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7 Important Exercise for Cane Corso puppy

The Cane Corso is a vigorous, powerful dog with a ton of endurance. Ideally, you should utilize these abilities to identify tasks that may consume energy quickly. Strength training and other high-intensity activities may help maintain their muscles in top shape. The tendons and joints will be supported by the muscles' continued strength, avoiding damage.

Here are some suggestions for games and activities to do with your Cane Corso.

The Flirt Pole

For dogs, a Flirt pole is similar to a huge cat tickler. It features a long handle and a connected bait or toy at the end of a rope similar to a bungy. As your dog pursues the bait, you just move it around the ground in circles or in various directions. A Cane Corso should engage in this exercise since it builds their muscles and trains their whole body. Don't let them trash the toy and make sure they know how to say, "Leave it." This exercise has to be carefully monitored. See here for a comprehensive guide on canine flirt pole exercise.


Another great approach to release tension in your cane corso puppy is to play fetch. Cane Corsos may play this game for hundreds of tosses since they are often ball or toy obsessed. Using an automatic ball launcher so your dog can play fetch on their own is a fantastic option. Given the Cane Corso's great trainability and ability to concentrate, they pick up on using it rapidly.

Pulling of weight

Strong and powerful dog breeds include the Cane Corso. Although weight pulling is a legitimate canine sport, you may include this activity in your dog's regimen for gaining strength and muscle. The usage of an appropriate weight pulling harness is crucial. These are designed to disperse weight throughout your dog's body uniformly.

Happy Ball

Dogs push and pursue an almost indestructible ball called a "Jolly Ball" around. They are available in a range of shapes, sizes, and fashions, and some have handles or ropes connected for tug of war. Their feeling of enjoyment and herding tendency are catered to by this activity.

Toss a frisbee

Dogs can often pursue and catch a ball. A Frisbee, though, calls just a little bit more dexterity, balance, and timing. Cane Corsos playing this look amazing. Toss the Frisbee to your dog while you roll it on the ground. They'll have a natural need to put it in his mouth. Once you've done that, try throwing it to your dog at a very low angle initially. Toss the disc a bit higher and further if you think your dog is ready to go to the next level. Excellent energy burner, and you could be astonished with your dog's agility and dexterity.

Stair Workout

If you have stairs in your house, this is a wonderful energy burner. Have your dog "remain" at the bottom of the steps while you ascend. "Go!" is then yelled after tossing the ball to the top of the steps. Allow your dog to run as quickly as they can up the steps. To prevent harm, have them descend the stairs more slowly this time.


There is no replacement for going on walks with your Cane Corso. If you are unable to persuade them to walk as much as they need, it might be a great approach to assist release pent-up energy. The Cane Corso is a very trainable and intelligent dog, therefore it's typically simple to get them used to walking on a treadmill. 

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