Gambit / Cyclops



Children of the Atom  
complete by Askani'daughter 84 kb Cyclops/Gambit, Cyclops/Angel
Gambit helps Cyclops come out of the closet and he leaves the X-Men for a year. But on return, will he find love with someone he desires?


Freak on a Leash

01 - 02 - Interlude1 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07

unfinished by Askani'daughter 426 kb Cyclops/Angel
Introduction of Angel into movieverse. Cyclops finds an abused, angry Angel and brings him home. Cyclops and Angel form a fast friendship, which quickly develops into something more. But Cyclops and Angel's past comes back to haunt them... with a vengeance.


Kinda I Want To

01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 -12

complete by Askani'daughter 316 kb Cyclops/Angel
There's something going on between Cyclops and Angel. Only everyone seems to know about it but Cyclops. Is it love, is it hate? Is it want, is it need? What will it take to bring them together?


The True Meaning of Christmas
complete by Askani'daughter 41 kb Cyclops/Angel, Iceman, Beast
Scott's been down lately, so his three best friends take him out on Christmas Eve to cheer him up... and one gives him a Christmas present he'll never forget.


The Morning After
complete by Askani'daughter 16 kb Cyclops/Angel
What comes after a PWP? What do you do after you just slept with your best friend? How are you supposed to feel? Where do you go from there? Scott reflects in bed the morning after.


Two's Company... Four's ? Series, 1-11
unfinished by Eoen 686 kb Gambit/Wolverine/Cyclops/Jean
Basically one hot , but also some angst.


  Battle With Prejudice 1
unfinished by Faline 26 kb Cyclops/Gambit/OC, Toad/OC
Alternative Universe. When Scott and Remy's relationship is revealed, as well at there mutant status, there's problems for the Silverhawks. Can they stick together, or will this drive them apart?


Red-Eyed Love
complete by Faline 10 kb Cyclops/Gambit
Scott and Remy get drunk and have a good time, while being watched unkowingly.


complete by Foxfeather 38 kb Cyclops/Gambit
Some unknown entity decides that Cyclops has to learn a bit more about a certain Cajun.


Summers in Slavery (01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05)
complete by Lornadane 850 kb Gambit/Cyclops/Havok
Slash. In an Alternative Universe Remy Lebeau is Patriarch of a country that allows slavery, both manual and pleasure. He kidnaps Scott Summers after accidentally taking his brother, Alex Summers, finding he wants the two as his personal pleasure slaves. This story is told from Scott's perspective after being kidnapped and deals with his training at the hand of his brother, and his eventual succumbing to Remy's will.


The eyes of a child 00 - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05
complete by Morgana 484 kb later Cyclops/Gambit
First in Morgana's Gambit/Cyclops-Series. Slash, drama, alternate universe, angst. Remy is living on the streets of New Orleans until he meets Jean-Luc LeBeau and his life changes drastically.


Shadows 01 - 02 - 03 - 04
complete by Morgana 358 kb Cyclops/Gambit
Second in Morgana's Gambit/Cyclops-Series. This sequel starts with Remy being abandoned by Rogue at Antarctica. As I find Marvel's way of rescuing Remy completely unbelievable I will continue going AU and Remy will be rescued by someone else. Still mourning Benjamin and Dave's death and having to leave Mike behind, he tries to pick up the pieces and returns to Westchester to live in the boathouse, shunned by most X-Men and he's taken off the team. Tragedy strikes again and Remy finds himself comforting one of his teammates.


Insanity 01 - 02 - 03
complete by Morgana 349 kb Cyclops/Gambit
Third in Morgana's Gambit/Cyclops-Series. As months pass by the team settles back into their routine, but Creed's still lurking and plans on using Remy to control his urges. When Remy faces insanity, Scott begins to realize his attraction to the Cajun.


Return to Innocence 01 - 02
complete by Morgana 287 kb Cyclops/Gambit, minor Angel/Sinster
Fourth in Morgana's Gambit/Cyclops-Series. Remy discovers that Scott's secret wish is having a real family, including kids. Frustrated that he can't fulfill Scott's wish because he's a man he seeks out Sinister's help, uncertain if the mad scientist will lure him into another trap. Accepting all risks that come with a male pregnancy, he hides his condition from Scott until destiny strikes.


Nine months...  
complete by Morgana 48 kb Cyclops/Gambit
Alternate Fourthin Morgana's Gambit/Cyclops-Series. What would it have been like for Remy and Scott if Apocalypse hadn't interfered and Remy had been nine months pregnant? This is just a little alternate ending for Return to Innocence. I'll be adding more scenes in a few days when I get back from my vacation and oh, yeah, Remy insisted this bit was NC-17!


Such Is The Life I Lead
complete by Silver 9 kb Cyclops/Gambit
Scott thinks about his 'relationship' with Remy. Scott's POV.


Too Late
complete by Silver 5 kb Cyclops/Gambit


Twisted (01 - 02 - 03 - 04)
unfinished by Silver 29 kb Gambit/Cyclops, Jean Grey/Cyclops
Scott's a little mixed up, cheating on Jean, and thinking about his life.


complete by TheCelt 103 kb Gambit/Cyclops
Remy uses his charm powers on Scott.


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