Gambit / Iceman



Mr. Responsibility
complete by Amy 115 kb Gambit/Iceman
Slash. Bobby is furious and decides to go dancing. Remy follows along out of boredom and increasing bemusement and lust.


Family Nightmares
complete by Court 30 kb some Gambit/Iceman, eventually Gambit/Wolverine
Remy's mind floods with forgotton memories. They bring him the family he has always wanted and nightmares he would rather forget.


Church Bells
complete by Crimson 19 kb Gambit/Iceman


complete by Erika 43 kb Gambit/Iceman
Heroes and Circumstances 1. Round Robin.


Through Open Doors
complete by Erika 25 kb Gambit/Iceman
Heroes and Circumstances 2. The morning after, how will the rest of the team react?


Eyes Wide Shut
unfinished by Erika 23 kb Gambit/Iceman
Heroes and Circumstances 3.


The Iceman's New Clothes
complete by Mercutio 16 kb Gambit/Iceman implied, X-Men
When Bobby gets caught being a peeping tom, he finds the repercussions to be somewhat embarrassing. Response to Maria Cline's Naked challenge.


Never Again 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06
complete by Morgana 339 kb Gambit/Iceman,Gambit/Sinister
Remy's hiding at the boathouse, trying to deal with a past that haunts him. Bobby gets fed up with Remy's attitude and tries to find out what's going on. Slowly, Bobby discovers what monster lurks in Remy's past. 


The Christmas series 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06
complete by Morgana 211 kb Gambit/Iceman
Remy meets Jean-Luc LeBeau for the first time. Later chapters are about his time with the X-Men.


Ange tombé (Fallen angel)
complete by Morgana 179kb Gambit/Iceman
The Fallen Angel Arc 1. Remy LeBeau is left behind in Antarctica by the X-Men, but an arch enemy saves his life and takes him in.


Blood of Heroes Part1 / Part2
complete by Morgana 362 kb Gambit/Iceman, minor Wolverine/Angel
The Fallen Angel Arc 2. This is the sequel to Fallen angel in which Warren (Death) makes his first appearance, almost shattering Remy and Bobby's dreams. After the madness wears off, Warren has to find a way to learn to live with himself and Logan offers a helping hand. This is where another pairing is added, Warren/Logan.


Master of Puppets Part1 / Part2
complete by Morgana 336 kb Gambit/Iceman, minor Wolverine/Angel
The Fallen Angel Arc 3. Remy learns his true identity and Sinister is going to do his best to get Remy back in to his lab. Luckily, Magneto and Bobby are keeping a close eye on Gambit. Warren and Logan realize that they're attracted to each other and take their relationship to the next level.


Miracle of love Part1 / Part2
complete by Morgana 306 kb Gambit/Iceman, minor Wolverine/Angel
The Fallen Angel Arc 4. The last of the series in which Remy overcomes his depression and fully realizes the love Bobby bears him. But Apocalypse needs a new Death and decides that Remy makes a suitable candidate. During all this chaos a young boy looks to Remy to find the love and affection his deceased parents can no longer give him. Warren has to face his own hell when Apocalypse uses him as bait to lure Remy closer. When Warren faces losing his wings for a second time he's ready to die. Logan however, is resolved to save him and to take him home.


complete by Phoenix 8 kb Gambit/Iceman
Slash. It can be very dangerous to listen in at people's windows.


Restless Hearts
complete by RabidX 127 kb Gambit/Iceman
Slash. Followed by Hearts On Fire


Hearts On Fire (1-3)
unfinished by RabidX 48 kb Gambit/Iceman
Slash. Sequel to Restless Hearts


  Night Out
complete by Raietta 29 kb Gambit/Iceman


The Marital Aid
complete by Scorpio 10 kb Wolverine/Gambit/Iceman
Slash, silly fluff. In every marriage, there comes a time when something extra is needed to "spice" things up a bit.


1. Bobby Drake joins a Startrek list

2. Bobby Drake gets feedback on his story

complete by Scorpio 11 kb Gambit/Iceman
Bobby Drake joins a Star Trek Voyager slash mailing list and posts his first gay story...
Later he gets feedback on his first Star Trek Voyager slash story...


Rough Trade and the Thief (00 - 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05)
unfinished by Scorpio 71 kb Gambit/Iceman
We all know that 12 year old Bobby was arrested by the police after being chased by a lynch mob and then Professor X sent Scott Summers to break him out of jail. But what would have happened if Bobby never even made it to the jail, what if he had escaped into the night?


Coming Home
complete by Scorpio 46 kb Gambit/Iceman implied
The Tragic Kingdom Arc 1. Darkfic, angst, AU. After being "Missing In Action" for five long years, Bobby comes home a changed man.


Doubts and Worries
complete by Scorpio 36 kb Gambit/Iceman implied
The Tragic Kingdom Arc 2.


A New Path Through Familiar Woods (1-2)
unfinished by Scorpio 37 kb Gambit/Iceman implied
The Tragic Kingdom Arc 3.


Visiting Family
complete by Scorpio 38 kb Gambit/Iceman, Wolverine, OFC
Future Fic. Logan and his granddaughter visit some family members. Namely, her other grandfather and his husband.


Creating A Memory
complete by Silver 41 kb Gambit/Iceman
Remy helps Bobby create a new memory on the anniversary of a very bad day.


Tax Day (Co-written with Johnny)
complete by Silver 16 kb Iceman/Gambit
It's almost Tax Day and Bobby's working himself to the bone. He needs a break, and Remy's gonna make him take one.


Wounds & Kisses (01-13 - 14-25)
unfinished by Ushbeti 200 kb Gambit/Iceman, X-Men, FF, Sub-Mariner, old X-Force
Started as a short story to get someone to defend Remy's character and to have lots of mm sex. Grew into a battle story with lots of sex, mm, ff, and mmf, and will someday be finished.


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