Title: Spy In Our Midst

Author: Silver ([email protected])


Rating: NC-17

Pairing/main characters: Gambit/Wolverine/Cyclops

Series/Sequel: unfinished, parts 1-3

Summary: Gambit is a thief, he's a gambler, he's a bit of a sex-addict, he's... a double agent?!? And his boss wants him to do WHAT?

Disclaimer: Own nothing but the plot, Remy's boss, and assorted non X-men characters. X-Men belong to Stan Lee and Marvel.

Date: Jun 2001

Archive/distribution: Silver's Domain,Logan&Remy, WCG archive. Anyone else? Want? Ask, take, have.

Warning: Slash (both implied and graphic), language

Dedication: Meg, for being my bestest critic AND Kethry, Kris, Jen G, Victoria, Paxnirvana, Peri, Redd, Lelia, Misty, Crys, TM, S, M, Chris, Peggy, RabidX, Voyuerer, Jennifer, Bartleby, Freddie, Kitty, and anyone else who encouraged me to continue with this story after my bout with the first flame. I think I got everyone's name, but if I didn't, this is also dedicated to you. Just as a note, the flamer apologized for their harsh words. So, mega happy going on here.



Spy In Our Midst 1 - Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It...

By Silver


A shadowy figure walked down the stairs silently in the dead of the night.
It shrugged on a heavy coat and put its hand on the doorknob of the front door, easing it open noiselessly, the usual creak of hinges unheard under the gentle touch. It raised the garage door manually and wheeled a sleek black Ducati out the gates. Once it was far enough from the mansion it climbed on and started the engine, speeding off down the deserted roads.
The figure ran slender hands through wind tousled auburn hair as it parked the bike and slid off, pocketing the keys and entering a nondescript nightclub. At least on the outside. On the inside, however, was another story. The first room was for humans, but if one walked to the back right corner and touched a certain tile in the wall, a panel slid open allowing entrance into another club, one for creatures of the night and mutants.
The figure did just that and nodded to the regulars who called out pleasantries to the lanky form. A cigarette was offered and accepted, a light given from the fingertip of a raven haired witch sitting at the bar.
The flame caught and held the unearthly light shining from the figure's demonic eyes.
"Check in time again?" The witch questioned. "Yeah. She here?"
"Her room." The figure nodded and walked across the crowded dance floor, mirror balls shining eerie lights upon the inhabitants of the room. It knocked softly on a silver knocker and the door swung open.
"You're late." A man's voice commented as he ushered the form into the shadowy room.
"Had ta wait for dem ta sleep."
"That's fine. Adian, leave him be. You may enter further." A woman's voice ordered quietly. She turned on a small lamp and motioned the newcomer closer. "Have you learned anything else?" The figure stepped forward and knelt before the woman. "Yes Ma'am. But not much yet. Dey don' trus' me
"Lay off the formalities Cajun, it's just us in here." The kneeling figure stood and lounged in a chair next to the woman. "What do you know?" Remy LeBeau shrugged as he pulled another cigarette from his pocket and held it out for her to light. She did so with a glance and he smiled.
"C'est un grand manoir. Has many sublevels and trainin' rooms. Two telepat's an' Storm, a weat'er goddess. Ot'er mutants too. Leader is Cyclops, Second in command woul' prob'ly be Wolverine."
"I've heard of those two. Cyclops supposedly has a metal spine and is somewhat a bit of a tightass. And Wolverine is a macho alpha male type with adamantium grafted to his bones,"
"No s'pposedly 'bout it cherie, he does an' he's more dan a bit of a tightass. An' oui, Wolvie est animalistic, but gentle ta Rogue. She's like a daughter ta him."
"So, think maybe if you seduced someone with power you could find out more?"
"Mais oui."
"Good, I want you to seduce Cyclops. And Wolverine if possible."
"Bot' o' dem?!" Remy sputtered, choking on his bourbon.
The woman smiled. "Yes. C'mon baby, I know ya can do it, that's why you're my favorite agent."
"T'ought dat was 'cos I'm your copain." She smiled and licked a trail on his neck, sucking the skin brieftly.
"That too Remy, that too. But c'mon Grand Master Prince of Thieves, Master of Seduction, and Double-Agent Extraordinaire can certainly seduce two bisexual men."
"I dunno cherie."
"Try, for me?"
"Pour vous, I will. But only cos I love ya."
"Love you too Rem. Now get on home."
"No quickie?" He asked, pouting.
"No time luv, almost dawn. Get going." Remy nodded, kissed her once and left out the back door, walking around to the parking lot and climbing on his Ducati. He was about to turn the key when Adian raced out.
"Gambit! Her Majesty wants you back in there." Remy slid off the bike and ran back in.
"Ya wanted ta see me 'gain cherie? D. called ya Majesty so figured it tres important."
"Kind of. He just takes my position too seriously sometimes."
"Queen o' New York T'ieves an' Assassins Guild an' de New York Underworld a big job mon amie. Oui?"
"I know, just makes me wanna smack him upside the head. Wolverine is awake, he's been in the garage and noticed a bike missing. You took the Ducati Monster S4?" Remy nodded. "Thought so. You love that damn bike. He's wondering where you went, so we'll play this up a bit, oui?" She leaned over and grabbed a tube of lipstick, applying it to her lips before kissing the Cajun. "You aleady have a hickey, so a bit of expensive perfume?" She shook a bottle and sprayed a bit on his clothes. "And you're all set. Check in time is on Tuesday, three nights from now. Maybe you can bring one of them if they're interested in it." She dismissed him and he went back to where Adian sat on his bike. The other man dismounted and Remy clambered on. He kick started the bike and sped towards the mansion.
After walking the bike several feet, Remy returned it to its position and entered the house through the garage door. As soon as he'd stepped in the kitchen, a hand was around his throat, three metal points pressed against his throat.
"Where've ya been Gumbo?" Logan growled. Remy gulped, the claws pressing further into his skin.
"Jus' out for a ride, Wolvie. Dat's all. Does wonders for me when I can't sleep. An' what ya doin' up anyway?"
"Couldn't sleep either. And don't lie ta me Gumbo. I can see lipstick and smell perfume. Been with some cheap whore?" Remy's demon eyes flashed and he shoved Logan back, making him stumble. He had a card out and charging before Logan could even look back up.
"Ya don' ever call her cheap an' never a whore, got it?" He snapped, forgetting the plan at hearing someone refer to his best friend like that.

"Damn Cajun, what the fuck was all that about? Just asked a question."
Logan sheathed his claws. "Now c'mon really. I know ya weren't just out ridin' around. Where'd ya go?"
"If ya so int'rested, mebbe Remy let ya go wit' him next time, non?"
"Got a deal Cajun. Might wanna wash that scent off ya before One-Eye gets up."
"Mais oui. Don' need 'nother lecture, dat's for sure." Remy walked out of the room and Logan rubbed the now-healed spot where Remy had shoved him into the table. He felt a brief pang of jealousy towards the girl that Remy had protected so vehemently.

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