Title: Summers in Slavery

Author: Lornadane ([email protected])



Summers in Slavery

By Lornadane


Chapter Twenty-One

Hold on, hold on to yourself.
For this is gonna hurt like Hell.
--Sarah McLachlan

When I woke next, I was still on my side, stiff and sore. My ass burned from its ravishing. Languidly, I stretched, my mind remaining muddled between waking and sleeping, and I rolled over to take the weight off my arm. When my hand brushed against Remy's cock, I came fully awake in horror. Reality hit me and I barely stopped myself from leaping off the bed and running for the door. Something warned me that the guards were very likely still posted outside.
So I raised myself carefully on one elbow and looked at Remy. He lay on his back, one arm stretched out to the side and the other hand resing gently on his abdomen. His head was turned away from me, hair in disarray all around his face. He was so peaceful in sleep, so breathtakingly beautiful. No arrogance, no knowing smirk, no shade of anger. Almost child-like and innocent.
I wanted to kill him. I wanted to take his long thin neck in my hands and squeeze until his eyes flew from his head and he took his last gasping breath. That beautiful face marred without eyes, and his tongue purple and swollen through blue lips. I smiled maliciously at that image. What he'd taken from me I could never get back. I wasn't sure if I could stand that knowledge. I wondered if I could ever return to Jean or to the X-men after what he had done, after he'd raped me. I was ashamed, and now, without his power to comfort me, furious.
My eyes wandered over his body to pause at his groin. The desire to kill him was strong, but the desire to control him, to make him experience all the pain and frustration I'd felt as his slave, was stronger. I could tear his cock off. Or at least bite down hard enough to permanently damage him. I was angry enough not to even feel repulsed by the idea.
But as I watched him, another more compelling thought crossed my mind. Remy wanted me. That was a certainty. And in his defenseless state I could use him just as he had used me. My lips curled in a smirk and I brushed my fingers purposefully along the length of his cock, my smile turning wicked when I heard him moan. I slid over closer and grasped him firmly, feeling the flesh pulsate and begin to swell, warming in my hand.
In just a few minutes I had his cock weeping in my mouth. I sucked him deep into my throat, confidence in my skill growing as his fingers wound their way through my hair. Remy was awake now, cursing at me, but his hips arched up to meet my lips, unable to help himself, caught off guard by the unanticipated pleasure. And I easily slipped a finger into him, wiggling it suggestively. I began to finger fuck him hard and fast. However, before I could place a second finger inside, he cried out and climaxed forcefully.
I swallowed his cum quickly before he could pull away. Then as he rose from the bed I looked up at him with an evil grin, licking my lips seductively. A tiny drop of semen leaked from the head of his now limp prick and I reached out to catch it with my finger. I slid the finger into my mouth and sucked it slowly. Two could play at this game of seduction. And if he wanted me so badly that he had to kidnap me from the mansion and force me into slavery, then I'd use his desire against him if I could.
Whipping around with that masculine grace that so defined him, even in anger, Remy grabbed his robe and pulled it on, tying it tightly. Then he turned back and crossed his arms to look at me. I lay on my side, my head resting on my bent elbow, a devious grin planted on my face.
For a moment he glared at me saying nothing. Then he ran a hand over his face and scratched absently at his chin. Sighing heavily, his face now bore an expression of sadness and resignation. "I wish you hadn't done dat, cher."
"Why?" I asked casually, almost sounding amused, one eyebrow cocked. "Didn't you enjoy it, Master?" The last word came out nearly like a snarl. I'd been disappointed that he'd come so quickly. I'd been very close to entering him. My cock was still half-erected. "Didn't you like my finger inside you, fucking your ass?" I added, almost surprised at myself to be goading Remy this way, as if asking for him to punish me. An arrogant part of my nature felt certain he wouldn't hurt me. He wanted me too much. Besides, I'd given him pleasure, made him cum. Wasn't that what he wanted?
I realized very quickly that I'd crossed the line this time when he began speaking to me in a low chiding, but dangerous tone. "I been patient wit' you, Scott. Let you back talk and argue wit' me too often. I've ignored your sullen looks. But you've pushed me too far dis time, homme. Even Alex knew not to initiate sex. An' never to violate my person."
Tensing a little at his tone I said, "I thought it was what you'd want." I knew this wasn't true, but I couldn't help challenging him. And his mentioning Alex irritated me. "I didn't think it mattered how or when I sucked you as long as you got off."
"You playin' a dangerous game, hein." Remy narrowed his eyes. "Gonna have to adjust dat attitude of yours. I warned you before I could 'ave you whipped. I t'ink in dis case a lashing is in order."
I started at that and backed up on the bed until I was standing on the other side facing him. "You can't be serious?" My heart was in my throat and I knew he was deadly serious.
"Oui." He replied quietly.
"You think I'm going to let you?" I growled, more angry now than fearful. It was outrageous what he was saying. I almost felt insulted.
But then my anger faltered when Remy smiled at me maliciously and said, "Got no say in de matter, sug." With that he strode to the door. Throwing it open he said something to the guards outside and I hit the floor, dizzy and nauseated, and unable to move. My collar had been activated.
The two guards followed Remy into the room. I could see them come around to lift up my limp form and drag me to the end of the bed. But I couldn't see Remy for several minutes. Then he was there behind me and I heard a dull thud on the floor.
The guard on my right lifted my arm up roughly, stretching it toward the post where Remy snapped a gold metal band lined with sheep skin around my wrist and locked it securely to a ring set high in the wood. My other arm was similarly attached to the opposite post. Then my legs were stretched and fastened to the rings near the rug. Spread eagle, my backside exposed and vulnerable, the guards stepped away and I flopped back as far as the restraints allowed.
Remy placed a gentle hand on my back. "We'll wait until you recover, mon cher." He kissed the back of my neck with a sorrowful sort of tenderness. "Dis gonna hurt. Didn' want to come to dis, but you givin' me no choice. I won' break de skin much, t'ough. Won' mar you."
He stepped away and a helpless terror gripped me. I couldn't move. And there was nothing I could do to stop him. Slowly the feeling returned to my limbs and weakly I pulled at the restraints. But they were secure. The sheep skin prevented the metal from cutting into my flesh, but it caused the skin to itch, tormenting me further. I clawed at the air, powerless. Memories assailed me. I saw the orphanage where I had been disciplined for the slightest infraction. Never tied down, but held in the firm grip of older, stronger boys as the headmaster took a paddle to my exposed rear. Sometimes in front of a few of the other orphans.
The pain was nothing compared to the humiliation and the feeling of helplessness. And no matter how hard I tried I always seemed to be breaking a rule.
The worst time ever was the day I found out Alex was being adopted. I hid in the room I shared with eight other boys, skipping lunch just to nurse my anger and sorrow. When the headmaster found me underneath my bed, wrapped in one of the thin blankets we were given, I was crying inconsolably. He dragged me down to the lunchroom yelling at me for missing lunch and accusing me of being an ungrateful whelp. Four boys held me over a chair as he tore off my pants and proceeded to paddle me in front of the entire orphanage.
And Alex was there watching it all with tears in his eyes, helpless and miserable. That was the most shameful part: to see my brother's misery and to know I was the cause. If I'd been stronger. If I could have hid my emotions he never would have had to witness my punishment. In the little time we'd been there, he'd never had to watch me being punished. And now he knew how weak I was, how stupid.
After the headmaster had finished, when the boys holding me down let my body drop like a broken doll to the floor, no longer able to cry, my brother ran to me and I pushed him away. I told him to leave me alone. I snarled at Alex telling him to go to his new family. I told him I didn't need him anyway, and I was glad I wouldn't have to look after him anymore. The look on his face was heartbreaking. But I couldn't stop from lashing out. I wanted to blame him for leaving though he had little say in the matter. I wanted to hate him so I wouldn't feel this overwhelming sense of loss and pain. And my cruel words sent him fleeing. He avoided me after that. And in my anger, trying to drive away the pain, I didn't look for him. I only saw him the day he left with his new family. The headmaster insisted that I say goodbye. I did, but sullenly. And when Alex waved from the backseat of the car as it drove away, I turned my back on him.
It took years to repair the damage. It took Professor Xavier to help me understand my rage and my actions. And he helped me reconcile with Alex. He took me to see my brother often.
And it took Jean to draw me out from behind the emotionless wall I'd built that day.
People have often accused me of being aloof, uptight, and almost devoid of human emotions. Some just said I was shy. Those people would have understood had they ever been dragged in front of a room full of cruel jeering boys, stripped below the waist and paddled severely as their own brother watched helplessly. As I've said, it took years to bring down those walls I'd so carefully constructed to keep the hurt and shame from bubbling up to the surface. I swore I'd never cry for anyone or anything ever again.
And now Remy was stripping away all the years of love and meaning and acceptance that had torn down those barriers. I would build those walls again. Because I wouldn't be that frightened, helpless little boy again.
As soon as my head straightened, able to do more than loll uselessly against my chest, Remy came up behind me. A piece of black silk cloth was placed in front of my face to cover my eyes. I was thrown into darkness.
"Don't do this." I choked out.
"I'm sorry, mon petite." Remy murmured against my ear.
"No you're not!" I accused, gritting my teeth. "You're enjoying this. You were always jealous of me. Of my life with Jean. Jealous of how the X-men respect and trust me. It's something you'll never have. They'll never trust you. And I'm just here because of your misplaced anger. You just want to justify your own perversion."
Remy wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight. "You're wrong, mon amour. So very wrong." I was shocked by the complete lack of anger in his tone. I hadn't even irritated him with my accusations. What I said hadn't mattered. "M'life wit' de X-men is behind me. I don' care what dey t'ink. And as for perversion..." he let his empathy wash over me, drawing a sigh of bliss from my lips. Remy let me feel all his desire for me, his love. I was astonished. It bordered on obsession, but it was still love. And I couldn't find fault with his feelings or see it as perverse. Because it mirrored the love I felt for Jean. "Does dat feel perverted?" He asked softly.
"No." I agreed breathlessly.
Remy stepped back and withdrew the sensations. I strained forward against my shackles, my muscles, now fully awake, became so tense I thought my bones might snap under the pressure. I began to whisper into the air, "don't do this, don't do this, don't do this..."
But the first crack came regardless of my plea, whipping down along side my spine and over the shoulder blade to curl with a snap against my clavicle. My fingers splayed out in the restraints as my breath exploded from my chest and I had mere seconds to draw another before the second snap of the lash hit my other side. I had little breath to speak or even groan as each lash bore down at different times. There was no rhythm. Remy would pause for several moments and then attack my back with a series of thunderous blows. He was holding nothing back. My head roared and all I could hear was the swoosh of the leather a few seconds before it landed on my skin. The only time I could pace it and prepare.
And Remy said nothing. No curses, no harsh words to goad me or mock me, no kind words to sooth. He talked only with the whip.
At first I tensed, throwing my body forward as far as I could. And the pain was sharp and stinging, evaporating quickly. But as the blows came again and again and again the pain became my constant companion, my back scorched as I was hit over a previous spot along my spine or on my buttocks and thighs.
Soon I couldn't even make my body move forward. My arms became slack in the restraints, the wrists itching even more as sweat poured off them. My body became drenched and slick with sweat. But the bindings held.
As my limbs went slack and my head fell back, Remy stepped up to me and traced a cool soothing hand across one of the welts. "Dat's it, Scott. Let go. Give yourself over to me and I'll take care of you." His warm breath in my ear broke through the roar of my brain. "Obey me, cher, and you'll know pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Give up. Don' fight me anymore."
I wanted to. I wanted so badly to give in just to stop the lashing. But stubbornly, hardly even realizing what I was doing, I shook my head weakly, denying him.
The whip fell again. But this time a wave of compassion flooded through me. And a very soft whimper left my lips. Remy wasn't angry. Far from it. He was sympathetic. He understood my need to fight and identified with it. And he admired me for it. He adored my strength and my will and my passion. All he wanted was for me to feel the same for him.
So in the correcting he let me feel how sorry he was for having to punish me. It was bliss and pain melded into one. I could no longer tell where the pain ended and the pleasure began. And I could no longer resist. Tears began to flow and my head was full of regret for having caused him to do this. The words "I'm sorry" circled around and around in my head for an eternity before they finally landed on my tongue and I found my voice.
"I'm sorry, Master." I croaked. I heard the leather strap hit the rug with a dull crash and Remy's hands reached around to grasp my half-erect cock stroking it into full hardness. He murmured endearments as he placed kiss after kiss against my shoulder, making sure not touch the welts that were there. Then he drove his shaft deep into my seared ass causing us both to gasp. He held it there as if to torment me until I couldn't stand his stillness and moved my hips to fuck him. I think he was testing me in some way. We began a furious pace until he climaxed, falling against my bruised back. The pain drew a cry from me but it also spurred on my orgasm. Remy's name rolled off my lips with a husky rasp over and over.
Thankfully he pulled away soon after I came. The cool air blew against my back easing the pain for a moment. Every nerve was sparking in me and I became nothing but sensations, no thoughts. I could feel hands at my ankles releasing the shackles. But I couldn't move my legs. Then someone, I couldn't remember who at that moment, was in front of me on the bed, releasing my wrists and dragging my body down onto the mattress.
There was a shout and shortly after words I couldn't comprehend were spoken above me. Then murmurs in my ear, soft caresses to my arms. My tear-streaked face pressed into smooth flesh. And finally blessed darkness came.
I woke once shrieking and struggling against hands that rubbed my back roughly and arms that held me firmly. My skin was raw and sore and a cooling gel was being worked into the muscles. But it stung unmercifully. A hand stoked my head trying to sooth my shrieks as they faded into sobs. "Please stop." I tried to say, but it was only a gurgle from my lips. The voices raised above me in anger wouldn't have heard my pleas anyway.
"Damn it, Remy! You broke the skin!" That voice was vaguely familiar and oddly comforting. Blindly I waved my hand seeking the comfort of the speaker. His hand grasped mine tightly and he bent to speak into my ear. "It's alright son. It's Dr. Sampson. I'm just dressing your wounds. You'll be okay."
I heard Remy curse. "It's not dat bad. He's strong. He can handle it." Yet his hands were gentle in their grip has he held me.
"I don't give a damn if he can handle it! You shouldn't have done it to begin with!" Came the sharp retort.
"How I discipline m'slaves is my business, hein. You just tend to deir wounds." There was a short pause. "Don't question me, homme, or you'll be looking for anot'er job."
I heard a snort and a slightly amused reply. "You wouldn't get rid of me. I'm the best physician in this country. And besides...you enjoy having someone who'll argue with you. You need it." Dr Sampson's voice grew softer. "Remy, there are alot of men who disapprove of your keeping Alpha Mutants in your stable. And they'd be outraged if they knew you've abused one like this."
"You t'ink I don' know dat?" Remy snapped. "I'll deal wit' it when it becomes a problem. Right now dey can disapprove all dey want. I won' give up dese brot'ers!"
Dr Sampson sighed. "Fine. But I'm warning you, the men that don't approve aren't your real problem. It's the ones that want an Alpha Mutant for their own stables. People like Escalada who want to breed them. Sooner or later an earther is going to notice the disappearances and one just might find a way to get over here. Alpha Mutants of Earth might come to claim their own. Do you think you or your army can stop them?"
"I'll take care of it!" Remy said impatiently. "Now finish your work and get out!"
There was silence then and the doctor's hands came down to finish spreading the gel across my back. I felt a sharp prick on my arm. Then there was a pressure and a burn as something was injected into the muscle.
"He'll be asleep in a few minutes. Let him rest until morning. I'll leave some gel for you to apply when he wakes up. But the worst of it should be healed by then. The gel will keep the lacerations from becoming infected or scarring." The tone was neutral, trying to mask disappointment. But it fell short. Still, Remy said nothing. I heard footsteps, then the click of the door and I was alone with Remy once again. The pain in my back and buttocks was easing. However I continued to cry silently against his chest.
"Are you sorry, mon cher?" Remy asked with a tenderness that made me weep harder.
"Yes." I managed to choke out.
"You'll behave now? You won' make me do dis to your brot'er?" A threat wrapped in a tender tone and I flinched.
"No Master. I won't."
"Bien." Remy was satisfied with my answers and placed a light kiss on my forehead whispering, "Sleep, cher. You're mine and now you know it."
I nodded once and raised a hand to wipe the tears from my eyes, my hand pulling away sweat and tear-soaked. Lethargy was coming on me quickly and soon I floated back into unconsiousness.


Chapter Twenty-Two

The next time I roused I felt raw, both physically and mentally. There was a dull ache in my back, but otherwise I was not in as much pain as I imagined I would be. With a groan I turned my head to see sunlight streaming through the window.
Carefully, I rolled on my side and sat up on the edge of the bed, gingerly brushing one shoulder with my fingertips. When I looked up I saw Remy sitting on the couch reading some papers. More than likely, they were the documents he'd been examining last night. A tray with a plate full of breakfast foods, a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice perched on top was set to one side. The food smelled delicious and I heard my stomach growl in appreciation.
Ever so slowly, I got to my feet. I started to stretch my arms above my head to work out the soreness in my back. I raised them just a little, worried about the damage that had been inflicted and the pain. The muscles felt tight. It was difficult and uncomfortable, but I slowly got them above my head and worked them loose. The tissue was less painful and taut by the time I stepped forward. When I started to walk, however, I stumbled, catching myself on one of the sitting chairs. So engrossed in his reading, Remy seemed not to notice. I caught my breath and tried again. Painfully, with a slight limp, I made my way around to him. Only then did he look up. He smiled, but said in a soft chiding tone, "You shouldn' be up so soon, petite."
I just looked at him, quietly waiting for him to to tell me what to do.
"Turn around." Remy ordered gently. I turned away from him and he ran a hand up the inside of my thigh. Inhaling sharply, I held back a shudder and looked over my shoulder to watch him warily. He was closely examining my back. His hand left my thigh to smooth the skin along my spine. I could feel a finger trace one of the lash marks. My muscles twitched, but there wasn't much pain. Thankfully, it just felt tight like the end of a bad sunburn now starting to tan.
"Just a bruise or two." Remy reassured me catching my gaze. "Broke de skin in a few places. But not'ing permanent." He smiled warmly and caressed one of my buttocks.
"Re...Master..." I began, unsure of what I wanted to say or ask.
"Hush Scott. It's over." Remy said like an indulgent father. "I'm no longer angry, cher. I know you're sorry."
I turned my head away quickly so he wouldn't see my scowl.
"Why don't you go clean yourself up." Remy continued in the same cheerful, patronizing tone. "You'll find everyt'ing you need in de bathroom. I'll 'ave one of de slaves tend to your backside later." With that he dropped his hand from me and went back to studying the documents in his other hand.
I did as he told me and went into the bathroom. Going over to the vanity, I placed both of my hands on the countertop and looked at myself intently. Nothing had changed. Except perhaps for a few dark circles under my eyes. But then those could have been there for years, hidden by the glasses. A week without food hadn't effected my physique. I hadn't lost much weight. It felt nice to be here alone in the quiet to think without the pain or restraints that I'd lived with most of the week. I felt almost normal for a moment. Except for the collar. The skin underneath itched. Not enough to drive me crazy, but annoying all the same.
After a long time of just standing there staring at my complexion and assessing my predicament I still wasn't sure how I really felt. I couldn't pin down a solid emotion. Was I angry? Of course. Was I broken? Not quite. Was I happy? Oddly enough, a little. There was something to be said for giving up control of your life. I'd never have to spend much time dwelling on what I'd eat, wear, where I'd sleep, or how I'd look. So many decisions taken out of my hand and all I had to do was obey my master. My Master. I frowned and stood up. Funny how that phrase popped into my head so easily.
I turned around then to see the damage Remy had inflicted. Several angry welts ran vertically up my back. A few lacerations ran across my rear marked by patches of dried blood. Looking at them suddenly seem to make them hurt. I closed my eyes for a moment willing the pain away. Then I went back to examining the skin that was beginning to purple. Remy had been right. There'd be no permanent scarring. Not on the surface.
When I'd seen enough of the bruises and welts, I turned back to inspect the drawers of the vanity. All the toiletries I'd need were there. I quickly brushed my teeth and shaved. I'd been tempted to let my facial hair grow just out of spite. But if Remy wasn't pleased, more than likely he'd get a few slaves to hold me down while he shaved me himself. Musing along those lines, I wondered what would happen if I deliberately disfigured myself. I clutched the razor tightly as I thought about this. If Remy no longer found me beautiful, would he let me go? Somehow, I didn't think so. Or worse: he might sell me. Might even give me to Escalada for breeding. Mutilation wouldn't affect the genes.
Besides, if I ever did get home, I'd hate for Jean to see me scarred like that. It'd break her heart. And while I wasn't all that vain, I wasn't completely without an ego either. No, I wouldn't go that far. There had to be away out of this mess that wouldn't create permanent wounds. And wouldn't cause my brother to suffer either.
I smiled brightly at my reflection in the mirror then. I still had hope. Escape was still something I wanted. I'd woken a little afraid that Remy had crushed my hope. But now I knew it wasn't true. I'd look for an opportunity to get away at every juncture.
With a lighter heart, I put the supplies away and stepped under the shower. The spray of water hurt a bit when it hit my back, but the blood washed away easily enough. I kept the temperature cool to keep the swelling down. And when I'd finished soaping and rinsing my hair and body I felt even better.
Finally, I stepped back into Remy's bedroom. He was still reading over the documents. I was disappointed to find that the breakfast tray had been removed.
When he didn't seem to notice me in the doorway, I moved around the couch to stand in front of him. Remy lifted his head then, seeming a little puzzled as if he hadn't expected to see me. Then he chuckled and shook his head. The treaty must have been complicated to warrant so much concentration from him. He beckoned me for a kiss and I leaned down to oblige him.
"Mmmm...you smell nice." He purred and coaxed me down to my knees to kiss me more thoroughly. I was breathless by the time he finished. I blinked when he asked, "Hungry?"
I nodded and he called for the guard. A quick word and then Henri appeared. "Yes M'lord?"
"Bring mon cher some breakfast." Remy ordered over his shoulder. The young boy bowed and then bounded from the room. He returned minutes later carefully carrying a plate piled high with eggs, bacon, potatoes and biscuits. A pitcher of orange juice with a glass was in his other hand. I reached up quickly to take the glass and pitcher from him. It looked like he was close to dropping them. He smiled his thanks and placed the plate in front of me on the coffee table. I looked at it dumbly not sure if I should start to eat without Remy's permission.
Remy noticed my hesitation and said, "G'on cher. You can feed yourself dis morning. I don' 'ave de time." I looked at the papers he held and then at him. He winked at me and added, "Don' take de privilege for granted. Most of de time you'll eat from my hand."
I nodded, picking up the fork as Remy placed a hand on my head to pet me and turned back to his papers. You could have said I was ravenous as I inhaled the meal in front of me. I ate in a frenzy, half afraid that if I paused for any length of time the plate would be taken away. When I finished I gulped the juice down just as quickly.
"Would you like some more?" Henri was still there beside me. I hadn't noticed and I stared at him bewildered for a moment before swinging my head around, looking to Remy once again for permission. "If you'd like..." He said with just a glance in my direction.
I handed the glass back to Henri, a little embarrassed to be waited on by a child. But he seemed eager to please. And when I drank that glass of juice down as quickly as the first, he was there with a sweet smile ready to fill it up again. I shook my head and set the glass down on the table.
"Thanks." I said.
"You're welcome, sir." Henri bowed.
"Henri..." Remy drew the name out like a warning. I looked up at him, but he kept his eyes on the papers he held. "What did I tell you 'bout coddlin' de slaves?" He looked at Henri then and stroked my hair. "Precious as Scott is, he's not a sir. Don' give him hope dat he warrants dat title."
Henri mumbled an apology. Remy smiled. "You're too soft-hearted, petite. But Scott must learn his place 'round here. It's okay to treat him wit' courtesy as long as he deserves it. He's still a human. You start to place de idea dat he's more dan a slave t'ough and you askin' for trouble. He'll try to manipulate dat way of t'inking. Comprendez vous?"
Henri nodded and Remy said a few more things to him in French. Occasionally the boy's eyes would dart to me and he'd say or ask something of Remy. A few moments into their conversation he said, "Thank you M'Lord. I'll have one of the slaves clean all this away." Henri gestured to the table.
Remy gave a bark of laughter. "Dat's it, cher! In a few years you'll be in charge of a house full of slaves. You 'ave to know de right way to deal wit' dem." I lowered my head to look at the floor. So I ranked even lower than a child. I sighed softly.
"Now I t'ink it's time for your lessons, eh? Tell de guards to send Cecilia in to clean de table. And 'ave dem get Warren from de slave quarters."
I had to smirk. Cecilia and Warren. He was taking this X-men name association pretty far. Remy had told me that his life with the X-men was behind him. I had to wonder at his obsession with naming all his slaves after one of my teamates. It was revealing in a way. Did he still long for a life with the team? Was he afraid he'd burned his bridges? None of the X-men would have been happy to hear about how he was living his life now. I felt certain that all of them, Storm included, would have been appalled. Maybe this reference to the X-men demonstrated an ounce of remorse for keeping slaves and for keeping Alex and me hostage. Something to remind him of a higher standard of values. Perhaps keeping him from torturing his slaves. I couldn't be positive. But it was worth considering.
Henri ran to do as he was told and Remy went back to his reading. I sat there on my knees biding my time. Nothing to do but wait. Several minutes passed. I shifted a few times. Looked around the room for a few minutes. God! It was boring. My fingers tapped rhythmically on my bent knee. I wasn't use to being idle. Finally, when I stretched and yawned, Remy placed a hand on my neck massaging away the tension for a second. "G'on back to bed." I tensed despite the arousal his talented fingers was stirring. "Warren's gonna take care of your back. And den I want you to rest. I've got to finish wit' dis paperwork and attend to ot'er business. Probably won' be back til dis evening, homme. Once I clear up dis matter, I'll 'ave de time to spend wit' you."
He set one foot on the floor and leaned over to brush my neck softly with his lips. My cock hardened immediately. Remy saw this and reached down to cup my genitals gently making me flush. His lips moved seductively up my neck to my ear. I leaned my head over with a groan. He was so very good at seduction.
"You're gonna make me forget m'responsiblities." He murmured amused. "Go back to bed, cher." Remy pulled away to settle back on the couch, shifting his own arousal into a more comfortable position and holding the papers back up to read.
I moved to the bed, still a little stiff, trying to ignore my sudden need. Unbidden thoughts sprang up in my mind. Images of Remy buried inside me. Exactly what I wanted at that moment. I couldn't help myself. I wanted to taste him. I wanted him to sheath his scorching cock in my mouth. I wanted to lick the hard length of his shaft until it was well-soaked by my tongue and he could easily slip it into my body aching with desire. I wanted him. I needed him. My erection throbbed with longing for the full and satisfying release he could give.
"Get a grip, Scott!" I muttered, belatedly angry with myself for this unwelcomed desire. I threw myself down onto the bed face-first with a muffled groan, thankful for the pain as my erection was jarred between the mattress and my belly. It took the edge away. The dangerous thoughts began to slip away finally and I fell into a light sleep.
There was a soft drone in my ear while I slept until I began to realize it was a murmuring. Someone was speaking to me. I craned my head around to look up into piercing grey-blue eyes. A hand stroked the middle of my back, the touch soft and blissful.
"Wake up, Scott." The voice connected to the eyes said. I blinked in rapid-fire for a moment before I really saw the handsome features above me. Warren Worthington III. "Wait." I thought, narrowing my eyes. "You don't have blue skin."
"No." A gorgeous Warren-like smile lit the face. Had I spoken out loud? I shook my head and looked back up. The man sitting on the bed trying to rouse me was a breathtakingly beautiful blond. And he resembled Warren almost perfectly except without the blue skin and wings.
As if in agreement with my thoughts he said, "I'm called Warren." Running a hand down the length of my spine he added, "I've come to take care of your back." Warren's eyes moved away from mine to examine the lash marks. He whistled sympathetically then, saying, "Boy you really must have pissed him off. He's not to keen on whipping us unless he thinks we really deserve it."
I looked up and around the room to see if Remy had heard this blunt statement, but he was nowhere to be seen. Warren noticed my look and said, "He left just after I got here. Left you in my capable hands." He fingered one of the welts. "Does it hurt?"
"Not really." I replied. "Apparently the gel the doctor uses works pretty quickly."
"Yeah. They have some pretty technical marvels around here. Just no mutants." Warren gave me a wry smile and it was then that I noticed the inhibitor collar around his throat.
"You too?" I asked.
Warren nodded. "Not an Alpha though. I have some telepathic ability. It's pretty unpredictable. I don't know why they think I need this." He ran a few fingers along the edge of the collar. "Sometimes, if I try really hard, I can make a person do what I want. But it gives me a splitting headache afterward." He looked down at me and brushed a stray lock from my hair. Instinctively, I flinched back and he laughed. Why did all these men seem to want to touch me? The intimacy of this place and these men was irritating. Bad enough Remy wanted to fuck me. Now the other slaves wanted to be affectionate. I buried my face in my arms and sighed. Well it had been pretty obvious during my training that alot of the slaves wouldn't mind having me in their bed.
"You're that X-man? The one with the eyebeams, right? Alex's brother?" That caught my attention. and I glanced back up at him. I hesitated for a moment wondering if I should lie. Then I figured there was really no point.
"Yes. Have you seen him?" I asked, now curious about where my brother might be and who he might be with.
Warren shook his head. "No. But I heard Remy let him have one of the slaves. He's probably locked away in his room having some fantastic sex right now."
Alex's favorite, I mused. Probably the slave he'd been so eager to ask Remy for. "Do you know who it is?" My curiosity now thoroughly piqued.
"Nope." Warren looked up, focusing on nothing. "There's a rumor..." He shook his head. "Never mind."
"What?" I pressed frowning at him.
"Look," he answered a bit brusquely, "I really don't know. And even if I did, I'd probably get in some trouble for saying anything. So drop it, okay?"
I rolled my eyes but didn't say anything more. There was a short silence and then Warren's hand glided down my back feather light until he cupped a buttock suggestively.
"Hey!" I protested and pulled away, rolling onto my side to glare at him. Warren just smiled.
"You know they told me you were attractive. They didn't do you justice." He said with a wink. "No wonder Remy wanted you." Warren reached his hand up as if to caress my cheek, but I batted it away. "So do I look as good as the real Warren Worthington? Angel, right?"
I narrowed my eyes at the sudden change in topic. "I guess..." I replied hesitantly.
Warren laughed. "Straight as an arrow. I bet you never looked at a guy twice. Quite an eye opener, isn't it?" I scowled again and he gave another bark of laughter. Then he directed his gaze to my erection. "Want me to take care of that?"
"No!" I snarled, appalled. "Fuck off!" What was it about these men? I suppose it was the atmosphere, but I didn't want to get dragged down into it. Warren chuckled pleasantly. It was easy and infectious, and it wasn't mocking. And perhaps in another time and place we might have been friends. He was as beautiful as Warren, but there was none of that arrogance that Angel could manifest at times. I could only imagine that my teamate would be completely offended by the thought of having sex with me.
I looked away for a moment, then glanced back at the slave sitting next to me. He was smiling mischieviously. And embarrassingly enough it was arousing. I wasn't going to let him fuck me, but, hell, if Alex was allowed to have a favorite, maybe I'd be given the same privilege later, after Remy was through with me. Maybe I'd seek out Warren. Suddenly a vision of ebony eyes and thick midnight lashes, smooth olive skin and soft enticing lips swam before my eyes. Zaki. If I was ever given a favorite it'd be him. If Remy gave me some of the freedoms he seemed to give my brother, I'd go looking for Zaki. I decided that the next time I saw Alex I'd ask him about my sweet.
I shook my head to erase the image of that beautiful man. And here I'd always thought redheads were my type. Maybe just when it came to women. I closed my eyes tightly. I couldn't believe where my thoughts were going. I was actually willing to have sex with Zaki. And my cock was getting harder with each minute his name ran through my thoughts. I looked up at Warren. He was looking back at me thoughtfully. "You know," He said, "I was just trying to be helpful. You look like you could use a blowjob." The look on my face caused him to laugh again. But then his face dropped suddenly. "Look. I use to be straight before I got here too."
"Then why are you offering to...?" I couldn't say it, so I just stared at him.
"Just bored I guess." One side of his mouth curled up slightly. "Maybe I was hoping you'd repay the favor. It's about the only entertainment we get around here."
"Hmmm..." I dropped my head and plucked at the sheet. A new habit I was developing here whenever I felt out of my depth.
"I better take care of your back." I glanced up at him suspiciously, but he gave me an open smile. "Don't worry. I'll leave your virtue intact."
Tentatively I lay back down on my stomach and Warren began to smooth the gel over the angry welts and bruises. His touch was sure and pleasant. There was little pain as he worked the medicine into the wounds. In a very short time he had me relaxed and half asleep. I didn't even jump when he reached a hand under me to stroke my cock, whispering, "Sure you don't want me to take care of this?"
I shook my head no and slipped over into sleep.


Chapter Twenty-Three

Warren was gone and it was dark outside when I next opened my eyes. Someone had stoked the fire and relit most of the candles. I stretched leisurely feeling no pain and seriously comfortable for the first time in a week. Remy hadn't returned.
Carefully I rolled over onto my back, sighing contentedly when it didn't hurt. And thankful Remy wasn't home. That meant no demands on my psyche and body. I lay there for a long while just relaxing in the warmth of the room and the lack of stress at the moment. I considered going back to sleep. There didn't seem much to do. But my body wouldn't cooperate.
Finally I got up and wandered around the room. I stopped in front of the ornate armoire, admiring the intricate workmanship before opening it up to spy inside. Just clothes. Then I took to looking in each of the drawers around the coffee table. Just some envelopes and stationary, pens and a deck of cards. Not much else of interest. Leaving the cards on the table, thinking I might play with them later, I circled the room again gathering my courage. When I felt calm enough I went to the door and opened it.
Two huge scowling guards were posted there. As quick as I could I tried to analyse their strengths and weaknesses, attempting to gauge the success of getting passed them. One of them turned to glare at me. "Back inside!" He growled. I paused a moment before shutting the door, wanting the guards to know I wasn't afraid of them. I wasn't really, but I didn't think it was the time to press my luck. I'd certainly dealt with more frightening opponents. Losing my mutant power didn't equate with losing my fighting skills and cunning. But they probably had the control box to my collar and that left me with one chance to disarm them and render them unconscious before they could alert others. I didn't like the odds.
Apparently the other rooms were off limits to me for now. I shrugged inwardly and went back over to the coffee table. Picking up the deck, I laid the cards out for a game of solitaire and waited.
After about my tenth game, the door opened and three slaves came in with a table and trays of food and drink. They only gave me a cursory glance before setting the table in front of the fireplace. They left as quickly as they had come. Then I heard Remy's voice at the door. Probably checking with the guards to see if I had made any attempt to escape.
When he came through the door, he stood just inside the room looking at me as if expecting something. Finally he said, "Is dat de way you greet your master, hein?"
I looked at him blankly. Then I realized what he meant and stood up, giving him a sheepish smile. "Sorry Master."
I went over to him quickly and brushed my lips gently against his. "Welcome home."
He smiled and deepened the kiss. My knees went weak and I reached out for him. Remy drew me in close, grasping my ass firmly and pressing his arousal against me. A small rational part of my brain was screaming "Why?!" Why was I responding to him so desperately?
"Kneel down, cher." I dropped like a stone in front of him as if his voice controlled my body and my instincts, and everything I did was only done for his pleasure. I knew exactly what he wanted even before he said, "Take care of dis, eh?" and pulled out his moist shaft. The way he spoke hurt, as if any slave would do. I bristled with anger and shame, but I couldn't deny him. I worked swiftly though and sucked him to orgasm in minutes. After I'd cleaned him, kissed the length of his cock and placed it back in his trousers, I knelt back and hung my head. He was quiet and I could feel his eyes on me.
Suddenly Remy was down on one knee, lifting my chin. I shut my eyes embarrassed by the tears that had sprung up. How could I feel so hurt? How could it matter so much how he treated me? I couldn't believe that how he felt about me made a difference to me. But there it was. The way he'd spoken, so callous and uncaring, had cut me deep.
"Dat was cold." Remy said. "De way I spoke. Did it hurt, cher?" His voice was soft and I thought I could hear remorse.
I found I had no will to lie. I couldn't deny how I felt. I nodded once, sharply. Remy wiped away a stray tear that had escaped down my cheek. "Been t'inking about you all day, petite. Almost came a couple of times t'inking about you lying here all day in m'bed." He gave me a mischievious smile. "Wouldn' 'ave made a very good impression on de ambassador, n'est ces pas?"
I snorted and returned his smile. "Probably not."
He grabbed me then and hugged me tightly, stroking my hair. "Got time now to spend wit' you, mon couer." Pulling me up, Remy led me to the table laden with food. He immediately spotted the cards I'd been playing with. "Where'd you get dese?" I flinched a little at the irritation in his voice, but I answered him calmly. When he only looked at me I added, "I was bored."
Remy chuckled. "D'ccord. But don' you t'ink your time would be better spent t'inking up ways to please me, hein?"
I frowned and he laughed jovially. "Mais, I guess I can' expect everyt'ing. Put dem away. It's time to eat."
Remy didn't take his time with the meal, but he did insist on feeding me by hand. The dinner was a more standard American affair: beef filets, potatoes, asparagus and a light merlot. I was allowed a full glass tonight and accepted it gladly. I wasn't drunk afterward, but I felt more relaxed.
After the meal Remy wanted to lounge in the bath for awhile. I found out it was a jacuzzi tub. He sat between my legs as he had the night before, bubbles sputtering and darting around our naked bodies. But he ask nothing from me, nor did he talk much. We kissed occasionally. Or I should say he kissed me. I never initiated. But they were sweet all the same, soft and affectionate and lazy. Nothing more than a brush of his lips or a brief caress of his tongue. Inspite of myself I melted under the gentle assault.
From the bath we went to the shower. If I gained nothing else from this ordeal, I smiled inwardly, I'd at least be clean when I made my escape. Remy had me wash him and then myself just as we had done the night before. This time, however, he didn't touch me until I was rinsing under the spout with my back turned to him. He grabbed me roughly then and drew my hands above my head placing the palms flat against a tiled wall, ordering me to hold them there and spread my legs. Sliding a finger inside my ass, Remy stroked my cock and thrust in and out, easily adding a second finger soon after. Finally he plunged his shaft deep into me and rode me hard. The pain was much less intense this time and he soon had me bucking wildly. We came almost at the same time. As we finished, I leaned into the cool wet tile, resting one cheek against it, once again feeling mastered.
Then it was time for bed, Remy insisting on holding me, spooned to my back with one hand cupping my genitals. I soon understood this to be his favorite position. It gave him a sense of dominance and a feeling of protecting his possessions. I didn't object. On the verge of sleep, the warmth of his hands caressing my skin and the pressure of his body up against mine made me feel safe and loved. I couldn't explain the sensation. It wasn't his power. But I relished his quiet nuzzling against the back of my neck and the soft brush of his fingers along my prick. I refused to admit it to myself during the light of day, but in the dark of night I wanted nothing more.
Remy took me several more times that night. And true to his word, he spent most of his time with me over the next five days. He fucked me often, both mouth and ass. And I found it difficult to walk or sit at times. Whenever he noticed this, he'd give me a devilish leer. Oddly enough I found myself laughing at that look. But then he would send for Warren or one of the other slaves to massage the muscles and apply a cooling gel in and around my ass. It was without a doubt one of the more pleasant times of my captivity.
When we weren't engaged in sex, Remy had me rest. Warren would be called again to tend to my welts and bruises with soothing oils and creams. They were healing well. No scarring was developing. And Dr. Sampson came a few times to check up on me. When I wasn't ordered to rest, Remy would have me sit on my knees next to him, or lie with my head in his lap on the couch while he worked, reading documents or writing. He rarely spoke to me. And hardly ever let me ask questions. I think he wanted me to know as little as possible about this world. He didn't trust me. The less I knew, the less likely I'd try to escape.
Twice, during those days, he let me come with him into his study. The first time he had me kneel patiently at his side while he worked. The second time he sat at his desk, but let me wander the room to look at the books and works of art on the shelves. He had books on almost every topic imaginable. I was duly impressed. But what really caught my eye was the inhibitor collar perched almost out of reach on one of the shelves across from his desk. I took it in hand for a moment, examining it closely until Remy said, "Put it back, cher."
I turned and looked at him, still holding the collar, a questioning frown on my face. "Put it back." Remy nodded to where I'd taken it from.
"Why...?" I began. But he silenced me with a narrowing of his eyes.
"It's to remind me of how fickle Lady Luck is. Now put it back." He replied enigmatically. I did as he said, but it left a mystery for me to unravel. Why would he need a collar sitting on a shelf in his study to remind him of Lady Luck when he was surrounded by slaves with a similar collar fastened around their necks? It didn't make sense. But I let the matter drop and went back to examining the books. Remy didn't bother me again until he was ready to leave.
Those five days were an emotional roller coaster for me. I was bored a good deal of the time. But then Remy would throw me into a state of ecstasy with his caresses. The sex was amazing. He was an extremely skilled lover even without the empathetic power he wielded. However, after the sex I was left feeling hollow and angry and guilty. I'm sure Remy could see how I felt and I was grateful when he didn't press me to cheer up. He was quiet afterward, thoughtfully saying nothing. But his fingers worked magic across my skin to sooth away the painful emotions after a time. And then the cycle of boredom, ecstasy and pain would begin all over again.
I did what he told me to do. I didn't fight. I didn't see the point. And always the threat that he'd punish Alex hung in the air between us like a bleak chaotic storm seen along the horizon.
"Mais, mon cher," Remy said on the morning of the fifth day, "As much as it pains me to leave you, I 'ave to get back to m'state duties." We were lying in bed in the afterglow of a particularly sweet session of sex. I had my head on his belly, my hands crossed on my chest and my body stretched sideways across the mattress, legs crossed. Remy's hand was stroking my hair, running his long slender fingers through the strands. I gave a soft sigh which he interpreted as sadness. In actuality it was relief. It wasn't that Remy was completely loathsome to be around. He had a few redeeming values, not the least were his skills as a lover. But the cycle of intense emotions was beginning to wear me down. When he was gone I believed some of the stress of my situation would ease. He could be very unpredictable at times. Remy never punished me, never hit me or lashed out physically, but his words could cut. And sometimes he'd let me feel his anger. He'd let go his power and I would be hit with the intense rage he felt. It could be staggering. And part of my guilt would come from knowing I caused him to feel that way.
"I know, mon couer, I know. I feel de same way." He chuckled. "Sometimes I t'ink it'd be nice to just give dis all up. Abdicate to whoever de Council t'inks would be a good ruler and den retire to m'country estate wit' most of my wealth, a few household slaves and servants and you and Alex." It was his turn to sigh, deep in fantasy of a lazy debauched lifestyle. "But I'd get bored after a time." He looked down at me. "Not wit' you and Alex, me. But I'd miss de parties and de court life."
Remy laughed exuberantly. "What am I t'inking? Dis country would go to hell in a handbasket if I stepped down." I looked at him willing him to tell me more. This was the most he'd ever spoken to me in one sitting. I was intrigued. However, Remy just sniffed and pushed me up off his belly. "Come on, cher. You'll wash me dis morning 'fore breakfast comes."
Another quick fuck in the shower and then we were served the morning meal by Henri. The young valet then dressed Remy in state attire and he left with a word and a quick kiss to my cheek. "You'll stay here for now. Be good, mon ami." Just as he turned to walk out the door, he looked at me over his shoulder. "You can play wit' de cards. And I'll tell de guards you are allowed to go into the study to borrow a book. O'ter dan dat you're to stay in des rooms. D'ccord?"
"Yes Master." I replied with a cheerful smile. At least I'd be allowed to read. That was something to look forward to. I took him up on the offer immediately. But the guards wouldn't allow me to stay long in the study. I wasn't able to locate a book of history on this country as I'd intended too. I didn't have the time. So I grabbed a few works of fiction by authors I'd never heard of, hoping they were local writers who could give me some idea of the culture in this place. But none of the books revealed anything about this world. They were written about Earth. It was odd to find how fascinated these people were with my universe. The authors were local writers and I learned a few of the names of cities by reading the short autobiographies in the back of the books. But the plots centered on people from my world.
I tried to go back to the study a little later. Unfortunately the guards informed me, none to politely, that Remy's orders were that I could only go there once a day. I didn't really believe them, but I didn't think arguing with them would help at the moment. Better to bide my time and ask Remy about it tonight. As it was, Remy was gone until the early morning. I was asleep when he slipped into bed beside me. He must have been exhausted, because he only pulled me close with a tender kiss and promptly fell asleep. The next morning I forgot all about the study when Remy, having asked me how I'd spent my day, flew into a rage when he discovered that the last time I'd eaten had been at breakfast the day before. I wasn't petulant about it. I just told him I was hungry. I'd figured I wouldn't be allowed to eat until he was in the room. He hollered for the guards and all the slaves and servants who took care of his private suite, including Henri. I was not to be neglected, he fumed. I was to be treated as well, no, even better than any of the pleasure slaves he brought up here. Were his servants such fools that they'd forget to bring me food?
One of the servants spoke up, somewhat indignant, and tried to remind Remy that he hadn't given them permission to address me. Remy gave him a hard look and then gestured to the guard to remove the man. I saw terror in his eyes as he was led away. No telling what would happen to him. It was then that I realized you didn't argue with Remy about certain things. Even if you were a free-born servant.
After that I was treated better by the guards, allowed go into the study as often as I wished. Unfortunately, my last assessment of the library had been incorrect. I could find no books on the history of this universe. In fact there were no books on the shelves that mentioned anything about where I was held captive. All the works referred to Earth. I wondered if this was deliberate on Remy's part. It seemed a fair analysis. He wouldn't want me or any other 'earther' slave to gain any knowledge of this world. Knowledge could be used to aid in escape. Information about Earth was benign, because first you had to make it back there. This frustrated me to no end, of course. But there was little I could do about it, so I made the best of an irritating situation.
Meals came regularly. All of them were sumptuous affairs. Apparently the lecture and warning Remy had given had sunk in completely. Often during the day a slave, or servant, or sometimes even Henri, came to see if there was anything I needed. None of them laughed when I responded, "My freedom would be nice" the first couple of times they asked. And none of them lingered long enough for me to strike up a conversation. It was soon made clear to me that they weren't suppose to converse with me other than to make sure my needs were met. Another way of keeping information that would be useful away from me. So basically all the staff ever did was bring me meals.
I rarely was fed by Remy during that week, which was an enormous relief. He was gone all day and often late into the evening. Almost every night when he returned I was asleep. Except for that first day, he roused me with kisses and light strokes, coaxing affection out of me as I slowly awoke to his tender advances. And then he'd fuck me senseless. The mornings usually hailed another bout of sex. It was often more gentle and loving on his part. I enjoyed it more. He took his time and prepared me more fully, so that there was rarely the pain of his more savage rapes. Don't believe for a moment that I thought of this as love making. I wanted him at times. He could make me want him so easily. Remy knew my body's responses better than I did. But my mind never accepted any of it. Whatever I felt for Remy Lebeau, it wasn't love.


Chapter Twenty-Four

I think it was twelve days into my time in Remy's private suite that I finally saw my brother. Remy came home early that day followed by two female slaves. I was lounging on the bed, half asleep, not expecting to see him so early, and he nearly caused me to leap out of my skin when he slapped my ass, hard but playfully.
"Get up!" He ordered cheerfully with a bright grin on his face and a sparkle in his eyes. I narrowed my own suspiciously, wondering what he was up to. "We 'aven't much time to get you dressed for de party."
I was sitting up rubbing my face when he said this. My hands froze and I opened one eye to look at him with a frown. "Party?"
"Oui." Remy cocked his head. "Didn' I mention it?" Before I could answer negatively, he slapped his forehead. "Saloperie!" He cried. "I can' believe I didn' tell you!" He took my hands and pulled me to my feet, full of enthusiasm. "A party for you, cher. And your brot'er. A coming out party, so to speak. De council and my courtiers are very curious about you. De few who've seen you and Alex 'ave been full of praise for your beauty." During the first five days when Remy and I had been secluded away in his rooms, there had been a few councillors, like Escalada, who had insisted on meeting with Remy. Some had even joined him for dinner. And most of them, like Escalada had fondled and examined me intimately, complimenting Remy on his excellent taste. I'd suffered it all patiently, obediant to my master's will.
"Some of dem," Remy continued, "Even joked 'bout stealing you bot' out from under my nose. Not so easy to steal from a t'ief t'ough. 'Course de ot'ers are all jealous and want to see you too. I've been besieged wit' requests for private audiences, all hoping I'll meet wit' dem here in my rooms." Chuckling, he winked at me. "I met wit' dem privately, but in de conference room behind de throne room. Cher, you should 'ave seen de look on all deir faces when you weren't wit' me. De meetings didn't last long, me." Remy's hand came up to rest towards the back of my cheek, his fingers curled around the back of my head. "I probably should 'ave shown Alex already. But when I decided to 'ave you too I t'ought it be more of a coup to show de bot' of you off at de same time. So I planned dis party, mon couer. Invitations were sent out de day after de first night we made love."
I scowled, but it only made him laugh and he pulled me into his arms to kiss me softly. I closed my eyes, weakening under his spell. Lord, he could get me to feel so loved. I opened up to him immediately, letting his tongue slip in, savoring his glow and his excitement at having caused such a stir among the members of the ruling class.
There was a sudden soft murmuring followed by a girlish giggle and I jerked back, nipping Remy's tongue in the process. "Merde!" He yelped. "Watch dos teeth!" Then he saw my flush and the look on my face as I tried to cover myself and move to get him between me and the two women I had finally noticed. Remy let out a hearty laugh.
"Oh come on Scott," Remy chided lightly, "It's not'ing dey haven't seen before." I think I turned an even brighter shade of red. I gritted my teeth. It was one thing to be naked around a bunch of men, even in this sexually charged environment. But to be exposed in front of women was a whole other story. I felt emasculated. Naked and a slave, a pleasure slave at that. "Remy's whore," as he called me whenever he was irritated with me.
Remy leered at me wickedly before striding over the the two slaves. "Dis is Meredith." He told me as he took the hand of a short heavy-set brunette. She bowed her head respectfully in my direction, but I could see the hard cold contempt in her eyes. I was low-class scum in her opinion. Glaring back at her, I straightened and dropped my hands. How dare she pass judgement on me? Being a slave hadn't been my idea. I wouldn't allow her to make me feel less than a man.
The other female slave was tall and gangly, much too thin. Remy introduced her as Tanya. She smiled pleasantly enough. Obviously these were working slaves. And both were clothed in light weigh white tunics that ended just below the knee.
"Dey're gonna get you ready for tonight. I've some business to attend to. I'll be back wit' your brot'er in an hour." Remy walked back over to me and gave me a quick peck. "You behave now. Do what dey say."
He took my hands and turned his head, looking directly at Meredith. "And I don' want to hear any complaints about you. Scott's important to me. You be nice."
Meredith pursed her lips but said nothing.
"Master I can..." I began. Funny how that word was getting easier to say.
"Non." Remy cut me off sharply. "I want dem to take of you. Dey know how I want you to look tonight." He grinned at me. "Pretend you're at a spa, cher. Enjoy it."
I snorted. *Yeah, right* I thought. God, he could humiliate me to no end. "Now don' give me dat look." Remy scolded dropping my hands. "You do what you're told and don' give dese women a hard time." Another quick kiss and he was gone.
Clenching my fists, I shifted my gaze to the two women. Tanya smiled sweetly. Meredith just glared. "Well pajo," she said after a moment. Her voice had an annoying nasal quality. "Get in the bathroom!"
"Meredith!" Tanya cried.
The short nasty slave turned to look at her partner with her hands on her hips. "What?" She scoffed. "He's just another pretty mutant pleasure slave. Lord Remy will tire of him soon enough."
"Hey!" I exclaimed in my defense. "This isn't..."
"Shutup, pajo!" Meredith rudely interrupted. "Look at him, Tanya. He thinks he's special living up here in Lord Remy's rooms." She glared back at me. "You can be sold just as easily as the rest of us. Now get in the bathroom!"
"You wait just a minute!" I snarled, a foul curse held back. "One. Being a slave wasn't my idea." I held up one finger. "Two." I raised another finger and stepped toward the insolent woman. "I never thought being up here was some kind of honor. And three." I put up my middle finger as I folded the other two back into my fist. "You don't have to be such a godamn self-important bitch!" I smiled malevolently when I saw her flinch back.
Tanya stepped forward then, trying to placate me by saying. "Don't mind her. She's just...protective of Lord Remy." She put her hand out to me and whispered, "Come on. She won't hurt you. Lord Remy had her beaten the last time she bruised one of his favorites."
I looked over at the still scowling Meredith. "Why is she so protective of him then?" I asked.
Tanya shrugged. "I guess because she was one of his first household slaves. She ran his estate just before they elected him patriarch. I think she sees Remy as the son she never had."
"Oh." Sounded ridiculous to me, but I didn't feel like arguing. I took Tanya's hand and let her lead me into the bathroom. Meredith followed grumbling.
Tanya was correct in saying the bitter woman wouldn't hurt me. And once I got over the initial embarrassment of being naked, and the two began to get me ready for the party, the perparations were heavenly.
Meredith produced a folding masseuse table and the women began to work the tension from my muscles. They kneaded every inch of my body, including my head, face and genitals. I was so relaxed by the time the two started on my groin that I never became aroused. Of course their looks might have had something to do with that. They weren't beauties to be sure.
After the massage, they ran a bath, making the water so hot it was barely tolerable. But the women insisted, so I got in. Then they stripped to their undergarments, entered the large tub, and began to scrub me thoroughly with a fresh evergreen scented soap. A minty herbal mask was applied to my face, while Meredith ordered me to stand up in the tub. She'd hardly spoken two words to me except to give orders, so I hadn't argued with her. Tanya chattered a bit. A good deal of useless gossip I ignored for the most part. And there had been no further threats. But when Meredith came at me with a razor, I stepped back, surprised and wary.
"Oh don't be so stupid, pajo!" Meredith bullied. "I'm just going to trim your groin hair."
"Meredith!" Tanya snapped. "Will you stop calling him that!"
"Hmph!" came the retort. But she did stop calling me a pajo. Curious, I asked Tanya what it meant and she explained it was the word for the waste at the bottom of the sewer. And work slaves had started to use it to insult male pleasure slaves. It was the equivalent of calling me a shit-ridden whore.
I was sorely tempted to backhand Meredith, so I dug my nails into my palms to keep from giving into the urge. Meredith gave me a smug smile. Then she grasped my cock firmly, almost painfully, causing me to hiss and raise up on my toes. I did bring my hand back that time, but Tanya interceded by slapping the bitch's hand away. "Go get the oil. I'll finish this." I breathed a sigh of relief when Meredith stepped out of the bath.
"Lord Remy thinks she's good at what she does." Tanya tried to explain as she took my penis gently and lathered the hair at my groin. "Most of the time she is. But she worries about him. She worries that he gets to close to the ones he chooses to love and that they'll hurt him or kill him one day."
"Gee, you think?" I retorted. She looked up at me quizzically. Then she bent to trim my auburn hair into a neat little triangle.
"You know," She began after a moment, "Lord Remy's a good master. He always has a kind word for his slaves as well as his servants. He only punishes us when we deserve it. And unlike most masters, he gives us a free day every week and a little spending money. It's a good life most of the time. We're never overworked. I've heard some slaves are beaten every day."
"But you're not free." I said, more gently. She seemed happy. I couldn't fault her.
"No." She agreed. "But I'm not hungry either. And I have a place to sleep and most of the time I'm left to myself. I've seen some of the free people in town. The beggars who live on the streets. The men who can't find work to support their families. I live better than them."
"And if you're sold?" I challenged.
"Remy doesn't sell his slaves without reason. I haven't seen one sold in over a year. Except for that one slave who was given to some diplomat a few weeks ago. The real handsome dark-haired slave." My eyes widened. "What was his name?" She said to herself.
"Neil." Meredith answered as she came to stand at the side of the tub holding a jar of oil. I froze in shock. Neil. Zaki. He'd been sold. "I heard he caused some trouble in the pleasure slave quarters. So Remy gave him to Lord Alcie. He's been eyeing that boy for years." Meredith shook her head. A bleak sadness seemed to descend on her. "That Alcie's a bad one. I've heard rumors that he's into pain. Neil will be lucky to last a month in that household, as beautiful as he is."
I shuddered. Zaki. Dear God! My mind raced with terrible thoughts of what he might have to endure. And it was my fault. Somehow I knew. He'd tried to give me release when he shouldn't have. Suddenly I was seething. Alex must have said something to Remy. Damn him. Zaki didn't deserve that. I ground my teeth, trying to stay calm. But the anger remained there on the surface. Damn him. And here I'd been trying to protect my brother all this time. "No more," I swore. If he could do this to that innocent man, then there was no way in hell I'd save him from Remy's wrath or death by his own hand. Alex would have to fend for himself from now on.
The anger wormed it's way throughout my consciousness and I barely acknowledged the two women as they ordered me out of the bath. So wrapped up in my thoughts, I hardly noticed them applying a light sheen of oil all over my body, until Tanya began to work the oil into my anus. I tensed and pulled away. "No!" I growled at her.
"You'll need this for tonight." She said. I looked at her and swore. I knew what she meant. I'd probably have to perform. "Please. It will help." Closing my eyes, I relaxed and let her finish coating the inside of my ass with the oil, wondering how much more I could take of this place.
When they had finished, they fastened gold bands to my wrists. Delicate symbols were etched into the bands. Intricate designs that didn't seem to make sense to me. Seeing me eyeing the bands, Tanya said, "They represent the Lebeau household." She turned my wrist for me to see the bottom. There was circular design below. "That tells everyone you're his property."
I glowered at her. She just looked at me sympathetically. Meredith pushed her aside then. "Let's finish." She held up a ruby, about the size of a dime. A gold chain was fused to the setting on either side. She pushed the gem into my naval. There was some type of sticky fluid that held the ruby in place. The gold chains were looped loosely around my waist and linked in the back just at the tip of my crack. A small portion of the chain dangled down into the crevice. I scowled some more at the sensation. It was like having a fucking tail.
"Almost done." Tanya said. Then she combed out my hair into a tidy style and led me to the vanity to have a look. "There. You're beautiful. You'll have all the lords and ladys wrapped around your finger tonight." She paused. "If you'll only smile."
I gave her a side-long glance and then looked in the mirror. They'd done a nice job, I had to admit. A portion of my bangs hung over my right eye, giving me a mysterious look. The oil they'd applied accentuated the lines of my muscles, enhancing the angles of my body. The soft layer of chest hair v'd downward to my well-trimmed groin. The ruby complemented my coloring and the delicately worked chains made me look exotic. "Not bad." I thought. And I smiled. Tanya giggled brightly and even Meredith's lips quirked up for a moment. "You'll win them all over." Tanya said. Then they led me back into Remy's bedroom.
Remy was at the armoire with Henri, shaking his head every time Henri suggested an outfit. When he saw me come out of the bathroom, his face seemed to light up. "Mon Dieu, Scott," He said, "You never looked better." Beckoning me to his side, he gave me a quick kiss and hug. "You'll make me proud, cher. Don't disappoint me."
He let me go, ordering me to stand by the door until he was ready. And when I went around the door of the armoire, there was Alex. There was my bastard of a brother. And he was smiling at me in welcome as if nothing had happened. I gritted my teeth and his smile evaporated. A distressed look came into his face. "What?" he whispered when I reached him.
"Zaki." I whispered back. "You told Remy, you son of a bitch! He gave him to some bastard that likes to torture his slaves. Why? How could you do that?"
Alex sighed and hung his head. "I didn't tell Remy. I swear it. I told Neil..."
"Zaki!" I interrupted with a hiss.
"Zaki." Alex acknowledged. "I told Zaki not to say anything. I made him keep to his room for a while. But one of the guards told Remy what he'd done. And what he was saying. He told one of the other slaves that he was in love with you." Alex looked at me. "I swear, Scott, I tried to get to Remy. But he wouldn't listen. He doesn't want any competition for you among the slaves." He looked up quickly. Remy was still behind the armoire door talking to Henri. Meredith and Tanya had been drawn into the decision making. None of them were paying us any attention. "He questioned one of the slaves who was there that night. The slave told him that you responded to Zaki. That you liked him. They all heard you call him by his given name. Remy was angry. He's jealous about you. I think he was afraid you'd fall for Zaki. He was never that jealous about me." I noticed a slight hint of jealousy in his tone, but when he continued, it was gone. "He gave the man away. It was a warning to the others to stay away from you."
"Fuck!" I said. The voices behind the armoire stopped. We froze and Remy looked at us suspiciously from around the door.
"Is somet'ing wrong, mon petites?" He asked.
"No Master." Alex smiled sweetly. "I just gave my brother a friendly pat and reminded him of your promise to me."
Remy chuckled. "Of course. I haven't forgotten. But I perhaps I haven't had my fill of your brot'er yet either. You be patient, mon ami. Now you two behave over dere." He turned back to the three, who had started up their argument again.
I grit my teeth and turned back to my brother. "What promise?" I demanded, keeping my voice to a whisper.
"Scott. You do believe me about Zaki?" He asked, ignoring my question. My anger abated some when I saw the desperate look in his eyes. The fear was sincere. And his explanation sounded reasonable enough.
"Alright. I believe you." My shoulders dropped then, along with my head. I was filled with a profound sense of loss and sadness. I looked up at Alex abruptly, worry clearly etched on my face. "How bad will it be for him?" I asked.
"I don't know." He replied. "I've hear the rumors. But they're just rumors. Since I've been here, I know that Alcie asked to have Zaki for a night when he was visiting the palace. Zaki didn't seem too afraid of him. But Alcie might have been holding back because he was a guest. And I saw Zaki the day they took him away. He was more sad than afraid. Alcie might treat him well. He was pretty taken with the man."
I closed my eyes and rubbed my face, saying a prayer that Alex was right and that the rumors about Lord Alcie were just rumors. We didn't say anything for a while. Then my brother asked, "How could you think that I'd do that to Zaki?" There was no anger, no accusation in his tone. Just an heart-wrenching sadness. How could I have doubted him? How could I doubt him now?
"I'm sorry." I whispered. Remy had finally decided on an outfit and the two women passed us as they were ordered out of the room. Tanya said goodbye. Meredith just ignored the both of us. I nodded and looked over at the armoire. Remy had disappeared into the bathroom. Henri was laying out the clothing. "It's this place, I guess. This whole situation. I just..." I couldn't finish. That monsterous barrier of jealousy between us had reared it's ugly head again. I loved Alex, but we were both quick to condemn each other at times. Sometimes I realized that I had never completely forgiven him for leaving me back at the orphanage. And I was sure at times that he hadn't gotten over the harsh things I'd said to him before he left. Or the way I'd turned my back on him as he waved from the back of the car.
"I know." Alex put a hand on my shoulder. "I'm sorry that I couldn't have prevented it. Or convinced Remy to leave you be." He turned me around to face him. "I love you Scott. I really didn't want you to have to go through this." Alex pulled me into an embrace and I went willingly. We held onto each other quietly until Alex murmured in my ear, "And I'm sorry that I want you. That I'm glad Remy said I could have you." I pulled back, suddenly remembering his words during the training. Remy had promised Alex that he would be allowed to fuck me once Remy was through with me. And Alex had been looking forward to it. My brother tightened his grip and bent his head to kiss my neck, just where it met the shoulder. I shivered, feeling myself getting aroused and hating it. He trailed more kisses up my neck and then tentatively touched his lips to mine. One of his hands reached down to caress my hardening cock and I groaned. Alex plundered my mouth as it opened and I gave into desire. We kissed each other passionately, born out of a desperation to have someone close who could understand what we each were going through. "I'm sorry." Alex said again when we broke apart.
"I know. It's okay." And I meant it. If he wanted me, I wouldn't fight him. I loved him. If that would bring him comfort, I wouldn't deny him. Besides, I admitted to myself, I wanted him too.


Chapter Twenty-Five

We waited patiently by the door for Remy to finish getting ready. I was surprised he didn't require Alex and me to bath and dress him. Seemed like it would have been the man's dream. I suppose he just didn't want to mess up our attire, what little there was of it. Like me, Alex had gold bands around his wrist with the same elegant designs. He also sported the gold waist chains, but the gem in his naval was a sapphire that favored his coloring perfectly. A thin coating of oil had also been applied to his skin. In a word, he was gorgeous. I almost couldn't believe we were brothers. How Remy, or anyone for that matter, could have preferred me over Alex baffled my mind. Quick side-long glances at him as we stood next to each other quietly made it difficult if not impossible to keep my erection from growing. I was in equal parts disgusted and aroused. However, desire was starting to edge ahead. I licked my lips nervously, almost wishing for the cock restraint that would at least keep me from coming like an over-sexed teenaged boy. Then I saw Councillor Escalada's leering face in my mind's eye and my erection went limp.
*But then I prefer blonds.* His words came back to me and I went cold with horror. *Surely not* I tried to convince myself. *Remy wouldn't share Alex with that evil bastard.* God, I hoped not. I took my brother's hand then, and Alex gave me a puzzled look. "Nothing," I said, answering his wordless question. I couldn't tell him about Escalada. I was too afraid of what he might do. I knew Remy hadn't given him to anyone, yet. But was he still a favorite?
"I'm pretty nervous too," He whispered and squeezed my hand. He looked over at the bathroom door. Remy hadn't appeared yet. Henri had gone into the bathroom also, once the clothes had been laid out. "I told you what Remy expects. The performances. He's never ordered me to perform, thank God. But I figured it was only a matter of time. Once you were here." Alex looked at me with a weak smile. "But this is our coming out night. He may just make us stand around while the people just gawk and fondle."
Suddenly I couldn't help myself and I blurted out, "Do you know Frederico Escalada?"
I heard Alex's sharp intake of breath and turned my head quickly to see his face. There was contempt and hatred in his eyes. "Yeah. The guy makes Remy look like a saint." Alex looked ready to kill. "He prefers blonds." He said in a very Escalada-like voice. Then he turned his eyes on me. "The bastard came to see Remy in his study one night when I was there. I've been touched by a lot of people in this madhouse, but usually with some kind of appreciation or desire. He looks at you as if he wants to conquer you, to really break you. And he'd use any means necessary. I bet he gets off on torture."
I nodded.
"I swear, if Remy ever promises him he can have me, I'll gut the SOB." Alex hissed through gritted teeth. "I won't give a fuck if they torture me to death. He's NOT getting his filthy hands on me. And he's NOT getting me for breeding either." He paused and he threw a lethal look at the door. "I'll kill Remy for that."
I swallowed. Not even when he mentioned Sinister or the Dark Beast had he sounded this furious. I almost felt pity for Escalada. Heaven help the man if he ever asked Remy for my brother and Remy agreed. And I almost wished that he would ask. I think I would have moved Heaven and Earth for ring-side seats just to see my brother pound the sick leer he'd given me off his face.
We both straightened and went silent when the door to the bathroom opened and Remy stepped out, followed by Henri. He wore a soft white towel around his waist. His thick mane had been braided down his back with the shorter strands framing his face, a few stray locks covering his right eye. Both his eyes glowed as he smiled at Henri and said something in French. He would soon be in his element, a party with most of the attention centered on him and his newest possessions. Remy smiled at us as he went over to the clothing that was laid out for him.
Henri helped him into tight black pants that closely resembled leggings except for the buttons in back. I tried not to look as he dressed, but the muscles of his tighs were etched in the dark fabric and the outline of his cock could be seen. I was slightly mesmerized by the sensual pose he struck as he turned his torso to look back at Henri. One leg was lifted just a hair off the ground and his arms were raised just above his waist. And then he was returning my look with a canny smile. Alex coughed and I turned my flushed face away, embarrassed. Christ! I hated when he knew I was watching him. And he always seemed to know. Especially when I was looking at him with desire.
I shifted my look to the floor and concentrated on the intricate weaving of the carpet, until I heard him approach. When I looked up, I caught my breath. He was stunning. Remy wore a long dark purple sleeveless vest that closed in front with five gold clasps. The fabric was embroidered on either side with black and gold thread. The needlework was exactly like the etching on our bands. His household crest. The vest itself went almost to the floor. The last clasp was fixed just below his groin and the material then parted to form a wide opening in front of his legs. Black and gold thread embellished the rest of the fabric with more intricate designs. Underneath he wore a simple black long-sleeve shirt with a crew neck collar. The collar and the ends of the sleeves were trimmed in a deeper shade of purple than the vest. On his left ring finger was a simple gold band with a beautiful amythest stone. It sparkled as he flexed the hand. He wore soft leather black boots that came almost to his knees and shone so brightly I was tempted to bend down to see if I would find my reflection in them. Strips of leather buckled at the ankles with more gold clasps. It was hard to take my eyes of him and suddenly I couldn't believe what I was feeling: pride. He was my master and I was proud to call him that. I thought he couldn't look any more dazzling than at that moment.
But then he smiled. Not arrogant. Not smug or smartly amused. Just pleased. Pleased in the way we appeared and in the way we gazed back at him. Without even looking, I knew my brother was just as captivated as I was. And Remy knew by our looks that we wouldn't disappoint him. I realized I didn't want to disappoint him either.
I waited for some witty remark from him, something that would dispell the awe I was experiencing. But all he said, as if refusing to break the hold he had on us, was, "Follow me." When he stepped out into the corridor, two guards were standing at attention. Remy beckoned Henri to his side. He bent down close to the boy and said something quietly in French. Henri beamed and nodded vigorously. Then he ran down the hall in front of us and was out the door of the suite before we even started to move after him. Remy watched him go, smiling to himself for a moment. Then he headed off after Henri, motioning for us to fall in step behind him. The guards marched after us all.
We descended into the bowels of the citadel, seeming to walk forever downstairs. I was duly impressed by the vastness of the palace and the refined wealth displayed. Classical paintings and tapestries hung on the walls. Statues of gods and goddesses long forgotten, busts of ancestors on marble columns, and antique vases filled with fresh flowers that had to have cost a small fortune to replace every day. The air of the place screamed royalty. And the man in front who led us bore the title well.
Finally, we reached another ornate wooden door. I'd completely lost my sense of direction. I wondered if this had anything to do with Remy's power or if the time I'd spent in Remy's rooms had completely disarmed me of my ability to analyze my surroundings. It made me nervous, not knowing where I was. I tried not to show it, but my thumb tapped anxiously on my thigh.
Remy punched in a code on the key pad next to the door and it swung inward without a sound. Inside was a small military museum. Glass cases lined the walls with armor and weaponry. I even saw Remy's own kevlar bodysuit on display, along side his trademark bo-staff. The place was dim as you'd see in any museum after closing. The enclosures were lit by track lighting overhead. At the far end of the room was a small glass case perched on a rectangular marble base that stood about waist high. Remy strode to it and tapped an area on the side of the base. Another key pad appeared in front. Another code was punched in and the top of the glass box opened. Remy reached a hand in, retrieving a simple gold circlet and a medallion of gold, hung on a black ribbon trimmed in purple, that was the symbol of his office. He put these on without ceremony and came back to where he'd ordered us to stand. He wore the air of royalty as if born to it. And again, a wash of pride went through me.
We headed back up two flights in the palace and down another long corridor. Towards the end I heard music and the noise of a very large crowd. I glanced at my brother. He gave me a nervous smile and then went back to starring at Remy's head. Just before we reached two massive carved red doors, Remy ushered us into a room to the right of the huge doors. It was a small sitting room. Henri was standing in the middle holding a embroidered box. Walking over to the boy, Remy patted his head and took the box from him. Then he looked at us. "De last of your adornment, pets."
Setting the box on a nearby table, he opened it and pulled out a cock ring and the penile device. I blanched. "Oh come on!" I started to protest. Remy silenced me with a chilling look. Alex said nothing. When I looked at him, his face bore an expression of resigned irritation. Then he stepped behind me. I didn't bother looking back at him. I just scowled at Remy as he nodded. Alex's hands came around to caress my prick. I screwed up my face in humiliation and exhaled.
Remy stepped in front of me to lift my chin. "You're not fully in control, cher." He murmured gently. "People will be touching you intimately. I won't have you wasting your seed on dem. Not tonight."
He placed a soft kiss on my lips and I let out the breath I'd been holding. He took my mouth possessively as Alex worked me to near climax. I broke Remy's kiss, saying breathlessly, "It'll hurt if they grab me." Remy said nothing and pulled me into another heated kiss, snapping the device in place as I neared the edge of release. Tears sprung to my eyes as I dug my fingers into his arms and I fleetingly hoped I'd bruised him.
Then he let me go and stepped back. I glared at him. He reached for a lock of my hair and said, "Dey won't touch you wit' dat on. It's not allowed in public. It's considered abuse." Alex was stroking my back comfortingly when I felt a soft dizzy bliss and smiled peacefully. Remy was easing the discomfort with his power. I leaned back into Alex as my lids drooped and he wrapped his arms around me, holding me tight.
Our master smiled. "Si beau."
Alex drew away from me then, keeping a steadying hand on my arm so I didn't topple over from the exquisite sensations running through me. He stepped beside me and looked at Remy.
"Touch yourself." Remy smiled and leaned in to kiss my brother. I sighed in pleasure as Alex stroked himself to hardness and Remy snapped a leather cock ring around the base of his erection. Fine gold chains hung from the top of the leather and crisscrossed below the shaft. You had to look close to really see the cock ring. The color had been matched to Alex's engorged flesh. It almost appeared as though the chains were holding the bloodflow in place. I looked at it in wonder and then looked at my brother's face. He didn't seem to be in any pain, so I leaned over to kiss him, drunk on Remy's charm.
"Now Scott." My master chuckled and pulled some of the power away, leaving me more alert, but not in pain. I laughed nervously as I pulled back from Alex. "You behave yourself, cher." Remy finished. Then he reached back into the box and pulled out two gold chain leashes. They matched the chains about our waist. He snapped them on to our collars and said, "I t'ink you're ready now. Come along, mon amours."
Remy led us out into the hallway to stand before the red doors. Henri, who'd stood by unobtrusively as a true valet should, followed us out into the corridor. The massive doors opened in front of us and I was struck by the noise of the room. I wavered disoriented. Thankfully Alex put out a steadying hand again. He wasn't under Remy's spell. I wasn't sure if I should be insulted or grateful. Before I could decide, the leash was pulled tight and I was dragged forward into the uproar.


Chapter Twenty-Six

We stood above the crowd on a wide landing at the top of a red-carpeted stairway. There must have been five hundred people below us, all milling about around a large ballroom floor. Elegantly dressed lords and ladies swirled in a graceful waltz on the dance floor. The room itself was immense. At least 40 feet high and longer than a football field. Large crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling, the lights hitting the gems in such a way as to spray a prism of color across the dancers. The white marble floor sparkled under the light, sending blinding prismed rays up the stairs as the dancers weaved around the dance floor, blocking and then freeing the beams. I had to blink a few times to clear my vision. Around the room were tables and chairs, simple in design, but undoubtedly expensive. Couches and several more chairs lined the walls, where many of the members of high society gravitated to speak in loud, boisterous tones, discussing the newest gossip and politics and their own luxurious lives. I closed my eyes and swayed nervously above the crowd.
Suddenly a voice boomed out from the guard at the head of the stairs. The music fell silent and the room became a soft murmur of curious onlookers.
"Lords and Ladies, I give you our Patriarch of this great nation, Genosha, His Emminence, Lord Remy Lebeau!"
I faultered on the first step as the the crowd roared a welcome. Genosha! What the hell! Alex caught my arm roughly before I stumbled. "Careful bro."
I looked over at him, but he shook his head. A warning to remain quiet for now. Remy never even glanced back at us. He continued to walk proudly down the stairway. Our leashes were drawing taut, so we moved quickly after him. I could feel the tension increase in my body as we neared the crowd. The noise had dulled again to a quiet roar and the people parted to one side or another to let us pass. At the opposite end of the room was a raised dais and a simple marble throne. Plush red cushions covered the seat and back.
When Remy had seated himself, he motioned for me to stand to his left, while Alex stood to his right.
"Stand proud, mon chers. Let dem admire your beauty." Remy encouraged us. He let the ends of our leashes dangle on the arms of his throne. Henri came to stand at his left knee beaming. He was scanning the crowd eagerly, and I noticed a small commotion toward the stairwell. Henri spotted it soon after and started to move forward when Remy put a hand on his shoulder. He murmured something in the boy's ear and Henri's smile weakened as he straightened. Then Remy gestured to an attendant. Orders were given, and an attractive young lady was led to the throne. She was dressed in a floor length scarlet gown. Her ash blonde hair was pulled up into a loose style and threaded with scarlet ribbons. Scarlet gloves ran up her naked arms above her elbows. The woman carried herself well. She curtsied politely in front of her ruler and Remy acknowledged her with a smile and a nod. "Lady Vanier. Your nephew does us proud. You are welcome to visit with him tonight."
Henri walked slowly over to the woman as she kneeled down to pull him into a hug. I couldn't be certain, but I thought I heard Henri say, "Momma". His voice had become a childlike whisper. I could see tears sparkling in the Lady's eyes. I choked with understanding then that the child couldn't be acknowledged openly as her son. Henri was a little boy denied the right to see his mother on a regular basis. It was heartwrenching. As much affection as Remy showed the boy, it didn't make up for the loss of seeing his mother everyday.
As Lady Vanier led her son away from the throne, a line began to form as the nobility came up to pay their respects and praise Remy's newest acquisitions to his harem. A servant brought him a glass of wine and he sipped from it as his subjects bowed and curtsied and admired us from below. I licked my dry lips nervously as he drank, wishing he'd offer me a glass.
Thankful that none had ventured onto the platform to admire my brother and I more closely, I turned my head away from Remy to study the crowd. To my utter embarrassment, I realized that Alex and I were the only naked slaves in the room. Many of the courtiers had slaves to attend them. They were easy to spot because of their collars and leashes and the submissive posture they took as they served their master or mistress. And all of them wore a short white tunic. A new flush rose on my skin. I felt vulnerable. Remy had let his power over me wane. The euphoric sensation had dulled to a warm relaxed state. But my thoughts broke through his control and shame surfaced in me.
I looked back at Remy. He was leaning forward, one arm resting on an outstretched leg, speaking to some councillor. Panic was closing in on me. Alex stood across from me calm and collected. This only increased my anxiety. How could he stand there so exposed to the crowd and remain so calm? It unnerved me and I wanted to run. I had to get away from these people.
Remy must have seen me move. I hardly realized myself that I'd stepped forward. He looked up at me and smiled encouragingly. Suddenly my mind filled with the image of how he saw me. The vision was astonishing and my thoughts reeled. I gapped back at him as he rose from his seat to come around to me. His hands ran the length of my arms from shoulder to fingertips. Taking one hand in his, he lifted it to his lips and kissed it tenderly. He was proud of me. And he was in love.
"Comprendez vous?" He asked in a way that only I could hear.
"Yes." I replied in a voice husky with desire and wonder.
"Ot'ers see you dat way too. Dey're green wit' envy." He exulted. "But you're mine, cher. All mine." His smile, crooked lips curled up, almost, but not quite, smug, ensared me and made me believe in my own allure. I stood up straighter, yet more relaxed, feeling confident and attractive. The idea came to my mind that I would make everyone in that room jealous of Lord Remy. My face opened into a brilliant friendly expression. Remy laughed, delighted and squeezed my hand. Then he turned to face the gathering crowd, pulling me forward and summoning Alex to join us at the edge of the dais.
"My friends and loyal subjects," His voice lost all trace of his Cajun accent as it rose above the noise of his people, "I wish to present Scott and Alex Summers, my most treasured prizes. Their beauty and their power surpass any conquest I have made. They are perfection. Look on them with admiration. But be forewarned:" Remy's smile turned lethal, "I covet them as no other. Steal them at your own peril."
The crowd broke into a loud enthusiatic laughter. Everyone, it seemed, had heard the vows made by a few of the nobles who had seen us. No one would ever try to take us from Remy. That was a certainty.
Remy dropped our hands. "Remain here," He said to Alex and me. "Let them take pleasure in you. Deny no one and don't disappoint me." He left us then to mingle with his subjects.
For a long time we were merely watched. The guests came and went, standing for a few minutes to say something to a friend or companion about us. Several young ladies tried to catch my eye as they passed by giggling and covering their mouths with their hand. The older ladies merely smiled as they passed, throwing us disdainful looks as if we'd stolen Remy away from them. The men laughed at each other's rude comments as they came up to us, pointing and sometimes grabbing their crotch with a leer. I ignored most of it, choosing instead to follow Remy's path through the crowd with my eyes.
After awhile, as the wine flowed freer and the crowd began to thin, some of the bolder aristocrats stepped up onto the dais to grope and stroke our naked flesh. Ladies pinched and prodded. A few demanded a kiss. The drunken lords caressed my ass unmercifully and several times a wet finger or three would work their way up inside me. I bore it as well as I could, standing stoically, occasionally biting the inside of my cheek from crying out. Fortunately, no one grabbed my cock. Occasionally someone would bump into it, sometimes purposefully, bringing tears to my eyes or a sharp yelp that escaped without warning. Everyone would laugh and taunt.
My brother wasn't quite so fortunate. A cock ring didn't cause the pain that the device did, and so he could be touched. He stayed hard, but there was always the chance that he'd lose control and spill his seed. I feared what would happen to him if he did. The people who mobbed him showed little mercy and seemed to see it as a challenge to get him to cum. Yet he remained in control. He kept his eyes focused somewhere to the back of the room, his face almost expressionless. "Come for me boy," was the favored chant. Others would clap and laugh their encouragement. His aloofness soon began to bore most of the crowd and eventually they left him alone. I wasn't so lucky.
Once in awhile they were able to get some rise out of me. I tried hard to be as impassive as Alex, but sometimes a shudder or a yelp of pain would make it past my lips. Sometimes it was a groan. What the crowd really loved, however, was to see me turn red. "He blushes as prettily as a girl." One man said with a nasty laugh.
"Yes," His companion agreed, "But I bet he sucks a cock as well as a whore." I flushed an even deeper red as they all laughed and jeered. Alex had been right. This audience could be brutal and ugly.
There were a few, however, whose touches were tender, and whose words were kinder. "If Remy ever auctioned you off, I'd sell all I had to have you." One darkly handsome lord whispered in my ear as he stroked soft fingers down the length of my spine. It was almost worse than a brush against my cock. Exquisitely painful pleasue shot right to my throbbing groin making me grunt. The lord smiled, knowing full well how responsive I was to his touch.
Others plied us with wine. I was grateful for this, although, most of the offerers insisted on lifting their goblets to my lips and then begged to taste the sweetness of my mouth. I was getting drunk. I'd had about two glasses of wine all in all. And when Remy appeared in front of me, I gave him a loopy smile and almost fell off the platfom as I reached out for him. Alex was there to rescue me again, grasping my shoulder in a vise-like grip and pulling me back. "Don't," He warned.
Remy's smile was tight-lipped. He didn't look too happy with my little demonstration. I was embarrassing him. On his arm hung a tall ravishing black-haired beauty. She had pale glowing skin and dark, dangerous eyes. Her face was beautiful, but had a manliness about it, an aggressive strength. I thought of Xena, the Warrior Princess and almost laughed out loud. But Alex's fingers still dug into my shoulder causing enough distracting pain to keep me from acting the fool.
"They're beautiful." She purred. So much for the Xena image. This woman used sex like a weapon. She exuded a lethal sensuality to get what ever she was after. And the way she clung to Remy, it was obvious she was after him. "You simply must share them with us."
Remy smiled up at Alex and me, his irritation seem to have vanished. He patted the woman's hand. "Oh no, chere, I'm not sharing dese two wit' anyone. Least not yet."
The woman pouted seductively. "Well, if you're not going to share, at least let us watch them. Surely you planned to have them couple for your own pleasure?"
"Of course, Vanessa." Remy turned a wicked smile onto his companion. "I haven't seen dem in action yet. But perhaps I'd like a private showing before I have dem perform in front of dis drunken crowd." I breathed a low sigh of relief and looked back at Alex. His nostrils were flaring as he kept his eyes across the room. He had dropped his hand from my shoulder and I saw his fingers flex as if he had to consciously keep them from balling into fists. He was in a rage. The idea of performing, I thought. But then it dawned on me that if Remy ordered us to fuck in front of this crowd, the promise to my brother would be fulfilled. He'd have me. Of course, this wasn't the way I imagined he'd want his promise fulfilled.
Vanessa sighed. "Certainly." Her lips pursed as if in thought. "Any Master of renown such as you would want to make sure the training was adequate. I'd hate to think that they'd fight your hand or that they couldn't perform." I glared at her, knowing she was trying to goad Remy into ordering us to put on a show by playing on his pride. She smiled sweetly back at the two of us.
Remy laughed. "Chere, you used to be less obvious." Her smile faltered for a moment.
Then she tittered. "I suppose I did. But when I gaze upon such handsome slaves, how can I resist wanting to see them together? And your training methods are beyond question." I could tell this was a blatant lie. She wanted to humiliate Alex and me. Embarrass us in front of Remy. Chisel down our involuntary influence on him, further building up her own standing in his eyes. But, I wondered hopefully, did Remy see through her?
"My slaves have never disappointed." Remy replied. Something in his tone told me he knew exactly what this woman was about. But to my horror, he was willing to play along. "Alex and Scott will perform if I tell dem to. Dey won't fight me." He was confidence personified. I closed my eyes feeling the nervousness stir the wine in my belly. I prayed I wouldn't be sick.
"Of course they will." Vanessa agreed. "You are a Master among masters, Lord Remy." The crowd that had remained long into the night of this party began to gather around the two, curiously listening in on their conversation. A feeling of anticipation was spreading over the onlookers and a few drunken comments were heard over the murmuring. "Let 'em do it!" "Let's see some action!"
"Vulgar, mon chere. Don't you t'ink?" Remy said to his companion. "Why would I want to share des beauties wit' people who won' appreciate dem?"
Vanessa thought for a moment. "As Patriarch, shouldn't you try to educate your people to appreciate beauty? Perhaps a demonstration of love would enlightened this thick-headed crowd."
Remy's laugh was heartfelt. He truely enjoyed this woman's wit. I swallowed. He was going to grant her request. "Only for you den, chere. Because you are already enlightened." Remy let go of her arm and stepped up to us. Alex was shaking his head. As Remy took one of his hands, he opened his mouth to speak. But Remy put a finger to his lips and then caressed his cheek. Alex visibly relaxed. But his face still bore an expression of betrayal.
Without speaking, Remy took Alex's hand and turned him to face me, lifting the hand for me to take. I sighed in resignation and entwined my fingers with Alex. "The show must go on." I said, quirking my lips up and my brother grinned. Remy smiled with affection.
"Show dem how good you are, mon petites." Then Remy held out his hand to Vanessa and led her to the throne. We watched him as he sat down and gestured for Vanessa to stand to his right. If she was irritated by being made to stand like one of the many onlookers, her expression didn't show it. However, I did see her grasp Remy's hand tighter, more possessively.
A few people began to clap politely, then a few cheers went up, and then the crowd became exuberant. This was going to be quite a sight. Two of Remy's favorites performing for their pleasure. I wondered how rare an event this was.
Remy waved the crowd to silence after a few minutes and said, "Begin."
Alex and I looked at each other, both of us uncertain how to start. This wasn't going to be much fun for me. Not with the device on my cock. But I had some hope that Remy would let Alex release it as he climaxed.
Tentatively, taking the initiative as a top, Alex brushed my lips with a soft exploring touch. You could have heard a pin drop. He took my hands and brought them around his waist pulling me near, but making sure my groin didn't bump up against him. Suddenly, as I opened my mouth to him, I began to snicker. My belly quivered has I tried to suppress the laugh. Alex pulled away, cocking his head and giving me a side-long glance.
"Sorry." I said, the laughter under control.
But as he ran a hand up the side of my abdomen, I snorted. Alex smiled at that. "That tickles." I snickered again. Alex chuckled. And then we were giving each other loopy grins, reminiscent of the time before the orphanage, the nights we spent making each other laugh when we were suppose to be asleep. The audience slowly began to join in the laughter.
"Quite the comedians." Vanessa spoke suddenly. My laughter faltered and I turned to glare at her. Remy cleared his throat.
"Bro..." Alex warned. His eyes were on Remy.
I grinned at my master then. "Sorry. Just nerves, I guess."
Remy narrowed his eyes, giving me that tight little smile that signified his disappointment. I dropped my head in sudden shame. But Alex lifted a hand to caress my cheek reassuringly. The affection and tenderness of his simple touch sent a ripple of arousal through me, growing and gathering momentum with every nerve ending it flew across. I leaned in for another kiss, still tentative, but growing bolder. The tip of Alex's tongue soothed my quivering lips. How could he be so calm? Even after Remy's betrayal.
His touch enticed me and I opened to his kiss, sucking the hot flesh of his tongue between my teeth. Lord, it was heaven. My brother, my lover. Have I mentioned what a fantastic kisser my brother is? Words can't describe. What was Lorna thinking when she told Alex she was staying in Genosha with Magneto? I began to wonder if we ever got away and back to our Earth, could I give this up? Could my life ever return to the way things were? I loved Jean. I missed her beyond words. But a need was growing in me, a desire I very soon wouldn't be able to deny. Alex's touch. Alex's kiss. As his fingers began to explore my skin, to rouse my nipples and cause the muscles of my taut abdomen to ripple, the room, the audience, and Remy faded from my thoughts. It was only Alex I felt. Only Alex I saw and heard and tasted. My cock twitched in pain, but it only added to the intensity of his touch.
Alex trailed his tongue across my cheek until he had my earlobe between his teeth, nipping at the soft drop of skin. I thrust my hips up automatically and gasped as cock met cock. A wash of pain surged through me, that melted into agonizing pleasure as Alex let go the earlobe and blew gently into my ear. Pain and pleasure. I never knew the two sensations could become one.
"Kneel down," Alex murmured, not an order. More an urgent suggestion. If I was aroused, it seemed my brother was doubly so. I slid slowly down to my knees, my fingertips grazing his skin as I fell. His hands rested lightly against my forearms to steady my progress. I thought I could feel every nerve I touched ripple upward toward the pleasure centers of his brain, looping back to his groin. His eyes were hooded with a lazy desire, yet held my gaze without effort.
I touched earth with a near jarring sensation that brought me crashing back into the reality of the room. It was quiet, but I heard breathless whispers and a smattering of delighted applause. We were a hit. And in spite of the scorching flush that sprang up once again over my face and shoulders, I couldn't...I wouldn't stop. I tore my eyes from Alex's face to focus on the erection less than an inch from my lips. Kissing the tip, I opened to the taste and drew him in. Humming and smiling, I feasted on something I suddenly realized I had missed and felt Alex shudder. Pavlov's dog. Pavlov's very happily aroused dog. He tasted as wonderful as I remembered from those few short weeks ago. My hunger was rising.
Very soon, Alex couldn't take the heat of my mouth, even restrained by the cock ring, and he pulled away. He was panting as he dropped down beside me. Unable to speak, his own face flushed with desire held in check, he touched my belly with the tips of the fingers of one hand and placed his other hand on the small of my back, guiding me over onto my hands and knees. His fingertips continued to caress my stomach for a long moment, causing me to arch my back cat-like and groan. Alex's fingers on my spine stroked lightly downward until he cupped one of my buttocks. I pushed back into the touch without thinking, remembering the night in the slave quarters when he came close to giving in to temptation. He had wanted only to allay my fears, he said, but I knew better. If I hadn't stopped him because of my fear he would have fucked me. Now he was going to get his chance and I wasn't afraid anymore. Just painfully aroused.
When Alex's hands left my body, I closed my eyes and inhaled slowly, saddened by the loss. But it wasn't long before they were on me again, his fingers slick with lubricant someone had kindly supplied. I couldn't be certain, but I think Remy must have sent a servant to retrieve a bottle, and for that I was grateful. As a finger ran down my crack to enter me, I shivered and shamelessly wiggled my hips. It was astonishing how loose and relaxed I'd become, considering the small crowd that had gathered to watch. But this was Alex. I felt something for him that I felt for no other, not even Jean: a kinship, a blood connection stronger than even love. Jean might not always be my wife. Alex would always be my brother. We were bound by genetics that shaped us and familial ties that drove us. We were alike in so many ways that his touch was like a memory of something I'd never experienced before, yet knew so well.
Soon a second finger followed the first as he prepared me. But it wasn't long before Alex placed the head of his cock against my opening. I felt him hesitate and looked behind me. He had his eyes on Remy, a questioning expression on his face. Alex was asking permission. This angered me. Here Remy had ordered us to perform, commanded Alex to fuck me in front of these leering, jaded people and my brother still looked for allowance. I scowled, my emotions rollercoasting from ecstasy to disgust. But then Remy nodded and Alex released the cock ring around his erection and I realized he was only making sure it was okay to remove the ring.
Alex slid into me as the tiny chains attached to his discarded cock ring clinked against the smooth marble floor. In the face of my sudden anger, I almost wasn't prepared for him and gave a startled hiss at the intrusion. But then he was all the way in me, his torso stretched across my back, his hands roaming my upper body, and his lips trailing down the nape of my neck. The rollercoaster began to ascend back up to heaven.
Alex took me slow and easy at first, long smooth thrusts. I hadn't expected him to show so much control. I was sure he'd spew inside me the moment he entered. But he merely throbbed against the inner tissue, drawing out until just the head was left inside and then driving back in with one fluid stroke. The angle he positioned himself in allowed him to hit my prostate often, driving me to the brink again and again. But I couldn't cum. The device around my own cock wouldn't let me. And when I looked at Remy, begging for release with my eyes, he shook his head. Tears of frustration sprang to my eyes, but I couldn't disobey him.
Even Alex turned to look at Remy as if to plead my case. Our master was adamant. I would not be allowed to climax in front of these people. I dropped my head, biting my lip in resentment. Alex resumed his rhythm, increasing the pace. His touch became cruel at times, his fingers brushing up against my painfully unfulfilled cock purposefully once he discovered that I'd clinch the muscles of my ass tightly everytime he did this, driving him wild.
I was becoming a bundle of raw, exposed nerves. There was pleasure and there was agony. My need was thrown to the wayside for entertainment. It was torture, plain and simple, as painful and humiliating as a public flogging. And the crowd loved it. I couldn't supress the sobs that ripped from my throat whenever Alex drove into me particularly hard. My breath came in gulps. The wonderful sensations of minutes ago had now turned to torment, the pain more acute, overwhelming the pleasure and I only sought an end. I pushed back roughly against my brother, impaling myself harder and harder on his cock, trying to force him over the edge. The audience was getting louder, more excited, shouting their lewd encouragements. Alex was relentless and insatiable. I thought he was going to keep this up for hours.
My ass became sore, and my body ached from the strain and tension of the situation. It was worse than the whipping. But when I was certain I wouldn't be able to take much more, ready to pull away from Alex and run, he reached up under my arms and forced me into his lap, slamming as deep into me as he could go, my body bouncing over and over upon his pole. Then his groan of pleasure echoed in my brain as he released his seed far up inside my bowels.
The crowd roared. I let out a long exhale in relief, dropping my head back against my brother's shoulder. He wrapped his sweat-soaked arms tightly around me, sucking on my hot wet skin and cooing gentle endearments to sooth away the tears that ran down my face.
"Scott...it's okay...it's good, God it's good. I'm sorry...you're so tight, so sweet. Ah...I could stay like this forever." And on and on he whispered breathlessly until the throbbing of my angry erection began to ease and my tears subsided.
Remy was watching us intently. I thought he almost looked angry. His eyes were narrowed and his lips drawn tight. He had his right cheek resting on two knuckles, his elbow pressed into the arm rest of the throne. And when Vanessa placed a delicate hand on his shoulder, he shrugged it off. I gave them both a lazy wicked smile. *They're jealous,* I imagined, relishing the fantasy. Remy was jealous of Alex and Vanessa was jealous of the both of us.
Suddenly Remy stood up, silencing the cheering and drunken shouts of the crowd. He smiled brilliantly, the smile of a legend born, and strode to us with a wave of his hand. An attendant pushed his way through the onlookers to reach Remy just as he came to a halt beside us. In the servant's hand were the two gold leashes that had been discarded sometime earlier in the night. He handed them to our master and stepped away. After snapping them in place he coaxed me, surprisingly gently, to my feet. It was an effort to pull myself up off Alex to my knees and then rise to stand. When I'd managed it, sharp needling sensations ran through my calves making me wince. Remy held out a graceful hand and I took it gratefully, steadying myself.
Alex, too, stood with some discomfort, retrieving the cock ring as he rose. We took our places on either side of Remy and a few steps respectfully behind. When we were situated, Remy addressed his subjects.
"I thank you all for coming to this grand event. My boys thank you also for your attendance and admiration. As you can see, it is richly deserved." There was a burst of laughter from the people. As it died down, Remy continued in a light, friendly tone. "But of course I can see that my boys are tired and as a conscientious master should, I must put them to bed." Another twitter from the audience. "And so we shall retire. All are welcome to remain and enjoy my hospitality. If you are tired or have a long journey home and would like a room to rest in before you leave, please ask the attendants. They will be more than happy to serve you in whatever capacity you desire." I couldn't see Remy's face, but I was certain he had winked. Hands came up among the women in the audience to cover giggles and smiles. The men chortled. The attendants must have been slaves. "I bid you good night."
With that, Remy stepped forward as the crowd parted and led us up the stairs.


Chapter Twenty-Seven

It was slow going for me. My erection was even more painful now than when he'd first placed the device around it. It was also more swollen and knocked against my belly as I walked, drawing grunts and hisses from me. My ass felt loose and raw, the friction from Alex's long hard moments of thrusting and the final brutal piercing throbbed unmercifully. A possibly irrational anger toward Alex rose up in me. He could have been gentler. Especially when Remy refused to let the device be released. So, as we made our way back to Remy's bedroom and my prison cell, although I stumbled several times, I waved away any help from Alex with a quiet fury.
Remy, as on our way to the event, said nothing. But he didn't rush me, for which I was grudgingly appreciative. He stopped on occasion to let me catch myself and he left a good deal of slack on my leash. Once or twice he placed an encouraging hand on my arm, catching my eye with a tender look. I wanted to wave him away also, but knew I might be punished for it. He might consider leaving the device in place for the night, and I didn't think I'd be able to take that without cursing him and suffering further punishment. So I tried to keep my face passive as I looked at him.
After his help was rebuffed a few times, Alex wouldn't look directly at me. But I could see him giving me side-long glances, his face subdued. I remained angry and in pain.
Finally we made it to the suite. As we passed the study, Remy ordered us to go into the bedroom. We did as he said. When I opened the door I moved to stand just inside to the right just waiting, wondering what Remy was doing.
"Scott..." Alex began as he turned to look at me.
"Don't." I interrupted him, a warning in my tone. I didn't look up at him.
"It wasn't..."
"Shut up, Alex." I growled. "Just shut up. Okay?" I looked up at him then. Pain was there in his eyes. And guilt and anger too. His mouth was still open as if he were about to speak.
But then Remy entered the room and Alex turned to face him. Remy's circlet and medallion of office was gone. He must have secured them in the study. He looked at us as he began to unclasp the buckles on his vest saying nothing. When he'd shrugged off the garment he tossed it over his arm and walked over to the armoire. As he opened the doors, he said very casually, "Alex, remove the device from your brother and put his cock in your mouth. Take care of him, cher."
Alex's eyes went wide. Now they only held anger in them. "No." He said.
Remy glanced at him. "Alex..." He warned.
"No. You never said..." Alex gritted his teeth.
"There were a good many things I never said. Now do as I say."
My eyes went from Remy to Alex and I gave him a wicked gleeful smile. "Oh come on Alex. Take care of your brother." Where had the brotherly love gone? The kinship I'd felt when he'd first touched me during the performance? All I felt was resentment. And perhaps envy because he'd been allowed to cum inside me.
"No." Alex straightened, remaining firm. Remy ignored him for the moment and hung the vest in the armoire. Then he closed the doors and strode over to my brother, cracking him across the face.
"Must I punish you, cher? You know what could happen if you refuse me. Or perhaps I should have your brother whipped in front of you?" My grin faltered.
Alex swallowed. Slowly he walked over to me and knelt down, ignoring my gaze. His face was a portrait in controlled rage as he unsnapped the device, letting it clatter to the floor. I blew out a sharp exhale of relief, almost losing it right then and there. I wasn't sure if I would have cared or not. I really just wanted to ejaculate. Although the warmth of my brother's mouth, I knew with out a doubt, would be fantastic.
"Watch the teeth," I said smugly, patting him on the head. He sneered, but made no reply. After a moment's hesitation he engulfed my erection, taking it all the way down. I threw my head back, my eyes closed in ectasy, moaning in pleasure. I was close, so close.
Remy came near, running a hand down my back and placing a kiss on my cheek. Then he bent down to murmur in Alex's ear. Tears began to flow down his face as he continued to lick and suck my cock. Then Remy stood up and spoke quietly to me. "Your brother believed he would be your master. He took the training too far." I blinked at him slowly, thrusting my hips in time to Alex's pace. "He t'ought I would give you to him. T'ought I would be finished wit' you someday. I did tell him he'd be able to have you. I never told him when or where. What he must understand is dat you two are equals here. Neither one better dan de other. I care for you bot' equally. And I am your master here. Always."
With that I thrust deep into Alex's mouth climaxing with enormous force. He swallowed it all. When he finished he drew away with a sob and dropped onto his hands.
As I stood over him catching my breath, Remy put an arm around my waist. "You're brot'er's always been jealous of you. You, de respected leader of de X-men. De love of Professor Xavier and Jean. Always Jean in your life. Alex loves you, but he feels less dan you. He t'ought he could be better dan you here. Dat I would care for him more. Dat was wrong of him."
I looked at Alex. There was that barrier again. That need to one up each other. And I'd played into it with my own envy and anger. "Do you love your brot'er, Scott?" Remy asked me.
"Of course I do." I replied instantly.
"Den let him know. I'll have no hate between you two."
I bent down next to Alex, stroking his back. "Alex?"
"I didn't want it to happen that way," he whispered.
"I know." I said. I wasn't sure how to go on for a moment. But finally I had to ask, "How can you think I'm better than you? I mean, you're the one who got chosen by a family at the orphanage."
Alex said nothing for a long time. Finally he turned to look up at me, his face tear-streaked and miserable. "They didn't want me for me. They wanted a replacement for the son they lost. I just happened to look like him. Why do you think I never kept in touch with them. It wasn't much better for me there than for you at the orphanage." He paused, closing his eyes. "And as twisted as it sounds, you didn't leave the orphanage because of Sinister. He pulled the strings to keep you there. He didn't want me. I was the weak link in the Summers clan. Pretty much expendable. You're the chosen one. You're the one who everyone wants. You're the one I...can't live up to." He dropped his head.
"Alex...that's got to be the stupidest thing I've ever heard come out of your mouth," I said gently. "And you've said some really stupid things before."
Alex frowned. "Oh yeah? Well you've said some dumb things yourself."
I patted his back. "Yep. Like when I told you how glad I was that you were getting adopted so I wouldn't have to take care of you anymore." I bent my head down low to his ear. "I'm sorry, Alex. I didn't mean it. But I never told you how sorry I was for saying it."
Suddenly Alex launched himself at me, knocking me onto my back. "I ought to knock you upside the head for that." He growled. Then he smiled, his face lighting up like Christmas. "You mean it? You wouldn't have cared having your little obnoxious brother hanging around?"
I cuffed him across the ear. "Naw. It would have been nice to have someone I could have picked on there."
"Yeah?" He asked. "Who used to get pissed off more?"
I chuckled. "Okay. You were better at pushing my buttons." I gave him a serious look then, tenderly wiping a few stray tears from his cheek with my thumb, and said, "I missed you. It was even worse there after you left. If it hadn't been for Xavier..." I stopped, feeling choked up at the memories that were being dredged up.
"I know." Alex said. "Those jerks who adopted me didn't want me to have contact with you. They didn't want to be reminded that I wasn't their son and that I had a brother."
"Well you have a brother, whether you want one or not. And a brother who loves you." I put a hand to his forehead, pushing the strands away to see his beautiful eyes. "And a brother who's no better than you. You took care of Maddy when I was a such a prick to her and Nathan. I never thanked you for that."
"Don't thank me, Scott. It wasn't such a noble thing to do." He closed his eyes and pressed his face into my hand. "She used me. She was getting her revenge on you. I was an easy target. They all want you."
"Shut up Alex," I chided. "It doesn't matter. I'm no better than you. Okay?"
He nodded. "Okay." But the doubt was still there in his voice.
"Alex..." I said sternly. "I want you say it. I'm no better than you."
Alex grinned. "I'm no better than you."
I cuffed him again. "Brat."
"Stop it, Alex."
"Stop it, Alex." He said in his annoying obnoxious little brother voice. There was only one thing to do. I grabbed him by the nape of his neck and pulled him in for a kiss. It was a hungry kiss, full of need. Full of desire to let him know how much he meant to me. I bit into his lower lip, nearly drawing blood, and he gasped. Then I was thrusting my tongue deep into his throat, encouraging him to suckle it hungrily. He shifted on top of my body, undulating to the heat rising from our groins. When I had him where I wanted him, writhing with intense desire, I pulled my tongue out of his mouth and kissed my way to his ear.
"Say it, Alex. Tell me I'm no better than you."
"You're no better than me." He breathed. I bit into his earlobe.
"Right." I murmured. "And you're one hell of a kisser, bro."
Alex lifted up to gaze down at me. "Really?" He asked, astonished.
"Don't know why Lorna didn't come running back to you after you returned from the dead. I would have, just to get a kiss."
I saw fleeting moment of pain cross his eyes, then he looked away. "I'm sorry, Alex." I said. "I didn't mean to remind you of her."
"It's okay." He replied. Then he grinned. "See? You do say some stupid things."
"Hey. I never claimed to be perfect. Now are you going to forgive me with a kiss? Or do I have to just take it?" I asked mischievously.
There was a tired chuckle above us. "I t'ink dat's enough brot'erly love for tonight, eh?"
We both looked up at Remy staring down at us. You'd have thought my face would have blistered from the amount of times I'd blushed since I'd arrived here. I'd forgotten Remy was there, so caught up in the moment with my brother. Swiftly, I pushed Alex off of me and stood up. I glanced at Remy to make sure he wasn't angry. I didn't want to incur his jealousy at this point. After all, he'd given me something precious. He'd brought to the fore all the insecurities my brother and I felt toward one another. And by doing so we'd been able to wipe away years of bitterness that had always been there, slithering just beneath the surface. But Remy was smiling benevolently, so I offered my hand to Alex, helping him up off the floor.
"Give me de chains around your waist and de wrist bands," Remy ordered. "Den go and clean off dat oil. I'll join you two in a minute."
Alex and I removed the adornments and handed them over. I think we were both relieved to be rid of the ornamentation. We went into the bathroom, leaving Remy standing by the door, looking at the chains. I glanced back at him, wondering fleetingly what he was thinking. But then Alex nudged me and I stepped into the bathing area.
"Tub or shower?" I asked.
"Shower." Alex said without hesitating. "I'd feel cleaner."
I smiled. "Wash off the stench of that crowd?"
"God, yes." He replied, stretching his arms up and bending them behind his head in an unconsciously sensual pose. He headed to the shower stall.
"And me?" I asked. Where had that come from? Was I still insecure about my brother's love? Alex stopped and turned slightly to look at me through the opening between his bent elbow and his head. Then he dropped his arms and came back over to me.
"Don't be stupid," Alex said, lightly cuffing me on the side of my head.
I laughed. "Okay. But you still owe me that kiss." I was shameless. All I could think about was touching him again. My cock twitched in anticipation.
Alex smiled knowingly. "Maybe. In a moment." Then he walked back into the shower, leaving me shaking my head in exasperation. I followed a minute later. As I stepped into the stall, Alex grabbed me aggressively, shoving me up against the wall. He gave me little time to catch my breath before he claimed my mouth, demanding entrance immediately. I responded in kind, matching his passion. Using my knee, I eased his legs apart and caressed his sack with my thigh. Alex gasped and opened his mouth wider, allowing me to thrust deeper with my tongue. He forced his body so close into mine, it was as if he wanted to melt into my skin.
"How's that?" He asked when we finally broke for air.
"Mmmm...nice." I answered, my voice thick with desire. I sighed when he pulled away. But he smiled, letting me know he wasn't finished.
"We better get cleaned up."
I nodded, slowly pushing myself off the wall. Alex was under the spray already, rinsing the last traces of oil and sweat from his skin. His back was turned to me. Still overwhelmed by the urge to touch him, I grabbed a sponge, poured some liquid soap on it and began to lather his back.
"Ah..." Alex leaned back toward me, his head falling onto my shoulder as he luxuriated in my touch. I took my time, stroking every inch of him. As he turned to face me, he took some of the soapy lather I'd made and began to spread it across my chest. Soon we were engaged in playfully cleaning each other, fingers gliding and teasing over slick flesh, caressing, pinching, cupping. It was more affectionate than passionate. I felt the heat travel to my groin, but there was no driving need, no urgency in my touches. Alex, I noticed, was only half erect.
So I was a little surprised when my brother, having turned me around to wash my back, knelt down behind me and ran his tongue along the crack of my ass. I shivered in delight. Yet despite the pleasure, it felt a bit uncomfortable, unseemly, so I said, "You don't have to do that, Alex."
I almost lost it when he looked up at me and said, "I want to, bro. We're equals, remember. I'm no better than you. And besides, you look so inviting from my perspective."
Without another word I leaned into the wall, spreading my legs to allow him better access. Alex was exquisite. The tip of his tongue circled the rim of my opening teasingly, causing the muscle to spasm and shoot fire to my groin. Then he drifted lazily up and down across the tightness to relax me, to get me to trust and open for him. Alex had wrapped his arms around my thighs so that his hands gripped the area on the inner part next to my sack, his fingers smoothing the hair on the sensitive underside. I bucked in his grasp several times, groaning and clenching my fists. But he held me firm, his tongue finally working its way past the sphincter. I writhed and moaned as he fucked me with his tongue. Waves of euphoria crashed over me as he reached deep inside cleaning the tender red flesh. The spray of the warm water helped to magnify every sensation. I was so close to cumming, when Alex suddenly stood up, pulled me close and drove his cock deep inside me with one thrust. I gasped. When he had seated himself firmly in my body, I turned my head panting and said, "What about Remy?"
"Fuck him!" Alex growled. "You want this, don't you?" He emphasized the last few words by thrusting his hips harder, going even deeper.
"Yes!" I rasped.
Alex rode me hard then. Harder than Remy ever had. And I loved it! We were in a frenzy. I had to throw my arms out at one point to keep from hitting my head against the wall. His hands slipped down my hips, gripping them roughly to plunge into me deeper and more furious than I'd ever had it, making sure I'd have a hard time sitting for the next few days. Then his fingers curled around my shaft and he began to pump it hard and fast, matching the fury of his drive. I swung my head from side to side, clenching the muscles of my ass in time to the pace he set, drawing moans and gasps from his lips.
As we neared the ending, ready and yet a little angry that it had to end, Alex whispered in my ear, "Cum for me Scott." Then he dropped his head to bite deep into my shoulder.
"Alex!" I cried as my back arched and I exploded across his hands, feeling him release a moment later inside me. I'd never get enough of this, I realized in my ecstatic state.
Alex collapsed against my body echoing my thoughts. "Jesus, Scott, if I'd known it would be this good, I'd have ravished you years ago."
His words sent my emotions rocketing back and forth between the high of the afterglow and the desolation at my coming addiction. Jean would never be enough. I panted for a moment, pulling my emotions back inside, not wanting to hurt Alex with my gloomy thoughts. When I'd recovered enough, I snorted through a pant, retorting, "I'd have kicked your ass, you fairy!"
Alex chuckled. "You and whose army?"
I pulled off him and turned around to face him. "Xavier's, of course." We laughed, brothers and friends and I hugged him to me, feeling better in our mutual affection. Let the addiction come then. I almost welcomed it, if it meant being this close to Alex.
After a moment I pulled away. "I wonder where Remy got to?" I just couldn't help asking. He'd been so much a part of my life these last few weeks, it was almost strange for him not to be near. Another growing addiction?
"Who gives a shit?" Alex snapped.
I raised an eyebrow and gave him a cute little smile.
He sniffed. "Well I only give a shit because he can activate this collar." His tone was surly.
I laughed, knowing he was lying. As much as I would have been lying had I said the same thing. "Come on." I said. "Let's get cleaned up. Might as well not give him any reason to activate it."
We rinsed off the sweat and product of our passion. And when Remy still hadn't appeared, we toweled each other off and went back into the bedroom. Our master was curled up on the bed asleep and looking so much like a naughty little boy, I just had to reach out and twirl a strand of his hair around my finger. He'd removed his boots and his shirt was crumpled up next to him on the bed, leaving him clad only in the revealing leggings. Why did he have to look so damn gorgeous? I just couldn't hate him.
I looked at Alex. He'd crawled up onto the bed next to Remy. And for all his harsh comments earlier, his eyes held a tenderness in them. His fingers trailed down Remy's spine, seeming to have a will of their own. Bending down to Remy's ear, he murmured, "Master?" Remy stirred slightly and rolled onto his back with one arm thrown across his eyes. Alex gave me a mischievous smile.
I placed a hand on Remy's belly and then slid it slowly down until I cupped his groin. As I cleared my throat, I said, "Master? Would you like me to suck your cock?"
Remy didn't move, but he said sleepily, "Don' be vulgar, cher."
Alex snorted as I grinned. "Okay." I agreed. "Would you like me to take care of this?" I squeezed his cock gently, feeling a slight twitch.
"Non." He replied. "Been a long day. I need to sleep. And I'd t'ink you two'd be pretty tired too...after dat shower."
So he knew. But his voice didn't express any anger. That was a good thing. I reached up under his hips and tugged at the zipper of his pants. "Let's get you more comfortable then." I said. He lifted his hips slightly so I could pull them off. I took the pants and shirt, folded them and put them over one of the sitting chairs. Then I crawled up along side Remy, pulling the sheet over all three of us. Alex had already snuggled down next to Remy, his eyes closed. I did the same, my head resting in the bend of his shoulder and arm. He wrapped an arm around me and placed a soft kiss on my brow.
"Merci, my beauty." Remy murmured. His breathing soon began to slow and he dropped off to sleep. I opened my eyes to find my brother mirroring my position and watching me. He smiled in the dim light and raised a hand to caress my cheek. Then he, too, drifted off to sleep.
I lay there for a while, too keyed up to sleep, just thinking about the party, my brother, and Remy. My mind skimmed the surface of my memories, feeling, in general, content. My brother and I had closed old wounds, and Remy was making no further demands on me tonight. I was actually a little surprised. As far as I had considered, Remy lived for sex. Now he had his two 'prizes' alone together for the first time in weeks, and all he wanted to do was sleep. Odd. But then my thoughts lingered on that moment when he'd let me experience the love he felt for me. Maybe his love was genuine. If so, then it went beyond sex. Having me near was the important thing. It was similar to the love I bore for Jean. I enjoyed her company. The sex was incredible, but it didn't define our relationship.
Yet what kind of relationship could I have with Remy? He couldn't trust me not to try to escape. At least not this early in my slavery. And I couldn't trust him not to hurt me, physically and mentally. I hadn't reached the point where I really missed him when he was gone. But I did enjoy his company at times. After all, he was usually the only one who spoke to me. The servants ignored me in general, only interested in my physical comfort. I began to wonder if I'd ever get to a point where I wouldn't want to escape. Would Remy trust me then? Would he treat me as more than just a pleasure slave? A part of me hoped that he would. And a part of me hoped that in time he'd set my brother and I free. My thoughts were becoming more and more complicated. Too much to think about, too much to dream about. I let my mind wander again and finally fell asleep.
I was awaken by a gentle bump against my shoulder. In my sleep I'd rolled on my side away from Remy. Groggily I turned to look back over my shoulder to see what had woken me. Remy and Alex were locked in a passionate embrace. I blinked and turned over without thinking, my cock coming to life at the erotic scene before me. My brother was stretched over my master sucking on Remy's tongue. His hands were gliding up and down the length of Remy's body. Remy had one hand firmly pressed against the back of Alex's head and his other hand was exploring the tight flesh of Alex's ass, one finger occasionally running the length of his crack. They didn't even seem to notice me when I moved to get a better look.
Caught up in watching the two beautiful men lying next to me feasting on each other, my hand slid down to my groin. I began to stroke myself running my eyes over the two, catching every sensual gesture they made. It was unbelievably hot. You could have fried an egg in the heat rising from the bed. Apparently jealousy was no longer an issue for Remy. Or had he really been jealous of me? Was Alex his true favorite and I just completed the matching set?
When they broke for air Alex looked over at me and down at my groin. He grinned and looked back at Remy. There was some unspoken acknowledgement between the two, and Alex reached to push my hands away and grasp my cock. I settled back on the bed with a sigh, my eyes half closed in bliss. Remy had lifted his head off the bed to kiss Alex's neck. I think he must have whispered something to my brother because suddenly Alex was on his hands and knees above me, his mouth engulfing my hardness and his own erection dangling temptingly above my lips.
"Take it, cher," Remy murmured in my ear. He didn't have to ask twice. I sucked in Alex with a moan as he opened his mouth wider and dropped down the length of my shaft, swallowing it completely. A quiet humming rose from his throat vibrating against my swollen cock. It was heavenly and spurred me on to pull him in deeper.
Remy had risen to his knees. And when I opened my eyes to the sudden shift of his weight, I could see him above me, placing his knees on either side of my head as he spread Alex's legs. I felt my brother grunt around the head of my cock and knew Remy had entered him. He could no longer thrust into my mouth as Remy held him in place, so I lifted my head to fuck him harder with my lips and tongue. It wasn't long before I was feeling the familiar and incredibly wonderful tightening in my groin. Remy must have been close to the edge too, because his empathetic power began to wash over me. Alex shuddered above me, his mouth dove down onto my length, and I came in a frenzy, thrusting hard into his tight hot throat. He swallowed it all, not losing a drop. Then I felt his own seed hit the back of my throat and it was my turn to dutifully swallow every tasty drop.
Remy climaxed at the same time, stopping his thrusting above me and letting out a soft "mais oui." After a moment he pulled out of my brother and collapsed beside me muttering to himself pleasantly in Cajun and French. Alex lifted to his knees stretching luxuriously above me. Then he smiled down at me, inched back a pace and bent to kiss me tenderly, before climbing over Remy to spoon up against his back. No words were spoken. Remy pulled me close into that favorite position of his: my back up against his chest, my ass against his groin, and one of his hands cupping my cock and balls possessively. It wasn't long before I was immersed in feelings of peace and safety and lulled back into sleep.


Chapter Twenty-Eight

I woke the next morning in the same position. Only it was Alex who was holding me. As I started to pull away, his hand tightened around my belly.
"Don't go," he mumbled into my neck.
"Where's Remy?" I asked, curious.
Alex drew back with a sigh. It probably hadn't been the most judicious question to ask him. But there wasn't any sound of resentment in his voice when he said, "Gone. He left earlier. Government business, I suppose."
"Oh." I replied a little disappointed. I began to pull away again but Alex repeated his request.
"I have to pee." I said.
Alex chuckled and released me, snuggling down into the sheets as I rose stiffly to my feet. I smiled affectionately when he grabbed a pillow and wrapped his arms around it, hugging it close. He was adorable. When I looked away I saw that the sun was high in the sky. How long had Remy been gone?
Shrugging, I went into the bathroom. My body felt as if it had run a marathon. My ass was aching from the night's onslaught, and I had to walk slowly. It was several moments before I moved without looking as if I had been well and truly fucked.
When I returned from using the toilet, Remy was back leaning over Alex. My brother was laughing. "Stop it!" He hollered. I snorted as I got closer to the bed. Remy was actually tickling Alex. He stopped when he heard me.
"Ah, mon cher," he said smiling with delight and coming over to take my face in his hands. He kissed me soundly. "I'm glad I only had to torture one of you awake." Remy quipped when he broke the kiss. Taking my hand, he led me back to the bed and smacked my brother on the ass. Alex grunted but didn't move.
"Get up! You lazy t'ing," He ordered, "or you won't get to come on de picnic."
Alex perked up at that. "Picnic?" He inquired sitting up.
"Oui. It's a lovely day. I t'ought I'd take you two out into de gardens for a while."
"Cool." My brother said, so like a cute ten year old. I had to grin.
"C'mon den. You need a shower." Remy laughed pinching his nose. I chuckled.
"We both do."
"Den hurry up! Or I'll leave de bot' of you here." Remy warned. Alex jumped to his feet continuing his impression of an excited ten year old boy. He grabbed my hand and dragged me back to the bathroom. He seemed energetic, but then the blood returned to the stiff muscles he'd abused last night and he stumbled once with a laugh. He was as sore as I was.
"Just be a moment, Master." He called back over his shoulder. I could still hear Remy laughing.
A shower and some healing gel helped to rejuvenate aching muscles, and fifteen minutes later, Remy was leading us through the palace. As we stepped outside into a winding extensive garden, I came to a dead stop. The sight before my eyes was gloriously landscaped, thousands of flowers in every color imaginable in bloom. I gaped. I must have been gaping. The sheer volume of color set my brain on fire, nearly overloading my sense of sight. I hadn't known. I hadn't been prepared. Vivid reds, pinks, exotic purples with white overlay, forest greens of the leaves, the silver brown of the trunks of trees, the baby blue of the sky with the sun shimmering down, it's brilliance dancing across the life. I felt like a dying man given another chance to live. Compared to the dimly lit room in which I'd lived for the last few weeks, and even the bright festive ballroom of last night, the open sky and sun upon the glory of the colors was paradise.
And a little frightening. It'd been years since I'd looked at nature through unfiltered eyes. That time with Jean, or actually the Phoenix entity, when she had held my powers in check so she could see my eyes had lasted for only a few precious moments. She couldn't hold the power back for very long. And before that, I hadn't seen the world in full color since I'd been shackled with the ruby quartz glasses at the start of puberty. Suddenly my captivity and the inhibitor collar around my neck seemed such a small price to pay for the vision before me. And I think I fell in love with Remy as I stood there. A chill went through me as I realized I would have gone through this entire ordeal again for this one moment in time. And Remy was giving me even more time out here in the blessed beautiful open world with my full sight.
Remy stopped in front of me when he felt the leather leash he'd attached to my collar go taut. I wouldn't budge. Not yet. He turned and smiled. For a moment he seemed puzzled and I don't think he fully realized why I wasn't moving. But then he looked into my searching, darting eyes as they tried to take it all in, tried desperately to memorize the view before the veil of red was dropped back down and the world became hazy and distorted again. And he knew. He knew what he'd just given me. And I loved him and I hated him.
Remy came back to me slowly, as if to keep me from bolting like a skittish colt. He circled my nervously twitching body, alive with delight and fear, and wrapped his arms carefully around my waist.
"Like what you see, mon cher?" He whispered in my ear. I shuddered visibly. I shut my eyes then and curled my lips in a delirious grin. The day was warm, yet a gentle breeze was keeping us comfortably cool. And as I blocked the view from my eyes, the sensation of being outside in nothing but the inhibitor collar hit me with exhilaration.
"Yeah," I let out breathlessly. When I opened my eyes the scene before me wasn't quite so overwhelming, but still exquisite. Alex was standing just a step in front of me and to the side looking at us in awe and perhaps nervousness, as if I were a blind man and Remy had just given me sight.
Remy laughed and stepped back around me tugging on the leash. "C'mon pet. Dis t'ief hungry. 'Aven't had a bite all day." I was immediately thankful he didn't ask for my gratitude. It would have broken the spell he had on me and would have made him look petty. For some reason unknown to me, or perhaps denied by my consciousness, I didn't want him diminished in my eyes.
Slowly we made our way along a white stone path, Alex and I treading carefully in our bare feet. The path ran between rows of wildflowers and ended at a narrow dirt road. We walked through a small group of dogwoods and into a wide clearing. The first thing I noticed was a white linen cloth spread out in the middle of the glade. An ordinary wicker picnic basket sat next to it. And a small plastic cooler had been placed opposite the basket. I scanned the rest of the area with pleasure. Tiny white flowers dotted the grass. A deep forest surrounded the clearing on three sides appearing to extend a good way from the palace.
Remy led us over to the picnic area and bade us sit. Seeing as there were no servants to attend us, I knelt down next to the basket and began to unpack it. Remy seemed pleased with my initiative and it felt suddenly nice to be able to do this for him. Meanwhile, Alex was digging around in the cooler. He brought out a bottle of wine and a jug of fruit juice. Remy allowed us each one glass of the dry white wine. He wouldn't have us drunk. And thankfully he let us feed ourselves. A rare treat in his presence. But then we were all on an equal level today, seated casually on the ground.
In the picnic basket I found fruit and cheese, cold meat and bread. There was a fancy mustard spread and something like mayonnaise. Plates and glasses and utensils had been made available. And on the bottom was cheesecake smothered in strawberry sauce. I made Remy a sandwich with the cold cuts and cheese and served it to him with a handful of grapes. He took what I offered with a gentle affectionate smile and lay back on his side to eat. He was dressed in what I took to be casual attire for this universe: a dark blue short sleeve tunic trimmed in black over tight black trousers that fit taut against his black leather boots. The blue color didn't suit him in the bright daylight. His skin looked too pale, almost sallow. And his hair clashed with the blue. Regardless, his casual demeanor brightened his look and I couldn't deny that the smile he gave me set my heart to beating just a shade faster.
I quickly looked away, slightly embarrassed by Remy's sweet attention and began fixing another sandwich for Alex while he poured us all a glass of wine. Then I sat up Indian style and made a sandwich for myself. Alex reclined on the ground like Remy. We ate in a comfortable silence. I almost thought to make a toast, but soon realized how ridiculous that would have been. What did I have to toast? Remy. For letting us outside? Toasting him for showing how good it can feel being fucked by another man? Or maybe I could raise my glass to him for taking away all the responsibilities I had had and making me his slave? So many things to be grateful for, I thought sarcastically. I kept my mouth shut.
After a few more sandwiches and fruit, we shared the cheesecake with appreciative sighs. Alex groaned after he finished his piece and sprawled on his back. "Any more meals like that and I'll be fat."
Remy chuckled and sat up. "You been slackin' off at de gym."
"No." Alex replied, his eyes closed and a smile on his lips.
I looked from Remy to Alex and back again, puzzled. Gym? As if reading my thoughts Remy said to Alex, "Dis afternoon I want you to take Scott to de gym and show him de facilities, d'ccord?" Alex opened an eye and nodded. "He needs to start working out again. I don' want you two getting soft on me." Remy continued. "No fat slaves in my palace. And you'll start back on de diet I require."
Alex groaned. But Remy tut-tutted him silent. "Cher, you know it's good for you. And don' go making Scott believe it isn't appetizing." He winked at me. "De chef to de slaves is one of de best in de country. I even stay on de diet most nights." Remy must have finally noticed the baffled expression on my face because he asked, "What, mon cher? Did you t'ink I would have you while away your life in my bedroom, laying about, waiting for me to come home?"
"I can't say I knew what to think." I answered tentatively.
Remy chuckled. "I suppose not. Dis isn't de kind of life you're use to." Alex snorted, his eyes still closed, and one hand tucked beneath his head. I glared at him for a moment before looking back at Remy. My master continued. "You'll exercise regularly. Alex will show you where de gym is. You can go dere anytime you want when I don' require your company. I do expect you to workout six times a week. I won' have you turning lazy and fat. De gym is fully equipped."
Remy looked over at Alex. "Are you listening to me, you lazy chien?" Alex opened his eyes and glanced at Remy.
"Me?" He asked.
"Yes you, pet. Sit up and listen!" Remy's voice was playful, but there was an underlying tightness in the tone that demanded obedience. Alex sat up quickly. "I'm only going to tell you dis once." Remy directed his voice to both of us. "I have a country to run and I'm a very busy man, n'est ces pas? Most days I'll be gone from early in de morning until late. During de day you may go to de gym or come out here to de garden. I won' have you wandering around de palace, d'ccord?" He paused and waited for us to nod our understanding. "For now, you'll live in my bedroom. And unless I am wit' you, de gym and de gardens are de only ot'er places you may go."
"What about the slave quarters?" Alex asked with his eyes narrowed just a touch.
Remy shook his head. "Dere is no need for you to go dere. Unless I send you dere for whatever reason I choose."
Alex looked away, his lips drawn tight in irritation. "Don' sulk, Alex," Remy warned. Then he cocked his head and said, "Come here, cher." Alex grumbled, but reluctantly crawled over to Remy. After whispering something into Alex's ear, my brother's face lit up just a bit and his lips quirked up in a hesitant smile.
"Okay," He nodded and met my narrowed gaze. I didn't like their secrets. They had to be discussing the slave Alex cared for. I felt a twinge of jealousy. But then Alex beamed at me and I melted. God, he was so beautiful. His secret love bore no malice toward me. If I could love Jean and him equally, then he could share his love too.
At that point Remy laid back cradling his head on one arm and coaxing Alex down so that his head rested on Remy's belly. "Mon cheres," Remy said, "occasionally I will take you wit' me to council. I can' keep you all to m'self. De councilors will expect to see you bot' at times. And of course I certainly don' mind showing you off." His smile turned mischievous. He was quiet for a time, lost in his own thoughts. They must have been pleasant, because I began to feel warm and a tingle ran up my spine. Looking at the two, lying so comfortably nearby, I had the urge to join them. Whether it was the empathetic sensations coming from Remy, or my own need to join in their comfort I could not say. Whatever it was, I soon found myself scooting over to them and lifting Remy's head, pillowed it on my stomach. Then I stretched out and rested my own head on Alex's abdomen. I closed my eyes then, luxuriating in the blissful waves of pleasure. Alex's fingers drifted down to comb through my hair. The scrap of his nails along my scalp increased the intoxicating feel of his caress. I was floating peacefully when Remy's voice broke through my sleepy thoughts, rousing me back to full wakefulness.
"I won't deny dat your life here will be very different dan you're use to. It will seem boring at times. But I don' want to see you two sleeping all day. You 'ave an opportunity here." He looked up at me, his red eyes glowing warmly. "Dis is a time for you to develop a talent you might have had to ignore because of de crises dat arose in your life as X-men. Do you have any hobbies, Scott?"
I blinked at him. "No." I answered warily. "Not really. I never had much time for one."
"Dere. You see? Now you'll 'ave de time to indulge in one." Remy grinned, pleased with himself. "Tell me, is dere anyt'ing you wished you had time to learn?"
I looked up into the bright blue sky and inhaled deeply. Being an X-man had left me little time to indulge in a normal activity like a hobby. But I can't say that I'd actually felt a loss because of it. There just never had been time to think about what I would have done had I been normal, an average wage-earning joe. I couldn't even really say with any certainty what career I would have chosen. Unlike Alex I never went to college. Never felt I could have with my eyes. Too many opportunities to screw up and bring down a building or two. A High School diploma was the most I'd achieved in any kind of formal training. And that had come through Professor Xavier.
"I guess there are somethings I'd like to learn. I'm just not sure." I finally answered. "I don't know. I mean what are my options here?"
Remy chuckled as if I'd made some kind of joke. "Well of course anyt'ing dat might require clothes would be out." So that was what had struck him so funny. "Unless it had some entertainment value." Remy reached a hand out to stroke my calf sending a shiver up the length of my body. "But now Alex; he's started to write. And I let him wear a protective apron when he's in his workshop."
I tilted my head to look up at my brother's face. His eyes were closed, but he was nodding. "Workshop?" I asked.
"Oui." Remy replied. "He likes to make t'ings; furniture mostly. He's already finished a beautiful end table I'm giving to one of de councilors as a birt'day present."
"Oh." Then I remembered something. "Didn't you make most of that furniture in the house you and Lorna were living in out in New Mexico?"
"Yep." Alex replied. He'd been very handy with tools.
"Writing?" I asked.
"Yep. Never had much time for it before."
"Alex is going to write plays for de ot'er slaves to enact when I must host parties and provide entertainment." Remy explained. "And he promises to write stories for my own entertainment."
"Bedtime stories?" I smirked.
Remy slapped my chest playfully. "Don' mock me. I need somet'ing to take a way de stress of running a country." He glared up at me when I gave him a wry smile. "And sex isn't de only t'ing I use to relieve stress." He smiled evilly. "Course it's usually de nicest way."
"You know," Alex said, his eyes still closed. "Scott has a nice singing voice."
I narrowed my eyes at him. "What do you mean? I never sang."
"Yes you did. Everyone heard you at one time or another." He opened his eyes and looked up at Remy then. "He used to sing in the shower and sometimes just around the mansion when he thought no one was listening."
I was shocked. I'd been so certain no one had ever heard me.
"He's very good. Just shy." My brother smiled to himself.
I blinked for a moment saying mostly to myself, "I didn't think anyone was listening." I looked over at Alex. "How come no one ever told me they knew?"
Alex chuckled. "Because they knew you'd stop."
My lips lifted slightly in quiet amusement. "Yeah. I guess I would have."
"Too damn self-conscious for your own good, bro."
"But you like to sing?" Remy asked.
"I guess so." I frowned. "But not in public."
"But you'll sing for me, petite." It wasn't a request and I blanched. I glared at Alex, but he'd conveniently closed his eyes again. Remy said nothing more and I fumed in silence for a few minutes, scowling out towards the forest. Jean had asked me to sing for her sometimes. She was the only one I ever felt comfortable enough to sing in front of. So late at night in the privacy and intimacy of our own room I'd croon to her. Just silly love songs. The occasional Irish ballad. I smiled at the memory and then sighed. Now even this little nostalgia was to become a condition of my captivity. Was there nothing I'd be able to hold sacred from my past? I felt a momentary flash of anger toward my brother for having given my secret away. But I suppose he didn't really think of it as a secret. Or maybe he was hoping I'd have to sing for him too, up in Remy's bedroom? That idea appealed to me in some way, and my anger vanished. After all, we were now intimate with each other, we were lovers. I think I could sing for him.
After a lengthy silence, the idea of having time to learn something I'd always wanted to learn began to sink in. Remy was giving me an opportunity I'd probably never have gotten back home. An idea surfaced. "You know," I began a little tentatively, not quite sure I wanted to give up more information about myself to my master." The Christmas before the plane crash Mom and Dad gave me a guitar. I only got to take a couple of lessons. I kind of enjoyed it. I wouldn't mind taking it up again."
"Okay!" Remy exclaimed delightedly. "We'll hire de best teacher in de country to teach you." I smiled, caught up in his enthusiasm. Pleased with himself, Remy closed his eyes, lost in his thoughts again. I began to think about that last Christmas, the excitement of opening the guitar case, the secret visions of becoming a rock star, Mom and Dad laughing as I hammered away at the strings, having no idea what I was doing. I'd forgotten. Once, at the orphanage, I'd asked the headmaster if I could take lessons, the memory of receiving the guitar a vague shadow in my mind. He'd scowled and asked me where I thought the money was going to come to pay for the lessons, let alone the instrument itself. I never asked again, and buried the idea way in the recesses of my consciousness, back where all the hurt and loneliness, guilt and anger had gone. I could feel tears beginning to well up in my eyes until Remy suddenly said, "Tell me about your childhood, petites."
My shock and suspicion caused any tears to dry up immediately. He'd read our files at the mansion. He'd had access. What did he really want to know? I glanced at Alex and saw the same wary look I was sure was on my face. Then he asked, his tone very cautious, "What do you want to know? Master." The last word was added like a warning. Remy couldn't lay claim to our most precious memories. He had no right.
"You've read our files at Xavier's." I said as if to drive the point home. "You know our history."
"Oui. I know your history. But I want to know what it was like for you growing up wit' your baby brot'er."
"Why do you want to know?" I had to ask, but I tried to keep my voice casual. It didn't fool Remy. He sighed, almost sadly as if I'd betrayed him after all he had done to make this day pleasant.
"Just indulge me, cher. Lie if you want to." He shrugged. "I wouldn't know de difference. I'd just like to hear what it was like."
I felt a twinge of guilt for my suspicion. I'd assumed he had an ulterior motive, and while I was pretty certain he did have one, perhaps it wasn't something that he'd use to hurt us with, to control us. I got the sense he was sincerely interested in knowing more about us, as...not necessarily friends, but not necessarily as slaves either. Perhaps he was lonely, here in his domain of wealth and ostentatious living? Perhaps he was tired of court intrigues and wanted honesty? Although he'd told us we could lie. I don't think he'd really meant that. There was moment of pensive silence, when Alex said, "I don't remember much before the accident. I was pretty young. But I wasn't much trouble."
"Bullshit!" I snorted, caught momentarily off guard by my brother's comment, my wariness easing. "You were a brat!"
"I was not." Alex replied indignantly. "Mom said I was the perfect little angel."
I laughed. "She just knew how sensitive you were. She didn't want to hurt your feelings."
Alex grinned. "You are so full of it. You're the sensitive one." He looked up at Remy before I could defend myself and said, "I could piss him off so easily. We use to fight a lot. I liked to see him get all red when he got angry. It was hilarious."
The tension began to ease between the three of us as my brother spoke. Remy was meeting Alex's grin with a similiar heartwarming smile. But all the same, I was getting a bit ticked at Alex for what he was saying.
"Perfect little angel, my ass." I muttered
Alex knew full well he was just trying to rile me up. And he was succeeding to some extent. But then I smiled. I had an ace up my sleeve. "You know," I said to Remy. "now that I think about it, he really was a little angel." I almost laughed when I saw Alex frown wondering what I was up to. "In fact, he even looked like an angel one Christmas."
"Scott..." Alex warned, a vague memory coming back to him in a flash, "don't you dare..."
"Mom thought," I continued, ignoring him, "Alex was so cute with all that blond hair - it was curly then - that he could win the littlest angel contest. So she made the most adorable angel outfit for him."
Alex groaned. "I'm gonna kill you, Scott." It was like dragging out a picture of a naked baby on a bear skinned rug, and I was going to play up every minute of it. Remy was grinning from ear to ear in enjoyment.
"She made this white dress like a christening gown, all trimmed in gold." At this point I had to fight off Alex's hands as he tried to cover my mouth. "She..."
I slapped his hands away,
"even made..."
I slapped them away again,
"pretty white..."
This time I grabbed his wrists,
Fingers had reached a ticklish spot on my neck. "Stop!" I cried. "Master!" I implored Remy who was laughing heartily now. "Don't you want to hear this story?!"
"Oui! Oui!" Remy exclaimed as he tried to catch his breath. Finally he was able to stop laughing long enough to give Alex a stern look. "Alex. You let your brot'er finish." He ordered.
Alex pouted, but withdrew his fingers from my neck. I gave him an evil grin at which he immediately thwacked me on the head. "Hey!"
"Now, now." Remy scolded. "Behave." It was quite comical. Remy was acting like an amused mother hen with Alex and I reducing ourselves to preadolescent boys.
"G'on Scott. I want to hear dis," Remy bade me, smiling at Alex whose lips were pursed in a psuedo-irritated look. But he didn't really mind. We were two loving brothers sharing a fond memory.
"Well, the wings were white and trimmed in that fluffy material. They looked like the wings on those Victoria Secret models."
Remy glanced up at me amused. "You like to look at dose catalogs, cher?"
"Er...Jean use to order from them." I said, blushing a little in embarrassment. Alex and Remy broke out in renewed laughter.
"That's priceless!" Alex quipped, delighted to be gaining the upper hand for a moment. "Do you look at them when Jean's around? Or do you have to check them out when she's not looking? I bet that's a thought you have to shield around her."
I scowled at him and thumped his belly. "We're not talking about me." I retorted. Then I glared at Remy who was still laughing. "You want to hear this story or not?"
"G'on, g'on." He waved a hand, stifling his laughter with his other hand. It was Alex's turn to scowl.
"So anyway, she made a gold halo too. Now Alex was three, I think, when Mom entered him in the contest. It was being held at her church. The winner would receive an angel ornament and a 20 dollar gift certificate to the local toy store. Of course Mom really wanted that ornament. Dad thought it was hilarious. But he took tons of pictures."
"Too bad we lost them all." Alex said sarcastically.
I snorted and continued. "At the church all the little angels were lined up on stage, and the judges started looking them over, when Alex suddenly decided he could fly."
"Non!" Remy cried, his eye wide in mock horror.
"Yep. He caught Mom completely off guard and was able to pull out of her hand. Then he ran to the edge of the stage. He was giggling. I remember him giggling. Mom had recovered by that time and started after him, when he just leaped into the air. His halo was flung into the crowd and the fluffy stuff from his wings was flying everywhere. And Alex's little angel robe flew up over his head as he went down."
"Non!" Remy exclaimed again with a huge delighted grin. Alex was sulking, but his lips were having a distinctly hard time not twitching up into a smile.
"Yep." I answered again. "He landed smack on his ass. But he was still laughing like crazy. I can remember one eye peeking out from under the gown, which was part way over his head. He'd somehow managed to get his hands untangled and was clapping and bouncing."
"Dat's so cute!" Remy said, chuckling.
"Oh he was." I agreed. "The crowd was roaring and the judges too. Mom was standing at the edge of the stage looking confused. And Dad was laughing so hard he was crying. Of course Alex won the contest."
"How could he not?" Remy nodded.
"It was that kid's fault." Alex grumbled. "Johnny what's-his-name."
"What?" I asked looking up at him.
"The kid I was standing next to," Alex explained. "He told me I could fly. That the wings were real."
At that Remy and I started howling with laughter.
"Hey!" Alex, caught up in our amusement, started to crack up himself. "I was just a kid!"
It was a wonderful moment, all three of us laughing with tears in our eyes, as if we were the closest of friends. I had to admit I didn't want to see it come to an end. And for a while it didn't. Alex and I began to tell Remy about our childhood. What would have been the point not to? Maybe he could use the information against us. Maybe he couldn't. He had us pretty much where he wanted us. And it was nice to forget for a little while that we weren't really friends.
I did most of the telling because Alex couldn't remember much of what happened before the plane crash. We even shared some memories of the orphanage, before Alex was adopted. Although it wasn't much. Some stories we couldn't share. Not even with each other.
Remy seemed to hang on every word. He asked question after question. How did we feel? What was it like? How did that happen? He grilled us for details as if he wished he could have been there. Could have been part of our life. And I realized how lonely it must have been growing up on the streets of New Orleans with no one to take care of him. No one to really care whether he lived or died. At least I had Alex. I knew that even the Thieves Guild had never really accepted him. There were many in that group that wouldn't have minded seeing him dead. The X-men were vastly different too. In that group I was accepted, respected and loved. Even Logan gave me grudging respect. It must have grated on Remy to have no one who completely trusted him. Even the X-men had held him at arm's length. In a way he only was accepted out of deference to Ororo. That must have galled.
After a while had passed he grew thoughtful, the questions ceased and I had nothing much left to tell. We all became quiet then, lost in our own musings. I think Alex was asleep.
"It must have been nice." Remy suddenly said softly.
Startled, I asked, "What?"
"It must have been nice to 'ave grown up wit' a brot'er. To 'ave had a family...even for a short time."
"Yeah." I replied, not certain what else to say. A wave of sadness came over me and I wasn't sure if it was Remy's empathy at work or if I felt a genuine sadness for the little boy who had been Remy Lebeau. "Remy..." I started to say.
He interrupted me with a wave of his hand and he sat up waking my brother when he abruptly pushed his head from off his belly.
"Well, mon chers," Remy smiled cheerfully, all traces of his thoughtful self gone in a flash. My sadness still lingered. "I 'ave a meeting I must attend." He stood up. Alex and I sat up to watch him, Alex rubbing his eyes groggily.
"Stay here for as long as you like. De servants will come to pick up all dis." He gestured to the leftover food and the cooler. "Alex, remember to show Scott where de gym is." He looked at me. "Don' strain yourself, pet. Take your time. Been awhile since you worked out."
I nodded.
"Bien." His gaze went from me to Alex. "I want de bot' of you back in de room by eight. D'ccord?"
"Sure." I said.
Remy turned to go, but then swung back again with a slight, but lethal smile. "And keep your hands to yourselves. I ignored what happened last night. After your obedience at de party, I felt you deserved your pleasure. But from now on you only have each ot'er when I allow it. Comprendez vous?"
We both nodded in agreement, but I could feel Alex's resentment as much as mine. However, neither of us wanted to find out how he'd punish us if we argued with him. Remy looked at us both sharply and nodded to himself. "Until tonight den." He strode away without a backward glance.
Alex sat back on his elbow, plucking a long piece of grass from the earth and twirling it between his teeth. He kept his eyes on the way Remy had gone for a long time after our master had disappeared through the trees. I sat Indian style looking out at the forest behind us and wondering how far into it I could go before the collar activated. I was startled out of my analysis when my brother sat up and said, "Dammit! That's like leading a man dying of thirst to the water and telling him he can't drink! It's too much fucking temptation!" Alex didn't really sound all that angry. More amused than anything. As if it didn't really matter what Remy had said. When Remy wasn't around he'd do whatever the hell he wanted to.
I wasn't so confident. I'd had a few tastes of what the collar could do. And what Remy could do. But nevertheless I smirked and retorted, "You're not that irresistible."
"Oh no?" My brother asked. For a long moment he did nothing. I watched him out of the corner of my eye watching me. Then he got to his feet and walked passed me toward the palace. For a second I thought he was going back inside. But then he lowered himself behind me. I grinned, knowing what he was up to, but not really wanting him to stop.
Alex let one of his fingers drift slowly down my spine. He leaned into me, nipping at my earlobe. "Are you saying you can resist this?" His finger reached the end of my spine and he placed all five digits just above my rear. Then he drug them back up to my shoulders, his nails grazing the skin. "Ah." I let out as I shivered. My cock hardened immediately. "Stop it Alex."
But he was determined to prove me wrong. And I can't say I really minded. Alex licked my ear, driving his tongue into the opening. His other hand reached down between my crossed legs to lightly brush the swollen head of my penis with his fingers. "Or maybe this?" He whispered.
"Alex don't." I croaked. Despite the marvelous sensations he was causing, I was getting nervous. Paranoid perhaps. I felt as if we were being watched. I was so certain Remy would know if we coupled.
"Don't what?" Alex chuckled as he let his hand curl around my thick moistening shaft, stroking it all the way to the root. Suddenly an image of another hand came to mind. A hand raising a whip. I heard the swoosh in the air and felt fire on my back.
"Alex, cut it out!" Knocking his hand away before he could work me up any further, I said, "I don't want to feel the whip again."
As if he had doused his hand in a bucket of ice water, Alex immediately pulled it away and sat up straight. I kept my eyes focused on the forest, not wanting to see the horror, or the pity in his eyes. I had never intended to tell him about the lashing, but the words had come out without warning. If it was intentional, I didn't know.
"Jesus! Scott!" Alex's voice was tight and stunned. His fingers touched my back gently, not to arouse, but to examine. Looking closely he could see the faint traces of the lash marks, the red welts all but faded. Only visible to close inspection. "Why didn't you tell me?"
"Because it doesn't matter." I spoke with a flash of irritation. "I provoked him and he...corrected me."
"With a whip?!" Alex exploded. "Corrected you?! How the hell can you say that?! You're not a child, Scott! And you're not a slave!"
I turned to look at him then and said icily, "This collar says differently, Alex. And the way I respond to him...like some cheap whore. If I'm not a slave, then what am I?"
When Alex didn't respond to that I stood up clenching my fists. I looked down at him. His head was bowed and one forearm rested on a bent knee. "I shouldn't have said anything. It's over and done with. I said I was sorry and he forgave me. Just let it drop. Okay?"
After a moment he looked up to meet my gaze and nodded. Then he reached out a hand and I helped him to his feet. But as he stood, he refused to let go of my hand. Instead, he pulled me into a tight embrace. "I'm sorry, Scotty." He murmured low against my neck. I felt a drop of moisture land on my upper back and roll down my skin. God how I loved him. "You're no whore. And you're no slave."
Then he released me and started walking back to the citadel.


Chapter Twenty-Nine

We took our time going back. Neither of us had much to say. I was still irritated at the minor confrontation we'd just had. I should have kept my mouth shut, but I'd felt provoked. His flirtation had been amusing at first. Yet I'd had this nagging sense of being watched.*Well,* I thought, *why wouldn't Remy have us spied on?* In spite of all his security measures, we still might have found some way of escape. But if he was having us watched, and watched closely, escape would no longer be much of an option. That chilled me.
And then there had been Alex's flirtation. Don't get me wrong. Alex was a temptation. At this point, after everything that had happened, after a part of me I never even dreamed existed was revealed, I could become aroused just looking at my brother. But this also tore me apart. The values I'd been educated under -- first by my parents and later by Xavier -- screamed how wrong all my feelings were, how unnatural. And yet I'd challenged Alex, practically dared him to touch me. My life, my head, was so screwed up here. At least in Remy's presence I could justify my actions. I could claim his empathetic hold was triggering my responses. It'd probably be a lie, but it'd be a lie I could believe. Outside Remy's sphere of influence there was no justification. I was captivated by Alex, by my brother. I needed him desperately, and sex was so much a part of that need. To be able to share physical intimacy with him seemed almost as necessary as breathing.
And always, there in the back of my mind, was the question: what would Jean think? I couldn't escape her memory. And if I ever saw her again, she would know. I'd never be able to hide my feelings for Alex from her. And as much as I knew my wife, even more intimately than most couples due to our psychic rapport, on this issue I was at a loss to say how she'd feel. Yet regardless of her feelings I'd never abandon Alex. After all these weeks, regardless of how this bond had formed, regardless of the pain I'd suffered to get to this point, the humiliation, the rape, I don't think I could have given him up for anyone. Jean included.
Underneath all these conscious thoughts, just waiting to throw me into panic should they rise without warning to the surface, were the visions of being whipped. Of being tied to the end of Remy's bed as the lash landed over and over on my back. I pushed those images as far back in my mind as I could. There was no question about it. I could not think of that incident. Not now. Probably not ever. And I promised myself I'd never talk about it with Alex again.
Lost in my thoughts, I started when I felt a hand on my shoulder. "We're here," Alex said, pointing to two wooden doors. I blinked in confusion. I'd forgotten about the gym, thinking we were headed back to the bedroom. Mentally, I chastised myself for my lapse in awareness. I hadn't mapped out the route from the garden to here. That information could have been useful. Plus, I didn't need the grief I'd get for wandering around the palace looking for the gym unattended. Well, I'd just have to pay more attention on the way up to Remy's suite of rooms. And I'd have to get Alex to show me the way back to the gardens.
Alex ushered me through the doors onto a black top area that bridged out to a good sized track. A few slaves were jogging, barefoot and naked. I grimaced a bit at the sight. Every time I thought I'd gotten use to the idea of my nakedness and captivity, something would shove those feelings of vulnerability and shame back into my awareness. Alone with Remy and Alex, I could relax a bit. But any contact with the outside world, naked slaves, fully garbed courtiers, and I was thrown back to a level of fear and panic. It was easy enough to bring it under control, but that didn't make it easier to handle the initial reaction.
I turned my eyes away from the slaves and took in my surroundings. The track was suspended about 15 feet above the floor. It was five lanes deep with a railing around the center lane. Passed the railing was an open area where one could look down into an Olympic sized pool.
"Man." I said in astonishment. We'd moved out to the railing to look over
into the pool.
"Yeah." Alex agreed. "There's a similar facility for the female slaves."
"Really?" It hadn't crossed my mind that Remy would have female pleasure slaves. But it made sense. I just didn't see him as a homosexual. I think with his empathetic power he'd be drawn to both sexes. Men just held that allure of power and the challenge of being able to change their sexual orientation.
Alex gave me a leer. "Come on. I'll show you the rest of the place."
On either side of the platform that connected to the track were stairs leading down to the pool area. Off to the right was a weight room. Next to it was an exercise room with every kind of exercise machine available. Stairmasters, stationary bikes, row machines. You name it, it was there. On the far end of the pool was a short hallway leading to a gymnastics room, complete with rings, a vault, parallel bars and floor mats. There was a slave practicing on the rings as we entered, his well-defined body lifting up into a handstand, holding it for half a second before swinging himself around twice, gaining momentum until he flipped up into the air. A double twist and he landed solid. It was Warren. When he turned raising his arms in the air as if to an imaginary crowd, he saw us and waved. I smiled and nodded. But my brother was glaring at him.
"Where's your spotter?" He called to Warren.
"He's busy." Warren answered casually as he came towards us. "Hey Scott." He said to me as he got closer.
"Remy would kill you if he knew you were in here without a spotter," warned Alex.
Warren smirked. "And your point being?"
A death wish in a slave really brings home the idea of how ugly slavery is. I grimaced.
"You're looking to get your privileges revoked, Warren." Alex growled, trying another tactic.
Warren bowed extravagantly. "The favored one has spoken."
Alex rolled his eyes. "Fine," he said. "Break your neck. I won't say anything to Remy. But you know if he finds out he could do a lot worse than revoke your privileges."
"Like execute me?" Warren gave another smug look. But there was something behind his eyes. Something that sent a chill through me. It was hope.
"Like sell you." Retorted my brother.
That shut the slave up. Death would be preferable to some of the people Warren could be sold to. There were many things worse than death. He glared at Alex for a moment, then stomped off without another word. Alex sighed.
I was concerned. "You think he'll be okay?"
Alex didn't hesitate. "No." He looked at me intently. "It's happened before. One of the slaves fights his captivity or is no longer a favorite of Remy's. They get angry. But rather than lash out at the source of their anger, knowing it's useless, that nothing will change, they turn inward. There've been plenty of suicides and attempted suicides. Especially among the pleasure slaves."
"Yeah." Alex replied. "So much for a carefree existence. I think I'll have to keep an eye on him."
I followed him back toward the pool wondering if there was a way for me to keep an eye on Warren also. He'd been kind enough to me despite the overt sexual suggestions. I'd hate to hear that he'd been sold off like Zaki. Or worse; had killed himself.
When we reached the pool area, Alex led me to a door on the left. This led to the showers and toilets. There was also a sauna and a steam room inside. I could really get to love this place.
Alex showed me the exit that led to an outer passage in the citadel.
"It's the quickest way back," He said. "We'll go out this way to get to Remy's bedroom."
I nodded and we stepped back inside.
"So." Alex smiled. "Wanna work out?"
I returned his smile. "Sure do," I replied enthusiastically. Then I turned to head out to the exercise room. Alex's hand came down on my shoulder again.
"Ever worked out in the buff?" Alex asked, pulling me back around to face him. "You need to know a few things."
I frowned. "What things?"
Alex cupped my balls causing me to squirm in surprised delight. "First, you won't have any support for these. If you push yourself too hard running or on the stairmaster -- anything that will cause them to slap against your thighs over and over -- it's gonna hurt. They'll get pretty raw and swollen. You have to work up gradually. Get use to hanging free." He gave my sack a quick squeeze before dropping them. "It's kind of nice not having to peel off sweaty clothes after working out, but you won't fully appreciate it until your genitals have toughened up. Takes about a week or two."
"What else?" I asked.
Alex looked thoughtful for a moment. Then he said, "I guess that's really about it. Except for your feet. You won't have much support there either. Have to be careful of heel spurs and flattening out your arches too much. But then you only need to work out once a day to keep in the kind of shape Remy expects here. Just take it easy for now too, since you haven't worked out in weeks."
I nodded. We made our way back to the exercise room where Alex had me stretch for several minutes. It felt good after weeks of virtual inactivity, the only exercise having been pretty much horizontal. We did lunges together, and then squats and pushups, all the while laughing at each other's clumsiness and telling crude jokes. Then I got on one of the stairmasters. After twenty minutes I was winded and Alex ordered me to cool down.
I almost started to argue. But then I thought better of it. There was really no reason to push myself. Except for vanity's sake. As an X-man it had been extremely important to keep in top physical form. It might have meant the difference between life and death. Here I was just a body that Remy wanted looking good. An hour a day would maintain the ripples and cuts of my muscles. With a chef to feed me nutritious, balanced meals I'd easily keep in good condition. I wouldn't really have to push myself.
Without a word to Alex, I went back to the bathroom and slipped into the steam room. It was heavenly, lying in the heat on one of the marble benches against the cool tiled wall. Alex joined me shortly, looking like an Adonis, glistening from his sweat and the steam swirling around his form as the door shut behind him. I gazed at him through hooded eyes and licked my parched lips. Damn Remy. This was going to be too much temptation.
Alex gave me a sly lopsided grin, fully aware of my dilemma because it was his too. He went over to the bench farthest from me and settled down with a groan. One arm was thrown across his eyes, the other falling to the floor like Marat in the bath, but very much alive. One leg bent up against the wall, and his limp cock resting down across his straight leg. I sighed in admiration and then closed my eyes to block the view, trying to ignore my need. Trying to think of anything but that still, beautiful body across from me.
After about ten minutes of languid comfortable silence, Alex stirred. "I'm going to hit the showers," He said. "Wanna join me?"
I turned to look at him. He wore that same sly smile. I chuckled. "Stop it Alex." I said. "Quit being such a damn tease."
He barked out a laugh and stood up. "Don't be long then. I'd like to head to the workshop. I want to try and finish up a piece I've been working on. But I need to show you the way back to Remy's suite."
"I thought Remy said we could only come here to the gym or go to the gardens?" I said.
"The workshop's on the way between here and the suite. I don't think he meant to keep me from using it. After all, I'm being useful. Making gifts for visiting diplomats." Alex moved to the door of the steam room.
"I suppose not. Mind if I keep you company?" I asked. I was disappointed that he wanted to head off to his workshop rather than spend the rest of the day with me. But I couldn't bring myself to tell him that.
"I don't know if Remy would like you coming with me. I'll ask him tonight. But I think you ought to stick to his bedroom for now."
I said nothing and closed my eyes to hide the hurt. After a long pause I heard the door swoosh open and felt the cool draft of the outer room rush in. I wondered if Alex had clued into my disgruntled silence. Finally, forcing back the disappointment I joined him in the showers. He was just finishing up and caught my eye with a studious look. I kept silent and turned on the shower faucet next to his. For a moment it seemed as if he'd say something, but then he just turned back under the spray and finished rinsing off.
He was waiting by the hallway door when I stepped out of the shower stall. I toweled off quickly and without a word we headed back up to Remy's suite. About halfway up Alex asked me if I was paying attention to the route.
I gave him a curt nod and he sighed. "Look Scott, are you pissed because I'm going to the workshop, or because I won't take you?"
For several minutes I kept silent, not sure how to answer him. Finally I said, "Probably both." I turned my head to look at him as we walked. "I haven't seen you in weeks. Remy's the only person I've talked to during that time. And he doesn't talk much. I just thought...I assumed you'd want to spend some time with me." God, that sounded so weird, so needy. Like a jilted lover. I tried to take it back. "Never mind. I'll find something to do."
Alex stopped me with a hand on my arm. "I'm sorry, bro. I'd forgotten how boring it can get up there. My stuff can wait. And I'll be sure to ask Remy if it's okay for you to come down to the workshop whenever."
I smiled shyly. "Really? You're sure? I mean if you need to finish..."
"Naw. It can wait." Alex replied as we walked on.
We spent the rest of the afternoon playing cards and talking. During poker we gambled on who would have to give Remy the next blowjob, laughing, knowing that really wasn't up to us anyway. Servants brought us dinner when Remy hadn't returned. It was a very simple affair. A small salad, a chicken breast, mixed vegetables and water. Lean but tasty. A few more hours spent playing cards. Then Alex, saying he was feeling tired, climbed into bed. I sat up for another hour reading one of the books I'd taken from the study. Remy still hadn't come home when I closed the book and joined Alex in bed. As I slipped in next to him, he stirred and sleepily pulled me close. He did little more than nuzzle my neck and slide his knee between my legs. Our cocks brushed together enticingly, but I wouldn't deny us this pleasure. Remy could say little about our caresses if he insisted we sleep in the same bed. As long as we didn't cross the line into further intimacy.
Something caused me to stir a little while later. I wasn't quite certain what. But when I looked up through heavy lids, Remy was standing a few feet away in the dimly lit room. His face was shadowed by the glow of light that outlined his figure from behind, but his eyes shone in the darkness. I roused myself, concerned by his stare, half afraid, feeling as if I'd done something wrong.
"Master?" I whispered in the dark.
"Shh..." He said. "Jus' admiring de view."
I sighed inwardly, relieved, and sank back down into the mattress. Remy undressed quickly then and climbed in on top of me. He kissed me into arousal and swiftly buried himself inside me. It was a fast urgent fuck. Almost desperate in its pace. Alex didn't even wake as we reached our mutual climax.
When we had finished, Remy pushed himself up on his elbows to look at me. "Got a surprise for you, cher."
He stood up and pulled me to my feet, leading me around to the couches. There on the coffee table was a guitar case. I ran my hand a long the top of the case tentatively.
"Open it." Remy ordered, not unkindly.
Inside was a handsome 12 string guitar. I picked it up carefully with a smile. He was really going to let me learn how to play. I turned toward him, holding the instrument like an offering and said, "Thank you, master."
Remy nodded pleased. "De instructor will be here in de morning. I'm tol' he's very talented. Make me proud, mon cher."
I returned his nod. I was tempted to strum the guitar, but I didn't want to wake Alex. This was a moment I wanted only to share with Remy. So I place the instrument carefully back in it's case and padded over to him. Throwing my arms around him, I gave him a grateful kiss. He met my affection with his own warmth. But I could feel him stifling a yawn, so I broke the kiss and led him back to bed. He was asleep in minutes, curled up against a still sleeping Alex.


Chapter Thirty

The days and nights drifted on. I began to lose track of time. How many weeks passed, I couldn't say. About every other day I met with my guitar instructor. Usually in the morning after I'd eaten and Remy had left to tend to state business. Alex would head down to his workshop or go into the study to write. I was allowed to join him in the workshop whenever I wished. Remy had laughed when Alex had asked if I could keep him company.
"Sacre! I t'ought dat was understood. You two take t'ings too literally." He shook his head bemused. "Never mind. I'll try to be more specific in my orders, eh?"
After my lessons I'd usually hit the gym, stopping by the workshop to collect Alex. We both enjoyed working out together. It was pleasant time spent laughing and joking. We were fairly competitive too, challenging each other on the equipment or racing on the track. On a few rare occasions Remy would join us. Of course he was dressed during these workouts. But afterward, in the sauna or the showers he'd strip down and take one of us. Or watch us take each other.
As Alex had warned my genitalia became painful and swollen for several days. Especially after I'd taken up jogging again. When Remy was informed of my predicament he insisted I sleep on the couch. He didn't want to be tempted by me lying so close and cause me to have a painful erection. I was grateful for his concern. A few times I'd become half erect and nearly passed out from the excruciating pain. It felt as though someone were pressing on a bruise, grinding their fingers deep into my tender flesh.
The pain and swelling were gone in about a week, and soon I was up to running 3 or 4 miles a day. I found myself still pushing my body as hard as when I'd trained as an X-man. I think it was a survival instinct. I wanted to keep in peak physical form in case I ever saw an opportunity to escape.
In the afternoons I took to dragging my guitar out into the garden to practice. I was getting better everyday. Even the surly temperamental tutor grudgingly praised my ability on occasion, saying I was coming along. I loved this time more than any other. Quietly strumming a new piece or picking out a chord exercise. My favorite spot was a small wooden bench on the East side of the palace toward the back. It sat secluded under what I was pretty certain was a Saucer Magnolia tree. The tree itself grew next to a brick fence that ran all the way to the edge of the woods. Tall shrubs surrounded the tree and bench in a maze-like fashion so that the area was hidden from general view. Had it not been for the inhibitor collar and my nakedness, I could have climbed the tree and scaled the wall to freedom.
As it was the tiny enclosure gave me an illusion of freedom. It was difficult to locate me just by searching the gardens. The first time Remy had sent a messenger to call me back to his rooms, it took him several hours to find my oasis. And only then with the help of the locator chip in my collar. Needless to say Remy was furious. He revoked my outdoor privileges for a week and even ordered me to remain in his bedroom except for an hour a day when I was escorted to the gym for my workout.
"You need to be easily found." He growled. "I shouldn't 'ave to wait more dan 15 minutes at de most!"
I said nothing. Didn't even protest the punishment. But I did let him know that was where I'd be most of the time I went out into the gardens. Still, it wasn't an easy plot to find, even after you'd been there a time or two. Even Alex complained the first few times he came looking for me. But he could at least appreciate the seclusion.
I sorely missed my isolated garden the week I was barred from outside. It was partly my practice room and partly a place to meditate and dream. But it was altogether sweet. A place of inner peace where I could think of Jean and serenade her memory.
Due to Alex's slip of the tongue Remy also had me take voice lessons. It wasn't long before I was ordered to sing for him. Surprisingly I had no sense of stage fright as I sang for him and Alex in his room one night for the first time. I was a little embarrassed, but I didn't panic as I imagined I would. I was, however, rattled by the attention and admiration Remy showered on me. It wasn't many days later when he began to insist I sing to him whenever he was home. He was especially fond of having me sing him to sleep. I wasn't thrilled by this request. It was too intimate, too personal. But what choice did I really have. A lover by coercion.
Still, as I held him in my arms I could close my eyes and dream of my old life. Dreaming of Jean and quiet times when I could cherish her warmth and love. She had been the best thing in my life. My soulmate. And I missed her still, loved her still.
And Alex was there, so often curled up next to Remy. My true lover. I could sing for him.
One day, after we had fallen into the pattern of palace life -- waking, lessons, exercise, free time, sleeping -- a guard came to the room early in the morning before Remy had left. Remy ordered us to go with the guard. Alex and I were more than a little suspicious, but our master calmed us by saying, "Time for your checkup, mon cheres. Dr. Sampson is waiting to make sure you're in good shape. Alex is long overdue, as de good doctor pointed out."
I breathed a sigh of relief. Dr. Sampson was a kindly old man. I had nothing to fear. The exam was just a typical physical. And the bending over and coughing part had never been easier. But then something really pleasant, at least to my mind, came about. An ankle bracelet was locked around my left ankle. Alex, who was seated next to me on another examination table, had one placed around his left ankle also. The bracelets were thin, gold bands, very similar in structure to the collars.
After they were secured, the collars were removed. I gazed at the doctor in astonishment as he placed his hands around my neck, pressing in with his fingers to feel for any chafing, cuts or bruises. His touch was gentle and sure, and a thrill of bliss ran through me.
"You have a few old burn spots, looks like." I blinked. It must have happened when Remy had charged the collar. "Nothing serious. And a few scrapes. Looks like the collar dug into your shoulders just a bit." He patted my shoulder. "I'll keep you here tonight to treat the scars and scrapes."
Dr. Sampson looked into my eyes for a moment, knowing I was full of questions. "You can speak freely here, dear boy."
I looked down at the ankle bracelet. "Why do we wear the collar, if he has these things?" I asked. I saw Alex nodding out of the corner of my eye.
"Two reasons really," Dr. Sampson replied. "First, the ankle bracelets are low intensity. Only meant to be used for these examinations. They really only dampen your power. The lower down an inhibitor device is placed on your body, the less effective it is. And it doesn't have all the whistles and bells that the collar has, like the locator chip and the...correction module. It doesn't cover enough surface area to be useful."
I nodded and looked up at the doctor, saying nothing.
"Second, the collar is more...psychologically effective. Makes a slave feel more like a slave." There was distaste in his tone. I sighed and he patted me on the shoulder again. Then he went over to Alex and examined him. "You're fine. Only a slight bruise or two. But I think I'll keep you over night anyway. A good salve will work out any of the kinks the collar might have caused."
The doctor turned and called for the guard. "They can stay in the infirmary tonight. Alert Lord Remy. Then escort them to their beds."
The guard grunted. "You want them shackled?"
"No, no." He shook his head. "I'm sure they'll be fine. My assistant will attend to them. And there are always two guards posted at the door."
Alex and I spent our first wonderful night uncollared. And away from Remy. I felt free for a little while. Dr. Sampson's assistant, a slave himself, treated our necks with an aseptic salve that tingled and a light gentle massage, that extended way passed our shoulders. It was euphoric.
The next morning, however, Dr. Sampson quickly evaluated the skin around our necks and nodded in satisfaction. The collars were re-secured and with a sense of loss, we were led back up to Remy's bedroom. Dr. Sampson informed Alex and I that every so often we'd undergo a physical and have the collar removed. I couldn't wait until the next time. Alex seemed to agree with me.
Several more weeks passed. Or was it months? It could have been. I'd seriously lost track of time at this point. There were no clocks, no calendars around. I thought this was deliberate on Remy's part. One more way to confuse us, to keep us under control. I had noticed though, that the temperature had begun to drop and on occasion it was too cold to go out into the garden. Fall must have been approaching and this gave me a little sense of the time that might have passed. It had been late April when I'd been abducted. So it must have been months that had gone by. Provided time ran in similar fashion as on Earth. Rescue or escape were looking less and less likely. And the longer I fell into the comfortable life of an obedient pleasure slave, the more I began to fall for my master. The songs were easier to sing. And in my mind Remy was no longer fucking me. He made love to me and I went willingly into his arms. When he allowed it I went into Alex's arms. There was something between us I could no longer deny. Between the two of them I felt cherished. There were days when I didn't even think of Jean. She became a dream in a sense. My life was here and now. Alex and I were safe. At least it's what I believed. What I allowed myself to believe.
The honeymoon too soon came to an end.


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