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complete by A_Valon 22 kb Magneto/Gambit
Slash. An older gentleman goes for a drive and finds a Cajun companion...


Kisses of Summer
complete by A_Valon 23 kb Gambit/Julian Boudreaux
Slash. Why Remy really had to leave New Orleans.


complete by A_Valon 27 kb Gambit/Charles Xavier
Slash. Post-antarctica.


Losing You to Those Before

(01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14)

unfinished by Court 472 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Gambit/Sabertooth
When Logan suffers the loss of Remy, can he survive? Will he chance everything to get him back? And if he does, will it ever be the same?


A Sinister Dream
complete by LionGoddess97 26 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Gambit/Sinister
Angst, Violence, Rape, Abuse. Remy is having bad dreams and it seems an old friend is behind it.


Eternal Flame
complete by LionGoddess97 26 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Gambit/Sabertooth
Violence, Rape, Death. Alternate Universe: Gambit, Wolverine and Sabertooth are all university students.


Confusing the Issue
complete by Mercutio 63 kb Gambit/Joseph/Rogue
Slash. Both Gambit and Joseph are used to having problems that keep them from finding true intimacy with Rogue. But what happens when the two men decide to collaborate?


From Professor X, With Love
complete by Mercutio 38 kb Wolverine/Jubilee/Gambit, Beast/Xavier
Slash. When Xavier is hit by telepathic backlash, the X-Men on hand at the mansion are affected in a deeply sexual manner.


Understand Me 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05
complete by Morgana 601 kb Gambit/Joseph, minor Iceman/Angel
After the trial of Gambit, Remy returns to the mansion and realizes he's no longer wanted there. Desperate to get some attention, to feel again, he makes a dangerous move. Warning; This story mentions bondage, SM and emotional child abuse.


Black Wings
complete by Morgana 95 kb Gambit/Armand
X-Men / Vampire chronicles by Anne Rice. A short story about Remy LeBeau who runs in to Armand (Anne Rice) while making plans to steal the Birth of Venus by Botticelli. Confused, Remy joins Armand for dinner and things evolve from there...


  Interlude (1)
unfinished by Raietta 19 kb Gambit/Daredevil
SX-Men/Daredevil Crossover, SLASH. Companion to this is: The Shark on the Beach


  The Shark on the Beach
complete by Raietta 15 kb Gambit/Daredevil
SX-Men/Daredevil Crossover, SLASH. Companion to this is: Interlude


Jump or Fall
complete by Viridian5 72 kb Gambit/X-Man
Gambit and X-Man find something in common. Followed by Real People


Real People
complete by Viridian5 29 kb Gambit/X-Man
Comicverse. Gambit and X-Man have a shower, breakfast, and each other. Sequel to Jump or Fall


Wolfish Desires (01 - 02)
unfinished by Wren 12 kb Gambit/Oz
CROSSOVER Buffy/X-Men, Remy meets a werewolf, Oz meets a mutant.


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