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(Jane) Episodes
"My wacky animated antics have been delighting children of all ages since 1939, when my first cartoon, 'Steamboat Janey', was released. Then, a few years ago, MTV got their hands on the series and re-edited it, shifting the focus to Daria. But I'm not bitter, so go ahead and read up on the damn episodes. (lousy, spotlight-stealing, little . . .)"

Season One
#101 - Esteemsters - Daria has to take a self-esteem class.
#102 - The Invitation - Brittany invites Daria to a party.
#103 - College Bored - Daria and Quinn visit their parents' alma mater.
#104 - Cafe Disaffecto - Lawndale High students open a coffeehouse.
#105 - Malled - The Economics class takes a trip to The Mall of the Millenium.
#106 - This Year's Model - Modeling agents come to Lawndale High.
#107 - The Lab Brat - Daria is paired with Kevin on a science project.
#108 - Pinch Sitter - Daria takes over Quinn's babysitting job.
#109 - Too Cute - Quinn wants plastic surgery.
#110 - The Big House - Daria and Quinn are grounded.
#111 - Road Worrier - Daria and Jane head to Alternapalooza with Trent.
#112 - The Teachings of Don Jake - A Morgendorffer camping trip and the Lane family reunion.
#113 - The Misery Chick - A visiting alumus' death affects everyone at Lawndale High.

Season Two
#201 - Arts 'n' Crass - Daria and Jane collaborate on a controversial art project.
#202 - The Daria Hunter - Students, faculty, and two parents go on a paintball excursion.
#203 - Quinn the Brain - Quinn is lauded as a brilliant writer.
#204 - I Don't - The Morgendorffers attend a family wedding.
#205 - That was Then, This is Dumb - Daria & Co. go to a flea market while Jake and Helen's hippie friends visit.
#206 - Monster - Daria and Jane film a day in the life of Quinn.
#207 - The New Kid - Daria befriends a weird classmate.
#208 - Gifted - [Haven't seen it.]
#209 - Ill - Daria gets a mysterious rash.
#210 - Fair Enough - Lawndale High holds a Renaissance fair.
#211 - See Jane Run - Jane joins the track team, making Daria feel left out (even more than usual).
#212 - Pierced - [Haven't seen it.]
#213 - Write Where it Hurts - Daria struggles to write a story incorporating people she knows.

Season Three
#301 - Daria! - A hurricane threatens Lawndale in this musical tour de force.
#302 - Through a Lens Darkly - Daria wonders if her new contact lenses make her a hypocrite.
#303 - The Old and the Beautiful - Lawndale students volunteer at a rest home. [Haven't seen it.]
#304 - Depth Takes a Holiday - Daria must return the spirits of Christmas, Halloween, and Guy Fawkes Day to Holiday Island.
#305 - Daria Dance Party - [Haven't seen it.]
#306 - The Lost Girls - The editor of Waif magazine comes to Lawndale High. [Haven't seen it.]
#307 - It Happened One Nut - "Daria is forced to work side by side with Kevin at a mall nut stand." [Haven't seen it.]
#308 - Lane Miserables - "All the prodigal Lanes come home at once, forcing Jane to temporarily move in with Daria." [Haven't seen it]
#309 - Jake of Hearts - "Jake has a heart attack; a radio "party van" parks itself outside the school for a week." [Haven't seen it]
#310 - Speedtrapped - "Daria and Quinn have to take a road trip to bail Jane and Trent out on a traffic violation." [Haven't seen it]
#311 - The Lawndale Files - "A series of strange events leads Daria to wonder whether aliens have take over the town." [Haven't seen it]
#312 - Just Add Water - "The whole school goes on a mandatory-voluntary harbor cruise to raise money via casino gambling." [Haven't seen it]
#313 - Jane's Addition - "Jane starts dating a guy, to the annoyance of her misanthropic friend Daria." [Haven't seen it]
NOTE: the above synopses for episodes #307 - #313 are directly quoted from MTV Online.

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