Cajun Turkey
complete by A-Bomb 39 kb Gambit, Professor X
Best non-slash Gambit story there is! Angst. Charles and Remy finally talk about Antarctica. Followed by Leftovers


Leftovers (01 - 02 - 03)
complete by A-Bomb 148 kb Gambit, Beast, Wolverine, minor: Professor X, Jean, Cyclops, Iceman
Best non-slash Gambit story there is! Angst. Hank tries to help Remy deal with his eating disorder. Sequel to Cajun Turkey


THE EARTH ARC (direct link)
complete by Ascian   Wolverine/OFC, Gambit
Gambit and Logan find an injured mutant woman, and the three strike up a close friendship unlike any they have ever had before.


Four Mutants and a Boo  
complete by Askani'daughter 22 kb Cyclops, Angel, Beast, Iceman and Boo
What happens when the X-men meet Boo from Monsters, Inc? Insaity ensues!


Scenes Cut From the X-Men Comics
complete by Askani'daughter 8 kb X-Men
Title is self-explanatory. I'm feeling snarky today. X-Men parody. Basically things you won't see happen in the comics (but you never know). Slash jokes, but no actual slash.


A Father's Hell
complete by A Spawn's Kid 10 kb Jean Luc LeBeau
After the infamous trial Gambit went among the lost and after the infamous trial his father, one of the most powerful men in the world, got word of what happened. This is Jean Luc dealing.


Last Hope - A X-mas tale 1-14
unfinished by A Spawn's Kid 139 kb Gambit/Rogue, Rogue/Joseph
A very strange Christmas story and one of my personal experiments.


complete by Court 8 kb Jean, Cyclops, Wolverine, Gambit
Jean and Scott can't get those dang standardized aptitude tests out of their heads! This is for all those unfortunate souls out there taking the standardized aptitude tests in school. Not everyone will get the humor in this, if you don't you're lucky! This is just a really short piece of humor for us people who shutter when we hear the words "Baloo is a Bear..."


Residency (01 - 02 - 03)
unfinished by Court 63 kb Gambit, Beast, Wolverine
Hank tells Logan a secret few in the mansion know about, his past with Remy. Events take place during Hank's residency in a New Orleans hospital. Most of the story takes place in Remy's childhood, after the Antiquary and before the Guild.


complete by Court 30 kb Gambit, Storm, Iceman
Sometimes it takes someone else's life to help you realize what you have. (No Slash, No Logan either, AMAZING!)


Eternal Insanity 1-9
unfinished by Crimson 132 kb Gambit, Cyclops (no slash)
Antartica, Sinister, vampires, memory loss...


What the Future Holds (01-09 - 10-18)
unfinished by Crimson 333 kb Gambit, Cyclops (no slash)
This story is about what could happen when one man's beaten psyche takes one more blow that even he can't withstand. When the X-Men are turned upside down it's up to the 'Outcasts' of the group to bring the dream back from the grave.


Getting to Know Toad
complete by Faline 9 kb Toad/Rogue
Toad fills out a questionnaire.


Coquine and the Suicide King (direct link)
complete by Jintian   Gambit/Rogue


A Harrowing Gambit
complete by JtheQuill 10 kb Gambit, Wolverine
A very funny shorty about mistaken identity.


Resurfacing (1-2)
unfinished by Jubilation Lee & PsiWolf 25 kb Gambit, OFC
Gambit and his sister.


Secrets better left unknown (1-2)
unfinished by Jufremme & Revel 31 kb Gambit, Wolverine, Psylocke
A mission goes wrong, the three of them are captured.


Sedatives (1-4)
unfinished by Jufremme & Revel 55 kb Gambit
Gambit is hunted and eventually captured by a mysterious enemy.


Bad Mojo
complete by Kielle 9 kb Gambit, Bishop
Gambit gets "free credit" spam in his e-mail. Gambit is not amused.


Take a Mutant to Lunch
complete by Layla Voll 36 kb Cyclops, Iceman, Gambit, Bishop
A handful of "lucky" X-Men participate in a local's school tolerance and diversity program.


A Night at the Movies
complete by Lornadane 10 kb X-Men
X-Men take a trip to the theater to see their own movie.


Ghost (01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05)
unfinished by Lornadane 69 kb Gambit, Wolverine, Sabertooth
Ever wonder why Gambit saved Sabertooth's life by helping him get his adamantium back? Ever wonder what Logan would have done if he found out Gambit saved Sabertooth's life?


complete by Lornadane 19 kb X-Men
The X-men train.


The Passion of Death
complete by Lornadane 36 kb Wolverine/OFC
During Wolverine's time as Death he encounters a new mutant named Aerin for whom Apocalypse has plans.


Do You Remember?
complete by Maggie 5 kb Storm, Gambit
Ororo remembers when she met Remy.


Lost Twin is Here 1-5
unfinished by Maria Cline 33 kb Gambit, Cyclops
Scott discovers that he have another brother.


A loose Reputation
complete by Mercutio 15 kb Gambit
What if Gambit's charm powers were as much a curse as a blessing?


Chains, Planes and Strange Villains
complete by Mercutio 22 kb X-Men
The X-Men are captured by an evil villain who proceeds to torture them.


So Dream While Secrets of Darkness Unfold

01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06

complete by Morgana 212 kb Gambit, Essex, no slash
Remy unexpectedly finds himself in the nineteenth century where he runs in to Essex. Confused to why he has been sent back in time, he tries to stop Apocalypse from getting to Essex and changing Essex in to Sinister. A lot of unexpected things happen...


Lost (1)
unfinished by Phoenix 13 kb Gambit, Wolverine, Iceman
Sinister wants to explore alternate universes and forces one of the X-men to "volunteer". It leads him into danger and a new enemy worse than anything he could have imagined.


Just Once
complete by RabidX 16 kb Gambit/Rogue
Rogue thinks about what went wrong and does the only thing she can do to apologize.


The Jumper
complete by Raietta 31 kb Gambit
On the verge of suicide, Millie finds a reason to live.


The Reflection in The Mirror
complete by Scarlet 201 kb Gambit
Reflection-series 1. Remy's left the X-Men, and doesn't quite know how to go back.


Come Play
complete by Scarlet 7 kb Gambit
Reflection-series 2.


After the Ball
complete by Scarlet 5 kb Gambit
Reflection-series 3. A little darker, maybe a little confusing to some.


Almost Home
complete by Scarlet 9 kb Gambit
Reflection-series 4.


I help!
complete by Scarlet 53 kb Gambit, Wolverine
Reflection-series 5.


Solitary no More?
complete by Scarlet 25 kb Gambit
Reflection-series 6. Remy makes it one step closer to home.


The Gemini Saga:

1. - Feminine Reflection

unfinished by Scorpio 64 kb Gambit, Glamour (OFC)
Gen. AU. Transgender. Drama. Sinister makes a new scientific breakthrough in cloning technology with the help of Gambit's unique mutant DNA. Unfortunately, something goes wrong when the X-Men attempt to rescue their teammate in the middle of a delicate procedure.


A Dish Best Served Cold (direct link)
unfinished by Soar   Gambit
A grudge against Jean-Luc LeBeau has serious consequences for his son.


Recovery (direct link)
unfinished by Tammy Zuleger Gambit, OCs
Gambit suddenly shows up at a friend's house in Montana. He's sick and won't say what happened and why he doesn't want to tell anyone about it. Takes place right after what happened in Seattle.


Here's Stevie (direct link)
unfinished by Tammy Zuleger Gambit, OC
Introduction of a new character to the X-Men. Takes place while Gambit is in the coma after Legion Quest.


  To Care Again (direct link)
unfinished by Tammy Zuleger Gambit
This takes place within current X-Men continuity. Ever wonder what happened to cause Gambit to have a change of heart during the Mutant Massacre. This is my version of what might have happened. Gambit is in Seattle and gathering the Marauders for Mister Sinister. There he meets three people named Monica, Tess, and Andrew.


complete by TheCelt 26 kb Wolverine, Gambit, Cyclops
Gen. Logan goes to meet his Gods in the desert and Scott and Remy go after him.


Slight Return
complete by Victoria 9 kb Gambit/Storm
"Not gonna kill the fatted calf for this thief, homme?"


Their Little Game
complete by Victoria 16 kb Wolverine/Rogue, Gambit
Fantasies are great, until they spin out of control.


Love Given Up
complete by Wren 18 kb Wolverine/Jubilation
Jubilee is home, will Logan see her as a woman? Angst. Prequel to Longing Dreams


Longing Dreams
unfinished by Wren 30 kb Wolverine/Jubilation/Gambit
Romance. Jubilee is having dreams… What happens when she wakes up? Sequel to Love Given Up


Overdue Love
complete by Wren 40 kb Gambit/Jubilation
Romance/Drama. Jubilee has left the X-men and formed a life for herself after Wolverine declines her love. But what will happen when Remy finds her?


Raise and Call
complete by Wyrd 26 kb It's a party!
Boys' night at the Mansion. With a crossover guest star. Slash implications. (BtVS/X-Men)


Somet'in's You Shoul' Know
complete by Zingo 32 kb Jean-Luc LeBeau, the X-Men
After the trial Jean-Luc decides to come to Westchester and talk to the X-Men about his son.


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