bizarre world of sexual slaves and obvious hedonism? Something that would allow a man to orgasm to his heart's content. Never having been much of a drinker, let alone a drug user, I prayed Remy wouldn't demand its use by me.
When he left me alone I'd sleep restlessly, dreaming of Jean. Being far away in an alternate universe with an inhibitor collar securely around my neck I couldn't feel her rapport and dearly missed it. Every waking moment I thought about her, unless Alex was in the room forcing his way down my throat. Then I would push any thoughts of her out of my mind. I refused to associate any hint of her memory in my mind with this face rape. I feared that if I did, if her name sprang to mind while I choked on Alex's cock, he'd have me. I'd given in. The fantasy would be too great. Like Pavlov's dog I'd salivate at the thought of blowing a man.
Mercifully, after that first forced 'feeding', Alex never mentioned her name. I'm fairly certain he thought about it. Especially after he told me I'd be his slave. Yet Alex was never malicious, or spiteful, or cruel. Even during his time leading the Brotherhood when he almost let me die. Falling out of a plane, thousands of miles above the ocean, we'd been punching and kicking each other, arguing, when suddenly he teleported away. He told me later that he'd seen Storm chasing after us. If he hadn't noticed her, he explained, he would have taken me with him. Alex had just been playing his role for all he was worth. And this one act of seeming cruelty and attempted murder had cemented a trusting alliance with the Dark Beast. It furthered his aim to eventually rescue all those people being horribly experimented on by that vile alter-ego of Henry McCoy. This place and his acceptance didn't change that fact. So he never mentioned her. Just like he never mentioned Lorna.
Eventually, toward the end of that long day, I was able to swallow his semen without retching. I'd been slowly, reluctantly following his instructions without success. I just couldn't help the gagging. He kept changing positions in my mouth, sometimes cumming deep in my throat, sometimes part way down and sometimes in my mouth. He explained this was to teach me to be ready to swallow at anytime. Very few masters wanted a slave who retched after giving head. Quite an ego deflator. I didn't think I'd ever be able not to, so I was just as surprised as he was when he ejaculated close to the back of my throat and I didn't heave. The thick creamy fluid slid down my esophagus and I gulped as well as I could. I prepared for the immediate rolling of my stomach, but as he pulled out his limp organ it never happened. I turned my eyes up to look at his face and he broke out in a bright warm grin. He'd been expecting the retching as much as I had.
Patting my head in a brotherly fashion he exclaimed, "You did it!" There was undeniable pride in his voice and I winced. What a thing to be proud of. "Good boy." He added curling his fingers softly in my hair. "I knew you could." And then oddly enough my lips twitched up around the bit in a contorted smile as if I was so very grateful for my owner's praise.
Alex looked at me for a long moment, thinking hard as his fingers stroked his chin. Then he said, "I think you deserve a break." My eyes widened and I tried to broaden my smile. I dearly hoped this meant getting out of this contraption. My legs had gone numb. My feet tingled as if someone were tapping them with tiny sharp needles. I had a dull annoying ache in my back from bending over slightly for so long. And my head pounded. The edge of the wood plank from the hole my head went through pushed the collar up tautly causing it to cut into my chin and the base of my skull. That time I'd banged it against the board had brought on a throbbing headache that never dulled. Despite the pillow underneath my rear felt tender and raw. My arms felt heavy and bruised as they hung from their fetters. The IV in my hand had begun to sear as I'd twisted and flexed the appendage trying to work out the dead pain. In short I was in continuous agony. A body's not meant to stay in one place for that long.
Alex called for the guards and three came swiftly to his side. "Go get Bert and Ernie."
I could see a closed-lip smirk form on his face and after the guards had gone he turned smiling down at me. "One of Remy's jokes. He never got to see Sesame Street as a child, and heard some theory on one of those ridiculously funny morning radio shows that spouted Bert and Ernie were gay." I made a feeble attempt to snort at this. But then Alex's shoulders slumped a bit and his smile faded. "He names all his slaves after he buys them. At least the pleasure ones. He's got other slaves named after most of the X-men. I don't think it's meant as a joke. But none of them have our names, as far as I know. We get to keep ours. He likes that idea."
He went silent after that, just leaning back against the stocks to wait. I started fidgeting, hoping he would say something else, wanting him to talk to me. But he seemed lost in his own thoughts and I could hardly make much of a sound by then. My throat was so dry and it was a chore to attempt.
When "Bert" and "Ernie" arrived with their escort, Alex stood up and walked over to meet them. He spoke in a low voice which I couldn't hear and waved his hand at me. One of the guards stepped over to him then and handed Alex the little black control box for my collar. I recognized it immediately and cringed.
"Look," he began as he finished talking to the two young slaves and came back over to me. "I'm going to let you out of the stocks. If you make any attempt to injure the guards or get away I'll activate the collar."
In answer I made some sort of derisive grunt. Like I'd even be able to walk once they let me loose, let alone try to escape.
One of the guards unlocked the padlock while another went around behind me. When the upper portion of the stocks was raised I fell back into the arms of the guard waiting behind me, stiff and hardly able to move my arms. The young slaves released the leather straps around my legs and I was dragged out from under the apparatus. Alex bent down next to me and laid a hand on my stomach. "The bit stays in and the ring stays on." I shook my head as much as I could in vigorous protest but he wouldn't relent. "I can't trust you yet."
Standing up, Alex motioned to the guards and they dragged me over to an odd looking massueses table. It was a long vinyl cushion, soft and pliable, with a hole cut just below the middle and at the top. I was lifted up and lowered onto the table. My face went down into the top hole and my penis and testicles, thankfully, hung down into the other hole. I sighed in relief.
Then Bert and Ernie went to work. They kneaded and pulled, rubbed and vigorously stroked my muscles back to life. I was in heaven and hell as joints popped and cracked. Circulation was restored to normal and the blood flowed back past nerve endings bringing them sharply back to life. I tried to relax at first and calm myself as they tugged and massaged my limbs, but I couldn't control the shaking. It was almost unbearable. Finally the stinging sensations of my raw nerves began to ease and I swam into bliss. One of the slaves bent over my back and placed the heel of his hand over my spine pushing down firmly to pop the vertebrae back into alignment. The other took a foot pressing hard into the fleshy bottom driving a fantastic warm sensation up my side. It was delicious. Very soon after I was asleep and then abruptly it was over as the guards raised me roughly to my feet. I swayed unsteadily in their arms for several minutes, my eyes closed as I luxuriated in the joy of standing unconfined.
I was walked around the room by the guards, slowly at first to ease me back into the movement. When I was able to walk normally without assistance, Alex came over. He'd been standing by the door, silent and watching, little emotion on his face. Each time I looked at him, I wondered what he was thinking. But when he grew silent and calm like that I was never able to read him.
He had grabbed a six-foot chain off one of the tables nearby and now snapped it to one end of my collar. "Come on Scott." He said cheerily. "I'll show you around."


Chapter Six

Alex and I toured the palace at a leisurely pace, with him occasionally tugging at the leash. It wasn't easy walking with my dick engorged and my mouth held open. But Alex left my arms free, telling me as he clutched the control box that if I put my hands anywhere near the devices he'd use the box. So I ignored the throb, the dryness in my throat and the itch underneath my collar, and tried to focus on what he was saying.
Remy was in charge of the country. Not actually a king. He was called a patriarch or elder. And he was loved by the people of this land. Of course he was wealthy and he owned a good deal of slaves, workers and pleasurers. Alex knew the country was at peace and thriving, but little more. The race of people living here were human, and I assumed we were on earth, but Alex explained that he and I were referred to as 'earthers'. He wasn't quite sure why. Remy hadn't told him much and none of the other slaves would tell him what he wanted to know. The guards wouldn't say anything to him. And all were more than a little in awe of him. Remy told Alex he was very special because of his mutant abilities. All earth mutants were gifts of the gods, and were only allowed to be taken as pleasure slaves.
"I was a mistake." Alex had led us into a large meeting room that was essentially a throne room. A small unadorned chair stood at the end of a raised dais. In the middle of the room was a large oval table for the council members. "The retrieval units were on the "hunt" for a young blonde male mutant from our universe to present as a gift to a visiting patriarch. Coincidently the mutant they were hunting for happened to be in the same government building I was in. He was younger. I have no idea what his mutant power was. But we were the same build and blonde. The only real difference were our eyes. His were blue." Alex glanced at me as I nodded. He had light brown eyes.
"I'd just come from a meeting with Forge." I kept my eyes on him, understanding what he was saying. Forge and he had been trying to restart X-Factor, the US government laison group of mutants to the public. It hadn't been going well. Hatred toward mutants was on the rise. No one in the government wanted to be associated with any mutant for fear it'd ruin their career. Forge had been the one to call me, to tell me Alex had disappeared and his car had been found in the parking lot.
"On my way to my car they appeared. Before I could say anything they'd locked onto my mutagenic signature and brought me down hard, snapping this collar into place." Alex fingered the edge of his collar absently and looked toward the throne. "Then we were here, in the palace, in the portal room." Dropping his hand he looked back at me. "Most of the wealthy buy their 'earthers' through a service. Remy has his own portal and retrieval units. Usually they're more accurate. Much better hunters. This was a rare mistake. They'd locked onto to the wrong mutagenic signature and unfortunately we looked pretty much alike."
He closed his eyes and let out a low tired exhale. "I was dazed when then brought me through, like you. And I tried to fight, but I was too weak and too overpowered. They had my hands cuffed behind me and stripped me in moments. Then they led me here. I couldn't make any sense of it and when I saw Remy sitting on that chair in some semblance of authority I felt relieved. I was sure it was some weird mistake. And it was. Only it didn't help me." Alex looked so tired then, so lonely and sad, I almost stepped over to put my arms around him. But he turned away suddenly as if anticipating my actions and wanting no part in them. No pity, no empathy either.
"Remy was surprised when he saw me. He came over to me immediately, said my name and something to himself in Cajun. Then he put his arms around me, kissed my cheek and told me how sorry he was I had gotten mixed up in his plans. He gestured to the guards and started reprimanding them. One of the retrieval units said, "One 'earther' mutant's just as good as another." Then he shoved me hard down to my knees. Remy hit him violently with one of his charged cards and said I was not just any mutant, I was an X-man and a Summers. Then he ordered the units to go after the right person this time. They left me alone with him, on my knees, naked with my hands still cuffed behind my back."
"After they'd gone, he pulled me up to my feet. I asked him to take the cuffs off and to tell me what the hell was going on. "Of course, mon ami." He said. But then as he went to release the cuffs this odd look came into his eyes and he smiled up at me. Then he stood back and stroked my cheek saying something in French or Cajun. I wasn't sure. But I understood what he said next very clearly. "What a prize, eh?" I flinched my head away and stepped back."
Alex had moved over to the oval table. He stopped talking for a moment and I could almost feel the rage and frustration radiating out of him. Suddenly he slammed a fist down on the table. "What a prize! I asked him what the hell he meant by that and demanded he take off the cuffs. I was an X-man and one of his teammates for God's sake! He just smiled that infuriating smile of his and told me exactly what he meant. After seeing me naked and collared and cuffed in front of him, he just couldn't possibly let me go. Of course I was too good for any other patriarch. Remy wanted me for himself. He asked me straight out if I'd ever had sex with another man." Alex whipped around and looked over at me. "I swear, Scott," he continued, his voice a controlled rage, "if I'd had my hands free I would have killed him." I nodded in understanding. "All I could do was step back away from him. Remy laughed and said "I'll take that as a no". He came toward me still smiling as I continued to back away. But then he used that damn power of his and stopped me in my tracks. Before I knew it I was kissing him." Alex closed his eyes and swallowed. "And he was...he...shit! He was stroking my cock. I've never felt anything that intense in my life! I couldn't help but respond. He had me cumming hard in minutes. And right after he withdrew his power. I knew what he had done. I knew how I had responded and I cursed him then. Called him every name in the book! He just kept smiling until I stopped screaming. Then he called the guards."
Rubbing his forhead and then running his fingers through his hair, Alex was silent for a few minutes. Still unable to really say anything that could be understood through the bit in my mouth, I merely watched him, waiting for him to go on. But he just stepped toward me, took my leash and said, "Come on. I want to show you something."
We walked in silence out of the throne room and down a maze of hallways and stairs. I tried to concentrate on where he was taking me. I wanted to get a feel for the lay out of this place, in case I ever had a chance to escape. My mind was working in overtime. I was a strategist and an analyser. I had a good sense of direction too. But there were too many halls and too many stairs for me to form a good picture of the palace. And with the trobbing in my groin, I could scarcely focus on memorizing anything.
Finally we stopped outside an elaborately carved wooden door. It was an image of an orgy. All men, all touching one another, kissing and pleasuring one another. Beautiful images of men set in a dark oak. I could almost appreciate its beauty, had the subject not been so repulsive to me.
Alex knocked once on the door and a young naked man opened it immediately. I was ushered into another long dim corridor. Tapestries hung on the walls. Again the pictures reflected erotic homosexual themes. Alex led me down the hallway. At the end there was a spiral staircase going down. He pulled me quickly down the stairs. As I reached the bottom step I looked up to see a large plush cell. There was an opening in front of us with blue electric lights streaming from one side to the other. The room was elaborately decorated. I could see a large four poster bed with a canopy directly across from the door. Dark maroon and navy blue drapes hung from the canopy. A beautiful persian rug lay in front of it. All around the room were candle holders with colorful scented candles lit in each. The room was bathed in a eerily seductive light.
Alex went over to the door and looked in. I noticed his free hand clenching and unclenching into and out of a fist. Someone stirred behind the curtains and peeped through. It was a young male slave, maybe 20. "He's here for training. Another gift for another patriarch." Alex said to me. I looked at the slave in fascination. On his collar I could see a chain that drooped back into the curtains. "He's a difficult one." Alex continued. "A fighter. He'll probably need to go through the same training you're going through to break him."
I continued to stare into the cell as Alex spoke. I couldn't look at him just then. What he said tore at my emotions. Another man having to endure this torment. I wanted to deck my brother then. My hands even balled into fists. But I held my anger in check. This wasn't Alex's fault. It was Remy who needed to suffer. It was Remy who I really wanted to pound at that moment. And Alex held the control box to my collar. Despite his focus on the slave in the cell, he was well aware of my every movement. I'd go down before I even touched him.
"The guards put me in there." Alex started again in that low controlled voice. "It was several days before I saw Remy again. They left my arms free, but I was left naked with the collar on. The first time one of the guards brought food I attacked him. But he had the control box and I was on the floor in seconds, barely able to move. I tried a few more times to get out, but they were prepared and and they were fast. I couldn't even touch them before they'd hit the button and I'd be down. The light bars are also neuro disrupters, but more intense. Touch them and like this box you're paralyzed for about 15 minutes or so. I found that out on my first day. No damage done, not a lot of pain, but it's a frightening lesson. You can't move and you can hardly breathe."
My brother looked at me then and gave a twisted little smile. "I don't know if you realized...when I was living at the mansion, how I rarely got undressed in front of you or the other guys. I'm not an exhibitionist. Even around Lorna I usually covered up unless we were in bed." I nodded as if to say I remembered. "She use to laugh and tell me I had a great body and...well...but that time in the orphanage really brought out a modest streak in me." I twisted my lips up in a slight empathetic smile. I understood perfectly well his antipathy toward exhibitionism. I was pretty much the same way. There'd been little to no privacy and some of the other boys could be rather cruel.
Alex nodded. He could see I understood. "Well, those first few days, I covered myself with one of the bed sheets or anything I could use. Every time one of the guards saw this they'd hit the button on the control box. After a while they got tired of me rebelling and just stripped the room of anything that I could use to cover up. Shit, it was embarrassing! Anyone who came down here could see everything." He shook his head remembering the shame it caused him. A sudden wave of sympathy came over me then and I put a hand on his shoulder. Alex shrugged it off angrily. "Don't pity me, Scott." He quipped. "You're in the same boat." I stepped back with some resentment dropping my hands to my sides. But he was right, of course. I nodded.
After a few silent minutes he continued. "Two, maybe three days later, Remy came to see me. He apologized for keeping me waiting. I lunged at him. But he deflected my attack easily. And one of the guards hit the control panel on the collar. When I was lying on the floor hardly able to move, Remy bent down next to me and said, "Cher, that's only gonna make me want you more. Don't make this harder than it has to be." Then he ran a finger down my back and pulled me over into his arms. All I could do was lie there, wishing he'd stop touching me. I was angry and very aware of where he was putting his hands. So I knew he wasn't using his charm. But I was responding to him anyway. My body didn't seem to care that my mind didn't want this." He gave me a quick glance. I could see the rage and shame there in his eyes. "I won't get in to the details. Suffice it to say, Remy's as good as his boasts."
"After that he came to my cell several times a day. I realized quickly he was trying to seduce me. He kept telling me there wasn't any shame in what he wanted. I was a very attractive man. And he knew by the way my body responded, how my dick became erect at his touch, that I found him attractive. I just kept yelling at him that he was wrong, that this whole situation was just plain sick. And I kept attacking him. And the guard kept using the box. And then Remy would jack me off again. I was so disgusted by it all, I can't begin to tell you how much I hated him." Alex looked back at the slave in the cell and swallowed hard. "He finally got the picture that his seduction wasn't going to work. I wasn't going to cooperate willingly. So then he started in with his charm power. The first night he used it was the first night he fucked me." Alex snarled as he said this. The sex might have been amazing, but he still wasn't completely under Remy's spell. He resented what had been done, what he'd been forced to do. But still, he wasn't fighting anymore. I suppressed a shudder wondering how Remy had been able to break my brother in so completely. How had he made him so compliant? Alex's tone told me how much he still hated being a slave, but his actions proved otherwise. I turned my head to peer in at the captive on the bed, while in my periphery I studied my brother.
"I have to admit," Alex said after a moment or two, "Once I got over the initial pain, the sex was unbelievable. Like I said, he's as good as he claims. But once he let down his concentration and the charm wore off, I realized what I'd done. What he had done to me. I went after him again. I really wanted to kill him, Scott. I really did. He figured it out soon enough that it was going to take more than his charm power and prowess to break me. That's when he had me taken to the 'play room' and seriously trained. Like I'm doing to you." He looked down at my cock then and placed a finger on the head. I jumped back before he could place more of his hand there, but he just dropped it back to his side and said, "I can't tell you the rest. Remy might tell you about it later. But it's like I said before, he'll find your weakness and use it without hesitation." I blinked at him, wondering what weak point in him Remy had found and exploited. But before I could even come up with an answer, Alex was tugging a bit roughly on my leash and heading back up the spiral stairs.
Back down the long narrow hall we went until we reached a side hall I hadn't noticed. A large tapestry covered the entrance. He led me through it into another long hallway. This time I could see openings along the passage. As we passed by I saw men lounging on daybeds sleeping or talking to one another or engaged in other activities that caused me to look away immediately. Some of the rooms were blocked by curtains. I heard moans and sighs coming from them. Once I heard a scream. Whether from pleasure or pain, I wasn't certain. I could feel my face flush a bright red. Glancing up at Alex I saw him looking at me with a certain amount of smugness. I looked away quickly in anger damning him for enjoying my embarrassment.
Finally after a few more turns and passageways we arrived at a large room. In the center was a square pit two steps deep and about ten feet wide. It was full of lush intricately designed pillows. The room was carpeted in a soft feather-like fabric with well over a hundred more pillows in various shapes and sizes. And two king-sized beds stood opposite one another on the east and west walls. I could see cuffs and iron loops adorning the beds and several chains coming from the headboards.
Alex let me take in the room for several minutes before leading me across to another door. Stepping through I saw it was a large communal bathroom. Two huge tubs sat in the center, showers off to the left and urinals and toilets to the right. No stalls, no doors. Everything open for viewing. I turned my head slightly to the side and down and shuddered. My brother said nothing, but tugged on the leash and led me over to a urinal. "Stay here." He ordered me. "I'll be right back." Dropping the chain, he turned away, then paused and turning back, put a hand on my shoulder. "This box has a mile radius. We'd find you before the effects wore off, Scott. I don't think you could find your way to the portal room before I hit the switch." I looked back over my shoulder at him and nodded. He knew me well enough to know I'd thought of running the minute he'd said he was leaving me alone unrestrained.
He was back in a moment with the catheter kit and a rolling table. When I saw it I stepped back flinching, but Alex pulled me back over to the urinal gently without a word. I sighed, compliant. Well aware how jumpy I'd be when he drained me standing up, Alex stood behind me, readied the supplies, sterilized my penis and steadied me from behind with his body while he inserted the agonizing red catheter and drained my bladder for a second time. I hung my head and grabbed both his arms when he did this, trembling and curling my toes on the cool tiled floor, trying to hold myself still. I knew there was no way he wasn't going let me out of this penile device, so I needed him to empty me. It only took a moment or two, but I could feel his engorged cock pushing against my spine, and it added to my humiliation and excitement even more. He said nothing when he withdrew the catheter and I sighed in relief. I fell back slightly and he caught me wrapping my torso firmly in his arms. I felt his warm breathe on the back of my neck, and my trembling which hadn't ceased, increased. Then I felt my knees turn to water when his lips brushed my skin. I tried to struggle, fight against his caress, but I was raw with a need that hadn't been released in so long. He lowered me to the floor, arms still holding me tight, lips and tongue trailing across my neck drawing a restrained groan from my open mouth.
In a moment he had me on my hands and knees, running his tongue down my spine. He swiped a finger along the crack of my ass and probed the anus gently. I bucked back into him and suddenly felt the head of his penis pressed against my opening. I seriously panicked then and pushed up violently throwing him back. As I scrambled to my feet, I noticed the control box he'd left on the rolling table. I grabbed it and spun around, running hard into Alex, who'd quickly recovered from my throw. His face was contorted in rage and without a word his hand came down to twist my cock mercilessly. I screamed and dropped the box, falling to the floor in fetal position clutching my testicles and penis. My brother stood over me with gritted teeth.
"You better not even think of trying that on Remy." He hissed. I looked up at him through tears.
"'eeeemy!" I tried to say. "'ou can'....'ot...'ot 'ow!"
Alex shook his head. "I know that Scott! You think I don't?!" I just stared at him trying to swallow. I didn't know. I'd panicked, not trusting him to control himself. Wearily I dropped my face back onto the tile and closed my eyes.
"I wanted to." His voice was calmer when he spoke again. "But I know I can't. Remy'd be royally pissed and I can't afford to incure his anger. But I need you to have some idea how it'll feel so you don't panic."
He took my arm and pulled me to my feet. I was unsteady, so he held my shoulders until I'd recovered enough to stand on my own. "Damn it, Scott! What'd you think?" He asked as he steadied me. "That I'd rape you? That I'd take you without preparing you first? You think I'd be that cruel?" I dropped my head refusing to look at him. I didn't trust him. His brows creased and he bent his head down to catch my eyes. "You don't trust me, but you've got to!" He shook me slightly. "You've got to, Scott! If you don't he'll go af..." Alex caught himself then and I looked up sharply, trying to figure out what he'd been about to give away. It was Alex's turn to avoid my look as he pulled me into his arms again. "I just want you to be prepared. I wasn't and it scared the hell out me. If Remy hadn't been using his charm, I would have done the same thing. It's a whole lot worse when you're not ready for it. For the feel. It's easy to panic." He pushed me back then, but still held my shoulders. "And one of the guards has a back up control box. One that activates every collar in this palace. If they'd known you'd gotten a hold of that one, all the slaves would have been punished. You want that to happen?" *Damn* I fumed. They'd thought of everything. *Damn Remy*.


Chapter Seven

After retrieving the control box, Alex placed it back on the rolling table and pushed the table out through a side door. Then he led me back into the main room. Between the pit and the door he pushed me to my knees. Then he went over to a chest in the room and brought back a strip of leather. It looped around my waist and two leather cuffs attached to the belt secured my arms to my side. I looked at him narrowing my eyes in frustration.
"It's time to get you use to...all this." He said in reply to my unspoken question. "I don't think I can trust you not to fight us yet." I had some idea what he meant. It had to do with desensitizing my mind to men having sex with one another. But I planned to keep my eyes closed. I wouldn't watch. One thing I'd learned in my short life as a mutant with uncontrollable eye plasma bolts was how to keep my eyes shut. There wasn't much a person could do to make me open those destructive eyes. Part of my intense training had been to keep those beams under my contol, regardless of what anyone did to me. Unfortunately my X-men training hadn't quite prepared me for this situation. I guess Professor Xavier and I hadn't been that perversely imaginative.
I shut my eyes tightly, with every intention of refusing to watch. But when Alex's hand came down on my penis and he told me sharply to open my eyes, I jumped in pain and immediately did what he asked. I wasn't ready for this kind of torture. "Keep them open, Scott, or I'll twist it harder."
A guard entered the room then with Bert and Ernie. They immediately went around the room lighting all the candles. A lite musky scent began to fill the room from the incense burners. As I breathed it in I began to relax and I wondered if it had some soothing property mixed in. Very soon the overhead lights were dimmed and the room was bathed in a soft sensual, almost romantic, glow.
When the two slaves had completed their task they came and stood nervously in front of me, both shifting from foot to foot. Alex went over to the young men and said something to them, which I couldn't hear. Then he sat down next to me. "We'll start this off slow." He told me. "I want you to keep your eyes open and watch them the whole time. If you close your eyes or look away, I'll grab your dick. Got it?" I looked up at the two anxious slaves in answer. "You can begin." Alex told the two.
Hesitantly Bert began to touch Ernie. His hands ran down the other's torso slowly. They lingered around his groin but then moved over and down a thigh, caressing each in it's turn. Ernie responded immediately. His hands began to move over Bert. Soon they had both relaxed in front of me, my brother and the guard and were passionately exploring each other with their hands. A finger swirled here, a hand came down there. Rubbing, massaging, working each other's muscles in the same manner in which they'd worked on mine, only with more sensuality, more erotcism. I held my emotions in check while they played with each other. I kept my eyes on them, but tried to focus on other things. However, their increased cooing and moaning distracted my mind from going elsewhere. Never kissing each other and never laying a hand on each other's private parts, the two slaves continued their caressing for about an hour until Alex ordered them to stop. Then two other slaves took their place and started where they had left off.
The next pair began touching each other in much the same way Bert and Ernie had. But within minutes they began to kiss long and deep. I could see their tongues darting in and out playing with each other until one of them drew his partner's tongue into his mouth and started suckling it thoroughly. My nostril's flared as I inhaled harshly wanting desperately to shut my eyes or look away. But the scent of the burning incense miggling with the smell of male sex was overwhelming my senses and I couldn't help but watch. And the ever present threat of Alex's hand clamping down on my painfully erect cock kept my eyes focused in front of me on the performance. If I so much as blinked too long I felt that hand.
As the kiss lengthened, the two men began to run their hands along each other's spine rutting against each other. Harder and harder they thrust. I was so certain they were about to climax when Alex ordered them to stop. Immediately they backed away. It amazed me that they didn't touch themselves or cum anyway. But the only hint of their need was in their still erect cocks and their rapid breathing.
My brother stood up then and went over to them saying something quietly. The two smiled their pleasure and quickly walked behind me. I turned my head to look around curiously not noticing the guard that came up next to me and knelt down until he had a hand over my cock drawing me back around with a yelp to face Alex.
"No peeking." Alex said with a smirk. "Keep your eyes forward and enjoy the show. I'll be back in a little while." He nodded at the guard. "He'll keep you company."
Then Alex glowered at the guard. "You know the rules. If my brother tells me you've done anything other than kept him from looking away or shutting his eyes, I'll believe him and you'll deal with Remy." I saw the guard frown in anger back up at my brother, but he nodded. He had probably hoped he could use my mouth without getting caught. But Alex left him no choice. I could have lied and said he'd done something and he'd have been punished. He understood this. But it didn't really help me much as he used his hand more forcefully and more frequently to keep me in line.
The next two slaves who came in were allowed to touch each others cocks as they kissed, playing with the the shaft and testicles, stroking and caressing each other into gentle thrusting motions. From behind I heard the soft moans of pleasure coming from the last set of slaves and I nearly shut my eyes in answer to the thrill I felt run through me. My curiosity had been rewarded.
Suddenly one of the slaves had had too much and he ejaculated with a cry. I thought it was from his orgasm, but he fell back with a look of shame and fear, and I realized quickly that he wasn't allowed to cum and would be punished. Sure enough, a guard came running over and grabbed the slave by shoulder. He threw one of the penile rings to the other slave and gave a sharp barking command. Then he bent down and held the offender tightly by his arms. The man squirmed and pleaded for a minute before the other slave began to stroke him back to erection. Once he'd gotten him stiff to the point of climax, he clamped the ring around his cock and the slave screamed. My cock throbbed in sympathy. Afterward the guard dragged him over to the wall of cuffs and iron hooks and secured him there. It was warning to the other slaves. And it would be further punishment for the offender, I would learn, when I saw one or two of his fellow captives go over to him later on and tease him into agony.
A new partner was brought in and with the obediant slave, the two began playing with each other cocks once again. I watched in frustrated arousal and thirst as their shafts became thick with pre-cum and their hands slid easily across the flesh. What a waste of fluid. I groaned softly to myself, hoping I wasn't heard, but the chuckle from the guard assured me I was and he patted my dick in amusement.
When the pair had come very close to climaxing, they pulled away from each other and looked over at the guard. He motioned them to go behind me and soon their coos and moans of delight miggled with the other two behind me. I heard a low hiss of relief as one of the slaves orgasmed and I cringed in resentment. The guard's hand came down again and squeezed, causing my head to shoot up in obediance. Two new slaves moved into position.
They began as the other two had, stoking each other's pricks and kissing passionately. I began to wonder how these men could engage in sexual activity with one another and be seemingly unconcerned about who their partner was. Male slave after male slave was paraded in front of me to tantalize my senses, and everyone of them seemed uninhibited by the acts. Most of them even seemed to enjoy what they were doing. I was certain I'd never be able to perform like these men. I'd never be able to get it up, not in front of people watching. But, as I have mentioned before, I was wrong. These were well-trained pleasure slaves. And all of them were young, fit and beautiful. Remy had good taste, I had to admit, once my perspective had changed and I began seeing men as sexual beings.
The night went on and on. The perfomances increased in sexual explicitness. All of it would ultimately lead to penetration, I knew, the final act to purge me of my repulsion toward male sex, one step closure to an end to my resistance. The next acts involved blowjobs, long and slow and sensual. I felt my mouth water slightly as one man drank another dry. At this point the slaves were allowed to release. I had an urge to groan again, but kept my voice in check not wanting the guard to see my response as one slave came forcefully into the other slave's mouth, holding the man's face firmly against his belly.
I have to admit, by this point all that sexual activity was working its way into my head. Slowly I was starting to see it all in another light. Beautiful slaves subjected to their master's will, touching and fondling and sucking each other without restraint. Beautiful men as slaves. My body responded even when my mind screamed no. A light sheen of sweat had broken out over my body. I was shuddering every so often when one of the men thrust a little harder. And several times I caught my hips rocking upward to the motions of another slave's hips. In my periphery the guard grinned.
But then the actions changed to center on the anal opening and repulsion took hold of me again as I watched one slave begin to tongue the crack of another. Seeing the obvious disgust on my face, the guard called one of the slaves from behind us to come forward. "Angel" was ordered to stand in front of the slave being tongued and that slave was ordered to give him head. Basic behavior modification. I responded sexually to blowjobs, therefore add tonguing with that act and I'd respond eventually. Another hour passed as one man after another came to lick and thrust his tongue into the puckered opening. I was getting tired and the guard had to twist my cock just to keep me awake at times. My body, worn down through observation and fatigue began to respond to the visual stimulation. And when one of the men thrust his tongue deep and hard into the opening I moaned with pleasure. A hearty laugh came from the guard. I snapped back to reality.
"Gettin' use to it?" He grunted wickedly. "Pretty boy like you oughta love licking that pansy's asshole when he orders it." I kneeled up sharply at that clenching my fists. I wanted to grit my teeth, I wanted to strangle the guard, I wanted to deny any feelings I had at that point. And I wanted...I blinked...I wanted Alex, right there, right now. On me, in me, any way possible until I came and came screaming his name. I sat back on my knees taking deep breaths. I closed my eyes and the hand clamped down again. Against the pain I held my eyes shut tight, letting it buoy up my resistance. I let the pain punish me for what I had wanted.
But soon, very soon, the guard began twisting it harder as he whispered roughly in my ear, "Think this is the only way to make you watch? We know how to make men scream, beggin' to watch, just to stop the...sensations. I don't think you're much different, pretty boy. But keep them eyes shut any longer and we'll see what it takes to make ya beg."
I opened my eyes with a heavy sigh. The last thing I wanted was to see his smug face in front of me as I begged.
Another hour ticked by with more tonguing. I was wide awake now, as I caught a second wind. And I was no longer repulsed by a tongue sweeping up and down a man's crack, probing and teasing and entering the sensitive opening. After another hour I began to actually think I could enjoy it. I inwardly cringed at the thought, but it wouldn't leave me alone.
One more step to dull my repugnancy. One more step to break me down. And then there were fingers probing the entrance to a slave. The one probing was given lube to ease the insertion and prevent any tearing. One finger in and out. Then another. The man being fingerfucked began to rock back and forth in pleasure. He moaned and wriggled asking for more and deeper. The other obliged, placing a third finger beside the two and pushing in forcefully. My breath came rapidly, with short gulps. They were so close to full penetration I could hardly stand the anticipation. I wanted to yell at them to get on with it. But then I looked at the other slave's face, the one being fucked and I became mesmerized by his look of bliss as he shuddered and spasmed without ejaculating.
"The prostrate." Alex's words came clear and sharp in my ear and I swung my head around to look at him. He'd come up beside me and replaced the guard without me even aware. "Watch." He said to me, gesturing to the two slaves. One of his hands ran up and down my spine, causing me to shudder like the slave in front of me. "It's what makes it so enjoyable a good deal of the time." He spoke quietly. "You'll see." I could feel him smiling at me, but I kept my eyes forward, not wanting to break his fingers from their lovely sensual trail down my back.
Suddenly he stood up without saying anything and motioned for the guard to take his place. I sighed in disappointment at the loss of contact, but continued to look at the men in front of me, not wanting to incur the pain of disobediance. I had the urge to look around, curious to see if Alex was still in the room. Wondering if he was being served by one of the slaves behind me. So many moans and sighs of lust and desire assailed me from behind, but I didn't hear my brother's voice.
Complete penetration came shortly afterward. Two new "fresh" young slaves were brought in, these more handsome than any of the others. One was blonde and lithe. The other had reddish-brown hair similar to mine. I swallowed as best I could. Alex had obviously planned this little performance. Mirror images of what he wanted to do to me. And it was unbelievably erotic to watch as the blonde bent the other down on his knees then lubed him well, stretching his opening in preparation. I watched entranced as he began to fist his own thick member with slow, even stokes, coating it well with the lube. Finally he was ready. Placing the head of his penis to the entrance, he pushed in very slowly.


Chapter Eight

Without warning I was dragged forward and my head was shoved down close to the penetration. I struggled for several moments but was unable to push myself away from the slaves. I watched in close painful proximity as the cock drove deeper and deeper into the other body. The scent of sex wafted past my nostrils as they flaired, trying to take a good breath. With a soft moan from above me, the testicles of the penetrating slave met the buttocks of the other slave. Then he pulled out quickly. A few thrusts later and suddenly the hand holding my head was pulled roughly away. I fell back on my rear and then scrambled back even further when I saw Alex crack the guard across his face. "What the hell do you think you're doing?!" He yelled.
The insolent man rubbed his jaw as a small trickle of blood ran from his corner of his mouth. Shrugging his shoulders he said, "Thought he might enjoy it more up close and personal."
My brother looked about ready to hit him again. "Get the FUCK out of here! You're only screwing things up!" The guard turned on his heel muttering something. "And don't think Remy's not going to hear about this!" Alex shouted after the departing back. Shaking his head, he walked over to me and crouched down. Wary, I flinched away. But he took me into his arms.
"Sorry, bro. Some of the guards don't particularly like babysitting pleasure slaves." He soothed, hugging me tightly. "I wish I could stop now, but his actions might put your training behind. You're doing okay, though. Just relax and watch." His hand drifted very lightly over my throbbing cock. "Just watch."
The two slaves who'd been interrupted by the incident, quickly recovered and picked up from where they left off. I glared at the exhibition in front of me, anger strenthening my will for the moment. But as the slave penetrating the other reached down and began to stroke his partner's prick with a powerful loving caress, Alex opened the ring around my penis and copied the image in front of us. My eyes went wide and all feelings of anger vanished as I thrust violently against his firm grip, almost throwing my hip out of socket. In three strokes I came, crying out in pleasure that bordered on pain. I could feel my heart pounding in my chest from the fury of my release and I thought I would die from the orgasm. It seemed to go on forever.
But too soon it was over and I was trembling in my brother's arms in the afterglow. His breath rang soothingly against my ear, his words warm and kind. "Shhh...Scott. There...You did good. You've done really well. Shhh..." And on and on he went until I relaxed into him, feeling his own penis twitching hard against my spine.


Chapter Nine

I lay there for a long glorious time in my brother's arms, my cock limp from release, my eyes still ordered to focus on the ongoing sexual performances in front of me. The threat of the penile ring being replaced lingered over me as it sat discarded next to Alex's thigh. Two more slaves came to fuck in front of us. Then three were brought in together. And after each session the slaves were allowed to join their fellow performers behind me, to indulge in whatever act of debauchery they pleased. Moans and grunts, sighs and gasps filled the room. And occasionally a scream or plea arose from the poor shackled offender, as one or two of the crueler slaves went to torment him.
I was lost in the sight and sounds and smells of sex. My will to resist was beginning to fracture under the onslaught of this desensitization. Yet Alex wasn't nearly swayed by my pacifity. He knew me too well.
At first he only held me, and I thrilled in his embrace, astonished at my own feelings. It felt as if I lay in my lover's arms, warm and protected. Desperately I tried not to think of Jean, and for the most part succeeded. He was only my brother, my lover. Even the heat of his erection, tightly pressed against my back was comforting. He was controlling his own urges.
But as the minutes wore on his hands began to explore my fettered body. A hand would brush a nipple and tease it into hardness. He'd still himself for a few minutes after he'd accomplished this small goal. Then his lips would dip down upon my shoulder, drawing a shudder out of me. And his hands would begin to tease again. But while my groin responded to his touch, he'd never wrap his fingers around my cock.
Instead, when the last threesome came to their mutual climax, Alex looked up from a nip to my earlobe. Telling the two dominate slaves to join the others, he huskily invited the third to crawl over and pleasure me. My eyes widened in disbelief as the slave smiled, genuinely pleased. Slow and erotic, like some sleek panther, he came toward me on his hands and knees, licking his lips in anticipation of my taste. I began to tremble with my own desire.
He was gorgeous. Long and delicately boned, lean, yet powerful, his blue-black shoulder length hair hung sweat slick around his face. His eyes were obsidian, bright under long black feminine lashes nearly closed in naked lust. His skin was an unmarred silky olive and my fingers curled in an involuntary longing to touch that perfect flesh. When he was finally between my legs, his seductive smile broke into an irrepresible grin showing perfect white teeth.
"Gift of Allah." He breathed in a low Middle Eastern accent. And I notice around his long neck he wore a simple leather collar, not the inhibitor my brother and I had. He was human. In fact, I realized suddenly that all the slaves who'd been paraded in front of me had worn only simple collars. None of them were mutant apparently.
Thoughts fled instantly as he bent down then and licked the head of my penis. I nearly exploded, senses engulfed by the eroticism. I thrust my hips up, bending my legs to place my feet flat on the ground for extra leverage. I wanted in that mouth. But he continued to only tease me, running his long pink tongue over and around and down my hardened shaft. After he had bathed it well with his saliva, he took both testicles in his mouth, also moistening them thoroughly, jiggling them around playfully with his tongue. It was a wonder I didn't orgasm then and there. When my cock began to ooze its fluid, dripping an unusually large amount down toward the base, my pleasurer began a slow ascent up the flesh with his tongue, finally taking me between his lips. Down he went as I thrust up violently. Then my hips dropped back until he was able to wrap his tongue around the rosy head. I was close to cumming. I could feel the desire for release building up. I pushed my feet hard into the floor readying myself for the final thrust. So exquisite to be able to cum a second time.
Suddenly Alex pushed the slave back hard and my cock popped from his mouth still enflamed to land heavy against my belly. With one swift sure motion, my brother snapped the torturous ring around the base of my penis. I howled in protest, incoherently pleading for him to release me, squirming and kicking in his arms. The stunned slave also began to protest. But Alex remained firm in his action and in his grip on me. Calmly he ordered my pleasure to join the others or face punishment. Under the threat, my sweet release ran to obey, but not before placing a soft kiss on my right foot.
"Mutant. Gift of Allah." He murmured reverently.
Against the familiar throb of pain, I heaved and gasped, throwing myself forward in Alex's arms trying to break his hold. "'O!" I cried, twisting in his grip.
"Shh..." He spoke low and soothing in my ear. "You're not ready."
After that, Alex said nothing. Just held me tightly until I finished struggling. A few tears of pain ran down my cheeks. I bit down hard into the rubber gag trying to grit my teeth and bite back the tears. I wanted to scream why, but already I knew what his answer would be. He couldn't trust me. I wasn't broken.
Yet I felt defeated. Humiliated, I was beginning to notice the men, their beauty and grace, and unable to deny feeling sexually aroused. I was having thoughts that never would have occurred to me back home, safe in the mansion with my wife. I was wondering about a few of the slaves: what they would taste like, how would they kiss, what would it feel to have them deep inside me, could I take them all the way down my throat. Images came unbidden and unwanted to my mind. And the harder I tried to force them away, the harder they clutched at my consciousness. I saw myself down on all fours being taken from behind while sucking eagely on a cock. I was shackled to the wall unable to stop the men from touching me, using me, sucking on my flesh. The desensitization was affecting me, breaking down the walls of my inhibitions. I knew I couldn't last much longer, and some sad part of me, I realized, didn't care anymore.
As my breathing slowed and the familiar throb of the ring began to dull, it dawned on me that the parade of slaves had stopped. The sounds of passion from behind continued, but I was no longer being forced to watch them fuck. I closed my eyes for a moment, amazed I had held them open during this torment. I fully expected Alex's hand to drop in warning, but it never came. My eyes closed tighter and I sighed through flaring nostrils.
Several minutes passed before my brother finally spoke, and my heart froze in my chest at his words.
"You must be hungry."
I shook my head violently. Not now. He couldn't ask me to do this now after what I'd just been through. But he pushed me up to my knees determined, ignoring my pleading look and the swinging of my head in negation.
Rising to his feet, Alex moved around in front of me, his eyes hooded, his cock fully engorged. He needed his own release. I continued to protest, my eyes still begging for reprieve, when I saw a movement in my periphery. Some of the slaves were stirring, coming over to watch.
I panicked. He couldn't make me do this. Not in front of the other men. Throwing myself backward, I began pushing away from him, kicking out as he came closer, still pleading with my eyes and shaking my head furiously. Some of the slaves began to laugh, a few even jeered. And then two powerful men stepped behind me, grabbing my arms and pulling me to my knees. Oddly enough they were gentle, sidestepping my kicks and never lashing out themself. But when I felt a soft run of fingers down my back and a tender brush of lips against my neck, I struggled more fiercely, nearly dislodging the two men holding me and almost dislocating a shoulder in the process.
I wasn't going to give into this. This sexual craving, this mindless pleasure they wanted to evoke in me. It was wrong my mind screamed as my body tried to obey. And to make me do this in front of others. I couldn't take it. I wouldn't. I howled incoherently against the bit. And when I saw Alex hesitate, I howled even more, wanting to scream myself mute. I would not give in to their tenderness. *Use the collar*, I thought perversely. Give me pain. I could take that. I could take that kind of humiliation. I could use it to withstand this conditioning. To keep my will intact and to never give into Remy. But this kindness, this soft touch and warm gesture. It could be my undoing. I had to fight it, because it would change me, it would break me more completely into what Remy wanted.
"Gift of Allah." It was my beautiful one, my sweet pleasurer. "Grace us, mutant." The word mutant was never a curse on his lips. He adored me. And I hesitated at his words. I was breathing hard. I closed my eyes tightly, trying again to bite down. Then I tried to howl again, but it came as a croak and I coughed and retched. A hand slapped my back lightly. "Please. Please, grace us. Allah will look favorably on us." I shook my head as I tried to calm the choking. No. NO! I wouldn't do give into this. I squeezed tears of pain and fury from my eyes, keeping my head down.
And then a quiet chanting began. "Gift of Allah, Gift of the gods, grace us, grace us." On and on. Different languages, different names of dieties spoken, but in general the same message: Gift of God, grace us." I looked around in disbelief, my mind in a whirl. The three surrounding me suddenly stepped back and I looked up to see Alex wave his hand at the group to quiet their voices. Then he stepped towards me and bent down.
Taking my face between his hands, holding it firmly as I attempted to pull away forcefully, he said gently, "See what they think of you, Scott. They idolize you. They think it's a blessing for them to watch." For a moment I starred at him, disoriented and a little afraid. Then I shook my head 'no' again. But Alex persisted. "Favor them, Scott. They'll be a much kinder audience than any other you'll be ordered to perform for.
The shock of this statement ended my resistance. Of course Remy would want to show me off. Like some prized object, he'd parade me in front of his peers and command me to perform like some circus animal. Once I was broken and fully trained he'd want to show off my skills. Maybe even give private performances for a few of his closest friends. I hung my head, humiliated.
Alex wouldn't have my dejection. He lifted my chin, running his thumb along my bottom lip. "Don't worry. I'm sure I'll be with you for every performance. We're a matching set: Remy's brothers." This didn't bring me much comfort and I glared at him. From where I stood, or rather knelt, who the sub would be was pretty obvious.
Ignoring my look, Alex placed a tender kiss on my forehead and stood up, guiding himself to my mouth. I didn't back away, but knelt there letting him in and digging my nails into my palms breaking the skin in several places. But then his pre-cum oozed onto my tongue and I was lost in the need to quench my thirst and stop the churning of my hunger pangs.
The room grew still and quiet. All the slaves had stopped to watch me feed. But I heard little except the slurp of my tongue and a grunt from my brother. And in no time at all his sperm filled my belly.
When his final shudder passed and he pulled his softening cock from between my lips, the men began to clap and cheer, shouting their delight. Some clapped me on the back, while others praised me saying how blessed they were and that fortune did indeed smile on Remy's palace. A look from my brother finally silenced them and they all began to drift away, back to their own play.
Drawing me to my feet, Alex led me over to the sunken area in the middle of the room. Still not saying a word he helped me down among the pillows and pulled me into his arms, lying back into the softness. My head rested on his chest, my belly pressed down between his legs. Softly he began to stroke my back, my arms, my rear. His touches were feather-light and comforting. Tears stung my lids and I fought them back, not wanting him to see my weakness. But then he noticed the tears on the palms of my hands. Small spots of dried blood covered them where I'd sunken my nails into the flesh. He kissed the wounds tenderly and called for one of the slaves to bring a wet cloth. Then he gently, carefully cleaned the blood away and I swallowed, unable to hold back my pain any longer. Quiet and sweet, laying a kiss on my forehead, Alex began to croon.
"Rest, Scott. You've done so well. Rest, just sleep. You're safe. No more tonight. No more..." Lulled by the warmth of his arms and his words I drifted, vaguely aware that someone had handed him a brush and he was running it through my hair, his lips just a breath away from my brow. Just like I use to do to Jean. Jean. When I dropped off to sleep my dreams were full of her beauty and love.


Chapter Ten

I awoke on my side, curled up against my brother, unable to tell how long I'd been asleep. I felt better. Almost content. The light in the room had dimmed even further as the candles melted down to nothing. Sounds of sex still echoed occasionally as I lay there quietly listening. None of the slaves it seemed had left. And I also heard the sounds of satisfied slumber.
Then I came fully awake as I noticed something else. My arms were free and wrapped tightly around Alex's waist. And the bit was gone as well. I popped my jaw twice and ran my dry tongue around my mouth, trying to get any moisture I could. I pushed back alittle to bring a hand up, rubbing the stiffness in my jaw away. And when I opened my eyes for the first time, my brother was watching me, smiling with amusement and affection.
"How long?" I croaked, my voice hoarse and my throat painfully dry. Alex placed a finger against my lips to stop me from straining my vocal cords further. Then he gently coaxed my head forward to place a soft kiss on my mouth, offering his own moisture. He licked my lips, encouraging them to open. And I obeyed immediatedly, unable to resist the temptation. I pulled his tongue in deep, drinking all he had to give. When he pulled away I moaned at the loss.
"There's more, Scotty. More you can have, if you're willing." I sighed, knowing what he meant. Alex brushed a lock of my hair back behind an ear with his fingers. "Come on Scott. You know you can't win. Do it...for me. And I'll let you have some water." I cocked my eyebrow up suspicious. But he gave a sharp nodd with a mischevious grin. "Honest. Real water."
"Fuck." I sat up and looked at his cock bobbing slightly against his stomach as he shifted onto his back. It began to harden under my gaze as if it already knew I'd give in.
"Why don't you fight this, Alex?" I asked looking back at his face.
He sighed, lifting up on his elbows. "I've already told you. He's won. He's used my weakness against me."
I shook my head. "I can't believe that! You're stronger than this! Stronger than..."
"No!" Alex cut me off sharply and I heard the bitterness in his voice. "I'm not that strong. And neither are you." He turned his head away and plucked thoughtfully at a pillow. I watched him saying nothing. Finally he looked back at me. "I've tried. I've come up with every possible plan to escape. But he's a thief. A thief, Scott. He's one step ahead. Always. He's already conceived every plan I've ever come up with, so he already has it countered." Alex ran a finger across the rim of his collar. "I can't get close to anything that could cut this off without taking my head. And while Remy gives me a good deal of freedom in this castle given the circumstance, the collar has a locating device. And a program to activate if I step off the grounds.
He grew silent, brooding.
"What about the portal?" I suggested. "Can you go through it?"
"I never tried." He replied.
"Are you saying no one's ever told you what would happen?" I frowned. Surely there'd be rules for us, things we were told we couldn't do and why.
Alex rubbed his forehead in irritation. "No one tells me anything. Most of what I found out about this place I found out the hard way."
"But..." I began.
"No!" He barked through gritted teeth, causing me to flinch back. "I'm not getting out of here. Period. The best I can hope for is that he'll get tired of me and let me go home. Same goes for you." He looked at me hard as he made this last remark, then his eyes sparked in anger. "Now do you want that water or do I have to put the bit back in?"
"Fuck." Came my instant reply. Then, "Will you take this fucking ring off?"
His eyes softened, but he shook his head. "You're just not ready. You've got a lot to learn and I don't have much time." I dropped my head, turning it away from him and closed my eyes in disgust. I felt a hand come down on my neck and shoulder. "But if you cooperate, maybe I'll release it for a while today. Let you pee on your own."
I didn't open my eyes then, or respond for several minutes. Finally I inhaled with another curse, "Fuck", and bent to lick the tip of Alex's cock just as I'd seen my beautiful one do. Some of the men began to move closer to watch. I flushed, still extremely uncomfortable being observed having sex, let alone giving head. But I kept at my task, taking Alex's testicles between my fingers squeezing them gently. *This is my brother. This is my brother. This is my brother.* rang over and over in my head. But I kept licking, coaxing, teasing his penis stiff, watching with some satisfaction, as the blood filled his shaft making it heavy. And hot. So hot I felt as if I'd burnt my tongue. Then a tiny drop of fluid oozed up from the head of the shaft and I was lost in the need. Pavlov's well-trained dog. I pulled him into my mouth sucking hard to draw more fluid out of him. My brother gasped and my eyes shot up to look at his face. He'd put his hands behind his head and his eyes were shut. His face bore an expression of ecstasy which suddenly twisted into rage.
"Teeth!" He hissed.
It took a while for him to release. I needed a good deal of instruction on how to give head. But finally I found my rhythm and soon after he exploded in my mouth with a grunt of satisfaction. This time I could savor his taste. I held the head of his penis gently between my lips pulling out every bit he could give. Then, as I let go his limp cock, I sat back, rolling the juice around with my arid tongue, moistening every inch of my mouth before swallowing. I had to admit it tasted wonderful after being dry for so long.
Alex lay quietly in the same position, on his back with his arms behind his head. His breath was slow and even and his eyes were closed. He wore a slight satisfied grin. It took me a moment to realize he was asleep. I had to smile, wondering what Lorna must have thought of him, dozing off so fast. I looked at him for a few minutes actually admiring his beauty, so soft and vulnerable in sleep, until I realized he had promised me water. As I moved to prod him awake I was interrupted from a soft whisper above.
"Asleep." It was my pleasure.
"Yeah." I replied turning to look up at him.
He smiled at me brightly as he crawled down next to me. "Tired. He stayed awake watching you most of the night.
I frowned. "He did?"
The slave's grin broadened and he nodded. "I would do the samething, Gift of Allah." His hand flashed out then to pluck one of my nipples, gently tugging it hard with his fingers. Startled I pulled away from him sitting back on my hands, nervous but undeniably aroused.
"Why do you call me that?"
He leaned into me then, his body stretched across mine, his lips inches from my lips. "Because you are a mutant. You have great power. God does not give that gift to everyone." I blinked. Such a strange revelation from a human after living in a world that hated and feared mutants.
"Where are you from?" I asked, curious.
"From earth? My earth?" I wasn't certain if this Alternate Universe had parallel countries.
"Yes. The hunters came for a mutant in our village. Khalid could make things dance without touching them." Telekinetic I assumed. "One of the hunters saw me and thought I would make a good gift for my master." His hand came back up as he said this and began sliding down my chest. He bent his head to watch the movement and I thought he was going to take a nipple between his teeth. I didn't fall back from his hand this time, but I wasn't certain about letting him go further so I asked, "Remy?"
He looked up with a seductive smile. "Yes. He was happy with me for a time. But he needs his own kind. Ones with power. You are honored to be taken. You will be well loved."
I narrowed my eyes in irritation taking his hand away. "It's an honor to be a slave? To be forced into sex with another man? It's rape."
"Perhaps. At first," He cocked his head still smiling, "you might think that. But a few nights with my master and you will be...content."
I turned my head and snorted in disgust. "So I've been told." Then I looked up at him still holding his hand away. "Is that what happened to you?"
He nodded. "For five nights I was taken to his bed. I fought the first night. But then I realized how good it was here. I come from a poor family. Somedays I didn't eat. Here you get three meals a day."
Alex stirred beside me suddenly and I looked over holding my breath, anxious that he might wake up. I had the feeling this slave might get into trouble talking to me, let alone touching me. My brother only turned on his side away from us and began to snore softly. Looking up, I scanned the room. There weren't any guards present and most of the others had fallen back to sleep, not interested in me now that I wasn't servicing Alex. I relaxed a little and looked up at my beautiful one. Keeping my voice low I asked, "What's your name?"
"Zaki." He replied. "But here they call me Neil."
Neil, as in Neil Shaara, I realized, aka Thunderbird. One of the newest X-men. It fit. Both men were dark headed with olive skin. I began to tell Zaki I liked his given name better, but he silenced me with a searing kiss.
"No more talking," he said as he broke away. "We do not have much time. And I wish to finish what I started." Running his fingernails lightly down my belly, it quivered in response and I nodded in understanding, still dazed from his bruising kiss. Zaki smiled, pushing me down into the pillows and captured a nipple with his teeth. I arched my back and moaned. But more than anything he was doing right now, I wanted that ring off my cock.
"Take it off." I whispered a bit too harshly, even moving my hand down towards my groin.
He stopped my hand. "Patience, mutant," came his whispered response. But his tongue began to move quicker down my chest and belly, closer to the source of his desire.
"What the hell?!" Alex was awake, pulling up on his elbows and shaking the sleep from his eyes. Coming fully awake he shoved Zaki away from me and got to his feet calling for the guards.
"No." Zaki said quietly, sadly. "Please master. I am sorry." No crying or groveling. He knew that in that moment Alex could spare him from punishment. But he had a quiet dignity. My brother swung around narrowing his eyes in anger.
"Come on, Alex." I said standing to face my brother. "It's my fault. He came over to watch me...and you fell asleep...so I asked him to..."
"Don't lie to me, Scott." Alex turned his hard look on me. "You wouldn't initiate any of this. Even to get that ring off."
"Please. I am sorry." Zake said again. "He is so handsome. I wanted to please him. I am sorry." His eyes were so sincere in their sadness, I inhaled sharply. I was close to tears at the feelings I saw in those eyes. Regret, longing, need. Despite having a 'good' life here as a pleasure slave, Zaki was lonely.
"Alex," I said not taking my eyes off Zaki. "There's no harm done. Can't you let it go?"
I heard him sigh and saw him rub his forehead with one hand. He wasn't cruel. He wouldn't like having to punish one of the slaves. But Zaki's action might have overstepped even his limits. Finally he looked down at the remorseful, lonely man.
"You know he's in training?" Zaki nodded.
"I told him he couldn't have the ring taken off. He's not ready." Another nod.
"You could have done some damage here, ruined the training, put it behind schedule. You know that?"
"I did not think..." Zaki started but Alex interrupted him.
"No. You didn't think. And this could have gotten my brother punished further."
Zaki's face grew pale and his eyes wide. "But he is special. He is a Gift of Allah. Surely one such as him would never be punished."
Alex shook his head. "Do you think he wants to be here? Do you think this training isn't a punishment for him? He'd have to go back in the stocks."
I shuddered. "It wouldn't have gotten to that point." I said.
"No?" Alex looked at me. "This is behavior modification, Scott. Sensory depravation and sensory overload. Everything I do to you is done for a specific reason at a specific time. If the plan is altered in anyway I may as well start over." I looked at him in surprise. I never knew he understood psychology. That had never been his field. But I understood the ramifications. I'd been taught it by the professor to enhance my leadership abilities.
"But you..."
He silenced me. "Shut up and let me talk to Neil."
"Zaki." I muttered under my breath.
Alex snapped a look at me but said nothing. Then he looked back at Zaki. "I'm not sure about letting this go unpunished. You should have known better." Just then one of the guards entered. I had to wonder what took them so long. Had they really heard my brother or was this just a chance encounter, one of the guards coming to relay a message to him.
Obviously, they'd heard him call, because the guard said, "What do you want, slave?" That determined my brother's decision.
"Nothing." He said with a glare to the guard. "Just a misunderstanding. But since you're here, take this slave back to his room." Alex pulled Zaki to his feet and handed him over to the guard. "I'll speak to you later, Neil."
"Has he done something?" The guard asked, suspicious.
"It's none of your concern. I'll deal with this problem." My brother saw the doubt cross the guard's face so he added, "Do you want to take this up with Remy? I'm sure he'll be glad to hear that you had a problem with one of my decisions."
The guard starred back a moment or two in anger and then grabbed Zaki's arm roughly and pulled him out of the room. As my pleasure went by me he smiled weakly calling me Gift of Allah one last time.


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