Gambit / Wolverine



Parry and Thrust
complete by Azurine 50 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan POV. Ultimateverse. Battle of the Bulge. Heh. The puns just never end. Um, let's just say hot man-sex in the Danger Room. This is the most graphic thing I've ever written. *blush*


Pieces To Form A Whole
complete by Azurine 12 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan POV. Early morning smutlet. Companion to Viewpoint


Strange Hungers
complete by Azurine 53 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Gambit POV. "It's weird at first, knowing that Logan is interested in him."


The 17th of Tammuz
complete by Azurine 28 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Remy POV. Comicverse. A "friends seeking comfort in each other"-fic. What can I say, I like the old standbys. Followed by Within the Straits


complete by Azurine 8 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Gambit POV. At first I thought this would be part of a bigger story, but itís gone nowhere. Since Iím sick of looking at it on my hard drive, and it has a similar style, I decided to go ahead and post it as a companion to PTFAW. Companion to Pieces To Form A Whole


Within the Straits
complete by Azurine 28 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Slash. Sequel to The 17th of Tammuz


Two Weeks
complete by CalmJedi 85 kb Xavier/Magneto, Gambit/Wolverine
Action/Adventure, Angst, UST. Xavier gets into trouble with the law, and Logan gets into trouble with an old enemy.


complete by Cheyenne Dancer 94 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Gambit meets up with Wolverine at an underground BDSM club and may have bitten off more than he can chew.


Watching and Waiting (01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08)
unfinished by Chris 158 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Slash. Unexpected change and late night surprises.


A Couple Nights Can Change Everything
complete by Court 108 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan tries to help Remy heal, changing everything they feel for each other. Will they fight their feelings, or act on them?


After the Pain
complete by Court 162 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Comicverse. Remy's relationship with Rogue is hurting him more then anyone knows. Can Logan show him what love really is?


complete by Court 15 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Jean, Storm, Cyclops
Logan gets pulled into Jean's and Ororo's childish game of Spin the Bottle only to win the grand prize.


complete by Court 29 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan has a dream that he fears may come to reality. He finds himself at the boathouse making sure it doesn't.


Family Nightmares
complete by Court 30 kb some Gambit/Iceman, eventually Gambit/Wolverine
Remy's mind floods with forgotton memories. They bring him the family he has always wanted and nightmares he would rather forget.


Found in Lost Memories
complete by Court 88 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Jean helps Logan with his lost memories. What he finds out is that he has a deeper connection with Remy then he ever  thought possible.


Losing You to Those Before

(01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13 - 14)

unfinished by Court 472 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Gambit/Sabertooth
When Logan suffers the loss of Remy, can he survive? Will he chance everything to get him back? And if he does, will it ever be the same?


Lost Possessions (01 - 02 - 03 - 04)
unfinished by Court 74 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan and Remy share a heated night that sends them in to a circle of misunderstandings. In the confusion Magneto returns to claim what is his!


Only Hope
complete by Court 9 kb Gambit/Belle, Gambit/Rogue, Gambit/Iceman, Gambit/Wolverine (all implied)
Logan's POV. Logan looks back on all the things that Remy has made him feel over the years.


Saving Innocence
complete by Court 117 kb Gambit/Wolverine implied, Beast
Logan and Hank are pulled into another place and time where they run into a young friend that helps them understand an old one.


Vindicator (01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09)
unfinished by Court 186 kb Gambit/Angel, Gambit/Wolverine, Beast
Warren brutally attacks Remy as an act of vengeance, but Remy refuses to blame him, causing mixed emotions around the mansion.


Body and/or Soul
complete by Dawn McCement 32 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Jean Grey/Cyclops
An unexpected complication the morning of the wedding. Done in conversation form.


How we got together
complete by Dawn McCement 14 kb Gambit/Wolverine
A how we got together story written for a memory album in dialogue form.


Evening Meetings
complete by Eoen 15 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Remy needs a "ride"... *grin*


Pack Series 1-3
unfinished by Eoen 233 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan gets hurt in an accident and runs to the woods. Remy brings him back home.


Two's Company... Four's ? Series, 1-11
unfinished by Eoen 686 kb Gambit/Wolverine/Cyclops/Jean
Basically one hot , but also some angst.


Black Magick (Co-written with SpiritMelody)

(01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09 - 10 - 11 - 12 - 13)

unfinished by Firesong 245 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Remy's gruesome past catches up with him.


Dangerous Possessions (Co-written with SpiritMelody)

(01 - 02 - 03)

unfinished by Firesong 83 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Gambit/Other
Back from Antarctica Remy feels all alone, until he meets someone feeling the same way. But what's Logan going to do when he comes across information that their relationship is not as perfect as it sounds. Plus they have bounty hunters searching for a certain something Remy possesses.


Seal of Secrecy (Co-written with SpiritMelody)

(01 - 02 - 03)

unfinished by Firesong 100 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Gambit/Other
Humans and mutants alike are turning up gruesomely murdered, and it's up to the X-Men to find the culprit and bring him to justice. They may also learn a lot about everyone's favorite Cajun in the process.


Some sacrifice's are worth the world (Co-written with Limo Lady's)

(01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06)

unfinished by Firesong 96 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Remy's having nightmares, Logan's there to comfort him.


A Reasonable Compromise
complete by FyrDrakken 106 kb Rogue/Gambit/Wolverine
Eventual L/R smut, but that's *not* how it starts out... Followed by Rumors


complete by FyrDrakken 38 kb Rogue/Gambit/Wolverine
Sequel to A Reasonable Compromise


The Hunt
complete by Fyre 5 kb Wolverine/???
Logan is on the hunt for some delicious prey.


Choises: Prey
complete by Kat Sanders 4 kb Wolverine/???
Wolverine is on the hunt, but who is his prey?


To Be Warm Again
complete by Kat Sanders 13 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Remy feels so cold after getting back from Antarctica. Maybe Logan can warm him up.


A Day Full of Discoveries
complete by Key 5 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Slash. Two men and a shower.


Nightly Games
complete by Key 5 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Slash. A little game and the Tower Bridge.


One Night Only
complete by Lee Tabor 236 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Remy, rejected by Rogue once again, orders Logan to join him for a motorcycle ride. Followed by Car Wash


Car Wash
complete by Lee Tabor 33 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Remy wants to watch and then things get a little wet... Sequel to One Night Only


A Sinister Dream
complete by LionGoddess97 26 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Gambit/Sinister
Angst, Violence, Rape, Abuse. Remy is having bad dreams and it seems an old friend is behind it.


Eternal Flame
complete by LionGoddess97 26 kb Gambit/Wolverine, Gambit/Sabertooth
Violence, Rape, Death. Alternate Universe: Gambit, Wolverine and Sabertooth are all university students.


Picture Perfect (Co-written with SpiritMelody) (01 - 02)
unfinished by Logansbitch 40 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Romantic evening goes awry; Remy playing hard to get!?! Logan plots revenge. See the X-Men as you've never seen them before.


A Bet Between Friends (01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06)
unfinished by Logansbitch 109 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan offers Remy a dinner date when drunk.


Chance Happening
complete by Lu 17 kb Gambit/Wolverine


Devil's Churn (01)
unfinished by Lu 19 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan & Remy are assigned to find out what's happening to the tourist in a small vacationer town on the west coast.


Greenwich (01)
unfinished by Lu 58 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Slash. There's a homosexual mutant killer on the loose.


Nobody's Angle (01 - 02 - 03)
unfinished by Lu 90 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Slash. Wolverine and Gambit hunting Sabretooth.


Righteous Fury
complete by Lu 68 kb Gambit/Wolverine


Sence of Tolerance
complete by Lu 52 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Slash. Look at what Storm brought home.


The BIG easy
complete by Lu 64 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan and Remy on vacation in New Orleans.


Wolvie Gets in Touch With his Inner Self
complete by Meredith Thomas 28 kb Gambit/Wolverine


Ghosts of the past 01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05 - 06 - 07 - 08 - 09
complete by Morgana 888 kb Gambit/Wolverine
In this story, Remy has found his way back to the mansion after surviving Antarctica. I'm not going to follow canon and there will be no strange entity that saved Remy's life. After the trial he moves into the boathouse and wonders why the hell he's staying in Westchester. At the same time Logan is tormented by nightmares. Distrustful of his memories he loses touch with reality as memories return to haunt him. Unfortunately, it's not only the past that is haunting the couple, as an old enemy tries to get even with him in real life. In the midst of all this chaos, Remy and Logan find they need to trust each other if they want to survive. Subpairings, Chamber/Bobby Drake and Warren/original female character.


A little Tenderness
complete by Morgana 35 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Slash. Alternate Ending zu A Little Tenderness by Vangiekitty (replaces parts 3-5)


Heat Of The Night
complete by Munchie 20 kb Cyclops/Wolverine
Sequel to Twist of Perception


Logan's Experiment
complete by O 45 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Wolverine finds Gambit passed out on the couch after a drinking with the other X-Men. He decides to experiment a little.


I have a Secret Crush on my Teammate
complete by RabidX 17 kb Gambit/???
The X-Men go on the 'Jerry Springer' show and a secret is revealed.


Nothing Else
complete by RabidX 6 kb Wolverine/Gambit/Jean Grey
Not much of one. Logan, Remy and Jean left the team behind. Set right close after the Trial of Gambit event.


A Shared Peace
complete by Rocky-Cat 63 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Slash. Wolverine has some issues to deal with while on a mission with Gambit.


A Slice of Life - 4 Logan "What If?" Snippets
complete by Scorpio 12 kb Wolverine/Gambit, Wolverine/Iceman, Wolverine/Sidney, Wolverine/Beast
A day in the life of Logan. Morning. Afternoon. Evening. Night. Four times of the day, four various realities... and four different lovers.


Alien Wilderness 1-9
unfinished by Scorpio 103 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Slash, AU(?), h/c, mild angst. An accident throws Logan and Remy together... in more ways than one.


It's a Dog's Life
complete by Scorpio 60 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Logan adopts a puppy. Remy endures.


Mental Scrapbook
complete by Scorpio 10 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Memory is an odd thing. The day to day bullshit slowly fades away until it leaves nothing behind but a vague "emotional" tone or color. A feeling. However, every now and then certain details, usually surrounding *intense* emotional times, stay crystal clear, etched into our minds like snapshots. Virtual photographs forever frozen in time, locked away inside of our heads.


Monday Morning Blues
complete by Scorpio 42 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Monday mornings happen to everyone, including Gambit.


Sunny-side up
complete by Scorpio 13 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Remy muses on Jubilee's reaction to the news that he is now dating Logan.


The Marital Aid
complete by Scorpio 10 kb Wolverine/Gambit/Iceman
Slash, silly fluff. In every marriage, there comes a time when something extra is needed to "spice" things up a bit.


Spy In Our Midst (01 - 02 - Interlude1 - 03)
unfinished by Silver 39 kb Gambit/Wolverine/Cyclops
Gambit is a thief, he's a gambler, he's a bit of a sex-addict, he's... a double agent?!? And his boss wants him to do WHAT?


A Little Tenderness
complete by Vangiekitty 66 kb Gambit/Wolverine
Logan comforts Remy. Please note: This story has an Alternate Ending written by Morgana that replaces parts 3-5


complete by Vera 69 kb Wolverine/Gambit
Slash. When Gambit's charm gets the better of him, he and Wolverine wind up on a ship of alien beings, who are asking an... intersting price for their freedom.


By Remote
complete by Viridian5 24 kb Wolverine/Gambit


Love Given Up
complete by Wren 18 kb Wolverine/Jubilation
Jubilee is home, will Logan see her as a woman? Angst. Prequel to Longing Dreams


Longing Dreams
unfinished by Wren 30 kb Wolverine/Jubilation/Gambit
Romance. Jubilee is having dreamsÖ What happens when she wakes up? Sequel to Love Given Up


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