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Social Science Resources by Discipline

Social Science - Multidisciplinary Social Science Gateway

British Library Search

Infomine, University of California Scholarly Internet Resource Collections

McGraw-Hill Ryerson Research Resources for the Social Sciences

Intute: Social Sciences

SocioSite, University of Amsterdam


Anthropology and Ethnology

AAA Anthropology Resources on the Internet


Anthroplogical Index Online, Royal Anthropological Institute, British Museum

Internet Resources for Social and Cultural Anthroplology - U of Delaware Anthropology Resources

Library of Congress Resources in Ethnographic Studies

Rhodes College Anthropology

Richard H. Robbins: A Guide to Internet Resources in Anthropology

Social Science Resources: Anthropology and Sociology

Susquehanna Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Asian Studies and Indonesian Studies

Association for Asian Studies

Asian Pacific Studies, Subject-Oriented Bibliographies

Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library

Library of Congress Country Studies: Indonesia

Rhodes College International Studies Asia

SASI: The Southeast Asian Serials Index, Australian National University
Indonesia WWW Virtual Library

Area Studies: Indonesia


Criminology (offline 11/06)

Cybrary: World's Criminal Justice Directory


Terrorism Research Center

United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute



Research Centers and Institutes

Database on Law and Population


PopNet: Population Reference Bureau

SocioSite, University of Amsterdam



UMSL Links to Ecology

Jean Thioulouse (Univ. of Lyon, France) Ecology WWW Page

Web Links to Ecology [yahoo]



Australian Agricultural and Resource Economics Society Internet Links

Economics of Civil War, Crime and Violence (World Bank) Links


PERI Research Resources and Links

Robinson Rojas Archive (Asia)

Resources for Economists on the Internet

WWW Subject Catalog University of Kentucky: Economics



Online maps of Indonesia from

University of Minnesota Map Libraries on the WWW

The Perry-Castañeda Library Map Collection, Indonesia

WWW Virtual Library: Geography



Hartford World History Archives: History of Indonesia

Links for the History Profession, Organization of American Historians

Scholar’s Guide to WWW

WWW Virtual Library – History

WWW Virtual Library   History: Indonesia



Guide to Philosophy on the Internet, by Peter Suber, Earlham College

Hippias Limited Areas Search of Philosophy on the Internet

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Noesis Philosophical Research On-line

Philosophy in Cyberspace

Rhodes College: Philosophy

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy


Political Science Political Science

Rhodes College: Political Science

University of Houston Libraries Political Science Sites

WCSU List: Political Science Internet Resources

especially: International Governments and Politics



American Psychological Society Links Page

Rhodes College: Psychology


Sociology Sociology Resources

Rhodes College: Sociology

SocioSite, Sociological Subject Areas

SocioSite, Research Methodologies

The SocioWeb

Susquehanna Department of Sociology and Anthropology

UMSL List: Internet Resources for Sociologists


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