Older Mac OS emulation tips

For all of the programs that were built for (or are still being built for) Mac OS Classic, emulating on a more modern machine running Mac OS X or Windows is as easy as downloading the Basilisk II and/or SheepShaver builds (2010 versions are not recommended), plus the 7.5.5 Starter that’s available by the Emaculation’s 2001 articles directory.

As for moving files when the emulator(s) aren’t running under Windows, I highly recommend TransMac, as the other tools made available on the Emaculation.com website are unable to let you drag/copy files to/from folder windows<-- on later versions of Windows-->.  TransMac also lets you burn Mac CDs.  I’ve used SoftMac and DriveSetup to create partitioned disk images.

Also check out: “Click, there it is!” (latest compatible version), for the ability to go to any Finder window in Standard File dialogs just by clicking on it, as well as the ability to drag the dialog window (by the edge).  “Secret Finder Features” sets the secret Gestalt selector for Finder 7.5-7.6.1 to enable four things, including key modifier abilities, such as cmd-delete Move-to-Trash and alias-Reveal (both in Mac OS 8+), plus control-dragging to create an alias (not in OS 8+).