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    Written by: Anne D. Bernstein
    Directed by: Karen Disher
    First Aired: March 10, 1997

    Cast | Quotes

    Brittany is having trouble in Art Class mastering one-point perspective and Daria grudgingly comes to her rescue. No good deed ges unpunished, however, as Daria soon finds herself invited to a party at Brittany's house. "Just this once, though." Meanwhile, Quinn has trouble choosing between her three new suitors, Joey, Jeffy, and Jamie. She can't even keep their names -- well, Jamie's name -- straight.

    After school, Daria admires Jane's "bursty" artwork and the two decide to go to the party, if only for the anthropological interest. Quinn, having been invited by Kevin, plans to spend the next three days picking the perfect outfit and is apalled to learn that Daria is going, too. She tries to get the folks to intervene, but they support the idea of Daria expanding her social circle to include more than one other person. Helen particularly likes the idea of Daria keeping an eye on her sister at the party. After Helen adds the threat of a babysitter, Daria cheerfully agrees.

    At Brittany's prestigious gated community, Daria manages to scam the security guard with Jane's girlie sketches in order to get Jane in. They find the party in full swing with everyone having a good time, despite the lack of a jacuzzi. They also find, much to their chagrin, Charles "Upchuck" Ruttheimer III, who offers them a free tour of the house, including the laundry/makeout room. Daria's not interested in that part of the house, but after meeting a cute guy with a green shirt and a big head, Jane sure is.

    After finding Daria airing some dirty laundry (no pun intended), Quinn pays her off to leave Joey, Jeffy, and . . . the other one alone. Daria finds Jane, plus one of the Talyor family socks, and the two beat a hasty retreat. Quinn hangs around long enough to dump her three guys and watch them beat each other up. It's about this time that the cops show up (how many high school parties end with those words!). With her dates rendered unconscious, Quinn is forced to get into Upchuck's car with Daria and Jane and drive off into the future!

    Reflections, observations, crap like that
    I'm ashamed of how long it took me to get Kevin's "hostess, cupcake" thing.

    Daria makes a equally subtle jibe at Upchuck's expense when she introduces herself as Esmerelda, the heroine from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

    Alvero J. Gonzalez and Jessica Cyndee Jackson's names are both misspelled in the credits.

    This is the only episode I know of in which Jake doesn't speak. He's at the dinner table when Helen asks Daria to keep an eye on Quinn, but he doesn't say anything.

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