Wolverine / Cyclops



The Danger Shower  
complete by Askani'daughter 20 kb Wolverine/Cyclops
Slash. Movieverse. Scott's POV. Scott gets a surprise in the shower...


A Helping Hand
complete by Azurine 16 kb Wolverine/Peter/Cyclops
Ultimateverse. Slash. Response to Eil's Masturbation Month challenge.


Can't Run Forever (01 - 02 - 03 - 04 - 05)
unfinished by Chris 57 kb Wolverine/Cyclops
Movie. Why Logan really left the school.


Love Changes Everything
complete by Eoen 17 kb Wolverine/Cyclops
Sometimes love can only be expressed as trust.


Two's Company... Four's ? Series, 1-11
unfinished by Eoen 686 kb Gambit/Wolverine/Cyclops/Jean
Basically one hot , but also some angst.


complete by Erika 40 kb Wolverine/Cyclops
Movieverse. Scott, unconscious, memory loss, depended upon Wolverine for his safety and comfort, angst ensues, deep hot sex happens... filmed at 11.


More than sex
complete by Lysander 29 kb Cyclops/Wolverine
Sometimes sex is just not enough...


The Secret Diary of Scott Summers
complete by Meredith Thomas 13 kb Gambit/everybody, Cyclops/Wolverine, Jean/Betsy
Parody. Scott logs his discoveries of a world beyond his own in a secret diary.


Body For Sin
complete by Munchie 32 kb Cyclops/Sam Curtis, Cyclops/Wolverine, Wolverine/Sam Curtis
Crossover - X-Men The Movie/CI5 The New Professionals. Sam Curtis' investigations at the school for the gifted take an altogether not unpleasant turn. (Set before Logan departs to rediscover his past or after he comes back and about four to six years after CI5NPs episode Glory Days)...


Twist of Perception
complete by Munchie 17 kb Cyclops/Wolverine
A little angst. Logan's attempts at ham-psychology on a voyeur leave both himself and Scott with a few unanswered questions... (set mid-way through the movie) Followed by Heat Of The Night


Spy In Our Midst (01 - 02 - Interlude1 - 03)
unfinished by Silver 39 kb Gambit/Wolverine/Cyclops
Gambit is a thief, he's a gambler, he's a bit of a sex-addict, he's... a double agent?!? And his boss wants him to do WHAT?


At First Glance
complete by Trah 12 kb Cyclops/Wolverine
Slash. Scott's in love and it ain't Jean...


The Tale Of Two Hearts
complete by Trinalla Mohani 41 kb Cyclops/Wolverine with Iceman/Pyro, Jubilation/Rogue feat Xavier, Jean and Storm
During the movie events between Logan and Scott occur, also Scott's past is revealed. Followed by Those Things You Do


Those Things You Do (01 - 02 - 03)
unfinished by Trinalla Mohani 56 kb Cyclops/Wolverine with Iceman/Pyro, Jubilation/Rogue feat Xavier, Jean and Storm
Revised version! Sequel to The Tale Of Two Hearts


Counting Down 1-3
unfinished by Victoria 28 kb Wolverine/Cyclops, Wolverine/Cyclops/Rogue
Scott and Logan are stuck in a motel room together. Wackiness ensues.


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