Random Photos
Sherm's Thunderbird Market, Jacksonville Highway, Medford, OR. Photo taken sometime around 1996. Cool old sign. They have another store in Roseburg which they recently acquired around 2001, and unfortunately, they did not duplicate this sign onto the new store. Their former store on Stevens St. in Medford (sold to local Foodland group in the early 1990's, now closed) had boring box-letter style signage.
07/2003. Side of Rite Aid (former Payless)  located at Lake/Morgan in Mt. Shasta, CA. The front of this building looks very much like a former Safeway Store (gable), right down to "RiteAid" covering the spaces that once read "SAFEWAY.". However, based on this side, I'd say that between Safeway and Rite Aid, Thunderbird must have had a store here.
Centromart, downtown Brentwood, (N.)CA on Chesnut Street. Really, really neat little store. They have three sets of aisles. The floor goes up slightly between each set of aisles. I don't know if this thing is still operating or not, but I suspect it is. Supposedly it has been in downtown Brentwood for longer than many longtime residents can remember. I'm wondering if it wasn't something else prior to being Centromart. Certainly has a great central location though.
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