The Month of Surprises

World War III as early as October... I need to get some rest.
Children’s health month.


Hallowe’en: prepare...for the toilet paper.  NJ Gov. Chris Christie cancels Halloween.  According to Reuters, some 6 mn. are still w/o power.

Extremist with $10 mn. bounty on his head says it’s his “Islamic duty” to help victims of Sandy.

Crap-car explosions, underwater: 16 FiscaKarmas caught fire during Sandy.

‘Man in Moon’ impression created by asteroid impact the size of Austria.

Yahoo/The Lookout: powerless in CT seek unlikely refuge.
A fellowship of the wireless turn the second floor of Danbury Fair shopping mall into a satellite office.

In the Tank Completely (as if you didn’t already know)

Pat Godell: like the Nixon admin., this admin. will do anything to be reelected, telling people not to obey the law on sequestering.  Obama couldn’t suspend his trip to Vegas when the Benghazi attack went down, but did for hurricane Sandy, now saying “we are a strong nation, and don’t leave people behind,” after leaving people behind before.  These people … have no shame.  The attack went on for seven hours.  In the tank completely: David Gregory brings up gun control in America as something “more relevant,” to show that this story should be under the carpet as the admin. wants.

Movie: transparent

It was me... all along.  You can’t deny yourself forever.
Red Lights (Cillian Murphy, Rob DeNiro, Elizabeth Olsen, Sigorney Weaver).  I am surprised by this movie.  Not because it’s good (it isn’t very good).  But because I saw through it when I saw the trailer.  It’s transparent, its plot obvious.  It’s violent, yet not very suspenseful from my point of view.  Maybe I’m too smart for it, or maybe I’m overlooking the art (where I can find it), or maybe this film is shallow trying to be deep.  Trying.  Watchable, but not all that worth it.  The actors professionally conveying a transparent script.  Grade: C[+].


Is anyone out there, ’cause it’s geting harder and harder to breathe—Maroon 5.

Many places remain closed due to the clean up job of yesterday, including the USM system.  A number of NY subways are filled with flood waters, tree branches are everywhere, and some places are still out of power.


4-11 “storm peak”: NY mayor Michael Bloomberg closes subways at 4 p.m.

Relying on TV: ~100 people showed for the taping of Late Show.

The main killer character for Assassin’s Creed III is part English, part Native American.


You cannot control what you don’t know you have.

AP: despite cease-fire, Syrian air force attacks rebel strongholds w. missiles and barrel bombs while opposition fighters attacked regime positions.

Mag.-7.7 quake strikes off west-Canadian coast; a tsunami warning was issued for Hawaii.

AP, Spain: 2,000 sheep led through streets of Madrid in defense of ancient grazing, migration and droving rights.

Reuters: The appeal of FL ‘sniffing violation.’: will Supreme Court turn up its nose at drug-sniffing dogs?

Reuters: WS makes plans to open Mon. even as Frankenstorm (hurricane) Sandy bears down.

AP: NYC schools, transit to close ahead of storm; thousands of flights canceled.

Bring It On star and singer Natina Reed killed by car a few days bef. turning 33.

USM the free press: University sys. employee David Norton, 45, died of an apparent stroke, according to an anonymous source; police will not give any details so far.  His vehicle present, Chief Conger siad it was not uncommon for a person to leave their vehcile for an extended period of time.  He was found 10.10, treated, and died 10.15.


Today, on Free Talk Live, coverage of the guy that, in growing up in a religious town, decided to do a little experiment: say that you’re a homosexual to everyone but three trusted people, and experience the response, how it fares—the rejection, for example.


Al Gore’s CurrentTV is up for sale.  And they say they’ve gotten three offers so far.


Haj pilgrimage starts in Mecca.

NOAA to East coast: beware of coming ‘Frankenstorm.’

Brazilian student, Catarina Migliorini, 20, selling virginity for $780,000, got top bidder of man in Japan, “Natsu”.

Coach Alexander Ouriashev (out of three): Gracie Gold is the best technical skater in the world.

Gerard Butler faces drowning that brings back memories of childhood trauma for a new movie (Chasing Mavericks), only to play two leprechauns in another (Movie 43), with guns—one of them a foul-mouthed “gift” for a guy “doing your girlfriend.”

Distraction To the Poor House

The Ticket/Mike Krumboltz: Palin, who won’t be serving in the White House, accuses Obama of ‘shuck and jive shtick,’ a phrase also used by Andrew Cuomo during the H. Clinton campaign.  Found in the urban dictionary, it’s deemed ‘racially-tinged’...when used with other words that Palin didn’t use.


Official steroid injection-linked Fungal meningitis toll hits 24.

Homeless man rescues police officer.

2.5 mn. helped: LiveStrong lives regardless of Armstrong; after Lance dropped, only three donors followed suit.

Dumb Remarks (no pun intended)

Special Olympian man intelligently but slowly and politically reacts to Ann Coulter’s recent use of the word ‘retard.’  It would be smarter not to react to Coulter’s words—she wants, needs to be controversial.

Tagg Romney apologizes for ‘take a swing at Obama’ remarks in reaction to lies made about Mitt around the debate.
A Romney campaign source reports that Tagg’s younger brother Josh, 37, notes that has, in fact, taken punches fm. Tagg—and that the Pres. has nothing to worry about.


Voice of America, Cairo: an Egyptian court referred to higher judges the question whether to dissolve the grp. responsible for drafting the new constitution.

Reuters (update 4): Qatar breaks Gaza ice w. first visit; emir calls for Hamas-Fatah reconciliation; Hamas hails his arrival as end of Gaza blockade.

AP, Aleppo: warplane engines in sky set Aleppo neighborhood below on edge.

Voice of America blog: senior scientists resign in protest of quake prediction ruling.

NBCNews Vital: fungal meningitis toll tops 300; still 23 dead.

AP, Akron: OH teen in Craigslist trial for the murder of three men; ‘I feared for life.’

WSJ blog: Nassau County Police officer shot, killed in Queens Tue.; another also shot.

USA Today: NJ town mourns as the body of Autumn Pasquale, 12, is found in a recycling container.

FDA investigates “Monster” energy drinks after MD parents sue over death of their daughter, 14, from caffeine toxicity, two cans.

USA Today: Lance Armstrong drops Tour wins fm. Twitter bio after ICU declines his appeal.

Rat turds, for one: the Comedy Connection will not open due to unsanitary conditions.


New York Times Dining: Peanut Butter Takes On an Unlikely Best Friend: Pickles.

HuffPo: Fox News sets new viewership record with 3rd and last Presidential debate.

L.A. Times: Ellen DeGeneres honored Mon. w. Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.

Apple (AAPL) Introduces “Insanely Thin” iMac, not described in techn. terms—The Mac Observer; plus a more powerful Mac mini and a 13" MacBook Pro ($1,699)—Businessweek.

9' tall beings that wrecked us in centuries past to return...on Coast To Coast AM

Blue-pool-eyed beings that can’t stand conditions here on Earth are said to be the rulers of the ancient Egyptians, having to wear light gear to withstand the elements.  And some say they’ve been ruling us from afar, wreaking havoc on us to this day anyway, pushing us to choose them again when they return.

Movie of the Weak: Aborted, Nearly Castrated and Dishonorably Discharged

Soldiers of Fortune (Fox Searchlight/Jeff Most Productions, distributed by MGM, 2012) stars Christian Slater (Dawn Rider), Freddie Rodriguez (Six Feet Under), James Cromwell (L.A. Confidential) and Colm Meaney.  Rated R for needless violence and language, all of the titles aforementioned are masterpieces in comparison.  (And L.A. Confidential is already A-grade.)

Special Ops are attached to guard high-paying gamers in…a fake, safe “adventure mission.” … They were lied to; the bullets are real.  One of their members gets caught…while the commander is telling them to abort … Against orders, Slater saves Rodriguez from castration; that save grants them a Dishonorable Discharge. … Long story short, the ‘macho, good guys’ have to save themselves in an action-packed manner, with…conventional tactics…

The movie tries to get away with its weak writing via buds acting—but not looking—macho… by the end, they run into a large “Extremely Flammable Material”…waiting to be used against the bad guys.  Grade: C.

» read the full review


Sun unleashes X-class flare (the most powerful kind), and the active sunspot region slowly rotates towards Earth.

NBC News staff: deemed unstoppable, enemy hackers use next-gen ‘botnets’ against U.S. banks.

The New York Times did another cover job for the Benghazi story

This time doing a ‘bad timing’ excuse.  It’s getting to the end of October, and what happened was the middle of September.  The Paper of Recognition that buries itself in carrying water for the admin. just in time for the debate tonight...

At least moderator Bob Schieffer didn’t do anything deliberate.  (There was that “Obama bin Laden” gaffe.)


AP: American Indian (Native) Movement leader Russell Means, 72, died from inoperable throat cancer at his Porcupine, SD ranch.  Means disclosed his cancer in 2011.

Helping lead the Wounded Knee uprising in 1972 after AIM’s founding in the 1960s, Means said he felt his most important accomplisment was the founding of the Republic of Lakotah and the “reestablishment of our freedom to be responsible” as a sovereign nation within U.S. borders.  He pushed for U.N. recognition of this Republic, even as it was ignored by tribal governments closer to home, he said, including his own Ogala Sioux Tribe.

Once appearing in Last of the Mohicans, Means had unsuccessfully ran for the Libertarian nomination for President in 1988.

Instead of talking to journalists who showed for public appearances, he chose to speak to his fan base through YouTube videos and blog posts on his personal website.

Teacher and Auschwitz survivor Antoni Dobrowolski, 108, died in Debno according to Jaroslaw Mensfelt, a spokesman at the state museum for Auschwitz-Birkenau, where a Nazi-German camp killed 1.1+ mn. people.  Dobrowolski taught defiance against the Nazis in underground efforts.


Two months before we all die, supposedly.

AP: taxes go up in 2013 for 163 mn. workers regardless of who wins the W.H.

The Portland Daily Sun cancels its weekend publications for color prints on Fri., four days/week total.

PayScale’s top jobs that “make the world a worse place,” survey of the workers themselves:


George Stanley McGovern, 90, dies in Soiux Falls, SD.  He was unresponsive by 10.15.  Treated in 2011 for exhaustion and hospitalized for a fall, a family spokesman said he passed away peacefully, surrounded by family and life-long friends early Sunday.

An Air Force pilot and Medal of Honor winner, McGovern was commissioned a Second Lieutenant, and was assigned to Liberal Army Airfield in Kansas and its transition school to learn to fly the B-24 Liberator.  He joined the 741st Squadron of the 455th Bombardment Group of the Fifteenth Air Force, stationed at San Giovanni Airfield in September 1944, and flew 35 missions over enemy territory from San Giovanni.  He was discharged from the Army Air Forces in July 1945, with the rank of First Lieutenant.

“Painfully shy,” he would become a liberal Democrat with a long political history.  He served as a special assistant under JFK and was director of the Food for Peace program.  Defeated by Richard Nixon in 1972, he responded to the mixed reaction, saying, I opened the doors of the Democratic Party and 20 million people walked out.  McGovern voted in favor of Vietnam military appropriations in 1966 through 1968, but in later years, he drew parallels between the Vietnam war and the Iraq wars.

2012.10.20 Yuan in crisis—the people trying to get their money out, converting to other currencies, especially the dollar.  Charles Savante(?) on Coast To Coast AM warns of a bank holiday, and that you will see the meltdown unfold on TV.  The Trends Journal is in print and discounts are available so anyone can buy it.

Greeks protest austerity measures again—cuts, tax increases to pay for bloated govt., public sector.

Northern Ireland’s first abortion clinic opens—Belfast, 10.18.

Japan investigates two U.S. soldiers in rape case.

Free Talk Live subject: imprisoned over thought crimes

“Undesirables” imprisoned over ugly speech: in Missouri, a man was put away, admitting to possession of child-pornography; cartoons downloaded, no photographic evidence was found; there is no evidence of any actual children.  Three years in a penitentiary—something that could only add damage.

Add to that a hard-core pornographer put away for simply being hard-core—no real crimes.  These convictions bring up the Larry Flint case, where content that would be considered a little tame by today’s standards, was banned.  But this isn’t about Flint’s profits, this is about imprisonment over materials protected by the First Amendment.

Add to that teenagers being hit by the law for sexting photos of themselves.  People need to speak up about this.  It cannot be made a matter of opinion (i.e., how disgusting the content is); it must be made about the facts and how governments that legislate morality always get out of control.


The weak earnings for Google were mistakenly released early [Thu]; add the crash of YouTube.

One of the last remaining WWII vets died last week.  A survivor and thriver, at 21 he entered D-Day, was injured by a landmine, had to crawl miles to safety, and had a shrapnel left in the knee until his lung infection death at 94.  He would always be setting off scanners at the airport.

This Day:

1765, NY: the Stamp Act Congress drew up a declaration of rights and liberties.

1781: British troops under Gen. Lord Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown, VA, as the Amer. Revolution neared its end.

1812: Napoleon’s French troops began their retreat from Moscow.

1951: Harry S. Truman signed an act formally ending the war w. Germany.

1960: U.S. began an all-commodity limited embargo against Cuba, w. exception of med. supplies and certain foods.

1967: U.S. space probe Mariner 5 flew past Venus.

1977: the supersonic Concorde made its first landing in NYC.

1987: the Dow dropped 508 pts (22.6%) to 1,738.74.

1994: 22 killed in a bus bombing at the heart of Tel Aviv’s shopping district.

2011: hundreds of young adults vandalize parts of Greece over austerity measures.

2012: 43+ die as planes bomb Syrian rebel-held town Maraat al-Noaman in Idlib Provence.


Alex Jones on Coast To Coast AM

All of the survivalists he’s heard will tell you that communinity is crucial—dependable people that take care of each other.

Tragedy and Hope: written in the 1960s, a book that breaks all of this modern time down—1,400 pages, everything—a must-have.


The past and the future occur at the same time: the spiritual continuum.

AP: E.U. chiefs agree on bank supervisor—German diplomats.

AP: BBC satellite news disrupted in Mideast, Europe.

Reuters: Clashes erupt at Greek anti-austerity protests; police fire teargas.

A.P.: U.S. sees potential in anti-Taliban uprising.

Reuters Exclusive: Libyan Islamist says he was at U.S. consulate during attack.

The militant accused of shooting Malala Yousafzai had been captured in 2009, sources say.

Reuters, Russia: opposition of V. Putin use online contest to choose a “shadow parliament.”

AP: 15 tips so far for 7 stolen masterworks that include Pablo Picasso, Claude Monet and Henri Matisse.


Appeals court rules against Defense of Marriage Act.

Reuters: tribunal judge in 9/11 case weighs whether Constitution applies at Gitmo for five.

U.S. military vows new measures in Okinawa after suspected rape.

AP: Bangladeshi man, Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafisheld, 21, held in plot to attack NYC Federal Reserve.

George Zimmerman’s med. records targeted on eve of hearing.

PPH: Mercy Hospital seeks permit to fill in wetlands.

79 years in print: Newsweek goes digital-only.

ABC News: fake fundraising sites pop up over Amanda Todd’s death.

Released: Boy Scout ‘perversion files,’ files that document sex abuse by Scouting volunteers across the country, show that locals helped in cover-up.

An Obama camp app lets people see past voting pattern of those down the street.  Think of that Open Society level of power.


A Good Day to Die Hard: the fifth installment in the Die Hard franchise.

A.P.: Ronnie Wood: Rolling Stones could play more shows.

Entertainment Weekly does several reunions in one, including The Larry Sanders Show (1992-2012), which turns twenty this year, and even Clueless (1995).


Nickel-metal hydride battery (NiMh) creator and biochemist (U-MA-Boston) Stanford Robert Ovshinsky, 89, dies from prostate cancer in Michican.  An inventor of many commonly-used items (over 400 patents), his battery made the Hybrid vehicle possible.  Outliving his former wife, Iris (Dibner, died 2006.08), who he worked with on building up Energy Conversion Devices (ECD, reconstituted 1964), he is survived by Rosa Young.  His Ovshinsky Innovation LLC lives on.

Model and Dutch Emmanuelle (1974) star Sylvia Kristel, 60, dies of esophageal and throat cancer in Amsterdam, after three courses of chemotherapy and surgery and a stroke on 6.12.  She appeared in over 50 television and film productions.  As written in her autobiography, Kristel was sexually abused by an elderly hotel guest when she was nine, and her parents divorced when she was 14, after her father abandoned the family for another woman.


Beirut, Lebanon: Syrian airstrikes kill 90+ in the north.

$13,579/avg.: 56 million Medicare recipients to see 1.7% ($7) hike in cost, as planned.

Portland: Glen Campbell says ‘goodbye’ with dignity at the Merrill Auditorium.

Author of the Tudor saga, Hillary Mantel is the first British author and woman to win a Booker-double: Bring Up the Bodies is also the first sequel to win the Booker prize, the prev. for Wolf Hall.  [The award also comes with £50K.]

Freshly Pressed

My ex-husband died tonight.
Michelle W. reveals what makes a blog post Freshly Pressable: there is a light that never goes out.

Movie: Talented Artist of a Kid, Misused, Grows Up

The Forger (2012, Experience Media Studios, written by Carlos De Los Rios, produced by Michael-Ryan Fletchall) stars Josh Hutcherson (Hunger Games, 2008’s Journey to the Center of the Earth), Alfred Molina (Spider-Man 2), Lauren Bacall (To Have and Have Not, 1944), Hayden Panettiere (Heroes), Dina Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s wife), and Scott Eastwood (Clint Eastwood’s son, with Jacelyn Reeves).  The film features some original work by William Rose.  Hutcherson is one of the executive producers.

A 15-year-old (Hutcherson), abandoned by his parents, has the talent to reproduce great works of art (and Dennis the Menace in a matter of seconds).  Everly (Molina), a man in the business of using expert forgers to make millions off convincing fake paintings, takes the kid in to do his dirty work after the death of his last forger.  Bacall plays the aged, private but real Anne-Marie Sterling, with a misunderstood past with the man.  Dina Eastwood plays the CPS counselor, and Scott plays the love interest’s (Panettiere) brother.  The kid would get into a number of miscalculated fights around that brother and sister, and would bring things to a halt when finally tired of Everly.

A bit rough, with class that you probably wouldn’t see among teenagers in the 21st century (after the assaults), the movie is rather tame beyond the fraud.  The most valuable line in the movie, delivered by Bacall, with the aid of showing two sides of one painting (under different lighting): truth is a matter of getting the proper perspective.


With my choice I give you free will—Rush (the band).

Astrononomers find planet like Earth in size and location...and it’s currently magmatic.

Cuba to nix the half-century-old exit visa requirement for those looking to leave the country; will go into effect January.

Rotterdam, Netherlands: thieves steal Henri Matisse’s 1919 “Reading Girl in White and Yellow”.

H. Clinton is takes full responsibility for the security failure last mo. at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi.

AP, Syria: members of staff at the rebels’ field hospital in Aleppo say 80% of the average 100-120 cases they treat daily are pious, rural civilians.

Reuters: Syria’s divided rebels have agreed to set up a joint leadership against Pres. Bashar al-Assad.

CSN: Senior Iraqi official ponders if his government is an Iranian client.

Reuters: Colombia, FARC rebels set to start peace talks Wed.

Reuters exclusive: Rwanda, Uganda arming Congo rebels, providing troops—U.N. panel report.

Karadzic denies Bosnia war crimes as he starts defense.

Taliban says its shooting of Yousufzai was justified.

Reuters: Doomed Costa Concordia helpless within seconds, court told.

CSN: Britain nixes extradition of NASA hacker Gary McKinnon to U.S.

Russian punk band members (the three of Pussy Riot) lose appeal to stay in Moscow prison.


U.S. court reverses conviction of bin Laden driver and fmr. bodyguard, Salim Hamdan.

Reuters: another 19 people diagnosed w. meningitis in 9 states.

New call for probe of meningitis-linked company on addictive drugs.

OH: Supreme Court sides w. Democrats, striking down selective early voting for veterans.

Court upholds city’s ban on protests at military funerals.

AP: friends memorialize ex-Sen. Arlen Specter in Pa.

Ross Perot endorses Romney.

Sci., Biz

25 primate species reported on brink of extinction.

Endeavour finally reaches permanent museum home.

Intel inc. outlook fails to inspire PC recovery hopes.; IBM revenue hurt by strong USD, tight IT budgets.

Citigroup CEO Vikram Pandit’s resignation marks the end of a controversial and often troubled tenure.

Counterfeit bills in ATMs lead to man’s capture.

Earthquake: California-Nevada Fault Map centered at 34°N, 118°W—around Santa Monica, at 7:03 PM EDT (16:03 PDT).  According to the site, it was just a 2.x on the Richter scale.

A tremor was felt in Maine some ten minutes later, that centered about four miles west of Hollis Center (where I live), with a magnitude of 4.0-4.8.  Some communication lines went down, partly due to traffic in reporting.

Plenty of chatter arose in the Gorham USM building, with students unable to call out, some laughing (nervously).  One man said to me that the quake was from Limerick and that he got five text messages from a friend/relative but...didn’t know how to read or respond to them, not being as tech saavy.

And sh*t-talk-in-Nick comments on Amanda Todd being literally bullied to death (contains frustrated four-letter words).

South Park guys sued

Added 2012-11-05T22:54.
Exavier Wardlaw sues Trey Parker & Matt Stone, claiming copyright infringement over his Lollipop King, used in the “Imagination Land” (2007) trilogy (South Park), where Butters finishes with, Oh, sh*t.  Wardlaw is the creator of “The Lollipop Forest.”  The show’s animators, however, drew the character from scratch, and fits in among a score of fictional “imagination” characters, including the lion from The Chronicles of Narnia.

  Art: the capturing of “life’s expression.”  

I wonder why Mihai doesn’t get Freshly Pressed as often as he should.  (Struggling artists and Pain is still up, btw.)  “The Floor Scrapers” by Gustave Caillebotte is one of his favorite paintings, and is the example he gives today for indescribable beauty and how things compare (or can they?).  I can’t dissect it the way that I like to do with other paintings.  It’s just beautiful.  Cate Berlin dissects it for him.

The Sound of Music.
For Urban Wall Art & Murals, Ferrer has come around to reveal new spray paint stencil pieces for the Lagond Music School.  One piece depicts a trombone player.

Today’s Birthdays

The often-soft-voiced singer/songwriter John Mayer, 35, went out with Katy Perry for his b’day.

Actor Tim Robbins (Shawshank Redemption), 54.

Actress and cancer-conquerer Suzanne Sommers (Three’s Company), 66.

Movie: Reused Sounds of a Generation

Rock of Ages stars Alec Baldwin, Russell Brand, Paul Giamatti (greedy agent), Tom Cruise (Stacey Jaxx, coming off like Axel Rose), but its professional singers include Mary J. Blige.  Set in 1987, it’s like the sexy but PG-13 merge of Glee and Walk Hard, yet shorter on plot; a lot of royalties paid for the songs (a lot of music), with vocals that are too fine-tuned (my gripe with Glee).  Top that off with some gags.  Grade: B-.


According to the Mayans this is the age of the Jaguar.  At the beginning, the Sun was positioned in Leo.

University of Southern Maine news

USM the free press: student Senate body president TJ Williams, missing since the second week of school in April after succeeding Chris Camire, was removed from post after the long absence; he has not responded to questions asked by the student paper.

University to let lease on 15 Baxter Blvd. lot expire; the large parking lot will no longer be an option for students and staff.

Oh no! :)  Romney has the mark of the beast— that he has to become president, and will move the U.S. presence in Israel to Jerusalem.  [And that may happen.]


Best of Ian Punnett on C2C: on the way to Syracuse, an engineer got into an accident, and Punnett decided to stick around; weather played a role in the accident—there was rain.  Two people died, the engineer in critical condition.

Malala Yousufzai, the 14-yr.-old girl that was shot by Taliban in Pakistan for promoting education for girls has been sent to the U.K.

AP, Karachi: thousands rally in Pakistan’s largest city for Malala Yousufzai.

AP: authenticated image shows what Human Rights Watch says are cluster bombs dropped in Tamanea, Syria on 2012.10.09.

Reuters: E.U. plans major new sanctions against Iran.

Reuters: Montenegro ruling party claims election victory.

Reuters, Egypt: armed men seize military vehicle in al-Arish, Sinai, where the Egyptian army has issued a crackdown.

AP: Cuba’s Ladies in White mourn leader Laura Pollan outside a Havana church one yr. after her death.

AP: 1962 Cuban missile crisis beliefs endure after 50 years.

Reuters: Occupy London stage protest inside St Paul’s Cathedral: 4 women chained themselves to the pulpit.

Reuters, Vilnius: voters in ex-Soviet state Lithuania ditch austerity-minded govt., siding w. opposition.

Reuters: Libya’s natl. assembly elects fmr. diplomat Ali Zeidan as PM.

AP: 9/11 trial rules under scrutiny at Gitmo; disclosure prevention measures included in considerations.

Role in winter protests against Putin’s rule: opposition activist Yevgenia Chirikova, challenging the incumbent mayor, has complained of an uneven playing field, saying authorities tried to thwart meetings w. voters and put up other obstacles.

Sci., U.S., Ent., Pol., Spo.:

Tropical Storm Rafael north of the Lesser Antilles; max. winds of 60 MPH; drenched the Caribbean.

Border Patrol agent who fatally shot local woman identified.

Amanda Todd video feedback “trend” peaks.

Stroke cases increasing among young people; sleep deprivation and/or heart disease.

8 mn. online watchers: Felix Baumgartner sets world record w. 24-mi. jump fm. space.

Neurosurgeon Eben Alexander, after a weeklong coma: “Heaven is real.”

Alfonso Ribeiro (cousin Carlton on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air), weds for the second time.

Spencer Costanzo, 18, snubs college to make a six-figure income w. top-selling iPhone apps.

Tue. debate: town hall format for the 2nd round, Obama/Romney.

Head-on collision at midfield: MN running back Donnell Kirkwood, slamming into Northwestern defensive back Ibraheim Campbell, knocks the “M” logo off, landing in the center of the field.

A look-back: the Atari 2600

Sold at $200 in 1977—over $750 in today’s money, an in-home arcade console becoming an industry was ‘unheard of’ in 1979.  While initially promoted with the pre-Atari, single-game prototype of Pong, the first home console owes its success to Space Invaders, programmed by Rick Mauer.  Despite Space Invaders’ to-date success of $100 mn., Mauer, who never programmed another game for the Atari, is rumored to have received only $11,000.


Penn. Rep. Arlen J. Spector dies at 82 of Hodgkin’s lymphoma.  The youngest child to Lillie (Shanin) and Harry Spector, the Wichita, Kansas-born [politician] was a writer (Passion for Truth, about his family being the only Jewish one in the village), a judge, a DA, and an assistant counsel for the Warren Commission investigating the assassination of JFK and helped devise the (bogus) “single bullet theory.”  A Yale Law School and University of Pennsylvania graduate, he served with the United States Air Force for the Korean War, opened a law firm with Marvin Katz, and served in Congressional office from 1981 to January 3, 2011 (exactly thirty years), when he was defeated by Pat Toomey.  That fall he taught as an adjunct professor to his PA-U. Law School.

Specter was a Democrat from 1951-65, then a Republican from 1965 until 2009, when he switched back.  He continued working in the Senate while undergoing chemotherapy before his death.  He is survived by his wife Joan (Levy), their two sons, Shanin and Steve, and four grandchildren.


Can’t do anything in a day.

90 days: Free Talk Live co-host and founder Adam “Ademo” Mueller, was released on the 11th, and appeared on the show live to answer audience questions.  The anti-democratic control of the police state: felonies for anything, restricting the dissenter’s ability to vote.

Hillary Clinton is going to leave now because the admin. has thrown her under the bus.

Obama to stay away from professional interviews: the next w. Jon Stewart again.

MLB call: after 12 years off, Bob Costas, 60, says yes.

Million Muppet march over the “war on Big Bird.”

S.AL U.: cop w. pepper spray, baton shoots and kills naked campus student, saying he thought the student was on LSD.

FBI reporting the heist of $100 bills, not yet in circulation, from a plane.
Two of its features are a disappearing bell and a large ink well.  No one manufactures American $100 bills as the North Koreans—nearly perfect, distributed by China and Russia, the first one was detected in Las Vegas; it fooled certain forensics experts.  A criminal enterprise mascerading as a nation, they are ‘only good at’ counterfeiting bills and making meth.

Les Irresponsibles: It’s your problem, your fault.

Joe Biden actually blamed Paul Ryan in the debate.  Show me a policy that ... my goodness, where did it come from?

Zero tolerence policy: the bad parent isn’t always right.

Not only are police used to restrain kids when teachers are unable to defend themselves, but police are more and more used to break up political fights.  A child was arrested, sent to a juvenile detention center for throwing a plastic container; inaccuracies in the report, and the impossiblility in fixing it from the outside because it deals with a minor.  He has a court appearance.

And then you have another case where you don’t have the right to remain silent: punished for not speaking to a grand jury.  And the suicide rates are indicators of how bad some jails are.

More movies made with a non/anti-GMO message

Love, Peace & Misunderstanding—Katherine Keener, Jane Fonda; rated PG-13.
Lola Versus...(Love, Sex, Life)—Greta Gerwig, Bill Pullman; rated R.


J. Chris Stevens said he felt like the Taliban were in his quarters.  No wife/girlfriend, no kids: turns out he was gay.  (That may play a role in why he was sodomized on the day he was killed.)

Egypt: we’re giving money to the Coptic Christians...and they’ve all been run out of the country.
You may be able to reason with a mafia, but “you can’t reason with mobs; they just want to kill you.”  Tell that to the left that celebrate but don’t understand Democracy—without the support of the likes of a Republic, it boils down to mob rule, and has in Egypt; the extremists rule.

CSM: With Turkey-Syria escalation, worries grow about a tip into war.

U.K. The Sun: Prince Harry’s had “multiple engagements” w. the Taliban.

TX mom gets 19 years for gluing her 2-yr.-old child to a wall and beating the child over a toilet training incident.

FL: man reseals used enimas, puts them back.

CDC: fungal-Meningitis outbreak from tainted steroid injections remains at 14.

ID: squirrels are non-game, so you can’t shoot them; guy got jail for ‘leaving game behind.’

Rapper Nelly caught at a check point w. 36 baggies heroin, duffle bag of weed and a loaded .45 in Sierra Blanca, TX.

Michael Vick is once again a dog owner.

“A great day” when Obama was elected: Lindsay Lohan now backs Romney; mysterious motives, she asked Obama to cut taxes.

Witnesses: Lance Armstrong didn’t take steroids; he took blood enhancers.

Deaf quadriplegic Twitter sensation dies.

TMZ: Taryn Manning (web series The Unknown) arrested for assaulting a makeup artist.

Sun Journal/Lewiston-Auborn: Lake Auburn Watershed to fund algae studies.

Mika B. tries to “saves the moment,” reacting to Tom Brokaw’s “I just don’t think you should be laughing,” regarding Biden’s inappropriate behavior.

A lower grade for the Secret Service: an agent was arrested early today in Miami after he’d been found on a sidewalk, passed out.  According to the police report, the officers on site for something else found him, said he had been drinking, and resisted arrest.  It was a long flight back to D.C...

Convicted on felony charge(s) and deported in 2009, rapper Shine converts to Judaism, and blames the current admin. for his difficulty in getting back into the U.S.  Not being able to vote (felon), “[expletive] Obama.”

Cocky Joe made no gaffes...rude and condescending instead

Joe Biden today: “It is never, ever a good bet to bet against the American people...” [cheers & applause]
Blatant like swingin’ Biden at the debate last night, interrupting a polite Paul Ryan during the two-minute rule (they both ended up interrupting each other), people in the media today are again showing they’re in the tank for their party of “choosing,” with George Stephanopolous saying Biden ‘saved the day for Obama.’  And Jay Carney tries to sweep Biden’s Benghazi opening lie to the forty million people that watched under the carpet.  It’s the Romney camp asking this question.

Even the NYT Ombudsman said she didn’t understand why the paper wouldn’t cover the CIA fiasco.  There were six better stories to cover, the editor(s) told her.  It’s the same way they handled the Watergate break-in under Nixon: it’s just a police story.  They’ve been putting stories that cover game-changers in the their ‘style’ section(s).  Out of the few “conservatives,” David Brooks once said that Obama would be a nice President because he “had a nice crease in his pants.”  Update: Brooks is repeating the false Benghazi narrative.

Not willing to lie under oath (under the same people that unsuccessfully grilled a ready-to-break-out-of-clothing-beefy Baseball player for steroids), a state dept. official acknowledged details that the admin. doesn’t want to admit, but Andrea Mitchell just needed to confront the facts and the reporter at the scene...

Another little fib: “We (the Obama administration) had to bail out the auto industry”; not only is the ind. still in the hole, the Bush admin. was responsible for that bailout in 2008.

How corrupt do you have to be?

The Nobel Peace Prize goes to the European Union; yes, the E.U., that added to world debt, and violence promptly flared anyway.  This is another example of giving an award for the world not coming to an end, while rewarding or ignoring the attacks on “the rich.”


The Nobel Prize for Literature goes to Chinese writer Mo Yan.

With all respect, that’s a bunch of malarkey.
Joe Biden would attribute ‘malarkey’ to everything...factual at the debate.  The MSNBC aftermath: on each point of ‘win,’ at least one supporter cheered every time Chris Matthews said ‘Biden.’  To Ryan, say, one point, for fairness.  The kind of fairness where Biden says to Ryan, I have a higher IQ than you do, with all respect.


Pink Floyd: they tell you what to/you can dream; welcome to the machine.
WIRED: I scored 32 on the 2001 AQ test; borderline autistic today.

Reuters, Seoul: North Korea says its rockets can hit U.S. mainland.

NATO makes plans to back Turkey over Syria spillover.

Reuters, London: Scotland will hold a vote in 2014 on independence from Britain.

Mexican Marines says it killed top Zetas drug lord but the body was snatched.

Heightened hearing security: extradited Abu Hamza al-Masri pleads ‘not guilty’ to 11 U.S. charges.

Spainish parliament votes to stop Catalonia independence referendum.

Quito, Ecuador: Rafael Correa sees “high chances” of a 2013 re-election bid.

Rogue blogs signal tension: Vietnamese stocks were sent tumbling after the Aug. arrest of a high-ranking banker.

After controversial tweet, Jack Welch quits column w. Reuters, Fortune.


Supreme Court will not review telecom immunity for surveillance.

Portland Press Herald: man jumps off cliff while eluding police and eventually tasered.

CO Marine, missing for 37 years, found, buried w. full honors.

Wake held for fmr. Navy SEAL killed in Libya.

KY State QB Martez James, arrested bef. Soldier Field game, also accused of pit bull abuse.

PECO to resume installing smart meters.

Fmr. Penn. State coaching assistant Jerry Sandusky gets 30-60 years in prison for sex abuse of football players; in his late sixties, it’s practically a life sentence.  He still says he’s innocent, saying he only has sex with his wife in marriage.

Tech, Sci.:

Jack Dorsey cuts back on exec. chairman role at Twitter.

SpaceX rocket glitch on Sun. puts satellite into wrong orbit.

Nobel prizes: stem cell and early cloning work; quantum work to U.S. and French physicists.

Curiosity scoops, detects a bright object.

With six rovers on Mars, only two are operational: Curiosity and Opportunity; Mars-2, Mars-3 ceased functioning upon landing; the other two are Sojourner and Spirit.


Media catch: The Emperor Has No Clothes reaction to the debate, with Ds feeling a little down.

The steroid injection-linked [fungal-]meningitis death toll rises; thousands were injected.

More conservatives in the entertainment industry are coming out, and soon to be blacklisted.
Stacy Dash (Clueless), gets death threats.
Li’l Wayne for Romney.......yeah....
In other news, President C’ry O’baby blames former President George “That’s My Bush” for the weak performance at last week’s debate.

An Airlines (American?) forced to use paper tickets; it took a long, long time.

EPA’s Lisa Jackson: California is the model for the country.

The eighth largest economy in the world can’t drill, and when the supply exists [you] can’t get gasoline—prices would rise $2.70 if all of the thousands of laws were implemented.  $2 bn.: the cost of the Brown/union high speed rail.  2,000+ high-earners are leaving the state; even though the state borders with Mexico, where many illegal crossings occur, Ca. is in a growth decline.


Near-$6/gal.: with both local refineries offline, the profit margin has become so law that gas stations are shutting down.

Mag-3.9 quake, ~100 mi. NW of Juneau.

Pope’s butler got 18 mos. in jail for leaking secret papers.


You know there may be something to it when the admin. says, “if your ideology” says you should hope that the country goes to hell.

Meningitis scare spreads: linked to injected steroids.

Portland Daily Sun: With a little bad luck the Yankees could yet turn into the Red Sox.

AP: Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta’s 41st; expected to draw 700K; a giant Elvis among them.

Solar Cataclysm on Coast To Coast AM: it would’ve been a “Kill Shot” if the X-29, traveling at millions of miles per hour, directly hit us.  Prediction: an ‘object’ would appear in Dec., followed by a massive solar storm.


Movie: Death by China.

Iran: unrest builds over the value drop in its rial, compared to the US$; U.S. lawmakers consider more sanctions.

Reuters, London: Britain to extradite Islamist cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri to the United States.

AP, Egypt: woman bids to lead Egypt’s Islamist Party.

AP: Mexico’s state-owned oil company announces big Gulf deep water oil find—up to 125 mn. barrels.

Rustenburg, South Africa: strikes deepen, AMPLATS fires 12K strikers, union leader shot dead overnight near Lonmin mine.

Eilat, Israel: American tourist opens fire at soldiers, gets killed in hotel shoot-out.

Reuters: nervous Venezuelans stock up on supplies in case of trouble around Sunday’s Pres. election.

Reuters: Spanish activist/blogger arrested one day ahead of trial.

Reuters: as Italian PM Monti addresses the U.N. Gen. Assembly, Transparency Intl. urges Italy to create an authority.

Reuters: leaders of Georgian Dream coalition, led by billionaire Bidzina Ivanishvili, leave after a meeting w. representatives of the ruling United National Movement at the government office in Tbilisi.

U.S., Canada:

AZ search follows ambush: three suspects, and the killing of Border Patrol Agent Nicolas Ivie, 30, on Tue; another wounded.

AP: problems found at NM peanut butter plant in 2010—the source of Trader Joe’s salmonella poisoning.

AP: teachers, bosses charged yesterday in NJ school sex scandal; allegations involve sex w. students.

TX city school chief gets prison for rigging student test scores.

Experiment puts women on Marines Infantry course for the first time; standards for males, extremely hard.

U.S. births in teens, 20s hit new lows.

Propane leak forces evacuations in Falmouth.

Canadian police seize 600 barrels of missing maple syrup.

Health, Sci., Tech., Pol.:

Harvard Study: 3+ cups/day of coffee increases risk of exfoliation glaucoma; Scandinavian populations link already found.

AP: Mayan ball court was celestial ‘marker.’

Boy discovers rare, nearly intact woolly mammoth; carcass found in Siberia.

Guatemala: archaeologists find a likely queen tomb. human greenhouse gas emissions traced to Roman times.

Amazon to spend $1.16 bn. to buy Seattle HQ.

Reuters: ex-G.E. CEO Welch sets Twitter on fire with jab at Obama on jobs.

Joe Biden 2003 cut expiration ‘fairness’: ‘they want to raise taxes by one trillion dollars’.  “Yes  we  do.”

According to a 1906 paper, Liz Warren’s father, described as a White man, shot a Native American.

Charles Carroll HS stud. Samantha Pawlucy, 16, humiliated by teacher for wearing Romney/Ryan t-shirt.

PBS refuses to defend Jim Lehrer over comments of “he’s too old and white,” promoted by Carol Costello at CNN, apparently.  We don’t need those old fashioned...

Reviled trifecta: Robert Kosilek, life in prison w/o parole for killing wife, to get 42 hrs. electrolysis, paid on taxpayer dime.  Now “Michelle,” his/her attorney got $800K.

Bill Maher (Real Time) on the debate performance: it looks like Obama took my million dollars and spent it (all) on weed.


Biggest jump since 1983: 80 million unemployed or underemployed, yet +115K dropped the adjusted rate from 8.1 to 7.8%?

AP: Pres. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad blamed the steep drop in the rial, Iran’s currency, Tue. to “psychological pressures” linked to Western sanctions over Tehran’s nuclear program.

Aleppo: three suicide bombers detonate three cars, killing 48 and injuring over 120.

Reuters, Akcakale (Turkey): Syrian mortar kills five family members; Turkish artillery then targets Syria.

Russia tells NATO to stay away from Syria.

AP Exclusive: Mexican cartel may have targeted the CIA.

Israeli military: armed Syrians approach Golan Heights cease-fire line; authorities closed a tourist site as a precaution.

AP: Islamists in Mali recruit, pay for child soldiers.

SoS Clinton addresses U.N. Gen. Assembly on AIDS and Iran cooperation.

Reuters: nine bail guarantors ask London court to halt Assange payout.

Wildcat miner strikes spread; evicted from company housing at a gold mine.

AP, Egypt: two Coptic Christian boys detained for alleged Quran defiling.

Reuters: Cuba cuts “free” education spending, shifts priorities.

Le Canard Enchaine: Nicolas Sarkozy told a friend he must seek the French presidency in 2017.

AP, Italy: Basta! Businessman protests reforms/Premier Mario Monti on St. Peter’s 130-m.-high dome.

AP: Military law is unconstitutional, Mexican court declares.

AP: Russian Mission Control Center said it dropped plans to move the ISS to avoid debris.


CO: ranchers struggle to survive drought.

TN: Meningitis outbreak prompts investigation.

Deutsche Telekom, MetroPCS to merge U.S. mobile businesses.

Hewlett Packard’s shares hit 9-yr. low; 2013 outlook disappoints.

U.S. works to shut down tech support scams.

APNewsBreak: Coke, Samsung pull Vietnam website ads.

Study: fraud growing in scientific research papers.

Early voting opens in OH; First Lady Michelle Obama rallies supporters.


Reduced to bromides, no comeback, Obama just looked “lazy,” as Mitt Romney hits many of the lies Obama’s been getting away with.  If they can’t convince voters “this isn’t the real Romney,” or believe that the voters are too ignorant to be affected by this debate...emergency.

Howie Carr: “I knew he was dumb, but I didn’t know he was this dumb.”  In 90 minutes Romney was able to destroy the narratives of the admin. and their lapdogs.

Aftermath: Al Gore’s 5,000 feet “science,” where the people there (Current) need to accept everything he says...“I know this sounds controversial, but”— uh, no; it sounds “stupid.”  It was pretty bad over at MSNBC, where some pretty racist things were thrown around—but trying to pin it on conservatives.  Ed Schultz and Friends: Obama couldn’t fight back because he would look like an angry black guy—‘Fox News’ racism (as if they ever watch the network in context).  Chris Matthews starts with, “I got to speak objectively,” only to list opinions that glorify the President.

Twitter storm, 1,500 tweets/hour

Careless reblog on the official Barack Obama Tumblr taken down: “Vote like your lady parts depend on it” and the subsequent comment “because they kind of do.”  As the election gets closer, both campaigns will have to remain vigilant to avoid bigger Internet gaffes —Melissa Knowles.


Today marks the tenth anniversary of the D.C. sniper shootings.
Last month, Lee Boyd Malvo told The Washington Post that he considered himself scum in reaction to testimony, and wanted the families to forget what he, with ‘elder’ partner John Allen Muhammad did so they can move on.  Linked to 27 shootings across the country, the two were responsible for ten deaths in the Washington, D.C. area.

So-called debate last night: Warren v. Brown

Even David Greggory, who threw softball questions, got tired of Liz Warren’s compulsive lying.
Now Warren is denying that she checked the Native American ‘minority’ box (as she did at age 38).
Once she got tenure, she went back to being White again.  She was also an R bef. becoming a D.
Some Progressive Native Americans call you racist for pointing out how people like her abuse Affirmative Action credits.

Joe Biden: the middle class has been the last four years, with these tax cuts.
I’m sorry, but an income tax cut is...a tax raise?  Must be that Animal Farm math (2+2=5).


After 1,700 in 2011 that killed 553 Americans, at 750 through Sept., 2012 marks a record low in tornadoes.

After a Fed official said he doubted the corp. bank’s effort to boost economic growth would work, DJIA drops 100.

Medicare to begin fining hospitals over readmitted patients.

CA: AmTrak train derails, 3rd time since 2008 at this very crossing.

Study finds 1/3 of teens are sleep-deprived.  I should know: that estimate is way too low.

Michael Wolff on images dominating ad industry: There are no writers in advertising anymore.

Ross Perot, who was the only Pres. candidate in recent decades to get double digits in election results for a third party, is in the news, partly because it’s twenty years later.  The Texas billionaire says the U.S. is headed for ‘disaster’ because of the natl. debt.  (Gee, ya’ think?)  It was $4 tn. in 1992, being only 64.1% of the economy, and the deficit was only $290 bn., now over $1 tn. in a +$16 tn. debt.


Center for American Progress (George Soros): DREAM Act would creat jobs, $329 bn. boost to economy over 20 years.

White House staffer opens and email s/he shouldn’t have opened; China may have more info on the administration.

With this White House over one billion dollars of taxpayer money is spent on Presidential perks, compared to ~$57 million with the royal family in Britain.

Barack Obama, incapable of having an actual serious discussion, doubles down on wanting one, as stated at another support speech.


New England Patriots won against Buffalo Bills, 42-21.

Not since 1966: Red Sox lost their 90th game in a row.

AP: at the 23rd annual, and first “Mayberry Days” without Andy Griffith, Award-winning Ron Howard paid tribute with recorded remarks Sunday to Griffith, a native of Mount Airy who died July 3 at 86 in his Manteo home.

Jay Leno, a major millionaire entertainer, chose to cut his salary in August from $30 mn. to $15 mn. just so his staff (what’s left of it) could keep their jobs, but David Letterman (Worldwide Pants) accepted a cut years earlier.

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