Gambit / Havok



A Summer Seduction
complete by Lornadane 34 kb Havok/Gambit
Havok has come back, but his entire life had been turned upside down and he has to deal with the double loss of Scott and Lorna. Gambit decides he needs cheering up. Followed by Raw


complete by Lornadane 31 kb Havok/Gambit
Someone admits he has got feelings for Logan. Sequel to A Summer Seduction


Summers in Slavery (01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05)
complete by Lornadane 850 kb Gambit/Cyclops/Havok
Slash. In an Alternative Universe Remy Lebeau is Patriarch of a country that allows slavery, both manual and pleasure. He kidnaps Scott Summers after accidentally taking his brother, Alex Summers, finding he wants the two as his personal pleasure slaves. This story is told from Scott's perspective after being kidnapped and deals with his training at the hand of his brother, and his eventual succumbing to Remy's will.


Late Autumn Fantasy (1-2)
unfinished by MM 32 kb Gambit/Havok, Iceman/Angel
Bobby is dreaming and then has a hot encounter in the shower.


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