Thrifty Payless Private Label Photos
When Thrifty and Payless were combined, the Payless private label program was adopted as the chainwide private label program. This worked out because the majority of the Payless product line had a modern, uniform look, while at the time of merger, the Thrifty line was just in the process of being redesigned, so while some items looked modern and uniform, the rest didn't. The Thrifty package design remained on ice cream and related items (cones and bars). These same items can be found today, with the same Thrifty style packaging, at Rite Aid Stores in California and Nevada. Rite Aid just couldn't touch the Thrifty Ice Cream program. Also, Rite Aid adopted the Thrifty Payless package format for certain items in their line (coffee filters, sweeteners, epson salt).
Old Thrifty Ice Cream Cup on top. Rite Aid replaced these around 1999 with a redesigned version.

The packaging progression on the rubbing alcohol is interesting. The Thrifty Payless item is similar, but not exactly identical, to the Payless version. But the Thrifty Payless version holds no similarity to the Thrifty version.
A mix of items. Old bottle of baby shampoo. Modern looking box of ice cream cones like the ones still sold today. Box of cotton balls with old Thrifty logo but Payless style packaging design.
Another mix of items. Strange Thrifty branded deodorant and bangages with Payless style package design, but the modern looking Thrifty logo.
Another package change progession on the tape. Yet in this instance, the Thrifty Payless version really doesn't look like the Payless version at all. Very strange.
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