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News on Beacon, 12/01/2003

The stations affiliated with Nella Oil will or have converted to Mobil or unbranded locations. This marks the re-birth of Mobil in northern California.

The current corporate owned Beacon (and Ultramar) stations owned by Valero south of Lodi are in the process of converting to the Valero brand.

The Beacon brand appears as though it will be gone within a year.

Update 01/2007

The brand has seen a bit of a rebirth in certain rural areas with new stations popping up in Auburn, Chester, Pine Grove, Truckee, Soda Springs, and also in San Jose and Fremont. Still, some Beacons have been seen converting to Valero, especially in Sacramento and the central valley.

Also, the Mobil brand entry into NorCal as mentioned above happened and ended. The Mobil Stations are now all other brands, mostly Flyers, but a couple are branded Valero. 
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