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Stories, that are hosted here: X-Men and Lord of the Rings






Creating A Memory
complete by Silver 41 kb Gambit/Iceman
Remy helps Bobby create a new memory on the anniversary of a very bad day.


Spy In Our Midst (01 - 02 - Interlude1 - 03)
unfinished by Silver 39 kb Gambit/Wolverine/Cyclops
Gambit is a thief, he's a gambler, he's a bit of a sex-addict, he's... a double agent?!? And his boss wants him to do WHAT?


Such Is The Life I Lead
complete by Silver 9 kb Cyclops/Gambit
Scott thinks about his 'relationship' with Remy. Scott's POV.


Too Late
complete by Silver 5 kb Cyclops/Gambit


Twisted (01 - 02 - 03 - 04)
unfinished by Silver 29 kb Gambit/Cyclops, Jean Grey/Cyclops
Scott's a little mixed up, cheating on Jean, and thinking about his life.


Tax Day (Co-written with Johnny)
complete by Silver 16 kb Iceman/Gambit
It's almost Tax Day and Bobby's working himself to the bone. He needs a break, and Remy's gonna make him take one.


The Better Part Of Me:

Chapter One: Even Heroes Have The Right To Dream

unfinished by Silver 82 kb Iceman/Cyclops
Bobby and Scott have a talk, but it doesn't go as planned and they find out more about the other than they bargained for...




Lord of the Rings:



complete by Silver 5 kb Legolas/Aragorn
Legolas' thoughts during the year 121 of the Fourth Age.


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