Bennett Creations

A web page can explain a lot of things about a somewhat bizarre family.
You know, save a lot of silly questions!
Like why are we always festooned with animals?
What is the meaning of life?

if you really have the answer to the last question-please email us

We live in Waipawa, Central Hawkes Bay, New Zealand.
Well, if you call this living!
We have twenty black sheep, three dogs, three cats, four pigs
and chickens- I forget how many, but if you feel strongly enough about it - I'll go count them!
We grow hazelnuts, walnuts, peaches , apricots,nectarines and some grapes. We have apple trees , pear trees and manderine growing things,(you'd hardly call them trees!)

Eldest of the 'second crop', Paul can often be seen reducing huge trees to firesized bits. Growing things is really his forte. He has constructed a greenhouse with heated beds and knows latin names for plants!

Lucy is the 'baby' of the family and is the proud 'mother' of Minnie the Toy Fox Terrier!