Title: Spy In Our Midst

Author: Silver ([email protected])




Spy In Our Midst - Interlude1 - That Night

By Silver


Logan walked into his room, pulling his shirt off over his head. Strong hands grabbed his wrists while they were caught up in his shirt and shoved him against the wall. Logan groaned as his spine slammed into the paneling and his shirt was jerked up, uncovering just his mouth and soft lips pressed forcefully against his own. Logan grinned and opened his mouth fully, allowing the wandering tongue to delve into his mouth, dueling with his own tongue. The hard body against him moved back and ripped his shirt the rest of the way off, releasing his captured arms. His hands promptly went to the buttons of his lover's shirt, popping them and listening to the noise as they scattered on the floor.
"Shouldn't'ave worn it if ya wanted it intact."
"That's why it was one of yours." Logan growled in mock anger and pinched Scott's nipples between his fingers. Scott moaned and arched forward, unzipping and pulling down Logan's jeans. Logan kicked them off and leaned in, biting and licking at Scott's smooth chest.
"Kinda eager aren't ya?"
"Been thinking about you all day." Scott replied, running his tongue over the side of the shorter man's face.
"And Gumbo too, weren't ya?" Logan asked, jerking the belt from Scott's belt loops and pushing his jeans down, letting him kick them off.
"Well maybe, but so were you."
"Yeah. C'mon One Eye, show me whatcha got."
Scott laughed and shoved Logan back on the bed and stretched out beside him. He wrapped his hand around Logan's erect shaft and stroked roughly, gathering the precum on his fingers and sliding them past the tight ring of muscle. Logan's hands clenched the sheets tightly, his eyes shut tight as Scott pumped three fingers deep inside his body.
"FUCK!" Logan exclaimed as Scott's finger found and pressed into his prostate, causing sparks to shoot behind his eyes. Scott withdrew his fingers and Logan grinned, knowing what was coming. He moved into their usual position, Logan bracing his weight on his hands and knees. "Get on with it Slim."
"Oh I don't know Logan, I've got an awful lot of paperwork to do."
Scott laughed and reached for Logan's cock, stroking him some more, running his thumb over the head. "I want to hear you beg for it." He said huskily, nipping at the back of Logan's neck. "I want you begging me to fuck you, harder, faster, deeper. I want to hear you scream my name as you cum."
Logan groaned at his lover's dark words. Half of their couplings were like this, The feral beast inside Logan releasing all control on him and letting him be taken and claimed, ordered and expected to obey.
Scott began fisting Logan's cock harder, faster, releasing it when the tensing in Logan's body signaled an impending orgasm. Logan nearly felt like screaming when Scott stopped the assault on his throbbing erection.
"Don't stop Scott. Fuck me." He growled. "I wanna feel you spread out over me, stretching me and pounding into my ass, going so hard and deep I feel like you're ripping me apart."
Scott laughed darkly and got behind Logan, shoving his length deep into Logan's unprepared passage in one thrust, burying himself to the hilt.
Logan bit his lip at the pleasure and pain coursing through his body as Scott took him, slamming into his prostate with each thrust, causing his arms to almost buckle with the force. Scott reached around them and took Logan's weeping shaft, giving it a few quick jerks before feeling the shorter mutant tense around his own cock and the release spilled over his hand. Scott brought it to his mouth, sucking Logan's seed off as he plunged into the throbbing hole twice more before spilling his own release
into Logan's body. He dropped heavily onto Logan's back like a dead weight until they both caught their breath enough to move, laying on their sides.
The field leader spooned the stocky mutant, wrapping lean muscular arms around the broad chest, nuzzling at Logan's neck, licking at the sweaty skin.
"We'll talk about Remy tomorrow." Scott spoke after a few minutes of creating hickeys and watching them fade.
"He invited me to go somewhere." Logan replied.
"Have fun. But I'll want details."
"Deal." Logan agreed, turning his head to kiss Scott briefly before grabbing the sheets and covering their bodies.
"G'nite Slim."
"G'night Wolvie."


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