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    Written by: Glenn Eichler and Peter Elwell
    Directed by: Karen Disher
    First Aired: Feb. 17 , 1999

    Cast | Quotes

    This fun-filled musical romp starts off normally enough, except for the fact that it is a fun-filled musical romp. We find a typical morning in the 'burbs: Helen and Jake vow to do things differently today, but realize that they probably won't; Quinn is her usual sunny self; and Daria is . . . well, Daria. Things quickly take a turn for the sinister, though. Not only is it pep rally day (yikes!) but a hurricane is on its way to Lawndale. On their rooftop hideout, Daria and Jane sing of how great it would be if the town blew away. They soon find themselves in danger of blowing away, though, as Kevin, who had come to the roof with Brittany to make out, accidentally locks the four of them on top of the school.

    Meanwhile, Helen - hard at work - and Quinn - hard at shop - sing of their mutual obsessions. Helen pages Quinn to come home and Quinn finally decides on the jacket that makes her look like a Hefty bag. Jake also heads home, concerned for his daughters' safety and just a teensy bit frustrated with the other motorists. He arrives home to find his wife and youngest daughter safe - if a tad jumpy - but no sign of Daria. A phone call to the Lane's turns up little and Helen urges Trent to come over to the Morgendorffer house where he'll be safe (after he puts on some pants, of course).

    As the rain starts to fall, Daria and company find dubious shelter in a water tank shack, where they launch into a tribute to the people that are worried about them. Back at the Morgendorffer's, Jake gets sick of just sitting around doing nothing, and Trent joins him in a song about what it means to be manly (manlyyyy). They decide to mount a search, but it doesn't get very far. Daria, Jane, and Brittany similarly urge Kevin to be manly, and he breaks down the door with his head (that poor door). They emerge to find that the storm had passed and Lawndale is safe! And despite hitting a tree in the front yard, Jake and Trent are also safe, thanks to the airbags. Janey and Daria return safely and there's a big, happy reunion, leading into the grand finale, in which all of Lawndale - even Daria - expresses its wish for another great morning in the 'burbs. Brava! Brava! Yum! Yum!

    Reflections, observations, crap like that
    It sure rains a lot in Lawndale. Besides this episodes, it rains in "The Daria Hunter", "I Don't", and "Fair Enough."

    Hurricanes originate over oceans, usually near the equator. This would seem to give us some clue as to where Lawndale is, but I always thought they lived somewhere in the midwest. If that were the case, a thunderstorm would be more likely than a hurricane.

    This episode contains visual homages to "The Brady Bunch" and "Speed Racer." I was kinda hoping to see Jake run someone off the road and watch their car explode, but I'll take what I can get.

    The door to the roof opens inward, yet Kevin pulls outward to try and open it. Actually, this doesn't surprise me very much.

    I'm sure this will be the only episode in which the phrase "Oh me, oh my" is used more than once.

    During Jake's song, when the Very Moral Family mentions the baby on board, I love that the kid waves at Jake.

    Speaking of which, a "very moral" family sings "We hope that you die"? How is that "right with the Lord"?

    Trent in his underwear. Say "Thank you", ladies.

    I love Trent's duck phone.

    Helen's phone call to Trent is twice as funny for showing only half the conversation, because you mentally fill in Trent's dialogue. When Helen said, "Then put some on!", I cracked up!

    "I'm acting like an idiot? No, I'm acting like a man!" Good thing Ms. Barch wasn't within earshot of a setup like that.

    The rainbow's missing colors again, and the colors are out of order again. Listen up MTV: ROY G. BIV. You're welcome. (the missing colors also don't show up in "The Daria Hunter")

    Is the line "The big, wet rainstorm's over / The airbags saved our life" a reference to Radiohead's "Airbag", which contains the line "I'm amazed that I survived / An airbag saved my life"?

    This might seem like unnecessary nitpicking, but the solar plexus is located behind the stomach and that's not where Jake's holding Daria.

    I guess it doesn't occur to anyone in Lawndale that the calm they're experiencing might be the eye of the hurricane? Of course, there doesn't seem to be much destruction and the storm doesn't last for very long, so the probably only caught the edge of it.

    The alternate version of "Manly" that runs under the credits reminds me a lot of Ween's "I'm Dancing in the Show Tonight" off the album "The Mollusk."

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