Title: From Professor X, With Love

Author: Mercutio (Email)


Rating: NC-17

Pairing/main characters: Wolverine/Jubilee/Gambit, Beast/Xavier

Series/Sequel: no

Summary: Slash. When Xavier is hit by telepathic backlash, the X-Men on hand at the mansion are affected in a deeply sexual manner.

Disclaimer: Marvel's...

Archive/distribution: Please. As often as possible, and wherever you like.

Warning: Adult material, graphic sexual content.

Notes: After reading a number of gratuitous sex fics, I felt rather cheated of whatever elusive quality it is that I desire from a gratuitous sex story. So I thought I'd try my hand at it. This takes place in an alternate version of my "Painting the Wolverine Red" universe; the characters are the same as written there, which primarily means an adult Jubilee. For that story and others, please see my web page.



From Professor X, With Love

By Mercutio


Wolverine laid the unconscious body of Professor Xavier down on the bed in the MedLab. Hank waited for Logan to let go of Xavier, then looked over his patient while simultaneously firing questions at Wolverine.
"How long ago did this happen? And where is Jean?"
"Don't know exactly. And about thirty minutes ago. Finished stompin' down the bad guys, and cut back to the Blackbird. We found Chuck there, passed out at the controls. Haven't been able to do a thing for him since."
Hank nodded. The X-Men had radioed in while in transit, but he wanted to re-verify all the details he could. The professor's vital signs seems normal, eyes normal, pulse normal, blood pressure normal. "A physical attack?"
Logan shook his head. "Not 'less it was telekinetic, *and* at a distance. Didn't smell nothin' off 'bout the 'bird. Safe money says this was a psychic attack."
"An' all our 'paths are out shoppin'," Gambit said, entering behind Wolverine. He nodded at Logan. "Found a message on de table. Jean, Stormy, Rogue an' Betsy, dey all left after de professor called dem from de field an' told dem dat everyt'ing was under control. Attack must've happened sometime between den and when we got t'de 'Bird. I don't t'ink dey don't know anyt'ing's wrong. An'," he predicted gloomily, "dey won't be back for hours if I know dem women."
"Was that a female slur I heard?" Jubilee asked, joining the group, a towel slung around her shoulders.
"Yep." Logan flashed a quick grin at her, appreciative of the change that a quick shower had wrought in his lady-love. She'd been with the X-Men for only a few weeks now that she was officially "graduated" from Generation X, but he still hadn't gotten used to seeing her regularly, and how much he liked it. Damn, but she cleaned up nice. He looked back at Hank. "How serious do you think it is?"
Hank shook his head. "If the injury is purely psychic, there is little I can do to ameliorate it. The proper course of action would seem to be contacting one of our missing members and..."
"So what yer saying is you need Jean and Betsy tracked down and pronto."
"Yes, although my diagnosis is based more on my lack of knowledge than in a firm belief that such action is necessary..."
Xavier groaned, opening his eyes.
"Perhaps I may have spoken in haste," Hank said, looking considerably relieved. He waved at the others to remain quiet, and bent over his patient. "Charles, can you hear me?"
Xavier stared at Hank, his gaze fixed on him. "You... must..."
"Must what?"
A flare of telepathic power arced from Xavier's body into the four X-Men standing around his bed.
The astral invasion hit each of them strongly, with an impact that was almost physical. They were each attacked by the feelings overwhelming Xavier's mind -- hunger, insatiability, need, desire -- and images -- cock-sliding-into-flesh, tightly-gripping-hot, skin-grating-against-skin, bodies mating in the dark.
The attack rebounded between them, through the open circuit of their minds, pounding them each go-around with increasing waves of uncontrollable lust until abruptly, Xavier's body jerked and lay still, his unconsciousness closing the circuit.
Once released from that power, Jubilee fell hard to the ground, cushioned by Logan, who fell along with her. Gambit remained standing only with the exertion of all of his agility.
"What was dat?"
Beast let go of the edge of the table he had steadied himself against, licking his lips. "I... do not know. Something must have taken possession of the professor. And possibly--" he paused as a sudden feeling of excitement ran through him, accompanied by explicit thoughts of what he would very much like to do to Xavier
-- something that should have shocked him, but surprisingly, didn't -- "nay, definitely, of us as well.&qquot;
But Gambit wasn't listening. He bent over the unconscious Jubilee, fingers caressing her slack face sensuously. "Pauvre petite," he crooned. "Remy will take care of you." He caught her limp form up into his arms, curling her protectively close into his body. "Everyt'ing be all right now, chere. You see. Remy be good to you."
He exited the room, ignoring Wolverine, who remained on the floor, dazed.
Beast ignored them, attention focused on Xavier.
Behind him, Wolverine shook his head to clear it, then rose unsteadily to his feet. "What was th--" He stopped mid-word and sniffed the air. "Jubilee." He growled. "And Gambit." Suddenly, he remembered all that had happened. With the purposeful stalk of a hunter, he followed after his prey.
Jubilee regained consciousness lying on a bed, head cradled in someone's lap, fingers stroking her temples in a gentle massage.
She could see, behind her closed eyelids, sun pouring into the room, yet she rested in the cool shade. Peaceful, restful. Except for the hard, masculine body curved next to hers, lying against her back. Yummy.
She yawned. Time to wake up and focus on what was important in life. Jubilee opened her eyes, reaching out her hand. Oh... yeah. A thigh. And a nicely muscled one at that.
Not that it was really all that important, but what exactly was going on here? She remembered leaving Generation X, and coming to the mansion... remembered that she and Wolvie had formed a more permanent relationship -- and a nicely sexual one at that. Which, logically, led to the assumption that the thigh under her hand belonged to the Wolvster. There was something more she needed to remember, but it didn't seem all that important considering that she was in bed with the man she loved most in the whole wide world. In bed. With Logan.
Jubilee rolled over and looked up. Yep, it was Logan. She grinned widely at him, relishing the sight of his familiar face. There was nowhere better than being in his arms. 'Specially naked.Of course, there was the little technicality that she was currently dressed. But it was only a technicality, and easily taken care of.
Jubilee looked up, startled. She hadn't been the one to ask that question. There was someone else in the room with them!
Gambit leaned on the wall across from the foot of the bed -- the foot of his own bed, Jubilee realized with a shock -- and he looked anything but patient. "Remy agree to wait and see what de petite decide when she wake up. She awake now -- time to ask her what she want t'do. An' wit' who."
"Ask me what?" Jubilee said, stretching unselfconsciously as she took in Remy's coiled posture and the tension there. He had strong, drool-worthy thighs, too. His body armor showed them off quite nicely. She'd like to strip that off him slowly, then nibble at those thighs, moving upward slowly, until those thighs wrapped around her, holding her in place while she nibbled on something even harder and hotter... *What?* Jubilee shook her head,
startled. *Where did that come from?* she wondered for a moment, only the briefest moment, before the question was banished, lost as she realized that she didn't care, that she wanted Remy, wanted him just like that. She wanted Wolvie, too. She wanted both of them, naked and on the bed, and preferably, she thought, inside her.
"Wolvie?" This time it was her asking the question as she wet her lips with her tongue. Was he okay with this? Was he anywhere near as excited as she was?
Logan lifted a shoulder in a shrug. He acted undecided, but his eyes were gleaming. "Your call, darlin'."
Jubilee held out her hand to Gambit. "What are you waiting for?" And indeed, she didn't know. She felt so hot and so starved for touch and contact and she didn't know how either of them were resisting that feeling. Surely they must feel the same way - she couldn't be the only one affected like this.
Remy came to sit on the bed, sexily half-turned toward her, available and not available at the same time. A slight smile touched his lips now, but his eyes were still dark and focused with a depth of concentration she had seen previously only in Logan's. Instinctively she knew that he was hers now, that she could ask for anything and he would do it, would give it to her, would do anything in his power to make her his.
And she loved it. He'd wanted her, had, not too long ago, attempted to court her. And now she could give him what he wanted, and could, in return, satisfy all her curiosity about him. Oh, yes.
"Help me out of this thing," Jubilee whispered, indicating the uniform that still covered her body.
Both men moved to assist her, Gambit first running sensitive fingers over her uniform, searching for the nearly hidden fastening points. Wolverine was more direct. Adamantine claws sprang from one hand, and then, reaching around, he gently traced the line of her body, slicing the uniform open.
"Nice work, mon ami," Gambit said admiringly, and bent to remove what was left of the uniform.
Quickly they had her unclothed, and Jubilee writhed to experience more of the exquisite sensations feeding through her now-exposed skin. The cotton of the sheets was a soothing whisper, cool counterpoint to Wolverine's hardness pressing into her from behind and the bristly hair as he brushed his face against the back of her neck and her chest, laying out kisses and small bites. Gambit had stripped off his own uniform, and was leaning over her, his body heat the only part of him touching her besides his hands. The mere weight of that non-presence was seductive. She leaned in toward him, wanting to get into contact with his flesh and feel him against her for real.
But Wolvie was demanding her attention too, and she didn't know which way to turn and what sensation to seek first or next. Everything was tantalizing. Remy's touch enticed her to give into him, to surrender to his seduction and pursue him in order to have more of that touch, but Logan's direct demands promised a quick, intense fulfillment to the needs already beginning to build in her body.
Remy's lips touched her throat, and Jubilee grabbed at him, pulling him down, then rolled back against him, squirming her butt into his groin until she could feel the hardness of his erection grinding against her rounded cheeks. He didn't seem to mind being put behind her, but instead held onto her, curling his long body against her own small one until she was completely cradled in his grip. His embrace felt good, made her feel like crying and kissing him all over until she fully satisfied the need she could feel in him.
But it wasn't just the two of them, and she looked up at Wolverine, whose face was twisted in a snarl. Not a frightening one -- she would always know the difference -- but rather one of need and elemental desire. He had stripped off his clothes while she ensnared Remy, and was already naked, hard and ready. He wanted her too, just as fiercely.
She wouldn't choose between the two men who loved her and needed her so much. She didn't have to. There was no reason why she couldn't have the both of them.
Jubilee threw her head back, resting it in the crook of Gambit's shoulder, doing her best to show him that he was desirable to her and that his attentions were welcome. He responded by curving his head until he could nibble on the exposed bow of her neck.
She missed the glance that went between Wolverine and Gambit, the heated passion the two of them shared, the deep complicity both had as they desired the same thing, and knew that they would work together to get it.
"Ya ready?" Logan asked, even now waiting for her go-ahead.
She grinned at him. "Yes."
He thrust hard into her, and she sighed in satisfaction, leaning back against the heat of Remy's body, feeling the hardness of his erection pressing into her. She squirmed on his lap, bringing him closer, while simultaneously opening her mouth to let Logan's tongue inside. *God, Remy's hard. He wants me bad.* The thought excited her. She pushed back against Gambit, wanting a reaction. He groaned and suddenly his hands were reaching beneath
her, parting her buttocks, long fingers caressing them, slipping inside, exploring the dark territory.
Her head fell back as she tried to twist around, to do what -- kiss him, look at him, demand an explanation -- she didn't know. But she was pinned firmly between Logan and Remy, unable to move more than a few inches in any direction. Hot lips pressed against her neck. Oh god. Jubilee shuddered. "What are you *doing*?"
The tip of a tongue found the rim of her ear, and a velvet smooth voice breathed into it, sending shivers down her body, making the ache even greater.
"Remy going to show you what it's like t'be filled from both directions at once."
"Sounds kinky."
"Remy promise dat you like it, p'tite."
A teasing finger made its way inside the tightly puckered opening, and Jubilee rubbed harder back against him.
"Like dat, chere?" he purred into her ear.
"Yeah. It's different..." she gasped, trying to sort out these new feelings. It felt naughty, bad, forbidden -- and hence,
incredibly erotic, especcially with Remy's erection pushing into her. He wanted her. That was the incredibly sexy part - that this handsome, experienced, entirely charming man wanted her, and wanted her desperately.
Logan thrust hard into her from the front, demanding her attention, and she shuddered under the dual onslaught of his mouth and his cock. But his movement only got her that much closer to Remy, who put another finger into her and began thrusting in as Logan pulled back until Jubilee was caught up in a rhythm, Logan entering her as Remy pulled out, and then reversed again.
"Oh god, oh god," she moaned, hardly aware of what she was saying. For a moment, the touch of Remy's fingers disappeared, then were replaced with something wider and more insistent.
The head of his cock pushed at her, seemingly entering smoothly, something she would not have believed possible, and Jubilee felt relieved. But then, as he began to push his way further inside, really inside her, she felt a ring of pain exploding around his penis, and cried out, jerking away from him, away from the object entering her. "Ow!"
Logan growled possessively, clutching Jubilee into a tight, protective embrace and cradling her head against his shoulder. "You better not be hurting her, bub."
"Je suis desole, ma chere," Remy apologized, pulling away slowly, so as not to hurt her any worse than he already had.
"No!" Jubilee said quickly, shaking her head, trying to hide the momentary tears of pain. "It hurts a bit, but not too bad."
"It shouldn't be hurtin' you at all," Logan said, the growl still there. He could smell her tears, and was fully prepared to do something much worse to Gambit than the Cajun had done to Jubilee. Something he'd remember for a *long* time.
"Remy has an idea." He grinned over her shoulder at Wolverine. "Doan worry, mes amis."
He had paused, his penis still partway inside her, huge and painful, although bearable as long as no one moved.
Remy's long sensitive fingers trailed down her side. He craned his head forward, until he could kiss the back of her neck. Murmuring in French, he caressed her hip with the palm of his hand. "On va y aller doucement. Je veux te baiser. Je te ferai pas mal. Je veux jouir en toi, chere." His touch brought back the erotic excitement that had been building within her ever since she had woken up in Logan's arms. Jubilee shivered, arching her back to get closer to him. And the stream of French excited her too, even if she had no idea what he was saying to her.
His hand moved around to her front, slipping between herself and Wolvie. Jubilee moaned in anticipation, her legs opening wider to expose the delicious ache that centered around her clitoris. His long fingers parted the lips of her vagina.
Even that brief contact, that off-center touch was enough to make her mouth fall open. "Ohhh...", she said, pushing back further against Remy, all pain forgotten, heedless of how that deepened the assault of his penis into her ass. If anything, the former "pain" was more stimulation for her need. "Please, more." she begged. "Harder."
"Which one of us?" Remy asked impishly.
"Both of you."
Remy laughed low in his throat and teased her for a few more seconds, as Logan resumed his own rhythm. Remy slid his fingers down to where Wolverine's penis penetrated her, before moving back up to caress the center of her desire. He found her clitoris effortlessly, and began to stroke it slowly and sensuously.
Jubilee wiggled her ass. If Wolvie was the best he was at what he did, then Remy was the second-best, at least when it came to sex. It seemed disloyal to admit it, but maybe, just maybe, Wolvie had some competition for that "best" title.
Wolverine and Gambit grinned at each other as she closed her eyes to concentrate on the sensations Remy's hand was producing. Remy thrust into Jubilee again. She clung hard to Logan even as she rubbed her head against Remy's shoulder.
It all felt so *good*.
"That's nice to hear," Gambit purred.
She must have said that out loud. Jubilee responded to him, panting between her words, "Fishing for compliments?"
"Non, non. A master doan need no compliments to know how good his work is." He caught the rim of her ear in his teeth, nibbling delicately. "On de other hand, Gambit not mind if you decide to change your mind 'bout him, an' let him love you de way he wants t'love you 'cause of dis demonstration."
"Demonstration?" both Wolverine and Jubilee said at the same moment. The implication was clear to the both of them, that Remy was still interested in pursuing Jubilee.
Logan won out, snarling. "She chose me. Find your own woman."
"At de moment, Remy t'ink she chose us both. Non, petite?"
It was rather unfair of Remy to ask now, Jubilee reflected, because right then, she could not have refused him anything he wanted. Sexually or otherwise. On the other hand, she loved Logan and wanted to reassure him that she was his and would be.
Logan kissed her urgently, reclaiming her fire for himself, even as Remy continued to stimulate her clitoris.
How to choose, how to choose? Jubilee decided to resolve her dilemma by having an orgasm.
She'd felt it coming for some while, the passion mounting in slow steps, as if to the tops of some unimaginable height, which she would then be dropped from, to plunge endlessly and gloriously in shivering release.
Only the climb had been so *slow*. Such small steps, making her wonder if the mountain even had a top. But Remy had delivered her safely here, and delightedly, she leapt. Her hands clung to Logan, nails digging into his skin, raking at him, seeking a deeper contact with his flesh even as she bucked against Remy, meeting his
thrusts with her own.
And then she was falling, falling -- the reverberations seemed to last forever in arcing spikes of pleasure as Remy's fingers continued moving, never let her go. And Remy was falling with her, she realized, as he came too, crushing her against Wolverine as the both of them fell straight into Logan's waiting arms.
"Oh man, oh man," Jubilee said in a voice, made hoarse from screaming that she hadn't been aware she was doing. Her head lolled back on Remy's shoulder, sweaty strands of his hair resting on her face.
He kissed her tenderly. "Do dat again, an' Remy t'ink he pass out."
"Kids today. No stamina," Logan growled, pushing deeper into Jubilee. He was as hard as when he'd started, and becoming frustrated.
"I'd bite him, but I'm too tired," Jubilee confided jokingly to Remy.
She was lying back against him now, more on her side than her back. His erection had subsided with his orgasm, and Remy cradled her in his arms as best he could with Wolverine nearly covering her. She could feel his penis against her, his long, perspiring body, and the coolness of his lips pressed first to her temple, then to her neck.
She wanted him. She loved him. And she loved Logan as well.
Jubilee clung to Logan, enjoying his intensity. In some currently dimmed corner of her mind, she knew it was odd, or even disturbing that she had invited Gambit to share her -- well, technically *his* -- bed with her and Logan. However, the part of her mind currently in charge thought it was fine-and-dandy thing to have both of them there, to resolve their triangle in the simplest possible way. She wanted to hold Remy against her, his head to her breast and assure him that she would be there for him, encompass him in some womanly way that she felt more on instinct than in any other sense. She needed to stroke his hair, take him inside her and give him pleasure again, and hold him until he felt loved.
Jubilee felt light-headed. She loved him, loved them both, and that was all right. Perfectly all right.
Having resolved things in her own mind, she giggled and, leaning forward, bit Logan on the nose, the impish desire to do so having run through the back of her mind ever since she'd said it.
He gave her an outraged look and rolled away. "First you scratch my back up, then you try to eat my nose."
"But you've got a healing factor. You should be fine," Jubilee informed him cheerfully.
Logan glowered and growled at her, momentarily inarticulate.
Remy stepped in to explain for him. "A man can't concentrate when you do dat, chere."
"Spoilsports." Jubilee brightened. "I think I know something you wouldn't mind me biting."
Remy slipped out from under her, the better to shake his finger in her face. "Non, non. Remy not have a healing factor."
They both turned simultaneously to Logan.
"Nope, no way. I may have a healing factor, but I can feel pain just fine, thank you."
"Aw," Jubilee mock-pouted. "Nobody ever lets me have any fun."
Remy looked at Logan. "I t'ink I got some t'ings we could use to gag her if you want, mon ami."
The two shared a brief moment of grinning camaraderie before Logan shook his head. "Nah. You get used to her..."
"Hey!" Jubilee shouted indignantly.
"Oh, you!" Jubilee tackled the smirking Wolverine, pinning him easily to the bed. But then, he wasn't resisting either. "That wasn't very nice," she accused.
She was lying on his nude body, propped up on her elbows, her tight, firm young breasts right in Logan's face.
He took one in his mouth, suckling it. When she started moaning and pushing herself closer to him, he let go, backing off to grin at her. "Now why on earth would you want me to be *nice*,
"Um... no good reason?" Jubilee offered weakly, bending forward to brush Logan's face with her breasts in silent
He chuckled and pulled her closer, stroking his face back-and-forth against her breasts, nuzzling them, enjoying the
contrast in textures between their softness and the roughness of his stubbly face. "That's good, darlin'. I'm the best there is at what I do--"
Jubilee and Remy cut him off. In perfect chorus, they said, "But what you do isn't very nice."
Bemused, Logan laid there, looking up at them.
"Maybe you have said that once too often, M'sieu Serval?" Remy enquired.
"Maybe I'm just surrounded by smart alecks."
Suddenly, Jubilee jumped off of Wolverine, and off of the bed altogether. "Bathroom break!" she announced, and sprinted out the door, unconscious of her nakedness.
Gambit smirked at Wolverine. "Wonder who's wandering 'round de halls besides Jubilee? Bet dat's a sight to see."
Logan shot up quickly, in an instant reaction to protect his source of sex -- uh, the woman he loved. Then his senses caught up with his libido.
"Nah. Nobody's here but us. Can't even hear Beast or Chuck in the place."
Gambit's eyes twinkled. "Sometimes Bishop, he patrols real quietly."
"Not that quiet."
"And you know -- de bathroom's down de hall. And de p'tite didn't t'ink to put any clothes on. Not dat she has any left, but you got t'imagine de scene, non?"
Wolverine growled, serious and predatory now. "Jubilee'll be fine. But you -- yer askin' for it. Usually I'd rough you up for that, but today--" his eyes roamed down Remy's languid nude body. "I'm having some other ideas."
Gambit's smile sharpened. "Oh? Like what? Y'not goin' t'tell dis Cajun boy dat de big bad wolf suddenly changed his ways? Gambit always t'ought you straight as de poker dat got jammed up Scott's ass."
Logan levered himself up, leaning over Gambit. He licked his lips. "Maybe I changed my mind. You got a problem with that?"
"Non." Gambit reached out to Logan, letting his hands ghost over the other man's skin. Not touching him -- not quite invading that barrier of personal space. Instead, his hands hovered fractions of an inch away. Just in case Wolverine had second thoughts. One always had to keep his temper in mind.
Logan didn't seem to realize he was supposed to have doubts. He let his weight fall on Remy, the younger man's hands caughtbetween them.
Despite an overwhelming desire to spread for Logan, to turn onhis stomach and let the other man fill him, Remy's survivalinstincts forced him to ask, "You not goin' t'kill me for this inthe morning, are you?"
Remy relaxed.
Logan continued. "You don't like gettin' up in the morning. Easier ta wait 'til afternoon and kill you then."
"T'ank you. Now Remy feel so much better." But Logan's chuckle assured him that there was no real danger. He stretched under Wolverine, letting his body slide along the other man's. When his thigh came into contact with Logan's penis, Logan immediately began grinding it into him. "You hard already?" Remy asked huskily, his own member beginning to feel renewed interest.
"Already? Never lost it. The kid bit my nose, remember?"
Remy slid down further until Logan's cock was nudging at the junction of his legs, touching his resurgent erection.
Logan thrust deeper into him, and Remy groaned. It felt like having it inside him -- so close, and so not even enough. "Let me turn over. Don' wan' t'do it dis way -- 's not enough."
Wolverine raised up slightly, giving Remy enough space to twist sinuously, rubbing himself against the hard body covering his. It'd been a while since he'd done this -- it wasn't like he had to go searching for sexual partners; a time or two, he'd just let everyone who wanted him have him. Maybe more than a time or two. He favored women, but then, women just happened to be attracted to him. Remy liked that. He liked this, too.
Remy tilted his hips, pushing his ass back against Logan's groin, begging for it. But Logan did not oblige.
He looked back, shaking his hair out of the way. "Dere a problem?"
"Nope. Just remembering earlier when I promised myself that you were going to feel everything Jubilee felt when you stuck it to her." Logan grinned evilly. "You remember that, don't you?"
"Oui, but Remy fixed it--"
One of Logan's hands went to Remy's ass, spreading his cheeks wide, as the other positioned his erection at the entrance to his anus.
Logan didn't seem to feel the need for any sort of preparation. Remy braced himself.
He felt Logan wet him with the tip of a finger, and then, he thrust hard, lodging himself deep inside.
Yeah, it hurt. It'd been a while. But, mon dieu, what it did to him. His erection was pressed against the bed, being rubbed by it, and the kind of pain it was was exactly the kind of pain that led to the best orgasms. Remy was an expert on the subject.
He moaned and pushed back hard against Logan, letting him know he was all right with this, and could Logan please stop messing around and go for it, damn it?
Another chuckle, then Logan pushed him down, his arms coming to rest on either side of Remy's body as he thrust.
"Y'know, dere's only one problem wit' dat plan of yours, mon ami."
"What's that?"
"Remy like dis."
A growl came from above him. "That's no problem." But despite his words, Logan began pushing harder, as though Remy had given him some permission to let loose and behave as he wanted to. Hard, and immediate, with finesse something left behind as unneeded when the both of them were already turned on more than enough.
Remy reached his hand around, stroking himself as teeth nibbled at his back and shoulders. *Ooh, dat's gonna leave a mark.* And he was being fucked hard, uncompromisingly, with little attention to where he might be sensitive or indeed, to his own arousal at all. *But just imagine Logan sucking you de same way he fucks.*
Remy groaned, thrusting futilely against the bed. Mon dieu. He wanted that. Wanted to be taken. So often, he was the seducer. He wanted to be the one overblown by his lover's intensity.
And he was.
The penis was huge inside him -- and thing that filled that passage so tthoroughly would have felt huge, and being invaded this way...
Remy pushed outward, trying to minimize the pressure on him, and Logan groaned, sinking his teeth sharply into Remy's shoulderblade. *So de ol' man likes dat, eh? Could do wit'out de teeth t'ough.*
He pushed out again, and Logan thrust faster, voluble now, mixing growls with his moaning.
Then Gambit felt a hot pulsating prickle go through him, out to tease at his erection -- so close, so close -- and recognizing it for what it was, skillfully arched back further into Logan, who was coming.
"Oh, god."
Heat spread inside Remy, Logan's orgasm filling him. And yet the other man still held on to him, now slowed in his headlong pace, pushing his hips more slowly against Remy, milking every last aftershock of pleasure from the thief's body.
Remy obliged him, alternately squeezing and pushing out with his anal muscles, kneading Logan's penis inside him.
Logan's hands were stroking Remy's hips now, caressing him almost lovingly. "Yer good, kid. Real good."
Remy flexed again, and Logan slid out, lying down half-seated next to him.
"But of course, mon ami," Remy said, turning over in a stretch less lazy than it looked.
"Don't get cocky."
"Who's calling who cocky?" Jubilee asked from the doorway.
"I think you know, darlin'."
A satiated Logan reached out to his lover, and she came to him, snuggling against his chest.
Remy felt outraged and more than a little cheated. What about him? He'd been looking forward to Wolverine reciprocating.
Jubilee leaned over and kissed Remy, an action which he returned with enthusiasm despite his disappointment. The kiss was good, it just wasn't enough, damnit!
Suddenly, Gambit squealed, a high pitched girly scream.
"What?" Jubilee asked.
"Someone just pinch my ass!"
Jubilee giggled, "Wasn't me."
"Wanna make somethin' of it, Cajun?"
Remy grinned. Things were looking up. "Doan mind if I do."
Jean's voice cut through the fog of sexual desire, and he stiffened. "Jeannie?"
His partners stared at him. "What, mon ami?" asked Gambit as Jubilee pouted at the mention of the other woman's name. "Aren't we enough t'satisfy you?"
Logan growled at them, and Jubilee snuggled closer.
#We've returned to the mansion. Is everything all right?#
"No. The Professor's got some sort of problem. Affecting everyone."
"You can say that again," Jubilee agreed.
Gambit laid his head down on her stomach, red-brown hair spilling over her flesh. She reached down to stroke it, fingers tangling at the crest, before plunging deep into the silky strands.
"You complainin', chere?"
"Wouldn't dream of it."
#Uh -- Logan? We know about the Professor's problem. That was our first priority, once we discovered Hank and Charles... out on the grounds.# Logan received a brief impression of a sated -- and naked -- couple discovered sleeping entwined together in a tree top, the Professor's hoverchair stuck bizarrely between two of the lower branches. Jean continued. #We took them to the Medlab. Charles has been awake and clear of the entity inhabiting his head for nearly forty-five minutes now. There should be no remaining effects of that possession.#
Logan colored, looked down at the pair already beginning play toward another session of fevered lovemaking, and sighed. "Thanks for letting me know, Jeannie."
#Give my best to Remy and Jubilee,# came the communication, along with a psychic wink.
He closed his eyes, started swearing, and then opened his eyes again. In as few words as possible, he explained the situation to Jubilee and Gambit, who immediately looked at each other, burst out into laughter, and started a tickle fight. Which, as they were in the bed with him, meant a fight right on top of him. And his anatomy was reacting strongly to the momentary impressions of first soft rounded feminine curves, and then the hard planes of the male body also pressing against his. Very strongly.
*Aw, hell,* he swore silently, *We can sort it out in the morning.* And promptly joined in.




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