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Dedicated to
Linda Jean Shepherd
n�e Shannon

3/31/1950 ~ 9/22/2006

~ In some sense we survivors are truly her workmanship ~
~ somehow we know she lives on through her loved ones ~

Saint George

Saint George

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I vow to thee, my country

Diana Princess of Wales
Diana Princess of Wales
Great Britain

I vow to thee, my country,
all earthly things above
entire and whole and perfect,
the service of my love;
the love that asks no question,
the love that stands the test,
that lays upon the altar
the dearest and the best;
the love that never falters,
the love that pays the price,
the love that makes undaunted
the final sacrifice.

And there's another country,
I've heard of long ago
most dear to them that love her,
most great to them that know;
we may not count her armies,
we may not see her King;
her fortress is a faithful heart,
her pride is suffering;
and soul by soul and silently
her shining bounds increase,
and her ways are ways of gentleness,
and all her paths are peace.
These lyrics were written January 1918 by Sir Cecil Spring-Rice (1859-1918). The music from Gustav Holst (1874-1934) Planets suite (the hymn from Jupiter). In its hymn form it is known as Thaxted. The hymn was first performed in September 1918. Famous as Princess Diana's favourite hymn, it was sung at her wedding in 1981 and then in 1997 it was sung at her funeral.

And Diana herself. What can be said? She has been called the most popular Royal ever (at least since Elizabeth I), the salvation of a declining Monarchy, the People's Princess, our Queen of Hearts. Thrown into the fishbowl of universal scrutiny, this young and diffident English lass blossomed from Shy Di into a figure of grace and bearing and a true "Royalty" all her own.

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Saint George

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The dedication of this page I give to Linda Jean Shepherd, my own queen of hearts. Elton John could not have better expressed my own debt to this very real "candle blowing in the wind." No, she was not British (she was American) and she did not marry Prince Charles (she married me), but the hymn above is highly fitting, both for its patriotism and for its tone of devotion and sacrifice. Linda's life was a life given to others, and in some very deep sense, she truly did give her life for her country.

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