Title: Spy In Our Midst

Author: Silver ([email protected])




Spy In Our Midst 3 - Day Two: You Wanted To Know?

By Silver


Tuesday dawned clear and beautiful. Logan entered the kitchen after a ten mile run, barely even sweating, and found Remy leaning against the counter, peeling an orange with a pocket knife. "Careful there Gumbo, don't wanna cut yourself."
"Remy know how ta handle knives Wolvie." Remy replied, flipping the knife in the air and catching it with his fingertips by the blade, millimeters above his outstretched palm. "So you not gotta worry 'bout moi, mon ami.."
"Whatever ya say." Logan replied, shrugging as he popped the top on a can of beer.
"Beer so early in de mornin' homme?"
"Always have one after a run. You're normally still in bed at this time, why are ya up?"
"No one played shag tag wit' Remy last night. Went ta bed early, woke up early. Still goin' wit' me t'night ta see where I was?"
"Count on it kid."
"A'ight, meet me in de garage at sept heures."
"That's 7:00 right?"
"Oui. Getting' better at French, mon ami." Remy smiled at the older man and exited the kitchen.

Remy had kept to himself for the day, knowing Logan was looking for him but refused to be found. Now, at 6:45, he sat on his Ducati, waiting for Logan to show up. At five until seven, the older mutant entered the garage. He was wearing tight blue jeans, a red t-shirt, Remy noted it wasn't flannel for once, and combat boots. He smiled to himself as he felt Logan's eyes roam over his body.
'Damn but the kid is gonna be the death of me.' Logan thought frustratedly, shamelessly taking in the Cajun's appearance. Remy wore a red silk shirt tucked into impossibly tight black leather pants, the shirt
open from neck to navel, revealing his smooth muscular chest. Black combat boots sat firmly on his feet and a simple silver chain was wrapped around his neck. "Dressed up aren't ya Gumbo?"
"Did I dress wrong?"
"A bit homme, but dat's a'ight dat you wear dat, dey won't mind if ya wit' moi." Remy swung his leg over and straddled his bike.
"No way kid. I'm not riding that dinky bike with you."
"Fine, take de Harley. Jus' keep up wit' me." Logan slid onto his Harley and started the engine, revving it.
"Let's go Gumbo." Remy smiled and took off with a squeal of tires against the gravel, spraying it up as he turned out of the driveway. Logan followed close behind, the wheels nearly touching before Remy would gun the engine again, pulling further ahead. They pulled up in front of the club and Remy slid off his bike, pocketing the keys, waiting for Logan to do the same. "That baby has spunk, I'll give ya that."
"Treat 'er right an' she treats ya better." His red eyes glowed with pride as he ran a hand over the chrome. "C'mon homme, let's get inside." There was a line that stretched around the building this night, but Remy paid no attention and walked straight up to the bouncer. "Bonjour Michael."
"Remy. Lady was wondering where you were. It's dark night, mutants and humans are mingling."
"S'e doin' dat again?"
"Yep. Who's the newbie?"
"Dis est Logan. He needs a pass."
"Pass?" Logan asked. Remy nodded and handed him a sheet of laminated paper. On it was a list. "What the fuck?"
"It 'elps ta keep unwanted attention outta here. We should get ya a single pass, oui?"
"Means free ta mingle. Unattached. Playin' de field. Dat's what ya doing here right?"
"Guess so."
Remy nodded and turned to Michael. "Blue one for mon ami." Michael nodded and handed over a blue glow stick.
"This is some twisted place." Logan remarked.
"I love it, don' knock it till ya've been in. Dat'll save ya from de mobs." They entered and Logan looked around the giant club in shock.
Mutants and humans mingled freely, even those with visible mutations had throngs of humans with them. Mirror balls threw color over everything and throbbing beats with haunting melodies pulsated from the speakers.
A tall beautiful woman with long shimmering blonde hair made her way through the crowd. She wore tight leather pants that had crisscrossing silver ties going all the way up the legs and a tight black leather top with matching silver ties going straight up the middle, leaving enticing bits of flesh exposed. She stopped in front of Remy. "Dance with me?" She partly asked, partly ordered. Remy grinned and nodded, taking her hand as she pulled him into the throng of dancers. She wrapped an arm around his
neck and began to gyrate to the music, running her other hand over his chest. "How are you doing?" She asked quietly.
"Doin' good. Wolvie and Cyke are involved somehow. Gonna be easier dan I t'ought."
"Of course it will." She replied, nipping at his pulse point. "He's staring at us like he's gonna rip me apart and then throw you down and fuck you till you can't see straight."
"Mmm, don' make me horny cherie." Her hand wandered down to stroke his growing erection.
"Don't take much to get you up does it?" She smirked.

Logan was furious with the blonde who had just walked up and taken Remy away to dance. He fought to keep his claws sheathed as he watched her lick
Remy's neck and stroke his shaft through his pants. He wanted to be the one doing that to Remy. Damn him for not demanding that they both get the "Taken" passes. The song ended and he watched the blonde lead Remy to the bar, sitting and ordering a drink. Logan stalked over and claimed the seat
on the other side of the Cajun, looking over and growling at the woman.
She just laughed and winked at him. A waitress with shoulder length dark violet hair walked by and the blonde grabbed her hand.
"Jana baby, what did I tell you about letting the men grab your ass?"
The waitress looked down and sighed. "Be more assertive and tell them to stop."
"Then listen to me for once would you, love?"
"I'll try."
"S'all I ask." The blonde replied, releasing the girl and sending her on her way.
"Dat's Jana? S'e changed a lot."
"Yeah, wanted a new image after Crystal left her. Gonna introduce me to your new toy?"
"He's not?" Remy tried to say but Logan interrupted.
"I'm Logan. An' who's to say he ain't my toy?"
"That pass around your neck, for one." She retorted. A tall dark haired man dressed in leather pants and jacket stepped in front of Remy and glared down at him.
"Come with me, now." He ordered.
"He's taken." Logan growled.
"Not according to his looks. He doesn't have a mark on him." The man sneered.
"He's with me, is that a problem?" The woman spoke up, pinning him with a glare.
"No, no ma'am. Not at all. Forgive me sir." He stuttered, leaving quickly.
"T'anks cherie."
"No one gets you unless I say so." She replied.
"Who the hell are you?!" Logan snapped, tired of the way she acted as if she owned the thief.
"Ma tres bonne amie, owner o' dis club. Lady Sapphire Aura."
"Aura? Fuck, I've heard of you!"
"Everyone has." She laughed. "Remy's my best friend, everyone knows it. Except for that two-bit whore that bothered us, guess he's new here."
"Dunno cherie, ain't been here in awhile."
"Guess so." She replied, shrugging. "Nonetheless, you're not to be ordered around by anyone," She winked at him and Logan, "Unless you ask him/her to." Remy ducked his head, hiding a smile at Logan's amazed expression.
"Ma cherie! Tu est tres mal." He exclaimed.
"Mais tu m'adore." She retorted.
"Oui, Je fais."
Logan stood and hauled Remy out onto the dance floor. Aura watched and blew him a kiss before returning to dancing. Remy placed both hands on Logan's shoulders and drew himself close to the shorter mutant. "Homme, got a problem wit' ma cherie?" He purred, rubbing himself cat-like against
Logan's thigh.
"Yeah," Logan growled, biting Remy's exposed neck. "Ya ain't dancin' like that with her again. Yur mine, ya hear me?"
"Since when?" Remy replied, moving with the beat.
"Now," Logan snarled and roughly yanked Remy's head down for a bruising kiss. Forcing him to open his mouth he thrust his tongue in and briefly fought with him for dominance.
Logan's hand wound itself tightly into Remy's thick auburn hair and held him in a vice-like grip. Remy's hands strayed down to stroke Logan though his worn jeans.
Remy pulled back breathlessly and smirked at the other mutant. "Don't t'ink I'm gonna be jus' a one night fuck for ya."
Logan shook his head and started dragging Remy towards a staircase partially hidden from view. Remy stumbled a bit but followed him without complaint. Logan found an empty room and pushed Remy into it. He locked the door and smiled ferally at the Cajun.
Remy shoved the shorter mutant against the door. Logan groaned as Remy assaulted his lips, demanding tongue pressing into his mouth, hands searing his flesh as they ran over the bare skin of his chest. He growled slightly as he felt the sting of teeth bite into his lip and smelt the metallic tang of blood before the Cajun's tongue lapped at it, suckling at the wound. The animal inside him whimpered at the forceful onslaught from the taller man and he gave up control, letting himself experience new feelings? the feeling of being possessed by the object of his secret desire.
"Ya sure 'bout dis cher?"
"Real sure Gumbo. Get on with it." He demanded, hands roughly tearing at the buttons of the other's silk shirt. Remy laughed and stripped Logan of his jeans, his fingers wrapping around the shorter man's throbbing shaft.
A shuddering gasp tore from Logan's mouth at the contact and Remy smirked, pulling his hand away to strip himself of the rest of his clothes.
"Get on de bed, cher." Remy said, not ordering, but not asking either.
Logan complied, laying on his stomach. The bed sagged as the Cajun sat and then stood.
"Where the hell you think you're going Gumbo?"
"We need de lube?" Remy began before being cut off by a sharp laugh.
"Not likely. Do it without." Logan ordered huskily, drawing himself up onto his hands and knees. "C'mon kid." He drawled, grinning ferally. "Fuck me." Remy's eyes darkened in heightened desire and he positioned his engorged cock at Logan's puckered entrance.
"Ya sure?" Logan rolled his eyes and shoved his hips back, sending the head of Remy's cock into his ass.
"Don't make me hafta go get someone to show you how." He said.
"Ya mean Cyclops?" Remy asked, smirking.
Logan's head whipped around in shock. "What do ya mean?"
"I saw ya'll kissin' by de pool. Heard ya too. T'ought dere was somet'in' goin' on. I was right, oui?"
"Smarter than ya look kid."
"Don' let anyone know homme, don' wanna hafta have dem 'spectin' more from me."
Remy grinned and thrust the rest of his hard length into Logan in one push, making the older mutant's back arch in a cross of excrutiating pain and exquisite pleasure. "FUCK REMY!" He howled as the theif's hands closed around his hip bones.
"Dat's what we be doin' cher, non?"
Logan chuckled and stilled as he waited for his body to adjust to the intrusion. Slowly he pushed back and Remy groaned. The Cajun reached around them to grasp Logan's throbbing cock and began to stroke it as he thrust into the other mutant's trembling form. Logan moaned loudly as Remy's lithe body stretched out over his own. With every thrust forward his cock was stroked and with every push back tremors ran through him as the lanky thief's shaft rubbed against his prostate. Remy opened his mind
to Logan's, letting him feel what he felt as he fucked him. Logan moaned again and began to move faster, Remy's empathy allowing it to seem as if he was both fucking and being fucked, howling as he climaxed and his seed spilt over Remy's hand and the bed. His body spasmed, clenching around
Remy's cock and causing him to empty his release into Logan's willing body. He lay limp on him for a minute, catching his breath.
"Damn Cajun, that empathy is somethin' else."
"Ya like cher?"
"You can fuck me anytime Gumbo."
Remy chuckled and pulled out of Logan, laying on his side next to the shorter man. "Might jus' take ya up on dat offer homme. O' course, dat is if Cyke agrees."
"What are ya gonna do with Slim?" Logan asked carefully, opening one eye to peek at Remy.
"I'm gonna go after him next. See if he's as good a fuck as you." Remy saw Logan tense and he knew that he was about to spout off some bullshit about Scott being his or Remy being his and he kissed him forcefully, silencing him before he could speak. "Wouldn't ya like ta have two lovers Wolvie? Dere's all kinds o' fun wit' two willin' men." Logan's eyes widened as ideas and images assaulted his mind.
"Got a point there Gumbo. Ya've got a deal. Try ta get inta Cyke's pants. Took me for-fuckin'-ever, I wanna see you try."
"I'll do it cher, jus' you wait."


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